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! Unchecked Doctors !

She was uninformed which, when the cells are used, sets a precedent for doctor's doing what they want to regardless of how the patient feels about it. If doctors are permitted to do this whenever they feel like, it creates an environment in which doctors with unchecked ambition can perform procedures that may or may not help the patient in order to advance their own careers ! Trust ! If these cells are used, it is a validation of the trust that Henrietta Lacks' doctors broke. The more times these breaches are glossed over, the less trust the people will have in doctors. Consequently this means people will stop being willing to help in research studies and go in for checkups which would have numerous societal repercussions. ! Self Autonomy ! If these cells are used, society is validating the idea that we as human beings are not responsible for what happens to our own bodies. John Locke said Every man has a property in his person, If we relinquish this right, we are little more than animals. Utilitarian ethics is a flawed concept nazi scientists were operating under the same precepts