CH 1: “Everything” I remember everything. Everything that has ever happened in my life.

It‟s useful really, to have such a precise recollection. To be able to show those memories, and feelings, to others. Because sometimes talking just doesn‟t do it. You know? It‟s just not enough. I‟m probably the luckiest girl in the world. Everything is so perfect. My family loves me. School is the easiest thing ever. I‟m in all honors, and this is my last year, thank goodness. It gets boring after you‟ve learned every subject within the first couple of months of school. My Dad says its all part of the façade to continue attending school, but I‟ve had just about enough. College seems like a huge waste, but Moms pressuring me like crazy. So, since I‟m still at Forks High, there are only a few things to look forward to each day. First of all, Emmett has been secretly teaching me how to fight. How awesome is that? Mom would probably have a fit! In fact, all of my aunties and uncles have been teaching me new things. They‟ve always taught me, but now they feel I‟ve reached an age where I can truly know all the secretive and, let‟s face it, best parts of being half-vampire. Second, and this is by far the best thing in my life, (though it‟s not really a thing), it‟s a him. Jacob Black is amazing. When I was younger I thought he was my big brother, literally. It‟s so embarrassing that I actually believed that. He‟s a freakin‟ wolf! I come from vampires...of course he‟s not actually related. Wow, I don‟t know where I‟d be without him. He‟s always been there. I mean, all my family‟s been here with me, but whenever I needed someone to talk to, whenever I needed someone to defend me...he‟s been there. Always. Some things you just can‟t talk with your parents about. It‟s weird, I‟m my parents age now, physically anyway. Does that mean I‟m going to outgrow them? Does that mean I‟ll outgrow Jake? They never really explained things to me. I guess they haven‟t realized I‟ve grown up yet.

CH 2: “I‟m always out of the loop” Prom is in a week. About half the guys in my class have considered asking me, Alice told me that much. But none actually went through with it. And I know why. Freakin‟ Jake! He scares guys off. I mean I love him and all, but I can handle myself! This is not something I needed defending from, „cause I‟m not in harm‟s way. I should be allowed to have my own life. Ugh. I‟m gonna talk to him about it. “Renesmee, I‟m not sure that‟s the best idea”. Dad said calmly, reading a book. Can‟t he stay out of my mind for two seconds? Yikes! Mom is so lucky to be safe from his nosiness. “Sorry, I didn‟t mean to intrude” he replied, I knew it bothered him that I mentioned that he couldn‟t read mom's mind. I felt bad. “Aw, Dad I didn‟t mean that.” I admitted. “It‟s alright” he said, he didn‟t look up though. I started to talk again. “It‟s just you know what Jakes been doing to me?” I touched his face and thought of all the guys who were struck with fear as I turned around to see Jacob glaring at them from behind me, obviously trying to intimidate them. “Yes, I know. But he has his reasons” and with that a crooked smile came across his face and he closed his book and stood up. My mom came floating in. She really was beautiful. She ran over and hugged me tightly. I touched her face to tell her how my day was. She giggled at the Jacob bit. Then she pet my hair and kissed me on the forehead. I smirked because I could tell Dad was anxious to greet her. She‟d been away hunting with Rosalie, Esme and Alice. An all girls trip, I would‟ve gone too, but with finals going on my Mom made me stay behind. My parents were like magnets, Alice had pointed it out to me once and now I see it all the time. He was so drawn to her and her to him. They were so in love. I hope that when I find the right guy, we have that connection too. My mom had already turned to face him and they started kissing. Gross. I made a face and walked out. I ran into Alice who was grinning mischievously. What had she done now? “I haven‟t done anything” Alice chimed. “Can you please let me ask things before you answer them?” Even though she couldnt read my mind, she could probably read the expression on my face. Alice smiled. “I suppose” she said lightly. “So what are you so happy about? Good trip?” “Eh, trip was alright.” She shrugged and bit her lip. “So what‟s the smile about?” Now I was really curious.

“It‟s just a wonderful day,” she said, and then she lowered her voice and said “for you at least” and then she skipped away into the kitchen. I sighed and kept walking. I guess I‟d find out soon enough. My Auntie Rosalie came out from the garage, she flashed me a smile. She treated me like I was her own daughter. I really did appreciate all she did for me. I ran up to her and touched her face. She growled, after having seeing Alice in my thoughts. I retracted my hand immediately. “Sorry.” she grumbled, but she still frowned. “What's wrong?” I asked. “Alice is in such a good mood” she hissed. “So?” I didn‟t see the problem there. “She shouldn‟t be. It‟s gonna be a terrible day” she said harshly. “Why? What‟s going on?” I whispered, what kind of secret didn‟t I know? “Nothing” she said and hurried inside. I followed her inside, I needed to know! When I walked in, everyone was having a conversation, some silently and others out loud, and they stopped when they saw me. “UGH!” What did they know that I didn‟t? I stormed off. Now I was really motivated to talk to Jake. I knew exactly where he‟d be, he always waits for me to join him for our afterschool study session. Though we usually didn‟t study, we usually just talked, hung out, gone to the beach. Whatever we felt like doing. More like whatever I felt like. But I don‟t wanna think about the fun we‟ve had. He‟s been getting on my last nerve. I ran. When I got to Grandpa Charlie‟s, Jake was sitting there on the porch, twiddling his fingers. He almost looked nervous. Why was everyone acting so strange today? He heard me approach, he always does. Alice said I was like his magnet, that he could sense me. I just knew it was 'cause his wolfy ears told him I was coming. He smiled nervously, he breathed out a quick laugh. “Hey, I missed you yesterday” he finally said. “I was busy” I said bitterly. Really, I was taking fighting lessons, but not even Jake knew about those. He‟d probably side with my mom anyway. Overprotective freaks. He didn‟t seem to notice my tone so he smiled broadly at me, standing up. “You look nice today.” I just stood there, arms crossed, ready to deflect any kindness he threw my way. He noticed my coldness and his eyebrows pulled together. He suddenly looked very concerned, and he came to me, touching my shoulders. “Ness, what's wrong?” he whispered. He began stroking my arm, I shrugged him off. “Jake, I‟m tired of you scaring away all the guys who like me. You even freak out the guys who just want to be my friend.” He looked like he was caught off-guard, he stumbled back. I saw Grandpa Charlie peeking at us from inside, the lack of privacy only fueled my anger.

“You don‟t own me you know. You‟re not my father, not even my real brother why don‟t you just let me lead my own life?” He was at a loss for words. He gulped, and stood there mouth agape; he had no idea what to say. “I need some space, okay?” He paused, and then nodded. I sighed and turned to walk away. He whispered “Sorry, Ness.” I didn‟t want to see the expression on his face. I suddenly felt really guilty. It was like I could feel his rejection, his pain. I stopped walking. I wanted to turn around now, to comfort him. I bit my lip. A habit I picked up from my Mom. I just waited there. I knew he‟d come up to me eventually. It seemed like I stood there for an eternity. Finally, I gave up and dropped my arms and flipped around. “Jake...” I didn‟t even get to finish my thought. He was gone.

CH 3: “I was actually excited for Prom” I ran home. But before I went inside I heard everyone inside shift nervously. I was not about to deal with their weirdness. I just ran. I didn‟t know where I was going. I didn‟t care. My mind was racing. Why can‟t people just be direct with me? I„m direct with them! I tell them what‟s on my mind all the time. I can‟t believe he actually left. He should know I would‟ve turned around eventually. I stopped running. Jacob was standing there in my path, arms crossed. Did I just run into him, or did he come and find me? I wonder if we were like magnets… “Jake…” I said sympathetically. He just looked down at the ground. “I‟m sorry to blow up on you like that. I was just so frustrated. But you didn‟t deserve that.” I walked slowly toward him. He was putting on a serious face but I could tell he was upset. “I just want to talk. Can we work something out?” He didn‟t respond. “Can‟t you just lighten up on the whole guy thing? At least until I get a prom date?” I joked nervously. “Is that too much to ask?” I was touching his arm now, but he wouldn‟t make eye contact with me. This was worse than him being mad at me. I‟d known all along that he‟d been trying to protect me. I should‟ve just let him have his way, especially because we wouldn‟t have much time left together if I was going off to college. And once I was there I could have all the boyfriends I wanted. I sighed. “Do you forgive me?” He nodded slowly. There was an awkward pause. “I‟ll just give you your space then.” And he started to shake. I knew he was on the verge of changing, either that or crying. I didn‟t want either to happen. I touched his face quickly. It calmed him down immediately. He laughed at my thoughts. I showed him last week when a guy who had approached me tripped over himself. Then I showed him when a group of girls giggled and were all flustered over his appearance when he came to pick me up from school one day. He had been shirtless. “Look at all those females” I laughed. “You are quite the charmer, Jacob Black” he smiled genuinely. “Is that so?” he teased and grabbed my waist. “Do you find me charming?” He pulled me closer. “Hmm...Maybe I should‟ve picked a memory where you had a shirt on. I think it‟s getting to your head” We both shared a laugh, but he didn‟t relax completely yet. He let go of my waist, and touched my hands. “Listen, Ness. I know I can be overprotective sometimes. But I can‟t help it. You don‟t even know how important you are to me.” I smiled sweetly at him and gave him a huge hug, finally he relaxed. “But none of those guys deserve you, you know that.” “Sure, sure” I mocked his catch phrase.

