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Write the letter of the correct answer in the box.

2 Who is the main character of Diary of a Wimpy Kid? A) Manny Heffley B) re! Heffley ") #eff Kinney 7 What does re!$s mother b%y him? A) A boo& B) A 'o%rnal ") A diary 6 1he "heese 1o%ch is a !ame. How do yo% !et the cootie? A) By &issin! someone B) By bodily contact ") +rom eatin! cheese 9 : 8 5 Where is the old moldy piece of cheese sittin!? A) (n the school yard B) )n the !ym floor ") (n the classroom 3 Who wrote -Diary of a Wimpy Kid? A) #eff Kinney B) ,owley #efferson ") Darren Walsh 4 Who is the &id brother in the boo&*film? A) +re!ley B) ,owley ") Manny

What does Manny do when he has brea&fast? A) 0ic&s his nose B) B%rps ") 0otty trains

What is the name of the comic printed in the school newspaper? A) .oo/Me/Mama B) We/.oo/Mama ") .oo/We Mama

Who created ori!inally the comic strip? A) ,odric& Heffley B) ,owley #efferson ") re! Heffley

;What school do re! and ,owley !o to? A) 0rimary school B) Middle school ") Hi!h school

2 2 What do people p%t in the !arden when the 10 the !arden? A) 1ooth paste B) 1ooth pic&s ") 1oilet paper

2 3 What sport does re! practice for? A) Boxin! B) Wrestlin! ") ladiator r%n