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Albert J. Scot! Chairman

January 14,2014

Chatham County Courthouse Post Office Box 8161 Suite 210 -124 Bull Street Savannah. Georgia 31412 (912) 652-7878 (912) 652-7880 - fax

Daniel W. Massey Superior Court Clerk 304 Chatham County Courthouse 133 Montgomery Street Savannah, GA 31401

Re: Consideration of Salary Adjustment Dear Dan: I am writing on behalf of the Board of Commissioners to inform you of the Board's intention to take up your request for consideration of salary adjustment as part of the 2015 budget process. We expect that this budget process will begin within the next 90 days. Hopefully, your concerns will be addressed in a manner that resolves the issues you raised with the Board. Sincerely,


R. Jonathan Hart, County Attorney Steven Scheer, Esq.