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Olivia Kuipers Period 4 1-16-13 Bibliography

Primary Sources
Betzold, Michael. !PPO"#$M%#$ &"$' (O)$O* (%!$'. PBS. PB+, 1,,3. &eb. -. (ec. /-13. $his article gives a0 e1cerpt o2 a 3o3e0tu3 boo4 5ritte0 by Michael Betzold. $he article gives chapters o0e, three, a0d 2our. $he boo4 also co0tai0s se0te0ces65ords by 7ac4 Kevor4ia0 hi3sel2.

8upta, +a09ay. Kevor4ia0: ;" 'ave #o *egrets; CNN. )able #e5s #et5or4, 14 7u0e /-1-. &eb. 1- Oct. /-13. "0 this i0tervie5 (r. Kevor4ia0 is givi0g his vie5 o2 eutha0asia. 'e states that i0 order 2or his patie0t to be put to death by eutha0asia, the he6she has to do it the3selves, a0d that i2 a0other doctor 5ere to pull the plug 2or the3, the0 it 5ould be 5ro0g. (r. Kevor4ia0 stro0gly believed that the perso0 5ould have to do it the3selves.

7ac4 Kevor4ia0, !ssisted +uicide !dvocate, (ies. CBSNews. )B+ "0teractive, 7u0e-7uly /-11. &eb. /1 Oct. /-13. <http:66555.cbs0e5s.co36/1---/-1=16/-/--6>6-?.ht3l@. $his article co0tai0s i02or3atio0 2ro3 the 6- 3i0utes i0tervie5 5ith Mi4e &allace. "t also has the leadi0g eve0ts up to his arrest a0d a2ter he 5as released. "t has a ti3eli0e o2 everythi0g that has happe0ed to (r. Kevor4ia0 to give a0 overvie5.

Kevor4ia0, 7ac4. Fever. #.d. Frontline: Fever. &8B' %ducatio0al Aou0datio0. &eb. 3 (ec. /-13. $he pai0ti0g sho5s a 3a0 5ho loo4s sic4ly a0d o0ly see3s to be sho5i0g i00er tissues a0d 3uscles. "t also gives a perso0al descriptio0 by 7ac4 Kevor4ia0 o2 5hat the pai0ti0g truly is a0d 3ea0s.

Kevor4ia0, 7ac4. Medical Research and the Death Penalty, a Dialogue. #e5 Bor4: Ca0tage, 1,6-. Pri0t. $he boo4, Medical *esearch a0d the (eath Pe0alty, gives a detailed descriptio0 o2 (r. Kevor4ia0;s thoughts, belie2s, a0d ideas about volu0tary eutha0asia o0 co0de30ed cri3i0als.

Kevor4ia0, 7ac4. Very Still i!e. #.d. Frontline: Fever. &8B' %ducatio0al Aou0datio0. &eb. 3 (ec. /-13. $he pai0ti0g sho5s a s4ull a0d a 5hite rose agai0st a blac4 bac4grou0d a0d o0 a red sheet. "t loo4s to have a co00ectio0 5ith his 3ai0 occupatio0 o2 assisted suicide. "t also gives a perso0al descriptio0 by 7ac4 Kevor4ia0 o2 5hat the pai0ti0g truly is a0d 3ea0s.

De5i0, $a3ar. +ide "ssue May (ecide Kevor4ia0 Cerdict. "he New #or$ "i%es. $he #e5 Bor4 $i3es, /, !pr. 1,,4. &eb. 16 7a0. /-14. $his article is about the trial held 2or $ho3as 'yde, o0e o2 Kevor4ia0;s patie0ts. "t has i02or3atio0 about 'yde leadi0g up to the death a0d seco0ds be2ore. "t also has the trial that ta4es place because o2 his death a0d the opi0io0 o0 Kevor4ia0 hi3sel2.

#icol, #eal, a0d 'arry &ylie. Between the Dying and the Dead: Dr. &ac$ 'evor$ian(s i!e and the Battle to egali)e *uthanasia. Madiso0, &": E0iversity o2 &isco0si06$errace, /--6. Pri0t. $his boo4 is basically (r. Kevor4ia0;s e0tire li2e story. "t co0tai0s all o2 his struggles, 3ost 3e3orable ti3es, a0d his opi0io0s o0 2acts o2 the 3atter. "t 5as 5ritte0 by t5o o2 his 2rie0ds, a0d they try to prove, i0 the boo4, that he 5as a 4i0d perso0 a0d 5hat had 3otivated hi3. "t 5as ulti3ately 5hy Kevor4ia0 did 5hat he did.

