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BA-224 Chapter 8 / Performance Management and Appraisal

1. Performance Management The process of ma imi!ing the prod"cti#it$ of emplo$ees% teams and the entire organi!ation & How would you do it?? 2. Performance Appraisal A s$stem of re#ie' and e#al"ation of an indi#id"al(s or team(s )o* performance. An +ffecti#e ,$stem& Assesses Accomplishments & +#ol#es Plans for .e#elopment & Pro#ides Performance Management /. Pro*lems 'ith Performance Appraisal Appraiser discomfort +mplo$ee An iet$ 4. 0ses of Performance Appraisal 1. 2. Planning 2ecr"itment 3 ,election Training 3 .e#elopment Career Planning Compensation 4nternal +mplo$ee 2elations Assessment of +mplo$ee Potential 5. Performance Appraisal Process 4dentif$ specific appraisal goals +sta*lish performance criteria and comm"nicate 'ith emplo$ees + amine 'or6 performed Appraise performance .isc"ss performance 'ith emplo$ee 7. +sta*lish Performance Criteria Traits Beha#iors Competencies 8oal Achie#ement 4mpro#ement Potential 9. :ho ,ho"ld Appraise; 4mmediate ,"per#isor ,"*ordinates Peers / Team mem*ers ,elf-Appraisal

C"stomer Appraisal /7<-degree =eed*ac6

8. Appraisal Methods 8raphic 2ating ,cales Critical 4ncident :or6 ,tandards >arrati#e or +ssa$ =orms 2an6ing Method =orced .istri*"tion Beha#iorall$ Anchored 2ating ,cales M.B.?. 2es"lts-Based ,$stems @. Appraisal Pro*lems Appraiser .iscomfort / +mplo$ee An iet$ Aac6 of ?*)ecti#it$ 1alo / 1orn +rror Aenienc$ / ,trictness Central Tendenc$ 2ecent Beha#ior Bias Personal Bias Manip"lating the +#al"ation 1<. :hen ,ho"ld :e Appraise; Trial Period for >e' 1ire ,pecific 4nter#als Ann"all$ Anni#ersar$ .ate of 1ire 11. +ffecti#e Appraisal ,$stems Bo*-related Criteria Performance + pectations ,tandardi!ation Trained Appraisers Contin"o"s ?pen Comm"nication Performance 2e#ie's ."e Process Proced"re 12. Aegal 4mplications Calidation of the Process Da#oiding ad#erse impactE ,$stem that pre#ents one manager from controlling s"*ordinate(s career. A 2e#ie' Process / 12 .ept. 2ater Fno'ledge of Performance =ormal Appraisal Criteria that limits the manager(s discretion.