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Dear sustainability/renewable energy enthusiast Sub: EAI Futuron Awards for Sustainability Innovations It could be you!

Greetings from EAI. We believe that innovative thinking is the driving force beh ind the sustainability movement. To give innovators the recognition they deserve we have launched the EAI Futuron Awards that are designed to catapult innovativ e thinkers from India onto the world stage. Whether engineer, farmer, or backyar d inventor, this is your chance to see your innovation make headlines across the planet. Benefits EAI awards the winning innovator with extensive publicity across our unmatched m edia assets. With India s most widely read renewable energy and cleantech newslett er (40,000 subscribers) India s largest and most popular sustainability community (15,000 members), and as organisers of blockbuster industry events such as RENER GY, REaction, and Wind Power India, we are well placed to bring you and your inn ovation to the attention of the most important decision makers in the industry. Innovation Domains Innovations across the entire spectrum of environmental sustainability, clean te chnology and renewable energy are eligible for the award. The first awards event (in December 2013) will be focussed on renewable/sustainable energy. Nominations If you are a sustainability innovator, nominate yourself for the award. If you are an organisation/individual who knows a sustainability innovator, nomi nate them for the award (with their consent, of course!). Innovators are awarded based on a theme. The theme for December 2013 is Renewabl e/Sustainable Energy and nominations are accepted until November 30th. Eligibili ty criteria for nominees can be found here. Nominating someone is very easy. Just fill in the form (found here) and email it to There are no charges for nominations and no limits on the nu mber of innovations/innovators you can nominate. For more information on the awards, visit, or write to Mathu at Narasimhan Santhanam Co-founder & Director Energy Alternatives India (EAI)