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Leonard Redon, Deputy Mayor Reggie Hill, Director of Executive Services January 16, 2014

Per our meeting, I would like to say first and foremost, that I want to apologize to the citizens of Rochester, the New York State Police, Rochester City Council, the staff of City Hall and all concerned parties regarding my lack of judgment. I have been a New York State police officer for more than 30 years, and a member of the security detail for three previous Governors of New York -- and as such became accustomed to certain practices. Since retiring from the New York State Police and accepting a temporary appointment as Director of Executive Services for Mayor Lovely Warren, I have learned a great deal and am clear that many previous practices that I carried over from my State Police days do not apply. On my way to the State of the State address last week, the vehicle I was driving was pulled over by a state trooper. As a member of the Governor’s security detail, it had been our practice to travel at a rate above the prevailing speed of other travels for security reasons. When I identified myself as driving a security detail, the trooper responded as I expected he would, based on my past experience. On the return trip, the vehicle was stopped for a second time. Again, I explained that I was driving a security detail – but this time the trooper verbally reprimanded me and told me to abide by the speed limit, and I complied. When asked, in response to an inquiry by the Albany Times-Union if I had been stopped on the NYS Thruway, I responded simply and truthfully: yes. I take full responsibility for this occurrence and regret any embarrassment that it has caused to Mayor Warren. For weeks I have carefully monitored threats coming from many directions as have been reported in recent days. As also discussed, in light of new issues being raised on social media, I confirm that I purchased a child safety seat for the vehicle with my personal funds (receipt available) since Mayor Warren’s daughter, Taylor, accompanies her to community and other events from time to time – most recently to the YWCA for Governor Cuomo’s holiday visit. As a member of Mayor Warren’s security detail, I am very clear that I must abide by all the rules and regulations as everyone else does. Per our meeting, I acknowledge a disciplinary action of a week’s suspension without pay (January 19-January 24) and a $50 fine payable to the City’s general fund for turning right on red without coming to a complete stop. Again, I apologize for my actions and the subsequent disruption to City Hall business.

EEO/ADA Employer

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