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Pakistan Affairs (Compulsory)

1. Evolution and growth of Muslim Society in the Sub-continent. 2. Ideology of Pakistan-Definition and Elucidation. istorical as!ects Muslim rule in the subcontinent" its downfall and efforts of #enaissance. Movements for reforms-Sheikh $hmed Sarhindi" Shah %aliullah" $ligarh" Deoband" &a'wah" $n(arnun amiat-e-Islam and other Educational Institutions- Sind Madressah and Islamia )ollege Peshawar. Ideology of Pakistan in the lights of s!eeches and sayings of $llama I*hal and +uaid-i-$,am -. Pakistan Movement- istorical develo!ments" im!ortant event. role of various individuals" communities and grou!s. .. Political Develo!ments in Pakistan since 1/.0 and efforts for !ro mulgation of Islamic system. 1. 2and and Peo!le of Pakistan-3eogra!hy. Society. &atural resources. $griculture" Industry" Education with reference to characteris tics" trends and !roblems.
Suggested Readings

Title 1 Ideological 4rientations of Pakistan 2 2etters of I*bal to 5innah 3 Muslim Se!aratism in India and Pakistan 4 Modern Muslim India and the birth of Pakistan +uaid-i-$,am and Pakistan ! Struggle for Pakistan " 6he case for Pakistan # 6he Making of Pakistan $ 6he Muslim )ommunity of the Indo-Pakistan Subcontinent

Author $l Mu(ahid" Sharif I*bal" Mohammad amid" $bdul Ikram" S. M. Dani" $hmed +ureshi" I. $,i," 7. 7. +ureshi" I. . . #afi*" $f,al M. assan

1% 6he Emergence of Pakistan 11 6owards Pakistan 12 Pakistan $ study of Political Develo!ment 1/.0-/0 13 :lema in Politics 14 %orld Scholars on +uaid-i-$,am

Mohammad $li )h. %aheed-u,-8aman amid 9usuf +ureshi" I. . assan Dani" $hmed