What is a „Team‟ and why is it broken .

nor a one-time. thing Engage Listen (Reciprocity) Frame (Name it & Claim it) Envision Commit .Trust is not a one-step.

Engage your customer in an open discussion about their key issues 2. Listen to what is important/real to your customer. a new reality • • What if we could do…? • “So you think the issue is…?” “What if…?” or “Let‟s imagine…” • “Tell me more about…” • “Let‟s talk about…” 5. together. toward the „envisioned‟ new reality . nor „expect‟ it. or next steps. 1. take personal risks to explore sensitive issues 4. Frame the root issues (problem statement). Commit to help construct actions. earn the right to offer suggestions 3. Envision.Trust is not a one-step. nor one-time thing Trust can only be „earned‟ – you can‟t buy it.

empathy Motivation. presence  Trustworthiness  Credibility  Reliability  Intimacy  Self-orientation - Dependability. truthfulness.How to help your customer „Trust‟ you  The “Trust” Equation = (C + R + I) S Credential. predictability Discretion. attention-to .

Why do you think it is called Customer Service?  Credibility  Reliability  Intimacy - Credential. attention  Your focus is on others. is inversely proportional to how much you care about what happens to you! . predictability Discretion. truthfulness. empathy  Self-orientation  My - Motivation. and not on/about you good friend always said: “Just do the math!”  Trust for/towards you. presence Dependability.

Who is your customer?    Who „counts‟ on you? To Whom do you give work/time For Whom do you perform work?    Who benefits from your service? Who are you helping? Who „pays‟ you or „rewards‟ you for what you have done?  Who would miss you the most if you left without saying „good-bye‟? .

with everyone…!  Customers  Neighbors  Co-workers  Clients  Friends  Family .It works everywhere.

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