DETAIL PROJECT REPORT FOR ESTABLISHMENT OF A “LAYER POULTRY ESTATE” IN ORISSA ________________________________________________________________________ 1. Backgro !

" # With rapid growth in population providing food security has taken the Govt. as well as planners in a quandary. The availability of land being limited, increased production in agriculture front has become a matter of concern for every Government. It cannot be gainsaid that, agriculture production alone can meet the demand of human population. In this context production through poultry sector has become centre stage as a means of alternative source of protein. $.  Sco%& oultry and poultry products constitutes an important component of human diet in most of the developing countries of the world. This consumption is also increasing at a rapid rate due to low fat content, easy availability ! cost effectiveness.   oultry is the least cost alternative only next to fish ! produces more of animal protein from the same amount of feed compared to milch cow, sheep, Goat ! ig. Two eggs provide "#$ calories of energy and more than %$& of the daily requirement of proteins, 'it (, ) ! *"%, +iboflabin, folic acid, hosphorus, Iodine along with fat.     (ccording to nutritional (dvisory committee of India at least half an egg should be made available to an average individual which workout to be ",$ egg - annum. oultry farming require less area with high return than any other animal husbandry and agriculture activities. .and topography ! soil fertility is never a criteria for poultry like agriculture. oultry farming involves high grade sophisticated technology with higher profitability for which younger generation prefer this activity as their occupation than any other agriculture ! allied activities.  In the primary sector, (griculture provides about "$$ to "%$ days employment to the rural poor. /canty land holding, land fragmentation and seasonal agriculture are not able to provide full employment to the work0force which in turn creates disguise " anthothenic acid,

6ver the past decade the poultry industry in India has contributed approximately ""1$ crores to our Gross 7ational % . oultry farming can be a viable option for rural poor to overcome the issue. oultry development in the /tate has taken a quantum leap in the last three decades but the layer sector in the /tate is not up to the desired level. +. India ranks the 1th largest producer of egg and 2th largest producer of poultry meat of the world producing over 34 billion eggs and about #$$ thousand tones of poultry meat in the year %$$4. researchers and pioneers of this field.unemployment. This prime shortfall can be compensated from the growth of poultry industry. awareness of people about diet and health. The egg availability per year per head in 6rissa is 3% eggs as compared to national average of 4% eggs.This spectacular increase in production has occurred during last 3 decades due to continuous efforts of our scientists. cost effectiveness of poultry meat compared to other meat. which is an important source of animal protein and can be made available to the population within the shortest possible time. contact farming. Na()o!a* Sc&!ar)o# oultry industry is the fastest growing sector in Indian agriculture. which registered an average growth rate of "1 & per annum in 6rissa during last 1 years. yet the growth rate is very slow due to huge investment in this sector. The (gro climatic condition of 6rissa /tate is conducive for poultry farming. 5any other factors which include increased adoption of integrated farming system. 6rissa has been identified as a suitable destination for setting of poultry units. is available which stands to ""& of the requirement. its low fat content. (n individual averagely need "%1 gms. S(a(& Sc&!ar)o# *eing situated in the threshold of West *engal. oultry /ector. of animal protein everyday where as only "4 gms. superior protein quality and change of life style of the people are also responsible for spectacular development of roduct. *ihar ! 7orth 8astern /tates where demand of poultry and poultry products has been constantly on the rise. It is the fastest growing sector. '.

5eat and 8ggs in 6rissa >ear "22. The growth in oultry industry will help in development of a number of supporting and allied industries like compound feed manufacturing. The scope in this industry is enormous. /pread of education is also was responsible for accepting eggs as a nutritious item in the diet. Orissa.# lakh layer birds during the next "$ years period. )ifferent Govt.#" "%9.3" 93$.$# "%"12.1.. the untouchability of poultry meet and eggs got changed and got wide acceptance.42 23".92 #4. >ear0wise roduction and er capita (vailability of 5ilk."$ . %% ". pharmaceuticals ! biologicals. The )epartment of <isheries ! (+) has embarked upon an ambitious programme to produce 12 lakh commercial eggs per day from 93. With the change in rearing and feeding practices. of 6rissa is now giving more thrust to facilitate egg production through certain initiatives and policy decisions.9$ er capita availability of eggs :nos-annum. Cuttack. 3 . The increase in egg production of the /tate not only will eradicate the protein hunger of the /tate but also can create huge employment opportunities for people.9 million :census %$$". )epartments working on poverty alleviation programme have been facilitated with different schemes and pro=ects for implementation. In this context it is desirable to enhance egg production in the /tate..022 "2220$$ %$$$0$" %$$"0$% %$$%0$3 %$$30$4 %$$40$1 %$$10$# roduction of eggs :in millions.The resent human population in 6rissa is 3#. The Govt. 9$& of the poultry products and eggs are consumed in urban and semi urban areas.. 9#%. %$ %4 %1 %1 33 34 Source: Directorate of Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services. equipment and machinery. oultry products like egg and chicken constitute a primary source of animal protein..$% 2$2.

