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EE394J_2_Spring_11_Homework.txt HW1. The refresher problems. HW2. HW3. 5 x 5 P and L matrices for the 500kV single-circuit tower.

Due Wed. Feb. 23. HW4. Circuit analysis of 100km section of one circuit of the 345kV double-circuit tower. See last page of _11_EE394J_2_Spring11_Transmission_Lines.doc. Due Wed. Mar. 2. HW5. Pos/neg sequence one-line diagrams for example problem in _14_EE394J_2_Spring11_Per_Unit_System.doc. Due Mon. Mar. 7. HW6. Part a. in Problem 1 in _16_EE394J_2_Spring11_Short_Circuits.doc, building the Zmatrix from definitions. Due Wed. Mar. 9. HW7. Continue the 7-Bus design from Wednesday's class. Add a second circuit to each transmission corridor for redundancy. Re-calculate the shunt reactors needed to hold the voltage at 200kV. Place the reactors and 100MW load resistors at each bus, and analyze the voltage profile across the grid. Due Fri., Mar. 11. HW8. Parts b,c,d of Problem 1 in _16_EE394J_2_Spring11_Short_Circuits.doc. Also, Part a of Problem 2 in that same document. Due Wed., Mar. 23. HW9. Graiger/Stevenson Problem 6.15, for balanced three-phase and single-phase faults described in the posted document. Due Fri., Apr. 1. HW10. The Screbean Wind Farm Study in Due Monday, April 18. HW11. The synchrophasor homework assignment dated April 22, 2011, on the Texas Synchrophasor Network web page, Due Wed., April 27.