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Point of View Test

1.) Read this passage from Helen Keller: As I lay in my bed that night, I wept as I hope few children have wept. I felt cold, I imagined I should die before morning and the thought comforted me. Question: What is the point of view is the author using? a. First person b. Second person c. Third person 2.) I was shaking like a leaf. My palms were sweating. My heart was pounding so loud I was sure everyone around me could hear it. I hated presentations. I should have been absent today. I am just going to pretend that no one is listening, which hopefully none of them really are. It would only be a 2 minute and 30 second speech. It should be a 2 minute and 30 second speech. It should be a piece of cake but it was not feeling that way. The above passage is an example of what point of view? a. First person b. Second person c. Third person Tom grabbed an armful of files from the bottom drawer of his file cabinet, spun his chair, around towards his desk, and heaved the files down onto his desk, letting out a huge sigh in the process. Mr. and Mrs. Townsend. Townsend. Townsend. Where are you? he thought, rummaging through file after file. A stiff, single knock on the door snapped his head upwards, causing him to push a handful of files onto the floor, Sir, Mr. Jones just called. 3.) The above passage is an example of what point of view? a. First person b. Second person c. Third person 4.) Choose the sentence that is written using a first person point of view a. While walking home, he tripped and fell into a puddle of water. b. I believe that it is important for students to be involved in after school activities. c. The City Council should reconsider its recent vote on a tax increase. d. Citizens need to exercise their right to vote in the next election.

5.) Choose the sentence that is written using a third person point of view. a. Several of their players have signed scholarships to play college football. b. You should know better that to send a text message while driving! c. We need to take our time on this project: we could use a good grade. d. The red car with the black convertible top is mine. 6.) Choose the sentence that is written using a first person point of view. a. You need to do your best on the English test tomorrow. b. W ould you please pass the mashed potatoes? c. Softball is my favorite sport, but soccer is a close second. d. Darrel went to the movies with John this weekend. Read the following text taken from In the Year of the Boar And Jackie Robinson, by Bette Bao Lord Shirley grinned. How easy it was! Sure enough, every time she shut her eyes, the ball went astray. Take your base, said the umpire. Mabel came running over. Stand on that red book bag until someone hits the ball, then run like mad to touch the blue one. Got it? Shirley, despite her pigeon toes, had dashed to the blue book bag. But something was wrong. Mabel was chasing her. Go. Get going. Run. Shirley, puzzled over which book bag to run to next, took a chance and sped off. But Mabel was still chasing her. Go home! Go home! Oh no! She had done the wrong thing. Now even her new friend was angry. Go home, her teammates shouted. Go home. She was starting off the field when she saw Joseph waving. Here! Over here! And off she went for the green one. Just before she reached it, she stumbled, knocking over the opponent who stood in her way. He dropped the ball, and Shirley fell on top of the bag like a piece of ripe bean curd. Her teammates shouted with happiness. Some helped her up. Others patted her back. Then they took up Mabels chant. Hey, hey, youre just great Jackie Robinson crossed the plate. Hey, hey, youre a dream Jackie Robinsons on our team. Mabels team won. The score was 10 to 2, and though the Chinese rookie never got on base again or caught even one ball, Shirley was confident that the next time. next time, she could.

Answer the questions below to evaluate the influences a narrator pass on to its readers. 7.) How does the narrator show that Shirley doesnt know much about stickball? a. Mabels team won b. By Shirley only knowing which base to go to by colored book bag c. By letting Mabel hit the first ball 8.) How does Joseph help Shirley to know where to go? a. By yelling at her b. By running by her c. By waving at her and telling her which green base to go to 9.) How did Shirley become the hero? a. By making a homerun b. By running into the catcher and making him drop the ball c. By finding home base 10.) What could the author use for a title on this story? a. Baseball fun b. Stickball fun c. Fun and games 11.) Why do you think the author calls baseball stickball? a. Its the old fashioned way b. Its what the kids call it c. Its what Shirley called it because it reminded her of hitting a ball with a stick Describe how a narrator or speakers point of view influences how events are described. The Hunter and the Bird (a Japanese folktale) There was a hunter who lived in a little cabin right outside the woods. Each morning he would go into the forest to search for food. The hunter didnt find very much, but he had just enough to eat every day. One day, it began to snow while the hunter was in the forest. He decided to