He smirked at me. “I‟m serious.” “It doesn‟t matter either way. I don‟t think I wanna go anymore” “WHAT?” he sounded like Alice. He stared into my eyes. “You have to go” “Nobody would dare take me when they think you‟ll be lurking in the shadows” I joked. “How 'bout instead, I'll step out of the shadows” he intertwined his fingers with mine “and take you myself?” he was so close to me. I felt his breath on my skin. It smelt like the woods after it rained. I liked that smell. It was very peaceful. Natural. Like a breath of fresh spring air in the mountains. “You really wanna take me?” I asked pathetically. “Do you want me to?” He seemed to be enjoying this too much. “Yes.” I responded immediately. “Then I want to.” he winked. “Do you ever want anything for yourself? Why does it always have to be about me?” I fake pouted. “Like I said, you‟re the most important thing in my life.” He had gotten serious again. “Is that what you said?” technically it wasn‟t exactly what he had said. He laughed. “Pick you up at eight.” I smiled, since we‟d been holding hands, his fingers lingered on mine even as he was walking away until finally he let me go. I couldn‟t stop smiling. It even hurt my cheeks. Why was I so excited? It was just Jake. When I finally got home my Dad looked like he was trying to focus his thoughts somewhere else. “Dad, you can listen to my thoughts…its fine” he didn‟t loosen up. I noticed Alice was eyeing him. “Okay, what‟s going on?” Alice scowled at Dad and turned to me. “Today was supposed to be the day.” she said. “What do you mean?” finally they were going to include me. “Jacob was going to ask you to prom!” “What?” I tried to sound surprised.

“I was going to do your whole outfit. You probably would‟ve had a great time. I would tell you more if I could see…” I could tell she was more upset than usual about the fact that she couldn‟t see my future or Jacob‟s. “But Edward told me today was the day he was planning on asking...and the last thing he heard was that you shot him down even before he got the chance to ask!” “Oh.” They heard how terrible I had been to him. Yikes. “So, what happened? I can tell your father is holding out on me. He won‟t tell me what went on.” There was no getting out of this one. “Yea, well. I apologized already and he did ask and so we‟re going together. Ok?” Oops. I said that too quickly, I didn‟t want them to think I sounded nervous…they might think I liked him or something. Alice beamed. “EEEE!!” she squealed and hugged me and then hit my Dad on the back of the head. He didn‟t look up from his book but he smiled. “I‟ve got some much planning to do! What‟s your favorite color? Red? No? Yellow! No, wait, peach! Perfect! Yes! And diamonds? Of course…see you later!” and she ran off mumbling about my „necessities‟. I sighed. My Dad looked at me, I smirked at him and he smiled “Sorry, I couldn‟t resist” “Why didn‟t you guys just tell me?” I plopped down on a stool. “We should let this happen naturally.” Huh? Let what happen naturally? “What do you mean by that?” My mom rushed in the room. She hissed. My Dad stared at her for a long second and then seemed to realize what he had said. “Never mind.” He‟s so smooth. “Really? You think you can just retract something you‟ve said? Mom, come on! Just tell me please!” I jumped up. “Renesmee Carlie Cullen...” I sighed. Here we go. “You can‟t expect your father to spy on Jacob and then tell you his business. It‟s not right and you know it.” I just glared at the two of them and walked upstairs. I was so exhausted. Auntie Rosalie grabbed my wrist, and said “Inside”. She sat me down on the bed and started pacing. “I was dreading this day.” “I can see….”

“You know I‟m not the biggest fan of your dog friend” No, really? “Who, Jacob?” I asked just to mess with her. She hissed. “You deserve to know...” “Know what?” “He‟s imprinted on you.” She spat. “What does that mean?” “When you were a baby his stupid mongrel powers kicked in and now he‟s connected to you. For life. He doesn‟t even have a choice. He‟s forced to want you.” I was in shock. She waited and then continued. “He can never love or want anyone else. If you want him to stay away next time mean it, because otherwise he‟ll be glued to you as long as your heart beats.” I felt tears welling up in my eyes. Of course, it all made sense. Why he‟d always been there. He didn‟t actually want to be. That‟s why he never cared about himself. How could I break this spell he was under? “He should be able to love whoever he wants” I said quietly. “Well he certainly doesn‟t deserve you sweetie” she began stroking my hair. I knew she meant I was better than him, but I couldn‟t help feeling that he doesn‟t deserve to put up with me. He was such a great guy. What can I do?

CH 4: “Thanks for the help, Billy.” I ignored everyone for the rest of the night. And early in the morning I snuck out and ran to Jacob‟s house. I waited and watched for him behind a plant. Jake stepped out, stretched and took a deep breath. He shook off whatever sleep was left in him and smiled greatly. My mother said he was like a sun. I thought he was more beautiful than that. Like an aurora. He started to go into his car when he suddenly stopped and spun around. He looked lost and anxious. I wonder if he sensed me, I crouched lower behind the bush. Billy came wheeling out to the door. “Jacob, you‟ll be late. Everything‟s alright” Jacob nodded and left. Billy waited there in the cold. What was he doing? “Well, are you going to come inside?” I knew he was talking to me. I stood up and brushed myself off. “Good morning, Billy” I said nervously. He half-smiled. “Come along now, Renesmee.” He indicated that I should have a seat. It felt uncomfortable being here without Jake. I shivered at the thought of his name. “So, what can I help you with?” he asked. “Well, I was just wondering about imprinting.” He squinted at me. “Mhm...” he waited for me to continue. “I read about it in a book, I was just wondering more about it. I mean, I don‟t even know if it‟s real.” He nodded. “Is there something specifically you‟d like to know?” “Um, is there anyway to, reverse it?” He raised his eyebrows. He looked tired and sighed. “Maybe I‟m not the one you should be having this conversation with...” “What? Why?” “Because you didn‟t read about it in any book, and you know you should just talk to him.” He stared deep into my eyes, into my soul. I gulped and nodded quickly. “Thank you” I managed to spit out and ran out of there. I ran to catch up with jakes car. I was quick enough, but I was still a bit hesitant. I finally saw his car in view and he stopped immediately, reversed perfectly and jumped out of the car. “What‟s up? Are you alright?”

“I‟m fine Jake.” He paused to study my face. “So, what‟s going on?” “I just wanted to hang out today, but if you‟re busy…” “No, of course not I‟m never busy.” I started to cry. Of course he was never busy. Because it was all about me. “Renesmee, what‟s wrong?” “I…I...just want you to know that you…are amazing jake” he didn‟t say anything he just held me, looking into my eyes with love. “I am soo…sorry that you got stuck with me. I just wanted you to know that you can love whoever you wanntt…” How embarrassing. I was crying uncontrollably. What if none of it was true? What if he didn‟t even love me? “Hmm...I can only guess what this is about.” He hugged me tighter. My breathing eased a bit. He pulled back from me to look into my eyes. “Renesmee. I waited for you my whole life. Just like your father waited for your mother. I did imprint on you. But that just means that I am always here for you. It means our souls were meant to be together. We will always have love between us, it doesnt matter whether that love is brotherly or romantic. It just tells me that you're the one. I‟ll never find better. It doesn‟t change the way I feel. It doesn‟t make me want you and only you. It just tells me to look out for you until you realize what kind of love you want from me.” Of course Rosalie would make it seem like this was such a bad thing, like I was forcing him. She‟s so good at guilt trips. Ugh. I had stopped crying, and I looked up into his eyes. “I feel so stupid.” He laughed lightly and brushed back my hair. He wiped my tears with his hand. “I didn‟t think you‟d find out so soon. I would‟ve liked to tell you myself” I just sighed and pushed my face deeper into his shirt. He rubbed my back and I knew we‟d be okay. Billy could‟ve told me something. I couldn‟t stay mad at him though. Or Rosalie. I was too worried. It was prom night. The whole morning I was being fussed over by a frantic, spastic Alice who sculpted me like I was made out of clay. She was so focused and crazed that no one dared get in her way. I didn‟t mind the make-over. I was too focused on what I wanted from Jacob. I haven‟t been able to get it off my mind. He‟s just a friend to me. Right? I hope this prom date thing wouldn‟t change our friendship. And I really hope that he took me breaking down like that as a sign that I loved him. I haven't decided yet. My mom walked in. She stroked my face. “It won‟t change a thing” she whispered, obviously dad had spread the word about my anxious thoughts. “You look so beautiful” I laughed nervously. “Thanks, mom” Rosalie had come in, “Bella... I didn‟t mean to start anything so stop giving me that look” my mom had been giving her an evil look, she then turned to me.

