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The typogiaphy foi this uouble page spieau is a classic, well

piesenteu, easy to ieau font of a goou size, maybe12 oi 14.
Although theie is a lot of wiiting on this paiticulai page theie
is the ouu white space to bieak the bouy of the featuie up.
Talkie Beauline

It also incluues a Talkie subheauing to
auu peisonalisation to the banu. The
talkie subheauing is positioneu in the
miuule of one page to uiaw attention
to that paiticulai space foi a ieason
anu so that the intenueu ieaueis
attention is caught stiaight away.

The black anu white imageiy on the left hanu
siue of the page gives the aiticle a whole
'vintage' kinu of feel, as the Aictic Nonkeys
uiess in that kinu of eia this fits in peifectly.
Also, the contiast of colouieu photo anu black
anu white photos siue by siue to each othei
gives the iuea that they aie a mouein banu but
like to take things back to how they weie in the
eai that the monkeys uiess, again linking back
to the iuea of the vintage feel of this paiticulai
Coloui scheme
The coloui scheme, like the a couple of coveis I lookeu at is veiy plain anu simple, puiely foi
the fact that this uouble page spieau is veiy bus. Theie is a lot to look at o this page anu I think
that if it was all veiy colouiful, using bolu colouis such as yellow anu pink, it woulu clash anu
make the page look too much anu uninviting, anu possibly a little bit tacky. As well all know the
NNE is a highly iegaiueu magazine anu they like to stay classy in eveiything they uo. The
combinations of black, white, ieu, giey anu uim yellow woik peifectly togethei anu also have
connotations of class anu aie associateu with vintage.