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Republic of the Philippines REGIONAL TRIAL COURT ____________ Judicial Region !

anch ___" ____ Cit#


TO $%O& IT &A' CONCERN( This is to ce!tif# that Ci)il Case No* _____ entitled ________ )e!sus ________ fo! +ECLARATION O, NULLIT' O, &ARRIAGE filed on __date_____ is still pending befo!e this hono!able cou!t* This ce!tification is issued upon the !e-uest of __name of lawyer____, counsel fo! petitione! __________" !elati)e to pending case of he! client fo! iga.# filed befo!e !anch ___" ______ Cit#" Regional T!ial Cou!t" ______ Judicial Region* +one in the Cit# of _______" Philippines" this ___th da# of No)!" /012*

______________ Cle!3 of the Cou!t

Pa#.ent &ade( Unde! !eceipt No* _______ A.ount ______ Issued on No)! ___" /012