My mom kissed me on the cheek. “See you downstairs, I want to take pictures.” Then she hissed as she passed my Auntie. I could tell Rosalie had felt a tad guilty, if anything. She threw me a sympathetic look. I just smiled at her and touched her arm. I told her everything was fine. That I had already forgiven her. And on that note she smiled and started to do my hair. I don‟t really know Jake. I mean sure I talk to him but we‟ve never sat down and talked about who we really were. Just what was going on in our lives, well my life mainly. I should get to know him. I do have the whole summer to find out who he really is...and to see… “AHEM.”Alice cleared her throat loudly, how long had I been daydreaming? I looked up at her and she raised her eyebrows. “Well??” “I‟m sorry, what was the question?” she seemed flustered but Rosalie smiled. “What do you think?” she smiled and tilted her head as she turned my chair to face the mirror. I didn‟t know what to say. Alice was smiling and nodding waiting for my approval. I just kept staring at myself. Was that really me? I never wear makeup and I never do anything with my hair, I usually just put my hair up after I shower. I hadn‟t realized it‟d grown so long. She‟d twisted my auburn hair into sleek loose curls, and put the other half intricately in braids leading to more curls. She even put little diamonds delicately through my hair leading to the back. I gulped. I‟m gonna be blushing the whole night through. Rosalie was lightly rubbing my shoulders, obviously with anticipation. “Time for the dress...” Rosalie chimed. Alice was scowling at the fact that Rosalie had in the end taken over the duty of making my dress. So I decided to show Alice how much I loved the way my face looked. I touched her arm and told her how much I dreaded the way everyone was going to be complimenting me tonight due to how beautiful she made me look. She looked a bit smug after that. “Here it is! Put it on right away” she pushed in front of Alice “I want to be the first to see you.” I wanted to sigh but I knew they‟d hear me. I stepped into the closet and unzipped the white plastic cleaner‟s bag. It wasn‟t peach, even though I‟m sure that‟s what Alice had wanted me to wear. I guess Rosalie decided that wasn‟t bold enough. It was a deep midnight blue with sparkles in it. But not cheap sequins or bedazzles, it was like they had sewn the littlest diamonds in the actual fabric so that each way I turn the light hits it and twinkled. It reminded me of my Mom‟s skin, I laughed a little at that. When I tried it on I realized it was snug, and a bit revealing. For someone who didn‟t like Jacob, Rosalie was making me look …tempting. I shook off the thought. I hurried and put on the dress and stepped out. I was blinded by flashes. Alice. She loved documenting my life. Rosalie quickly pulled a loose thread and the two then circled me, making sure that everything was perfect. My Mom returned to the room but this time she brought my Dad. “Was your prom this big of a deal?” I aske her. I knew she wouldn‟t tell me about her prom, but my dad leaned in.

“Your mom hated going to prom, but it‟s different this time for you. Your graduating class is huge compared to ours.” “Plus you don‟t have two left feet like I did” and then she lowered her voice and added “or a cast.” The two smiled and left. A second later the doorbell rang and everyone who was in the room with me ran out at lightning speed. I lingered for a moment. I wanted one last full look at myself. I feel like a princess. I bit my lip and let out a huge sigh. I bet my dad heard that. I wish I could just fast-forward through the actual greeting him downstairs thing. It was so awkward, so cliché. “Nessie, come down!” Alice sang. Man, oh man what have I gotten myself into?

CH 5-"Prom isn‟t all its hyped up to be" All of the sudden I felt like I was floating, everything was going in slow motion. Too slow for my taste in fact. Everyone turned around to watch me descend the stairs but I didn‟t see their faces. All I saw was Jacob. He had been laughing at something my father had just whispered to him and the second he noticed me his smile vanished. It was replaced with a look of shock. He looked like he had just been clubbed over the head. I suddenly felt a wave of selfconsciousness. Did I look ridiculous? I had reached the floor and I didn‟t want to walk any closer. I wanted to run back upstairs and tear off the dress and take a shower and be done with all of this. But I couldn‟t move, I was glued to the spot so I just stared at the floor and waited for someone to say something. I noticed that two huge shiny dress shoes were right in front of mine. I looked up slowly and he took his hands in mine. I didn‟t even notice he had come up to me that quick. All of this must‟ve taken place in an instant but it felt like forever to me. He stroked my hand and I finally got the courage to look into his eyes. “Renesmee, you look amazing” Jacob said. I just nodded and smiled, as we were swarmed by my relatives. We had to do all these cheesy poses including him putting on my corsage and all that business. When they finally let us go I felt like I could relax for the first time that night, now it was just me and my bud. I grabbed his hand and he walked me to his car and opened my door. “Thanks for putting up with all that Jake” I rolled my eyes “What are you talking about? I‟m having a blast.” I couldn‟t tell whether he was being sarcastic or not. Scary. I fidgeted nervously, did we really actually have to go? “It was fun getting dressed up and all...but I don‟t really see the point in actually going to prom” I couldn‟t bare to look at myself in the mirrors so I stared out the window. He was smiling at me. “Come on now this is your prom you get to show everyone how beautiful you look and I think I‟ve earned at least 3 slow dances.” “That‟s rather specific…does every study session count against me, do I pay you in dances? I‟m not sure I understand your value system …” I smirked and he looked at me and then back to the road. “Just let it be. After we‟ve done all that and taken some pictures, then we can leave” I was kind of relieved that he was being so chill about this. I knew he would be, „cause after all it is Jake, but I thought maybe Alice had threatened him to ensure that I enjoyed myself and didn‟t leave early. The rest of the car ride we discussed the technicalities of what it meant to be „dates‟. I figured that I should be allowed to dance with whoever asked me, and he thought that he should be able to approve of them first. And by approve he probably meant manhandle. But nonetheless Jake kept me laughing the whole ride there. It wasn‟t until I saw

balloons that I remembered why we were driving together in the first place. Right away I saw some of my best girlfriends, who were all on the volleyball team with me so I waved at them as we went to go park. When we got out I finally noticed Jake. He looked sharp. He looked like a really tan, steroided-out James Bond. I giggled louder than I‟d meant to, I didn‟t like how the atmosphere was already making me giddy. I took Jake‟s arm, now that I'd actually gotten a good look at him he looked like arm candy and now I wanted to go show him off. I eagerly dragged him through the crowd into the place. “It stinks in here” Jake whispered to me, “I wonder if your parents followed us in here” but I just rolled my eyes and looked around. “Nessie!!” it was my best friend Gina. She looked like she came straight out of a nightclub, all glittery with heavy makeup. I felt a little too fancy. But once I saw Sandy, the girl who I despised because she was always badmouthing the Quileutes, I felt relieved. She was forced to reuse her mom's prom dress, which was big, poofy and much fancier than mine. I stifled a giggle. All my friends then surrounded me and decided to gossip about what everyone was wearing. I couldn‟t really focus on what they were saying, mostly because I didn‟t care but also because I had been focusing on the way Jake stroked my waist. We exchanged compliments, and then introduced our dates. By the time it was my turn everyone had their mouth agape. He was really large after all and I couldn‟t be happier I chose to go with him. Jake wasn‟t really paying attention; he was looking around wildly, had he ever been to a dance before? “Be back” he whispered to me and pushed through the masses. Most of my friends just exchanged looks and giggled. But Gina‟s date who had just came out of nowhere looked me dead in the eye. It was that genius 15 year old kid from my Calculus class who I thought had wanted to ask me, Dad said he didn‟t hear him think it, but why else would he always be staring at me? I just shrugged it off and we eventually went our separate ways once the music started. I didn‟t really mind dancing, but I‟ve never danced with Jake before. I gave a distressed look to Jake who I found still distracted. He noticed me and then turned around. “You like this song right?” He tugged on my hand and his usual smile was back on his face. I smiled back at him and followed him to the dance floor. But before we got there I noticed that kid again. What was his name? I think it was Alex. He looked very suspicious, he‟s always been kind of creepy… I bet Gina only took him because he sweet-talked her into it... She loved flattery. “Ness” he said coolly. I shivered, nobody except Jake called me Ness. “I‟d like to speak to you.” Jake‟s face was scrunched up but he gave a quick nod and let go of my hand. He obviously wanted to continue the search for one of my relatives who he believed was here watching us. But I knew he wouldn‟t go far. I approached the strange kid. He was pale and skinny, almost sickly looking but he had good posture. He seemed very tense. “Hey” I said lightly “What‟s up?” He showed no expression but beckoned me closer.

