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Step 1: Computer Purchase Assignment

Understanding Computer Hardware & Software/ Explain your understanding of the following: 1. Different types of computer systems: a. Desktop: A desktop computer is personal computer that is mainly used in one spot. They need to be plugged into an outlet constantly. It isn t !ery portable but if needed can be mo!ed. They were designed to be layed out on a flat surface. A desktop computer is a lot more customi"able# and easier to upgrade than laptops. The computer# $onitor# and %eyboard are all separate from each other. An example is the I$ac b. &aptop: A laptop is !irtually the same thing as a desktop computer. Although a laptop is smaller# and more compact than a desktop. The computer is on the inside of the laptop and the keyboard is attached to the monitor. It s not a customi"able but you do not ha!e to ha!e it constantly plugged in. It has a rechargeable battery in it that can be charged by plugging a charger into an outlet and in the laptop. 'ne example is the $acbook air. c. Tablet: A tablet is e!en smaller than a laptop and can do some of the same things that the other two can do. It has display batteries and circuitry inside of one unit. Tablets ha!e sensors and cameras on them and some can ha!e a keyboard placed on to it. Tablets are usually touchscreen. An example is the $icrosoft surface. (. )omponents of a computer system: a. 'perating system i. *hat is it+ : 'perating systems are a group of software controlling hardware. *ithout an operating system# a computer cannot function. An operating system runs application programs# ,ardware# Time -haring and more.

Different types+ : -ome examples are. i'-# Android# &inux# )hrome '-# '- /# *indows 0 etc.

iii. Differences+ : These are different because some are for phones while others are for computers. Also for example
Step 1 Computer Purchase Assignment

'- / and &inux are different. &inux is free to use but it is a lot harder to use than other operating systems. '- / is expensi!e but it s a lot more welcoming to new users. They also allow different things# like apps or it may be better at one thing o!er the other. b. ,ard dri!e storage i. *hat is it+ : It is a data storage de!ice for holding and retrie!ing digital information. It will sa!e its storage e!en when the computer is turned off. ii. Different types+: ATA# 1ire*ire# -)-I# 2AID# and 1ibre)hannel iii. ,ow much do I need+ : (3456 to 7(456 is a good amount to ha!e on hard dri!e storage. i!. *hat if I don t ha!e enough+ : 8ou can always delete some file if you don t ha!e enough but I don t think anything would sa!e. c. 2A$ i. *hat is it+ : 2andom Access $emory is a type of computer memory that can be accessed randomly. It is the most common type of memory found in computers. ii. *hy is it important+ : It helps your ,DD from getting unnecessary reads and writes. *hat if I don t ha!e enough+ : 8our computer starts putting things into ,DD and your computer will start to run slower. d. 9rocessor i. *hat is it+ : It is measured in $," is pretty much the brains of your computer. ii. Different types+ There are Dual core 9rocessors and regular and a lot more. iii. Differences+ i!. *hat if it is not fast enough+ e. 9eripheral de!ices i. Examples+ ii. *hat are they used for+
Step 1 Computer Purchase Assignment

f. Application -oftware i. *hat is it+ ii. *hat do I need+ iii. *hy+ g. *arranty i. *hat is a warranty+ ii. Do I need one+ iii. *hy+

Step 1 Computer Purchase Assignment