gather some wood so he could start a fire to keep warm. While the hunter was cutting wood, he saw a little bird that was caught in a vine. Oh, you poor thing, he said. Youre shivering like a leaf, and your wing is injured. Let me help you. The hunter put down his wood and freed the bird. He took it home with him to finish healing it. It wasnt until he got indoors that he realized he had left his wood behind. The hunter wore all of his clothes to bed that night and slept under several blankets. He placed the bird next to a candle so that it would stay warm. The next morning when he woke up, the little bird was gone. Just as he was ready to go into the forest to look for food and find his woodpile, he heard a knock on the door. W hen the hunter opened it, there was a beautiful woman there. I am lost, she said. Could I stay here for a few days? I can cook and help you however you like. Sure, you can stay, the hunter said. I was just going into the forest to look for food. If you bring me fur, I can use it to make beautiful scarves that we can sell, the woman said. Okay, the hunter said. He brought the woman fur, and sure enough, she made lovely scarves. He was able to sell them so that they could buy food from town. As time went on, the hunter fell in love with the beautiful woman and asked her to marry him. I will marry you, but only on one condition, she said. I have to tell you a secret, and you have to promise not to tell anyone. Okay, I promise, the hunter said. I am the little bird you saved in the woods that day. Your kindness helped me change to human form, the woman said. The hunter found this hard to believe. Birds dont turn into humans, do they? Prove it. The woman pulled a feather from her pocket. It was the same color as the birds. If I wasnt telling the truth, would I have this feather? Would I know that you had saved a bird when you never mentioned it?

The man knew then that his beloved was telling the truth. He never told an yone her secret, and they lived happily for many years. 12.) How would the story be different if it was told from the bird's point of view? a. The reader would know more about how the bird felt when the hunter saved her. b. The reader would not have any information about how the hunter found his food. c. The reader would know more about the other characters than he or she knows about the bird. d. The reader would have information that made him or her feel like a part of the entire tale.

Sunday Night Meltdown Suddenly remembering (on Sunday night) that I have homework due Monday morning. The end of my weekend, like the end of a Popsicle: instead of one last lick a taste of stick. 13.) Which line from the poem shows that it is written in first person? A. "Due Monday morning" B. "Instead of one last lick" C. :"The end of my weekend: that I have homework": D. "Like the end of a Popsicle" "My mouth was on fire! I don't think I had ever tasted anything so hot in my life. Nothing I drank seemed to make the burning stop. The water made my mouth burn more. The lemonade didn't help me either," Melanie said.

Her mother had told her not to eat the salsa in the fridge because it was too hot for her, but Melanie didn't listen. "Well, I guess you will listen to me next time I tell you not to do something," Melanie's mother said, as she handed her a glass of milk. "Drink this. It will make you feel better." 14.) What words from the above passage tell the reader that it is written in third person? A. "she," "her," and "Melanie" B. "salsa," "hot," and "lemonade" C. "I," "me," and "you" D. "me," "was," and "burning" 15. Which passage is written from the first person point of view? She fled (if you can call a swift waddle fleeing) to the back of the A. garden by the crumbling wall that was all that remained of a much older castle, leveled in a long-ago siege. In the evening, as the sunlight faded, I reassured myself that I was one B. day closer to getting out. To pass time, I concentrated on pleasant memories, laying them out in order and examining them carefully. His father was an inventor. To be successful you need intelligence, perseverance, and luck. His father was smart and had perseverance. C. Once he started a project he would work on it, often going days without sleep. He just never had any luck. As usual, it was a scorching summer day in southern India. Hastin wiped the sweat from his forehead and wished for a cool breeze. He D. reached into his bag and pulled out a mango. Last night, I had trouble falling asleep. After rolling around in the bed for over an hour, I finally gave up and went to the kitchen. A glass of warm milk should do the trick. I almost jumped when I saw the refrigerator in the darkness. The light from the street poured through the window. It cast a scary shadow on the refrigerator. A movement in the darkness caught my eye. Was there someone in the kitchen with me? 16.) Which of these sentences from the passage helps the reader identify which point of view it is being told from? A. "It cast a scary shadow on the refrigerator."

B. "A movement in the darkness caught my eye." C. "A glass of warm milk should do the trick." 17.) Tom didnt like the looks of the cave. His dad told him not to be afraid. His dad knew he was scared of the dark. A bird flew by and made him jump. They turned on their flashlights, and they went inside. This is an example of: a) first person b) third person

D. "The light from the street poured through the window."

18.) Out in the dark forest. It gave me such a fright! I heard a scary sound: Whoo, who-who! I ran all the way home, but thats just between me and you. This is an example of: a ) first person b) third person

19.) My favorite season is spring. In the spring, days get a little longer. We have more sunlight. The weather gets warmer. Its not too hot. Flowers bloom. Trees grow new leaves. I love spring! This is an example of: a) first person b) third person

20.) Chads family went to Arkansas on their last vacation. They saw elk at the Buffalo National River. They floated on the river in a canoe. They camped outside. They went hiking. Chad said it was a great vacation. This is an example of: a) first person b) third person

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