and <inancing Institutions treating poultry as priority sector. (+) )epartment has taken all steps for 4 .     /tate .$$$ birds. the total poultry population including duckery in the /tate was ". of backyard poultry in the /tate./ +ules.     <inance )epartment has already issued '(T exemptions on poultry feed. by ( I?6. This step has enabled our poultry farmers to avail various incentives as being offered to agriculture. vis0@0vis availability of %% lakh eggs from commercial layer units. The total table egg production assuming .ivestock ?ensus. /ettlement (ct vide schedule0II of 6G.ayer farms having %. of 6rissa has taken the following initiativesB  The Govt.$ & production comes to %% lakhs per day.$$$ birds to ". The present demand for table eggs is #4 lakh per day :including the requirement for 5id )ay 5eal programme.2.The backyard poultry also play a vital role in the livelihood of millions of poor people particularly tribals. of 6rissa has been declared oultry as (griculture in %$$1. Government land can be alienated under 6rissa Government . The siAe of these ?ommercial layer farms are ranging from "1.24 lakhs.. (dditional increase in demand of egg through introduction of 5)5 /trengthening of )epartment oultry <arms 0 (s a measure for promotion better co0ordination. 1$.# lakh birds are running in the /tate. about 4" numbers ?ommercial . resently. of India for poultry sector. ?apital Investment /ubsidy C %1& of the capital investment in case of the feed supplements and additives. general male entrepreneurs and C33& in case of /?-/T-Women-Graduates in (griculture ! (llied discipline excluding cost of land maximum upto %1 lakhs is being granted under (griculture poultry sector. The Govt. for promotion of programme. (s per %$$3 .evel (pex ?ommittee on poultry development constituted to ensure 'enture capital fund introduced by Govt. olicy %$$.

O-T POULTRY .. Na0& o1 (2& Far0 Y&ar o1 Ar&a A%%ro7&" E!2a!c&" Pr&3&!( B)r" E3(4.$$ %.$$ ".Goint )irector.1.%3 . of )uck breeding farms have been strengthened at the cost of +s . "2## "2#4 "299 "2## "219 "24% "2#" "2## "22$ 3%. of India. DUC/ FARMS IN THE STATE UNDER THE CENTRALLY SPONSORED SCHEME “ASSISTANCE TO STATE POULTRY. ".$B%$ basis." ""%.$$ 3.$$ lakhs as a revolving fund and placed with the concerned ). The revolving fund should effectively be utiliAed to make this operation as self sustaining. "1.strengthening of departmental poultry ! duck farms under the ?// programme D (ssistance to /tate oultry ..$$ #.". It has been proposed to maintain 4$$$ parent layer bird stock out of which %$$$ birds in lay through out the year at each of the farms with an aim to produce 3. ) < *han=nagar 2 / I ?hipilima "$ )*< ?hipilima 1 .. feed. medicine and transportation charges etc.$$ 4. (ll the <arm 5anagers have been delegated with them sufficient financial and administrative powers to implement the scheme. ?hipilima account for purchase of hatching eggs.$$ "1$$ "$$$ "1$$ "$$$ "$$$ 1$$ 3$$$ 1$$ 1$$ %1$ 4$$$ 4$$$ 4$$$ 4$$$ 4$$$ 4$$$ 4$$$ 4$$$ 4$$$ 4$$$ .$1 1.3 0 %4$$ "#%$ 214 0 <unctioning <unctioning <unctioning <unctioning <unctioning 7ot <unctioning <unctioning <unctioning <unctioning <unctioning .93 "$. 5I! Acr&36 3(r&!g(2 S(r&!g(2 8)(2 S(r&!g(2 CSP a33)3(a!c& S(a( 3 a( Pr&3&!( " % 3 4 1 # 9 + < /undargarh ) < *olangir I ) **/+ )*< ?uttack ) < /emiliguda + < Horaput *< (ngul "23. The ob=ective of the scheme is to produce low input technology birds specified by Govt. This is intended to generate extra supplementary income for their livelihood.4-0 per unit to +s. STATUS OF ."$ -unit. day old parent chicks. of /tate oultry <arms and two nos. S*..24 1. which can be suitable for backyard poultry and having better survival at the farmerFs door.$$ 2. ( provision has also been made for +s.DUC/ FARMS”# 8ight nos.$$ lakhs each under ?/ assistance on .  68+? has reduced the power tariff for poultry farms from +s.)uck farmsE.+)/.#1 lakhs hatching eggs to have %.#$ 3. !o.% lakhs )ay06ld0?hicks per annum to cater the need of farmers of the area.