PB+ #e5s 'our. (r. 7ac4 Kevor4ia0 o0 the !ssisted +uicide o2 7a0et !d4i0s. #ou"u+e. Bou$ube, -3 7u0e /-11. &eb. 16 7a0. /-14. $his video provides i02or3atio0 o0 the assisted suicide 5ith 7a0et !d4i0s. "t also co0tai0s Kevor4ia0;s opi0io0s o0 the 3atter a0d ho5 he does the thi0gs he does a0d the process through the3.

+cha04er, (avid *. O2 +uicide Machi0es, %utha0asia Degislatio0, a0d the 'ealth )are )risis. "0dia0a E0iversity +chool o2 Da5, 1 7uly 1,,3. &eb. 1. 7a0. /-14.

$he docu3e0t co0tai0s a lot o2 i02or3atio0. "t has Fuotes said by Kevor4ia0 a0d his thoughts. "t also tal4s about the i0ve0tio0 o2 Kevor4ia0. "t has other 2acts about %utha0asia a0d 'ealth )are.

&allace, Mi4e. (r. 7ac4 Kevor4ia0;s 6- Mi0utes "0tervie5. CBSNews. )B+ "0teractive, 1,,>. &eb. /1 Oct. /-13. $his 5as (r.Kevor4ia0;s 2irst i0tervie5 a2ter bei0g released 2ro3 9ail. "0 it, 7ac4 Kevor4ia0 states that he 5ill 0o lo0ger be assisti0g people i0 suicideG ho5ever, he still does 0ot believe that it should be illegal.

&8B' %ducatio0al Aou0datio0. ! +EMM!*B OA (*. K%CO*K"!#;+ !*$ &O*K. PBS. PB+, 0.d. &eb. -. (ec. /-13. 7ac4 Kevor4ia0 did0;t o0ly 9ust aid i0 assisted suicide but he 5as also a pai0ter6artist. $his article gives a basic su33ary o2 all o2 his pai0ti0gs. "t also gives a li04 to vie5 all o2 his pai0ti0gs alo0g 5ith 7ac4 Kevor4ia0;s perso0al 5ritte0 descriptio0s o2 5hat the pai0ti0gs 3ea0t to hi3.

&8B' %ducatio0al Aou0datio0. Aro0tli0e: !utopsy 2or +herry Miller. PBS. PB+, 0.d. &eb. -. (ec. /-13. $his gives a0 autopsy o2 +herry Miller, o0e o2 (r. 7ac4 Kevor4ia0. "t sho5s 5hat 5as 5ro0g 5ith her be2ore bei0g eutha0ized, a0d esse0tially sho5s the reaso0 as to 5hy Kevor4ia0 5e0t alo0g 5ith it. $he autopsy report gives a detailed descriptio0 o2 ho5 Miller died, i0itially sho5i0g ho5 Kevor4ia0 did it.

&8B' %ducatio0al Aou0datio0. 'E8' 8!D%6 7!)K K%CO*K"!# )O#+ED$. PBS. PB+, 0.d. &eb. -. (ec. /-13. $his article 5as a taped dialogue bet5ee0 7ac4 Kevor4ia0 a0d three other 3e0 by the 0a3es o2 'ugh 8ale, #eal, a0d )8. $hey are all tal4i0g 5ith o0e a0other 5hile Kevor4ia0;s sister is tapi0g the e0tire thi0g.

&8B' %ducatio0al Aou0datio0. $he (eath "0tervie5s. PBS. PB+, 0.d. &eb. -. (ec. /-13. $his article co0tai0s i0tervie5s 5ith so3e o2 the death victi3s a0d their 2a3ily 3e3bers. "t also gives autopsies a0d it allo5s 2or people to vie5 the assisted suicide 2ro3 a di22ere0t perspective, rather tha0 9ust the 3edia.

&8B' %ducatio0al Aou0datio0. $he Kevor4ia0 Cerdict: $ra0script. PBS. PB+, 0.d. &eb. -. (ec. /-13. $his article is a dialogue bet5ee0 (octor 7ac4 Kevor4ia0 a0d o0e o2 his patie0ts. Kevor4ia0 5as i0tervie5i0g o0e o2 his patie0ts to see i2 he 5ould 3eet the reFuire3e0ts to be able to get eutha0ized. "t gives a0other poi0t o2 vie5 o2 the assisted suicides that (r. 7ac4 Kevor4ia0 did.