“I thought you were just friends with Jacob Black” he said smoothly. “you aren‟t in love with him, are you?” He tilted his head inquisitively and looked deep into my eyes. I decided to change the subject. “I‟m sorry, what‟s your name again?” that seemed to sting him a little. “We‟ve had mathematics together this whole year. You would think you would have the decency to at least know my name.” Jeez this kid was sour. “You didn‟t answer my question.” His expression was fierce, my blood began to boil. “Well, Alex,” I emphasized his name since he was so intent that I know it. “I believe that it‟s absolutely none of your business so I‟m just gonna go ahead and leave you here alone.” I sneered at him and walked away. I could‟ve sworn I heard a hiss, maybe Alice did follow us. I ran into Jake, he seemed anxious. I rubbed his arms. “Let‟s leave.” We said in unison, and we laughed. What a stupid night. I turned around to see if I could say goodbye to Gina, but she was nowhere in sight. And the dark corner where Alex had been standing was now vacant. Hopefully she was far away from that freak. “We‟re not going home yet” I blurted while we were driving. “I should hope not. I didn‟t get my dances yet.” He was biting his lip, where were we? We had been speeding and now we stopped somewhere random. “We have to go on foot from here.” He looked me up and down. “And I don‟t want you to get messed up so...” He grinned mischievously and scooped me up before I could protest. We headed north so now I think we were somewhere in Canada, Jake was so weird. “Honestly, Jake I can run just fine on my own.” He ignored me. “We‟re here.” He huffed and gently set me down, not a hair was out of place. Where was here? The sky was pitch black and the field around us was swaying gently. We were in a clearing that dropped off just ahead. I approached it then wheeled around. “You …uh wanted to enjoy the great outdoors?” I joked, still confused by the location. “It‟s almost time” he reassured me, it sounded like he was waiting for something. I kinda wanted to sock him just because he started to sound like a cult leader or something. „It‟s almost time to enter the next realm‟ kind of thing. I laughed out loud and he put his arm around me. “Sometimes I wish I had your dad‟s powers. I'd like to know whats going on in your head.” He muttered. “You seem to be able to make yourself laugh more than I can.” “Are you crazy?” I pushed him away playfully. “Jake you are the funniest person I know. Sometimes late at night after you‟re long gone I remember things you‟ve said and I laugh

myself to sleep.” I pulled him back to me and readjusted his tie absentmindedly. “I love how bright and cheery and funny you are. You should know that.” I shook my head. “Is that so.” he said nonchalantly as he was gazing off into the distance. He was acting like he didn‟t care that I was complimenting him. I didn‟t believe that for a second. He was so sneaky. “You know everyday afterschool how you wait for me on Charlie‟s porch…” He didn‟t reply. “Well, the second I see your smile any trouble I had carried with me throughout the day, any anxiety or anger I had it didn‟t just disappear. It‟s like your smile, it‟s like you” I pulled his face toward mine, if he wanted to hear this so badly he should look at me. “heal me. You make me better.” His eyebrows were raised and he nodded. He had to bite his lip to stop himself from smiling. “ brighten up my life.” He laughed. I just said something sweet and he was mocking me! I must‟ve looked offended because he hurried to explain. “Your dad told me something the other day. He heard me being insecure about asking you to prom and to make me feel better he told me you compared me to something.” He leaned in, but I had no idea what he was talking about. I felt like I had just set myself up for something. Just then he grabbed my waist and turned me back to the drop off and the vast sky. Then the most amazing thing happened. Swirling mists came into view, there were so many colors and it twinkled like my dress did. The colors intertwined and played together and lit up the sky. The sky became a dome of beauty, it was overwhelming really. I had chills even though Jake was holding me. An aurora. Then I came back to reality. “Dad heard me think that, and you let him eavesdrop” I nudged him, but I was still mesmerized by the view. “It‟s stupid really… to compare me to this.” He took my hands “When you seem to be the one shining brighter than anyone tonight. This auroras got nothing on you, Ness.” I wanted to kiss him. I was going to kiss him. But before I could make my move, he grabbed my waist. “You owe me a dance.” I owed him more than that. Slowly we started turning and I couldn‟t look away from him. “There‟s no music, how do I know when the dance ends?” I leaned in closer. I was going to kiss him before the end of this night. “Do you want it to end that badly?” he said lightly. I got even closer. “Not a chance” I rested my head on his shoulder and after a while, I didn‟t even realize it but we stopped dancing and just held each other. I lifted my head up and looked at him. Then a bunch of things happened at once. A twig snapped, Jake shook like crazy, took off his pants and he pushed me aside.

CH 6-Who in the hell ruined my moment? Before I knew it he had transformed and his nice suit was torn up all over the field. At least he had pants to put on later. I really hope he had a good reason for leaving. I mean come on, a twig? It could‟ve been a squirrel! He had been on edge all night though. It better not have been a relative. I sighed. I guess I was going to follow him. I wasn‟t just going to wait here forever for him to get back. So I ran following his path, he left obvious tracks. I reached another clearing and scanned around. And there he was. He wasn‟t facing me, so I took the moment to watch him. It was such a rare occasion when I could look at him, and I‟d be flatout embarrassed if he noticed me glazing over the contours of his body like this. His russet skin was so smooth, and even. Flawless. I could see his veins from here, he was so muscular. His shoulders were still heaving and his breathing was shallow. I could almost feel the heat coming from his body before I approached him. It was like I could smell it. I closed my eyes for a second and took a huge breath. I figured I should calm myself down before I said anything. I opened my mouth as though to say something, but I couldn‟t figure out what to say. Why did I even follow him? I shouldn‟t have spent so long admiring him. It made me realize how perfect he was compared to me. Did I have time to turn around and run? He‟d probably hear me...but I better leave before he gets a grip on himself or he‟ll notice me for sure. His head was turned up to the sky, it seems like his eyes are closed though. I wonder if I could sneak up and kiss him on his neck, and show him exactly what he means to me and how I feel. That way I won‟t actually have to say anything. UGH! I shouldn‟t even be attracted to him! He‟s been there for me forever. He‟s like my big brother and best friend rolled into one and here I am apparently trying to mess everything up! I stared down at the grass. Then he cleared his throat. I looked up so fast I practically gave myself whiplash. How long had he been watching me? His eyebrows were raised as though he was amused by something. “What?” I asked him, I probably sounded hysteric. I suddenly felt more insecure than ever, and I was probably redder than ever. What was he smiling at? Jerk! “ What?!” I demanded. His smile just grew bigger. He brushed back my hair and kissed me sweetly on the lips. And I kissed him back. The breeze blew all around us, it gave me goose bumps, even though the wind was warm. He noticed my shiver, and chuckled lightly, holding me tighter. His laugh vibrated me, it made me shiver more. He looked content, and he wasn‟t going to say anything so I took the opportunity. I kissed him again and then pulled back and said “Jake I think I love you.” I said it so fast that it sounded like one long word. Damn. He chuckled. “I‟m sorry what was that?” he teased. I traced my fingers along his bare shoulder. “I love you, Jacob Black.” He was smiling full-blast now. “What a coincidence. I love you, too.” He winked at me and I sighed and we ran back to the

car holding hands. I must‟ve fallen asleep on the ride home because the next thing I knew I was back at the house and Jake was stroking my cheek. “Babe, do you want me to carry you in or over to your house?” I yawned and shook my head. I got up and we went inside together. I half-expected there to be a gaggle of overly excited female vampires waiting to find out every last detail of my experience, but when we went inside no one was there. They were all in the dining room and everyone looked serious. My Dad stood up and stared at Jacob. “Jacob, take Renesmee to her room please” he lowered his voice “and then come back down here.” “What? Why? What‟s going on?” I was not going to be left out of this one. Whatever was happening was serious…they‟d practically called a vampire counsel! “We‟ll talk prom later Nessie, we just need a moment with Jake, sweetie and then we can do whatever you‟d like.” Alice said sincerely. “Besides you look tired, just go to bed and rest for a bit. We‟ll come get you when we‟re done.” My mom‟s face was turned away from me. I wanted to see her expression; she was always the easiest to read. I reached out to touch her shoulder but my dad intervened. He gave Jake a look, and so Jake scooped me up and ran me over to my house. “Jake. The second you‟re finished you come back here and you tell me everything. Or I will never speak to you again.” I tried to sound as convincing as possible. “Ness, don‟t be so dramatic.” But I didn‟t stop glaring. He sighed. “I‟ll tell you what I can.” And with that he kissed me on the cheek and ran off. Then from out of the woods stepped the very last person I wanted to see. “It‟s interesting really.” Alex stepped closer so that he was between me and the front door. Was he going to block my way? This kid has got some nerve. “What‟s interesting?” I squinted at him. “That you have such a good memory and yet you don‟t recognize me.” He chuckled darkly. He started to circle me and looked at me as though he was analyzing me. “What do you want?” I hope he wasn‟t here to start anything. I could probably take him, he was pretty scrawny looking. Besides, there was a houseful of overprotective vampires and my werewolf boyfriend only a few miles away and I can run fast. “I was just curious as to how you can stand kissing that dog” he wrinkled his nose and smiled crookedly. What? Did he see Jake transform? Was he the stalker watching us? I wanted to rip this kid apart. “I half-expected him to slobber all over you.” He looked me up and down. For

someone so young he seemed a lot more articulate than he should be. I started shaking. “Oh, and by the way” he stepped right in front of my face, and I noticed his brown eyes started…dissolving. And what was left was a dark red. “My name is Alec.” I didn‟t know what to say. Everything suddenly went black, was I blind? What happened? “Help!” I screamed out but I didn‟t know if anyone could hear me, I couldn‟t even hear myself. I am going to die here, alone. At the hands of some creeper from my math class.