1.1.3.. Training of farmers and 'eterinary staffs.%. Training of oultry 8state members on poultry management.9% "$." +unning all the "$ Government oultry <arms with optimum capacity utiliAation.Y 1.91 ". 1. STRATE.#$ $.1"$ ".99 ".%. $.9= %9$2 %4#. ?onservation of native germplasm.1# 3.1" $.2" ".11 $.$1 %. 6 Egg %ro" c()o! 5 )! Lak23 6 Egg3 3&( 1or 2a(c2)!g 5)!Lak23 6 C2)ck3 %ro" c&" 5 )! Lak23 6 R&7&! & R&c&)%( 5 )! R3..0$2 $99=:19 U% (o19.%. . 6rissa to emerge as a role model for others in oultry farming under oultry 8state through scientific management and adoption of modern technologies. -ISION FOR POULTRY DE-ELOPMENT The Govt.2$ 4..%. TO $99<:9= Y&ar Par&!( 4)r"3 0a)!(a)!&" 5 )! No3.2 3". feeding practices ! particularly vaccination.43 $. 3##3 %#1# "$1. Initiating steps for contract farming of 5aiAe.ayer oultry 8state will attract the small-marginal farmers to set up commercial layer in the estate to enhance egg production in the /tate. 8nsuring operationaliAation of 4.."9 A Pro>&c( %ro%o3a* 1or &3(a4*)320&!( o1 a *a?&r %o *(r? E3(a(& )! (2& S(a(& 2a3 4&&! accor")!g*? %r&%ar&". 6 %$$40$1 %$$10$# %$$#0$9 %$$90$. 1." 1.% .$.. %$$.%.". of IndiaFs scheme to establish a . 1.%.INFORMATION ON DEPARTMENTAL POULTRY FARMS FROM $99+:9.#. # .". 1.$$# .%. 1.33 "3.3 romoting backyard dual purpose small poultry units along with ?hick rearing Init for rearing of chicks for initial 4 weeks.33 3..%..9.2$ $."% "9.24 %.4. 1.3 %. Jatcheries set up under /G/> Infrastructure <und with both backward and forward linkage. "3." %.%1 43.## ".

anthothenic acid. folic acid.  Two eggs provide "#$ calories of energy constituting more than %$& of the daily requirement of proteins. S(r&!g(2#  /horter gestation period.  (ccording to nutritional (dvisory committee of India.+. ) ! *"%.  (vailability of land at an affordable price.  oultry and poultry products constitutes an important component of human diet in most of the developing countries of the world. hosphorus and Iodine along with fat.OAL#  Increase commercial egg production from %% lakh to 12 lakh eggs per day . 'it (.. +iboflabin.  Jighly capital intensive.+. The consumption is also increasing at a rapid rate due to low fat content. .  oultry farming require less area with high and quick return than any other animal husbandry and agriculture activities.. easy availability ! cost effectiveness. ..+.+. . sheep. 9 .$. O%%or( !)(?#  Increasing demand of egg. at least half an egg should be made available to an average individual which workout to be ". @&ak!&33#  rice fluctuation.  /low adoption of automation in production system...  <avourable Government policy measures.  oultry is the least cost alternative next to fish only ! produces more of animal protein from the same amount of feed as compared to milch cow. Goat ! ig. S@OT A!a*?3)3 o1 (2& 3&c(or .'.annum.$ eggs.'.  Good network of (J institutions..1.