Secondary Sources
Ber0stei0, %lle0. 7ac4 Kevor4ia0 H!3erica0 Physicia0I. *ncyclo,edia Britannica -nline. %0cyclopedia Brita00ica, 0.d. &eb. 1- Oct. /-13. $his 5as a biography o0 Kevor4ia0. "t sho5ed ho5 he ca3e to be. "t 5as basically a ti3e li0e e1plai0i0g his li2e. "t gave i02or3atio0 o0 his 2irst patie0t a0d 5hy he had go0e to Kevor4ia0. "t also gave i0sight as to ho5 (r. Kevor4ia0;s actio0s led to 0e5 la5s bei0g created.

Aa3ily Me3bers o2 $hose 7ac4 Kevor4ia0 !ssisted !re 8rate2ul 2or 'is 'elp. Detroit Free Press. ! 8a00ett )o3pa0y, 3 7u0e /-11. &eb. 16 7a0. /-14. $his article co0tai0s i02or3atio0 o0 3a0y o2 Kevor4ia0;s patie0ts; 2a3ily 3e3bers; opi0io0s. "t provides 2acts a0d Fuotes by the OJKee2e 2a3ily, 7a0et !d4i0;s 2a3ily, etc. Most o2 the 2a3ilies report that they are grate2ul 2or 5hat Kevor4ia0 did 2or their loved o0e.

Aro0tli0e. M%MO*!#(EM *%8!*("#8 "#C%+$"8!$"O# "#$O $'% (%!$' OA 'E8' 8!D%. PBS. PB+, 0.d. &eb. 1. 7a0. /-14. $his article e1plai0s i0 detail 5hat happe0ed to 'ugh 8ale Ho0e o2 7ac4 Kevor4ia0;s patie0tsI "t provides i02or3atio0 o0 ho5 the la5 played a0 issue, 5hy he 0eeded Kevor4ia0, possible belie2s held about the case a0d 5hat really happe0ed, etc.

'u3phry, (ere4. !ssisted +uicide Da5s !rou0d the &orld - !ssisted +uicide. .ssisted Suicide aws .round the /orld 0 .ssisted Suicide. #.p., 1 Mar. /--.. &eb. /4 Oct. /-13. <http:66555.assistedsuicide.org6suicide=la5s.ht3l@. $his article is about ho5 thi04i0g about (octor assisted suicide has evolved arou0d the 5orld, 9ust as it has evolved here. +everal cou0tries have la5s allo5i0g (octor assisted suicide, 5hile so3e do0;t address it at all. O0e cou0try has speci2ically 3ade suicide legal, but assisti0g so3eo0e co33itti0g suicide 5ould be co0sidered illegal.

'u3phry, (ere4. %valuati0g (r. Kevor4ia0Js )o0tributio0 to the *ight-to-die Move3e0t i0 !3erica - !ssisted +uicide. *valuating Dr. 'evor$ian1s Contri+ution to the Right0to0die <http:66555.assistedsuicide.org6Kevor4ia0=co0tributio0=to=the=right=to=die=3ove3e0t=i0=! 3erica.ht3l@. $his article is about ho5 (r. Kevor4ia0 created a0 a5are0ess about the issue 2or doctor assisted suicide a0d the right to die 5ith dig0ity. Because o2 his brave acts, Kevor4ia0 i02lue0ced the 5ay !3erica thi04s about these issues. O0e e1a3ple is that Orego0 passed the 2irst right-todie la5, 2ollo5ed by a couple others.

7ac4 Kevor4ia0. . New 2ealand Resource !or i!e Related 3ssues. #.p., 0.d. &eb. , Oct. /-13. < . 'e 5as also i0volved i0 several research pro9ects that i0volved death. Beyo0d his 5or4 i0 the 3edical 2ield as it related to death, Kevor4ia0 also created pai0ti0gs depicti0g death. (uri0g the 1,>-;s, (r. K had several articles published regardi0g his vie5s o0 eutha0asia. "t the0 goes o0 to e1plai0 the begi00i0gs o2 Kevor4ia0;s 5or4s a0d the 3achi0ery he used. "t also tal4s about

the 2irst 5o3a0 he assisted a0d the 3a0y a2ter her, a0d 2i0ally 5he0 he 5as co0victed 2or 3urder.