CH 7: Theories, theories, theories. Hot. It was so hot. The heat was filling my lungs, I felt like I couldn‟t breathe. My heart began to race. Did I pass out? Ow, my head! My body shook, or someone was shaking me. Or vibrating next to me. Maybe they were growling… I started to hear voices. “When is he getting back then?” someone said heatedly. Was that Jake? He sounded so far away. He sounded so much older, his voice was so deep, so serious. It‟d explain the heat. “She‟s overheating” It was my Dad for sure. I was safe. I quivered internally. Externally it felt like a huge gust of wind blew out the fire I felt. But I‟m guessing Jake moved away from me. “Carlisle will be back any moment. He said her head will be fine” “Dad? Are you there? What happened?” I thought loudly in my head. “Everything‟s alright.” He whispered to me. “She‟s coming to” he announced. Slowly my senses returned. I could feel everyone‟s presence around me. I could smell bleach, it made me wanna gag. Were we in the laundry room? My dad chuckled lightly. “No. I‟m sure you can think of another purpose.” Someone was bleeding? They wouldn‟t be attracted to Jakes blood so it must‟ve been me. Yikes. Sorry. I felt myself smile. “Welcome back.” I opened my eyes, they took a second to readjust but when I saw everyone‟s expression I couldn‟t help but wonder… “What happened?” and with that Jake came running in from outside and leaned down to help me sit up. His eyebrows looked like they were permanently pulled together. He‟ll never relax again. Ugh. I touched his hand. “Be back” he grumbled and he ran outside. Where was he going? “He‟s telling the other wolves where to cover. They‟ve been working shifts outside.” My Dad said calmly. “Trust me Jake wouldn‟t leave your side if he felt he didn‟t have to” I looked around the room, only my Dad, Rosalie, Alice and Esme were with me. The women kept their distance though I could tell they wanted to come over and comfort me, I got the feeling Jake had told them to stay away. “Where‟s everyone else?” I asked, no one responded. “And what happened?” I practically snarled the thought in my mind. “They went searching for…some leech‟s scent they picked up” Jake was back in the room. He seemed so on edge I didn‟t want to comment on his leech remark. “He knew me...” I started to remember what went happened. Jake stood in the doorway

breathing heavily. “Yes, the scent was familiar to us. But no one could pinpoint exactly who it was. He was careful not to stay in one place for too long.” My father leaned in. “Did you recognize him?” Why even bother asking? I can just show everyone. I touched my father‟s face. His eyes shut and he barred his teeth. “Yes. I should‟ve known they‟d send somebody eventually.” He growled. Where did I know him from? My father sighed. “Think back.” He lowered his voice. “Do you remember anything about the Volturi?” That name. Everything came back. So many memories. As clear as day. Yes. That kid…he was no ordinary creeper. I touched my dad‟s face to confirm my thoughts. I showed us at a clearing. Me with my mom, her shielding us, and I zoomed in on the face of Alec. He was failing to get to us, he was angry. I showed him at my school, sitting watching me. Is that why he returned? To hurt me because of this past conflict? My Dad looked perplexed. “I am not sure. Alec did not hurt you really. He could‟ve just wanted to take you captive. Though that does bring equally the same amount of concern. But if he wanted to kill you I think he would‟ve done it sooner. Look at all the opportunities he had. It seemed like he was here to spy on you more than anything.” I touched his face again to show him how angry he was when I forgot his name. “Yes, he could‟ve just cut off your senses to retaliate for his sense of pride” Jake lost control at that he growled so loud I jumped and he transformed so viciously in the doorway that he tore it up pretty badly, I wouldn‟t be surprised if he hurt himself, though it would heal quickly I still shuddered. He sped outside, howling. What happened to my head then? “You hit your head after he cut you off.” Nice. Two seconds later everyone returned, Jake with them but it looked as though he didn‟t come willingly. He hung back and didn‟t enter the house. He wouldn‟t look at me. “She‟s awake!” Emmett was grinning. I smiled back at him, though inside I was being torn apart „cause Jake was freaking out. My Mom came to me she hugged me so tight I couldn‟t breathe. I didn‟t care. I needed that hug. Then I sat back down, I was a little dizzy. My Mom pet my hand. My Dad looked up at Jasper and stood up. “We lost him” Jasper said, then he calmed the room before anyone, namely Rosalie and Jake, could spazz out. “but he was definitely alone” My Dad went over to him and they started silently discussing something. Carlisle leaned down to me. “How‟s your head?” I touched him to show him my slight dizziness. He nodded. “Just not too many sudden movements. And you shouldn‟t fall asleep.” How could I sleep at a time like this? Emmett was leaning on the couch so I touched his arm. I told him that if I hadn‟t been cut off I was ready to fight the creep off, thanks to him. He laughed and winked at me. “Lets figure this out already!” Jake was pacing back and forth harshly. Carlisle indicated toward the dining room. Everyone shuffled in. Jake hesitated, he sighed and went over to me to help me over to the room. I tried to get him to look at me but he was being cold. This

would‟ve never happened if I had been allowed to attend this meeting in the first place. “That‟s true. I guess it was foolish to think we were protecting you.” My Dad muttered. I touched his arm. Were you guys talking about the scent? Jake smelled someone all night long. I should‟ve known Alec was a vampire. I don‟t know why I didn‟t remember him. I remember everything! He nodded. “I can guess what that‟s about.” He looked wearily over to my mom. “I think if you weren‟t able to remember something, it‟d be because someone wanted to shield you from that memory.” Wow. What else did she block out of my mind? “Nothing else” my Dad whispered. “everything since then has been good hasn‟t it?” I knew she meant well. I wasn‟t going to waste time being mad at my mom for protecting me. It would‟ve been useful to recognize him, though. I sighed. “We had just been discussing where the scent was familiar from. We knew it was from that...event. But was it someone on our side, a witness, or the worst possibility…a volturi member?” Carlisle explained. Some hisses were involuntarily let out. “Now that it‟s been confirmed that Alec has been our visitor... We must figure out why he came.” “Revenge is the obvious answer.” Rosalie said. “But was he acting on his own accord or was he sent out here?” “And was he here to actually do something or just take notes?” Alice added. Jake had taken a seat far away from mine but I could still single out his breathing among the hisses and various sounds of the night. He kept trying to settle himself but the second someone gave a new suggestion he lost himself again. Poor Jake. I wish he would just calm down. “Jasper” my Dad whispered so low that I thought I had imagined it. Suddenly the atmosphere became more optimistic and calm, I heard Jakes breathing slow. “Maybe he was just curious” Esme added. “The Volturi knew nothing about half-vampires. Renesmees a rarity that they would potentially want to study.” “Or add to a collection” Emmett hissed. I shuddered. Jasper was being very quiet. I bet he had a theory. He always does. I bet he‟s keeping it to himself to protect me or something. “Uncle Jasper…” everyone turned to look at me “what do you think?” He shrugged. “Did he ever make contact with you at school?” I shook my head. “No, not really. He just stared a lot” Jake growled.

Jasper nodded. “That would support the curiosity theory.” “And he was really mad at me for forgetting his name, and for…” I cleared my throat “being at prom with Jake and what not.” I finished quickly “ there any chance he may have been…” My Dad shook his head warningly but Jasper continued “attracted to you?” Jake was shaking. “No, no. I highly doubt that. Curiosity sounds more reasonable. It matches up better.” I said quickly, Jake was gonna lose it again. “Ness, why don‟t you go head home. I‟m not trying to exclude you but you‟ve done enough brainstorming for tonight. Jake, you‟ll stay up with her wont you?” My Mom indicated to the door and Jake got up quickly, lifted me out of my chair and ran me home.