common facilities like feed mixing.$$ lakh layer birds involving "$$ nos.1. ?reation of estates is primarily envisaged on line of other industrial estates where ma=ority of facilities will be made available within an area to facilitate both backward and forward linkages. The .ayer oultry 8state is to be established in the /tate by inducting %. development of estate area. electricity and water supply.. additional 41 lakh layer capacity will be created in the form of setting up new layer units and expansion of existing units. The land will be selected . of India. (s far as the layer oultry 8state is concerned.$$$ layer birds each in a compact patch of land under close supervision of the experts. With assistance from Govt. where "$$ nos.+.ayer small farmers have been decided to be selected. training. etc. A. The land will be taken from the Govt. /tate Government will provide facilities in terms of land on lease. instilling confidence in consumers..ayer oultry 8state will have establishments of small farmers who will organiAe and form societies0thus accruing both.. of small poultry farmers with %. small farmers who will set up their layer units.  WT6B exposing the local industry to open competition. storage. benefits of economics of scale and achieve better market opportunities with promotion of quality products. T2r&a(#  6utbreak of disease like D*ird <luE. A. FEATURES OF THE LAYER POULTRY ESTATE# A.. of oultry . ( I"&!()1)ca()o! a!" a**o(0&!( o1 La!"# atch of Govt. In order to produce 12 lakh commercial egg production per day in coming "$ years. one . land measuring %1 (cres is to be identified in the district of 5ayurbhan=.$. 8ntrepreneurs who will set up either layer or broiler units in these estates will be assisted with interest free loan provided they adopt scientific production methods. on lease basis for establishment of the oultry 8state. .

etc.'. A. The expenditure incurred for 8lectricity connection from the existing sources will be met from funds provided by 2 . 8ntry of persons has to be restricted. E*&c(r)c)(? co!!&c()o!# 8lectricity is an essential component for poultry farming as it is required for brooding of chicks. and garbage from the estate.A. headed by <isheries ! (nimal +esources )evelopment )epartment of the /tate and keeping representative from )()<. <or this deposit is to be made 8lectricity *oard for erecting of poles.. feed ingredients. A. The necessary steps will be taken by the /tate Government to constitute a /tate rincipal /ecretary. The length of fencing will have to cover the sides which are vulnerable for animal and human entry. leading bank. 8very vehicle bringing feed and medicine has to be disinfected before entering into the estate. A. feed plant. The expenditure for the purpose will be met from the funds available for infrastructure development by Govt. it is essential to prevent stray animals from coming in. store and rest room.. /ince the forest lands are nearby. 7(*(+)..keeping in view factors like distance from water bodies. medicines and vaccines to the estate and eggs. Pro7)3)o! o1 roa" a!" *&7&*)!g o1 *a!"# The estate will be provided with all weather road communication for transportation of building materials. The land inside the estate will be leveled for construction of poultry sheds. There should be only one entrance gate made of iron. empty gunny bags.+. away from existing farms. migratory birds flying route. /tate (nimal Jusbandry )epartment and ( I?6. A. running of feed mill and pumps used for water supply as well as lighting of the estate area./5?. control panel and establishment of Transformer. F&!c)!g# The part of land meant for poultry sheds will be provided with fencing with 1 line barbed wire. In the entrance a provision for foot bath for farmers and visitors should be a must. of India. .evel /anction and 5onitoring ?ommittee :/. office.

There will be provision of a Waste )isposal pit situated at one corner of the 8state for disposal of the dead birds ! waste materials.<. Pro7)3)o! o1 F&&" P*a!(# ( . %1. To prepare this huge quantity of poultry feed a captive feed plant is to be established inside the 8state area with an amount of +s. digging of required numbers of bore wells inside oultry 8state will be made from the funds available from the Govt.$$ lakh available from Govt.# ( store room for medicines and vaccines has been provisioned in the pro=ect +eport.B.aboratory functioning at the )istrict Jqr.Govt. A. A. "$ .ike 8lectricity ! <eed. A. A. of India as 1$& grant.19. S(or& roo03 1or 7acc)!&3C 0&")c)!&3 D ")3&a3& I!7&3()ga()o! La4. 'eterinary )ispensary will be availed at the time of the need of the proposed . provision of clean drinking water is another essential component of a oultry ro=ect.=. of balanced oultry feed from day0old to point of culling. of India ! the expenditure made for electricity connection inside the 8state will be provisioned in the ro=ect +eport.ayer bird consumes around 49 Hgs. <or the purpose all the waste materials produced are to be scientifically disposed so that it doesnFt create any heath haAards for the surroundings. 6f India for infrastructure development but provision of funds for construction of over head tanks. inside pipe line connections with nipple watering system has been made in the ro=ect +eport. @a(&r 3 %%*?# .ayer oultry 8state. @a3(& D)3%o3a*# *io0security measure is an important aspect for a oultry farm which will be meticulously maintained inside the 8state. The help of the )istrict )iagnostic .