7ac4 Kevor4ia0. /-13. $he Biography )ha00el 5ebsite. Oct /4 /-13, 1/:/- http:66555.biography.co36people69ac4-4evor4ia0-,364141. $his article chro0icles 7ac4 Kevor4ia0Js li2e, ho5 he gre5 up, the type o2 pare0ts he had, a0d ho5 his belie2s 5ere shaped by his e1perie0ces. Desser 40o50 details are give0 5hich help e1plai0 ho5 he beca3e the co0troversial 3a0 that he 5as.

Kevor4ia0, 7ac4. "he Free Dictionary. Aarle1, 0.d. &eb. , Oct. /-13. $his e0cyclopedia gives the vie5 o2 5hat (r. Kevor4ia0 did 2ro3 the side o2, ;5hat he did 5as 5ro0g.; "t gives a lot o2 i02or3atio0 o0 the people he helped co33it suicide a0d 5hat happe0ed to hi3 a2ter he did a0d the process he had to go through because o2 the deeds he had do0e.

Kevor4ia0Js K0o50 Cicti3s. Patients Rights Council. #.p., 0.d. &eb. 16 7a0. /-14. $his site co0tai0s all o2 the patie0ts o2 7ac4 Kevor4ia0. "t gives 5here they 5ere bor0, their age 5he0 they died, 2ull 0a3es, a0d their date o2 death.

Darge Ma9orities o2 !3erica0s +ay +uicide "s Morally &ro0g, but 'al2 +ay Physicia0-assisted +uicide "s Morally !cceptable K Public !ge0da. arge Ma4orities o! .%ericans Say Suicide 3s

Morally /rong, +ut 5al! Say Physician0assisted Suicide 3s Morally .cce,ta+le 6 Pu+lic .genda. Public !ge0da, 0.d. &eb. 16 7a0. /-14.

$his site co0tai0s t5o pie charts, o0e o2 5hat the public thi04s o2 suicide a0d a0other about 5hat the public thi04s o2 doctor-assisted suicide.

+ch0eider, Keith. (r. 7ac4 Kevor4ia0 (ies at !ge >3G ! (octor &ho 'elped %0d Dives. "i%es: 7S. #.p., 3 7u0e /-11. &eb. , Oct. /-13. $his article goes through each o2 the 3a9or eve0ts o2 5hat happe0ed to (r. Kevor4ia0. "t gives other people opi0io0s o0 5hat he did a0d i2 they believed he should have bee0 co0victed 2or 3urder. "t also goes through his career path. "0 the begi00i0g o2 the article, it states 5here a0d ho5 he died.

+olve0t )o33u0icatio0s. 7ac4 Kevor4ia0. &ac$ 'evor$ian. ##B(, /-13. &eb. -. (ec. /-13. $his article 5as a basic overvie5 o2 5ho (r. 7ac4 Kevor4ia0 5as a0d 5hat he did, 3ai0ly surrou0di0g the assisted suicides he did. "t had rudi3e0tary 2acts about hi3: date o2 birth, birthplace, occupatio0, religio0, 0atio0ality, etc.

$hac4er, 7i33y. (r. 7ac4 Kevor4ia0;s Degacy. 3n My -,inion :. !dva0ce, 13 7u0e /-11. &eb. 16 7a0. /-14. $his article is 3ore o2 the opi0io0 o2 a reporter o0 7ac4 Kevor4ia0. "t gives his thoughts a0d belie2s o0 the 3atter as 5ell as a 2e5 o2 7ac4 Kevor4ia0 hi3sel2. $he reporter states that he 2eels that Kevor4ia0 did 0o 5ro0g a0d that he had good i0te0tio0s.

$ha0atro0 - Physicia0 !ssisted +uicide. Physician .ssisted Suicide. #.p., 0.d. &eb. 16 7a0. /-14.

$his 5ebsite e1plai0s e1actly ho5 the $ha0atro0, a0 i0ve0tio0 by 7ac4 Kevor4ia0, 5or4s a0d ho5 it 4ills the perso0. "t has a lethal drip hoo4ed up that goes directly i0to the blood strea3 a0d sedates the perso0.