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17 JANUARY 2014

Lyndon Green Junior School

Busy, busy, busy

This is the rst opportunity to say welcome back. I hope you all had a brilliant break. It hasnt taken us long to get back into the swing of things. Last week we had Terric Thursday, which involved our children being involved in so many activities. I attended the Year 6 trip to London and as usual I was so proud of the way our children conducted themselves. We had a fabulous time and saw many brilliant things.

Year 4 - Global Gourmet Year 5 - What a wonderful world Year 6 - Galleries 10M - 999 Our work is always of the highest standard and you can see it daily on our Twitter site. It is even that good that we have had a request to do some lming in school. :)

Bring your torches! Tuesday of next week, 21.1.14 sees the rst football match to be played on our astroturf pitch. We are welcoming a team from The Rosary Catholic School to help us open our pitch. It is exciting as this is the rst home xture for a very long time. If you would like to support the children, the game is due to kick off at 4.00 pm. We are hoping that the light holds. If not, it will be torches at the ready. We are investigating lighting the area.

Curriculum booklets! These were sent out on Friday of last week telling you about the subjects that we are doing this term. You can access them via Twitter or our website. We are once again changing our website to make it easier to upload documents that are relevant. You can access it at the following address.

! ! We have an array of stars this week and you can see all their pictures above. Brief newsletter this week, more as we go through the term. Have a brilliant weekend! Attendance! This weeks attendance is 97.27%. Thank you everyone, above our target of 97% 5th place 5M - 98.66% 4th place 3J and 4B - 98.89% 3rd place 6C - 99.43% 2nd place 5E - 99.44% 1st place 3E - 100% Brilliant attendance! ! The competition is hotting up. !

Curriculum! We hope that everyone is enjoying their new topics. Year 3 - Disaster Zone Autumn attendance! I had the pleasure of reading out 141 names in assembly this morning. Every one of those 141 children or 37.8% of the school achieved 100% attendance during the last term. The children will all receive their individual certicates through their classes. Can we beat it this term?!