entrepreneurs. grant by G6I. ( I? Women and /?.1 lakhs is to be deposited with the financing *ank by the group for availing term loan against the pro=ect.. /T groups will be given most priority.ayer oultry 8state.2. /T farmers will be given priority.Graduates in (griculture ! (llied discipline excluding cost of land maximum up to %1 lakhs in addition to +s. 6.ivestock +esources )evelopment /ociety :6. C %1& of the capital investment in case of the general male entrepreneurs and C33& in case of /? . B.3$.'.1 lakhs. Thus ten numbers such groups will rear %. These groups are formed to provide them with special incentives like ?apital Investment /ubsidy under (griculture olicy0%$$.ayer oultry 8state on lease basis.. The ?hief 8xecutive 6fficer .3. Women and /?. of groups will be made comprising "$ entrepreneurs in each group. will act as the facilitator. • (s the total pro=ect cost for a group is +s. I"&!()1)ca()o! o1 1ac)*)(a(or# <or the present 6rissa . • (s per the guidelines laid by Govt.$$.ayer oultry 8state. A!!&E&" a( :I B.+s.23.6fficer0in0charge.$$ lakhs is the I<. I"&!()1)ca()o! o1 E!(r&%r&!& r3 530a** 1ar0&r36# 6ne hundred nos.+)/.B. out of which +s. • • • 6ut of this "$$ entrepreneurs "$ nos. 7(*(+).+)/ will act as the ro=ect ?o0coordinator who will keep liasioning with Govt. of interested small farmers will be identified in 5ayurbhan= )istrict to be the members of the .1. IMPLEMENTATION# I"&!()1)ca()o! a!" a**o(0&!( o1 *a!" 1or E3(a(&# (t the initial stage %1 (cres of Govt.$$$ layer poultry birds inside the . . )epartments. *anks.$$ lakh as interest free loan for each individual entrepreneur. B.e. of India for oultry 8state one group will rear "$ x %$$$ K %$. *hubaneswar will . and 8astern Jatcheries "" vt.$.3.$$$ layer birds and accordingly the pro=ect report has been prepared. "$& margin money i. land has to be identified in 5ayurbhan= )istrict and is to be allotted to the ./T Women .

There should be at least 304 field exposure visits during the training period. 1. "% . 3.+)/./5? will arrange the experts and conduct training programme of the entrepreneurs on scientific layer farming.$$ lakh on grant." day0old0layer chicks for the pro=ect and will provide necessary technical guidance for smooth running of the estate. /. This expenditure sub=ect to a ceiling of +s. etc. fencing.+)/ in consultation with the /.1$ lakh as grant."9. Co!3(r c()o! o1 Co00o! I!1ra3(r c( r& Fac)*)()&3# 6nce the ro=ect is approved by G6I and funds released for the purpose. footbath and other bio0security measures like waste disposal system outside the individual units. management and feeding practices of layer birds and it is to be organiAed at *lock Jead Luarter nearer to the villages of the small farmers of the estate. ublicity for launching the schemeB +s.1. I. /election and Training of "$$ beneficiaries in two stagesB +s. ?reation of common infrastructure like roads. electricity and water supply./5? as per the conditions laid by them. after % years of functioning. but within the estate. %. B. 6. 4.remove the facilitator if do deviate the guidelines or act against the interest of the beneficiaries. B. The training programme should be of "1 days duration which would include housing.%$$ lakh per estate as grant. The facilitator would work under the overall supervision of the /.1$ lakh as grant. Co00o! I(&03 o1 EE%&!")( r&# ".B+s."9.%$$ lakh will be given on grant basis and will be shared by ?entral and /tate Governments in the ratio of 91B%1. lanning and 8scort services to *eneficiariesB +s. the /tate facilitator will work for creation of common infrastructure like supply of electricity and water. within the estate but outside the individual units and also managerial subsidy to the estateB +s.+./5? has the right to change . internal roads. ?ommon facilities at /tage II :for processing and storage etc. bio security measures.$$ lakh as grant... Tra)!)!g o1 (2& &!(r&%r&!& r3# 6.



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