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Pre reading 1 What did you do yesterday? Did you have fun? Do you like going to school?

? What do you prefer, going yo school or having fun? Do you have fun at school? 2 Check you know the meaning of these verbs D! "#$% &! D#'C% ()#* W+' %#, - &+$% .,#* W!/0

While reading 1 -#nswer these 1uestions What happens to 2ohn? What did &arfield do to have fun? Why do you think &arfield doesn3t want to be a human? 2 Circle all the verbs in the .imple (ast in the story ,hen classify them into regular and irregular $erbs /%&4)#/ +//%&4)#/

After Reading Write a letter to 2ohn telling him what you did this weekend ,ry to include the vocabulary in the bo5 Why was it a funny day? *%.,%/D#* ,"%' #6,%/ ,"#, W+," 6/+%'D. +' ,"% 7!/'+'&8#6,%/'!!' #, '+&", 6!/ )4'C"8D+''%/ W+," 7* 6#7+)* +' ,"% )+$+'&/!!780+,C"%'89%D/!!7-