CH 8 Is this what I‟ve been missing? We went inside without saying a word. I sat on the end of my bed and looked up at him. He was leaning against my doorway, arms crossed, looking at the floor. I figured I should leave him alone with his thoughts for a bit so I went to my closet to find something more comfortable to wear. I forgot I was still all dolled up. I started to walk past Jake, when he stood in front of me. “Where are you going?” he looked worried beneath his sternness. “I need a towel, I‟m going to take a shower.” He gave one brief nod and I walked by him to get a towel out of the cupboard. There weren‟t any left. Ugh. When I got back to my room Jake had already found me a towel, fresh from the dryer. Normally he would be smiling and say something innuendo-y about me showering but he just dangled the towel for me to take it and when I did he sat on my bed and put his head in his hands. I gave him a last sympathetic look and then closed the bathroom door. I looked at myself in the mirror. Ew. My makeup was smeared and I had grass in my hair. Not to mention dried blood. How attractive. I sighed. I turned on the shower and I realized that there was something written on the glass. I stepped inside and read the words that appeared. “I‟m sorry, Ness” was sloppily written in a familiar werewolfy handwriting. I smiled, even though I shouldn‟t because that meant he felt guilty but he was so sweet. Afterwards I threw on some random shorts and a tank top, but I didn‟t put my hair back. Jacob liked my hair better when it was down.I hoped that I went into my room that he‟d be asleep, he was probably exhausted and that way he could sleep off his anxieties. I tiptoed up to my bedroom door and peered in. He was casually leaning against my desk so at least I knew he‟d calm down a bit. “Jake…” He lifted some papers from my desk and interrupted me. “So where are you going next year?” he looked down at my acceptance letters, nodding. “I mean, these are all great schools but I know your parents don‟t want you going too far off.” He was going to act like today was just like any other day. He didn‟t want me to forgive him for whatever he felt guilty for, he wanted to just take a hit and feel indebted to me forever. Like he didn‟t already. I sighed. “You know I haven‟t even decided if I wanna go to college yet…” he cut me off again. “Yea well wherever you go, you know I‟m going too. Not to actually attend but I‟d live wherever you went.” He wasn‟t speaking in his usual friendly tone he sounded like he was giving out an utterly boring speech. “What?” He was so good at distractions. “Jake, you can‟t follow me to college.” “I‟ve got to protect you. It‟s not like you have any say in the matter, it‟s going to happen even if I have to lurk in the shadows” I wasn‟t sure if that was a joke or not. “You don‟t even have to talk to me. I‟d understand. And I won‟t interfere in your….relationships.” He made a face

and pretended to look over the papers again. I smacked them out of his hand. “Jake. Cut it out. You can‟t leave Forks. I know you have before but let‟s face it you were meant to protect it…literally. And this is where your family lives, your friends…your life is here Jake. Besides, I think I‟m staying here.” He raised his eyebrows. “Your mother wont like that very much” I rolled my eyes. This was going to end now. “Jake. Can you do something for me?” He straightened up immediately. “Anything. What do you need?” His face relaxed a little. “I want to talk.” I looked him directly in the eyes. “You already are.” he said impassively. “Jake. I want to talk about tonight.” I saw his grip tighten on my desk. He just nodded. “I‟ve got a couple things to say. First, you have no reason to be sorry.” I gestured toward the bathroom door. “What?! Ness…” he paused “I should‟ve just been human. For you. For one night. If I had just stayed with you, if I had just ignored my werewolf senses I would‟ve been able to tear that leech before he got to you. I shouldn‟t have let go of your hand because of some scent… I would‟ve went right up to the bloodsucker and then sniffed him out …” He shut his eyes. I figured I should let him just get it all out so I put my hand on his shoulder and let him continue. “I wasn‟t fast enough to catch him in the woods, and then I left you here by yourself. If I had insisted you should stay for the meeting or checked around before I left you….” He pushed away from me. “I should‟ve chased him after we found you. But I didn‟t want to leave your side. I should‟ve just ran him down because I got to you first.” He was facing my window now, breathing heavily. “If I had done just one of those things differently tonight…” “Jake…stop. Nothing that happened was your fault. Alec came here for a reason. Unless you hired him to come down and attack me then you have no reason to feel guilty. You did everything your instincts told you to. And what happened… happened. I don‟t care...” I got off my bed and went over to him, wrapping my arms around his waist. “Because I‟ve had the best night of my life tonight.” “Sure, sure” he murmured sarcastically. “You know why it was the best?” I grabbed him tighter. “Because tonight I realized that I love you.” I turned him so that we were face to face. “And tonight I got to kiss you.” I leaned in really close to his face. “and if you ever want me to kiss you again you need to stop feeling guilty for things.” He didn‟t say anything, but I think he was processing what I had said.

“Now stop regretting the past, let‟s talk more about the future. Our future” He raised his eyebrows. I smiled and kissed him. I felt his body relax and he embraced me at last, returning my kiss but with more passion. Then we sat down on my bed. I could tell he was tired. I‟m sure I could sleep now. I don‟t have a concussion. “You want to go to bed now?” It was like he could read my mind. “Yea…” I admitted, he started to get up. “But I want you to stay with me.” “Would you like a bedtime story?” he joked, it was good to see his smile again. “How about instead, you tell me all about yourself. I feel like I don‟t know enough about you. I know the big things obviously, but tell me more about your past, your dreams, your favorite things in life.” He smiled broadly. “Hmm…alright.” I snuggled up to him and listened to every new thing he was willing to share with me. I fell in love with him over again there in my room. I knew I wasn‟t going to leave him. Ever. I can‟t believe I‟ve been just friends with him all this time. He‟s perfect for me. I love everything about him. I had less than a month left of school then I‟d spend every moment of my summer with Jacob. JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER OCTOBER NOVEMBER

CH 9: How Time Flies How can people live without a Jacob? I‟ve just spent half a year belonging to him heart and soul, and if I thought for an instant I had to live without him I would lose it. He completes me. We aren‟t like magnets like my parents. We aren‟t drawn to each other the way they are. It‟s more like we‟re pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, we fit together perfectly, we complete each other‟s picture, we belong together. I love him on so many levels. I never even want to think about another guy ever again. It was Christmas Eve and Grandpa Charlie was expecting us all over. Tonight was going to be a good night I could feel it. After dinner Jake promised to take me ice skating. I‟ve never been before, it always seemed fun and romantic but I can‟t do any fancy tricks with people watching so he rented out a place just for us for tonight. How sweet is that? I think I might have to refrain from laughing at him on skates, he‟d seem so out of place, what if he fell through the ice? My dad laughed. “Nessie, I‟m sure if it can withstand the amount of people it does on a regular day when it‟s open to the public it can hold just you two” I laughed too. He hugged me and rubbed my shoulder. “Let‟s go then shall we?” he walked over to my mom and put his arm around her waist. “Is Jake meeting us there?” “Yea, I‟ll just wait for him…you guys go ahead we‟ll be there soon.” I hope he wasn‟t going to be late. I know tonight was gonna be fantastic, but still something was weird. 5 minutes passed with no sign of him, so I started to walk down the driveway. It was freezing outside, I could see my breath. Before I reached the end, Jake came speeding out from the trees. “Babe I‟m so sorry I‟m late.” He wasn‟t even wearing a jacket. Of course not. He hugged me and I was glad, he was so warm. We kissed and he put his arm around my neck. By the time we got to Charlie‟s everyone was already settled in. Even Billy and the Clearwaters came, I was glad they decided to accept the invite. The house was so packed and the atmosphere was so peaceful and joyful, even without Jasper‟s help. Whatever weirdness I felt was gone. It was moments like these that I would cherish forever. The night was hilarious, especially because it was full of shenanigans thanks to Emmett and Seth. Somehow Jake and I kept mysteriously ending up underneath mistletoe and suddenly Jake was very into Christmas traditions. We all exchanged gifts, all my relatives overdid it as usual, they even got me a car. I don‟t even like driving. Jake bought me beautiful diamond earrings and matching bracelet. I was afraid I‟d mess them up so I put them upstairs in my Mom‟s old room, it still looked like a little girl‟s room. I had no idea what to get him so I got him this bag to wear around his neck when he transformed, a huge stack of new white t-shirts since he was running so low, and I re-gifted the car I had just gotten. I‟d never use it. He told me that there was more to my gift. I sighed. “You‟ve given me more than enough.” I whispered to him. “I don‟t ever know what to get you. Guys are so hard to buy for…especially you because you don‟t want anything.” “I don‟t need anything but you” and with that he kissed me. After dinner we said our

