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Egypts Order and Greatness

Jared Mabanglo 11/8/13 Hour 4

Ancient Egypt was a very interesting civilization with three kingdoms. During the three kingdoms of Ancient Egypt, order and greatness were achieved. As mentioned in paragraph 8 in the article Egypts Three Kingdoms on page 18, it states, In 2040 BC, King Mentuhotep II of the 11th Dynasty reunited Egypt. He created a centralized monarchy, which launched the period known as the Middle Kingdom. The nomarchs lost power, and Egypt again became a centralized government. This evidence proves that Egypt did establish order in the Middle Kingdom. With a united kingdom, one ruler could control the entire kingdom in an orderly fashion, without any problem as to who has the power. Without a centralized monarchy, Egypt would plunge into chaos. Small groups of people would join together and do whatever they would like to, and there would be absolutely NO order. Thats why when King Mentuhotep II created a centralized government, all order and peace was established. In conclusion, establishing a centralized government helped Ancient Egypt to establish order and greatness.

Secondly, Egypt displayed order and greatness in the New Kingdom because of conquest. In paragraph 12 in the article Egypts Three Kingdoms, it stated, Egyptian armies conquered Syria, Palestine, and the area west of the Euphrates River. Egypt became wealthy. This evidence from the text helps support that Egypt achieved order and greatness in the New Kingdom. When Egypt conquered Syria and Palestine, it showed that Egypt was more powerful than those two other kingdoms. Also, when Egypt conquered them, they

needed to pay tribute to Egypt by sending them gifts that made them wealthy. Also, when they conquered Syria and Palestine, they gained more land, which proves that they were great. To conclude, conquering other nations made Egypt great.

Thirdly, Egypt was an orderly and great kingdom because of trade. According to the textbook Ancient Civilizations on page 91, under the heading Egypt and Its Neighbors, it reads, During the Old Kingdom, Egypt began trading with its neighbors. Traders returned from Nubia with gold, ivory, slaves and stone. Trade with Syria provided Egypt with food. This information from the text is strong evidence that supports that Egypt was a great and orderly kingdom. By trading with its neighbors, Egypt gained profit which made it wealthy and great. Another benefit of trading was that it provided Egypt with more resources and materials which also promoted greatness and wealth. In final consideration, trading with other nations around it made Egypt great.