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NEW YEAR GREETINGS "Tis the time of the year When star-speckled moments Of the days gone by,

Are fluffed and filed, With flirtatious twinkle, Within Memory's reach;

When the pain and pressure The sadness and depression Of events and yarns Are casted out far into The distant Milky Way Hoping to be bothered not again.

If at all, I'm the pain Sent out long ago On that distant rendezvous, I'm back with vengeance

To haunt and to wish "A Happy New Year" to you and all. By: Sayed Majunoon (1 Jan 2009)

Year Before and Ahead Wonder how, Time passes so swiftly, Mindless in its character Inexorable as it flows. Ravaging and rendering, in its wake, All things dear, to historical heaps. Maturity is Innocence lost but Knowledge gained Nostalgia, the yearning for the Grandeur past So last year, I gained a lot Of timelessness of Change Of fickleness of the moments Incessant as it may appear. Drenched, I am, in blessings, as in downpour For being among friends, true and trusted So last year, I learnt a lot Of humility towards others Of learning unto death Of earnestness in living Peering into the uncharted terrain ahead My heart aflutter in glad anticipation as The year ahead, holds rewards Of possibilities of greatness Of passions in engagements Of pervasive persistence By: Sayed Majunoon (31 Dec 2013)

NEW YEAR GREETINGS Tis the time of the year, When you see too many YIRs* On Nations triumphs and travails, Personal achievements and tragic losses, Scores gained and scorns earned, Lessons learnt and initiatives lost.
* YIRs Year in Reviews

Cobwebs, of promises unfulfilled, Of efforts neglected, Of love unrequited, Swept away under memorys carpet While looking ahead to new promises, To refine efforts and to divine love.

May the break of dawn on New Year Bring, happiness you deserved, Fulfillment of hopes and yearnings, More dreams to work on. Above all, here, Im wishing you A joyous New Year throughout.

By: Sayed Majunoon (1 Jan 2014)