goodbyes and headed to the ice rink. It was beautiful, probably with the help of Alice, the place had been set up with twinkling lights and roses. I kissed him on the cheek and raced him to put on our shoes. It was amazing to do such a normal activity for a change. Plus it was like dancing with Jacob, he spun me around and I flew up in the air and twirled around. Snow lightly began to fall and I landed gently back in his arms. He stopped for a moment and pulled out something from his pocket. “The next part of your gift…” Oh no not more. “Jake, please I don‟t want…” but it was too late he handed me a small pouch and waited for me to open it. The diamonds he gave me before were nothing compared to what he made me. He carved a heart with colored oils inside that made a little rainbow aurora on the nearest surface when in the light. It meant so much more to me than any other present that night. I hugged him and didn‟t let go, he had to pry me off. He smiled. “Do you like it?” I fought back tears, and then I moved my hair and put it on right next to the locket my mom gave me. “I love it, Jake.” I took both his hands and we began to do our graceful dance again. Eventually we were just spinning slowly in a circle staring at each other. “Ness…has this been a perfect night?” I nodded. “I couldn‟t have imagined it myself” he brought me closer. “Then if I asked you a really hard question it wouldn‟t spoil it, right?” “Of course not.” What a ridiculous thing to ask. “Alright then.” He stopped spinning, took up both my hands, kissed one, took a deep breath and smiled greatly. “Ness, I have loved you from the very first moment I saw you and every day since we‟ve worked hard to get to know each other. And I realize more and more each day that even without imprinting on you I would have so much love for you. You are amazing and it makes sense that our souls belong together. You mean everything to me. I live each day for you, I‟d do anything for you. And now that you feel the same way about me, I‟d like you to do something for me.” He paused and waited for me to say something. “Anything” I said automatically. He got down on one knee, kissed my hand again, lingering a little longer this time, and swiftly took out a small box. He slowly opened it to reveal a dazzling ring, I couldn‟t breathe. “Renesmee Carlie Cullen, would you give me the greatest gift I could ever ask for…will you be my wife?” I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. So many things ran through my mind. Mainly things concerning self-doubt and whether he felt obliged to do this. But I knew I was

being stupid, he‟s all I ever wanted. I let out a nervous laugh. I shouldn‟t let him think I was hesitant. “Yes.” I finally said softly and I started to cry silent tears of joy. He was beaming and he swept me up and spun me around and set me down. He gently placed the ring on my finger. Who knows how long we stood there kissing and then embracing. But my feet started to hurt and I decided it was time to face the chaos that would ensue with this news, assuming that Dad hadn‟t already heard and spread the word. On the drive home I didn‟t even know what to say. I was engaged to the love of my life. “Well you really blinged me out tonight.” I laughed. “I figured you should dazzle as much as your smile does.” I smirked. “Hey, whose last name are we taking?” I asked…I didn‟t even think about that, or any of the other things that come with marriage. Crazy. “Whichever you want.” I thought about it. “Jacob Cullen doesn‟t really sound right.” He made a face and I laughed. “I guess Mrs. Black is kind of cool.” I could tell he really liked that, he threw me a mischievous look. I couldn‟t help but bit my lip. “Have you told anyone?” Even if you meant to or not? “No. I‟ve asked your mom to shield me, she doesn‟t know why though.” Sneaky. “So you didn‟t ask my parent‟s permission, how do you know they‟ll approve of my choice?” I joked. “We‟ll just have to find out then” he winked at me and we went inside together holding hands.

CH 10: No way! My parents had to be the first to know, so I told them I wanted to go home with them. They thought Jacob just wanted to walk me home like usual. Once we were far enough away we stopped and turned to them. “Mom, Dad… I have something to tell you.” They exchanged a quick almost unnoticeable glance. “What is it Nessie?” My Dad clutched my Mom closer to him. Was he bracing himself? I gulped. It was just Jake, there was absolutely no way they could disapprove. He was practically family already. I squeezed Jacob‟s hand. “Jacob and I are…engaged.” I watched their expressions closely. They exchanged another look and then my Mom stepped forward and said “Jacob, why don‟t you go back to the house, we need to speak to Renesmee.” What? Before I could argue Jake obliged and I was left alone with them. They didn‟t seem angry or disappointed, but not happy or excited either. “I know we‟re young, but you were young when you got married. I can still go to school next year if you‟d like, and you guys know that we were meant to be so it‟s not like I‟m rushing into something doubtful…” I wanted to touch anything they might bring up as an excuse. “We can wait to have kids if you don‟t think I‟m ready, but I‟m ready to belong to him.” “Renesmee.” My Mom looked like she regretted every word she said. “It‟s just too dangerous right now.” What? “Dangerous?” I felt offended by the thought. My Dad put his hand on my shoulder. “Nessie, you know the Volturi are looking for an excuse to get their hands on you, on all of us with powers too, that or their revenge. We still haven‟t been able to contact any of the Volturi leaders, we don‟t know whether they are going to come after us again.” He had a sincere sadness in his eyes. “it‟s just too risky” “The Volturi have nothing to do with this! Besides I don‟t care! Let‟s fight them! I‟m not afraid!” they both sighed. “Nessie, you have forever to be with Jacob, let‟s not be rash with this.” I couldn‟t take this anymore, I ran off to find Jacob. When I found him I must‟ve looked crazed because I felt that way. “Jake let‟s elope. I know Alice will miss out but I want to be with you. They say it‟s too dangerous with the Volturi and…it‟s…ugh ridiculous stuff!” He held me and sighed. “Ness, calm down. We don‟t have to get married. Not now at least. I mean we never really have to, I‟m already yours.”

“I‟m going to fight to be your wife…nobody will have to know… not even our own families. That way there‟s no way the Volturi can find out…they aren‟t even here. It‟s not like they‟re living next door and the news can get spread around to them. It can be low-key cant it?” He just rubbed my back. “Ness. You want to have a wedding. I want to be with you when it‟s safe to be with you. You know I‟d never risk you for something like a label or certificate.” “But it‟s more than that. It‟s a bond. I want to get my life with you started.” He sighed again. I knew he was trying to be the rational, mature person in the relationship but he wanted to marry me too. I could feel his dislike of the idea of waiting. He‟d probably go out tonight and take out all the Volturi just so he could marry me the next day. “There‟s no rush.” He finally said. Yea, but I hated to wait. I started twirling the ring around my finger. I felt like everyone was trying to pull us apart. They were trying to wedge another piece between us. A chill ran down my spine, I felt weird again. “Jake do you feel that?” He froze. Then I heard hisses from all directions, my family had just sensed what I did. I turned back to Jake but he was gone, everyone ran passed me except Esme who stood next to me. She rubbed my shoulders and pet my hair. “Don‟t worry, love. They‟ll get him this time.” Him? UGH! Emmett returned first. “It wasn‟t him. Someone we‟ve never met before. He‟s pretty new…probably made for this one mission then they‟d dispose of him. Wouldn‟t want anyone to know the infamous Volturi are using newborns.” I shivered. “Did he say anything?” Esme asked, and Emmett shook his head. “Not really… He said something about „telling somebody something‟. I dunno…don‟t speak much Italian.” My Dad came running in. “He said he was confirming to his master that the forbidden was true.” My Dad said coldly. Everyone came back soon after, I smelt smoke and realized that they weren‟t taking any chances by keeping him alive. Jacob returned to me and hugged me greatly. I practically fell over. “I‟m going to get my…pack” he hesitated to use the word “down here, they need to start taking shifts” I nodded “Bye, Babe.” He kissed me quickly and then lowered his voice. “I‟ll never be too far away.”He ran back on four paws. My mom rubbed my shoulders. “Can I go to our house? I want to change out of this…” I knew that sounded stupid at a time like this but it was hard to run in a dress, plus I wanted to put away my new presents before I messed them up. My mom nodded and she reassured me that everyone was going to keep me

safe. When I got back to the house I realized I left Jakes presents at Charlie‟s. They‟d probably find my scent all over his house. I hope they remembered to send someone over there. What was I saying? I could just run over there, snag my stuff and take Charlie back here. If someone‟s over there then it‟ll just make things easier. I ran behind the house and off to Charlie‟s, I‟m surprised I didn‟t run into others along the way. Once I reached Charlie‟s I didn‟t see anyone, so I was glad I went. He was a sitting duck! The lights were all out but I knocked anyway. I peered in the window but it was past 10 so I‟m sure he was knocked out. I snuck into my Mom‟s room window and walked over to the mirror. There was a single candle lit and it made my finger sparkle. I couldn‟t help but stare at the ring and then back at myself. I knew it was mine, but I felt like I‟d never be married. It was just another piece of jewelry. I sighed. I found the other stuff on the dresser and contemplated whether I should wake up Charlie and take him with me or just go back and send someone over to him. He never gets enough sleep… plus he doesn‟t like to hear about the vampire side of our lives… I heard a creak in the floorboard. If it was Charlie he might‟ve thought I broke in. I whipped around. “Good evening, Renesmee.”

