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Marywood University, Scranton, PA Studio 420- Section 02, Spring 2014 E-mail:,, Phone: (570) 240-0488 (570) 290-4098

Mission Statement. !PARTNERS: Ryan Bogedin and Collin Phillips !PARTNER RESPONSIBILITIES COST/ TASKS/ SERVICES/ ASSETS: The responsibilities of the firms members will be determined as per the task at hand. It is understood that the duties will be evenly distributed between the members, unless otherwise specified. The tasks listed on the Sketch Problem project brief will be the guidelines by which the firm will measure the allocation of duties. The first $100.00 of costs will be purchased with an A.C. Moore Gift card. All reimbursements will be accounted for within the week of purchase. All other expenses will be divided 50/50 between the two members of the firm. All receipts will be on file within the firms master brief, which will be kept in studio. The member individual strengths and weaknesses will be addressed upon the inception of any given responsibility. The responsibility, maintenance, and safekeeping of each members individual and personal assets will be their own obligation. !PROCESS AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION: The process that the firm will adopt when making design decisions, will be to initially define the problem, create strategies to move forward that comply with the firms mission statement. The members will then work individually to develop the design, at which point the firm will then meet to discuss the projects status. The individual efforts will be measured via, group discussion and critique. After delegation a composite design will be decided until each design issue is fully resolved. The project deadlines will be met after the firm has full understanding of the task at hand. Meetings will be held in advance to

discuss the current issues, and presentations will be rehearsed and practiced to full resolution. The firm will rely on the previously stated process to resolve any design disputes and disagreements. When a solution does not present itself the firm will use a series arbiters to help to resolve the differences. A reliable student colleague will be asked to advise the firm. If a solution is still not agreed upon the studio critique will be asked to help mediate. ________________ Student Arbiter Signature ________________ Studio Critique Signature !AMENDMENT RESOLUTION: In the event that an article within the document becomes obsolete or needs adjustment, the firm will meet with said arbiters to discuss the pending issues. When the matter is resolved an amendment section of the firms master brief will contain the new document. !CONTRACT INCEPTION DATE: January 10, 2014 _______________ Ryan Bogedin _______________ Collin Phillips !CONTRACT TERMINATION DATE: May 2, 2014 _______________ Ryan Bogedin _______________ Collin Phillips