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Day 5: Responsibilities related to the child/ Self-Concept/ Romania Video

STANDARDS AND OBJECTIVES: Standard 1: Students will evaluate parenting roles and

Child Development 1 Grades 10-12 90 minutes

Objective 3: Identify factors influencing the development

of self-concept. a. Define self-concept b. List the four components of the self-concept cycle and describe the effects of each. c. Identify the influences that help develop characteristics of low and high self-concepts. d. Discuss ways to promote positive self-concepts in children.

Motivator- review statements and childrens book Lesson Body- Smash Books, Romania video,

Assignments Given: My Self-Concept Grows and Changes DIVERSE LEARNERS/ MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES USED: <> Linguistic
<> Spatial <> Naturalist <> Interpersonal <> Intrapersonal <> Existential

ESSENTIAL/ TEST QUESTIONS: What things affect a persons self-esteem? Self-concept? What is bonding and how do we bond with someone? What is the definition of nurture and how does someone nurture something? How can someone change his/her self-esteem? ASSESSMENT: smash book, discussion participation


LESSON BODY (75 minutes)

Definition of Self-Concept (20 minutes): A positive sense of self-worth. Definition of Self-Esteem: The way a person feels about themselves. Students will analyze their own self-concepts and self esteems by using the selfconcept cycle. Students will record their answers in their smash books. How do you see yourself? What are your actions generally? How do you think other people see you? How are their reactions to you? Discussion: Students will turn to their neighbor and explain their answer to this question. How does your perception of yourself affect your actions? How does your perception of what other people think of you affect your actions? After discussing answers in partnerships the class will come together to discuss the answers. Explain the My Self-Concept Grows and Changes Assignment Romania video (40 minutes): Class Discussion (10 minutes): What is an attachment disorder? What areas of development are affected because of the lack of bonding and nurturing? What are some peculiar behaviors you observed? What surprised you about the conditions in this movie?

Smash Book (5 minutes): Draw a picture of the self-concept cycle and list a goal for each area that you would like to improve upon or continue doing. How can your perspective of yourself affect your life for the better or for the worse?