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Future tense

1. In many cases present tense can be used to express future action. Nyron elutazom a Balatonra. Holnap elmondom a cimet. I will go to Lake Balaton in the summer. I will tell you the address tomorrow.

2. The future tense can be expressed with the word 'fog'+ the indefinite form of the verb. The word 'fog' receives the appropriate person/number ending, and the verb you actually want to put to future tense remains present indefinite. The word 'fog' can be put before or after the verb: Knyvet fogok venni. Venni fogok egy knyvet. I will buy a book. The same

The order of words in Hungarian sentence depends on what you want to emphasize. Word order is an important term in Hungarian, I will discuss it later in an advanced lesson. The meaning of the sentence might be slightly different with different word order. In this above example there is a little difference only. The first sentence emphasizes that I will buy a BOOK (e.g. not a tape) The second emphasizes that I will BUY the book (not read) What you need to understand now is that the order can be different.

Future Indefinite
olvasni fogok olvasni fogsz olvasni fog olvasni fogunk olvasni fogtok olvasni fognak

Future Definite
olvasni fogom olvasni fogjuk

olvasni fogod olvasni fogja

olvasni fogjtok olvasni fogjk