Poached Trout Roulade

with Herb Purée and Squash
Preparation For the farce, mix together the finely minced fish fillets, brandy, whipping cream, salt and pepper. Season one half of the farce with some herb pesto and the other half with saffron. Cut the trout fillets lengthwise, place on aluminium foil and brush with the saffron farce. Top with nori leaves and brush with the herb farce. Lay the rainbow trout strips on top, roll up tightly and poach in fish stock for about 20 minutes. A perfect accompaniment is a potato purée enhanced with herb pesto and squash, boiled, gently browned in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. Ingredients (Serves 4) • 4 trout fillets (100 g each), cleaned and trimmed • 1 rainbow trout fillet, cleaned and trimmed • 300 ml fish stock • 4 nori leaves For the farce • 200 g fish meat • Brandy • Whipping cream • ½ tsp. saffron • Herb pesto, salt, pepper

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