CH 11-The return of the Volturi The voice came from behind me, it was one that I instantly recognized. Images flashed through my head, that day at the clearing, his transparent skin and blood red eyes. You could almost smell the evil and corruption that seeped through him, it ran through his veins just how blood runs through the living. “Enjoying your Christmas holiday?" his eyes flicked down to my ring. I knew I couldn‟t run. This man, if that‟s what you could call him, was probably the single most dangerous individual in the world. And here he was. Alone with me. Making small talk. “I was having a great time until I realized that a newborn was spying on us.” I said coldly. “Ah. We will have to investigate that.” My blood was boiling. That liar. “Forgive me, I forgot to introduce myself.” He extended his hand as though to shake mine, I backed away. “No need, Aro. I believe we‟ve met.” He smiled, though it looked like it was literally painful to do so, like it would break his face. I remember his powers, he could read my every thought if I touched him. And I remember everything, so he‟d know everything. I took another step back. “Do not be afraid my child.” Who did he think he was? “I am not afraid. And I am no child.” “Ah…you‟ve got spirit I‟ll give you that.” He nodded and took a step forward, he peered over the dresser and started analyzing my jewelry. Was he trying to act casual? “Can I help you with something?” I hissed. “Mmm. Well you see we do have quite the predicament on our hands. One of my guard was residing here for quite some time, and though he had no intent on making contact with you, he felt he had no choice. You seemed to have given him the impression that you were in love with a shape-shifter.” Is that the excuse he was going with? “Alex just randomly decided to reside here, then?” I heard a hiss from the hallway, I knew he wouldn‟t be far. “Are you dim-witted?” Alec came out from the shadows. “I have told you numerous times. My name is ALEC.” I smiled at his anger. “Alec, please, Renesmee has a perfect memory I‟m sure she‟s just teasing you. Though I‟m not sure whether she‟s dimwitted or not.” Another girl came floating in and stood on Aro‟s other side. I recognized her too. “Tell me, are you intelligent enough to realize that the love which I spoke of before is forbidden?”

“Huh. I didn‟t think you had any rules on werewolves, seeing as how you only just recently found out they still existed. Along with half-vampires.” I said darkly. “Yes well we were quick to adjust upon that discovery.” I felt like they were all slowly getting closer though they did not actually move. “It‟s a shame you didn‟t inform anyone of the new rules then.” I stepped back. “Not all are new, there have always been rules on the boundaries of breeding.” He said the last word with disgust. He walked over to the lit candle and began playing with the flame. “It‟s a shame I‟ll have to extinguish your love affair.” He pinched the fire out. The only light was from the moon shining through the window. I could tell he was coming to the end of his speech. “But you‟ve broken too many rules.” “It‟s bad enough that you exist.” Jane hissed, Aro raised his hand for her to be silent. “You‟re trying to create some kind of dangerous hybrid. That just wont do.” Aro slowly shook his head. “Do what you want with me but leave Jacob out of this.” I snarled. “And give up my new guard dog?” Aro chuckled darkly. I was going to kill him. I shook with fury. “You won‟t need a guard dog because you will not live to see tomorrow, my family will see to that.” I spat, I knew my family was going to rip this man apart. Even if I had to die first. Jane laughed this time. “Your family is otherwise occupied…” she said smoothly. I felt a sharp pain run through me, Jane was glaring at me. Aro held up his hand again and the pain stopped. Alec looked at me as though he pitied me. But not with compassion, it was as though he thought I was pathetic. “I‟m giving you one chance to live. Join me and you will be forgiven.” With one motion Aro was in front of me. I could smell death on him. If he was going to touch me I was going to have to focus my mind on what he should see. I shut my eyes. If he was going to kill me I knew what I wanted to be my last thought. I thought of Jacob. I fast-forwarded through the memories, and slowed down when I wanted to hear them clearly. “I‟ll always be there if you need me.” Jake reassured a younger version of me. “What if you‟re not near me?” I asked.

“Just think of me and I‟ll be there with you.” He smiled greatly. Then it changed to today. “I‟ll never be too far away.” I remembered the sweetness in his eyes. Back in reality, I felt a cold touch on my hand, it almost burned my skin it was so cold. But I didn‟t open my eyes, I focused. I said Jacob over and over in my mind. I thought about him spinning me on the ice rink, laying with me in bed, standing beneath the aurora, tutoring me afterschool, comforting me on my first day of high school, playing with me in the woods, holding me when I was a baby. “Jacob.” I whispered aloud. Aro retracted from me. “I see you are intent on dying.” He growled. “I‟d prefer not to kill you.” He gestured for Jane. “Jane come help me persuade Ms. Renesmee.” I braced myself for this. I relayed the memories again in my head, and when the pain hit me I fell to my knees. I wanted death to take me, every inch of me was being crushed, burned, stabbed, stretched, mangled. I couldn‟t breathe. Tears were streaming down my face, I held my head and steadied myself. I thought of Jacob again, I couldn‟t feel the pain as much anymore. His memories were healing me. Either that or I had fallen asleep and was now dreaming, or maybe I was dead. Jake and I were sitting in the grass. I remembered this day. He touched my locket. “ „More than my own life‟.” He twirled it in his fingers. “Truer words were never spoken” He smiled at me and stroked my face. He laid back into the grass and I did too. I ran my finger along his neck. “Jake, am I immortal?” He sighed. “I‟m only half-vampire, I know I‟ll have extended life but I want to spend forever with you.” He pet my hair. “It doesn‟t matter. I will live as long as you do. If you age, so will I.” “You‟d live a mortal life with me?” He rolled his eyes. He thought it was so obvious. But I like to hear it, to know it‟s true, to know this is real. What did he say next? I couldn‟t remember. The scene was fading away, there was howling and darkness. I woke up sweating. Where was I? I saw the wooden floor, there was blood. It wasn‟t my blood though. I used all my strength to get myself up. Where were they? I felt a breeze. My mouth fell open, the whole wall where the window I‟d climbed in was gone, bashed open. I looked around the room for a sign of something, anything. My hearing returned to me, I heard the most terrible sounds of thrashing, screeches, scraping and growling. I walked slowly to the edge of the room and peered out the humungous gaping hole. Seth and Jane were circling each other. She was missing an arm, it made me nauseous. He howled in pain, and Leah attacked her from behind. Where was Charlie? I dashed down the hallway, and busted open Charlie‟s door.

“Charlie!” I stumbled in. Alec was hovering over him. “Get away from him!” I hurled myself at Alec, he lost his concentration and Charlie shook his head and woke up. “Charlie get out of here!” He stood up and looked at me and then Alec, I could tell he was furious, he wanted to fight off the intruder. “I‟ll be fine just go!” I gave him a nudge and he ran out. Alec was crouched low, a deep growl erupted from him and he began to circle me. I would not win this fight, even with the training I had. “Hello, Alec.” I said calmly though I stayed in my stance. He stopped barring his teeth. “You didn‟t have to die this day” he stood up and walked closer to me. “You could‟ve come back with us to Italy. I would‟ve taken care of you.” Maybe he did find an interest in me. I gulped and decided to run with it. “Is it too late for that then?” I made a pleading face. He growled but he seemed to let his muscles relax a bit. “You would‟ve really protected me? I thought if I went I‟d be a prisoner.” He shook his head. “No, we are very hospitable. You would be one of us, you would learn all we know about the immortal and mortal worlds, you could help us keep peace. And there is much we can learn from you.” He held his hands out to me. “If you are changing your mind, please tell me, we could stop this battle.” That was a lie. They‟d probably kill my family. My Jacob. “We could leave together right away.” I knew what I had to do, I reached out and took his hands. I showed him our future together. I showed him lies. There I was dreamily gazing at him in Calculus, blushing when he asked me to approach him, crying when I found out what he really was, running away with him, kissing him. While he was distracted I made my move. I had just enough strength to rip his head off, though I was disgusted with myself for having to do it. I ripped him apart. Like I said I would. I kicked the pieces without looking at them, out the hole in the wall back in my Mom‟s room. Leah and Jane were gone but Seth was lying there still in wolf form. He slowly grabbed the pieces and set them on fire. I watched the smoke slowly turn up to where I was. “Sorry, Alec.” I whispered. “Seth! Where is everyone?” He looked up at me, he was badly wounded. He shook his head. I‟m guessing that meant he didn‟t know. I had to find out where Aro and Jane were. Jane had said my family was distracted, who knows what they sent after them. I wonder where Charlie went, I went downstairs and saw him sitting on the couch. “Charlie! It‟s ok now, you can get in your car and drive up to Billy‟s.” I went around the couch to face him. He didn‟t look at me, his eyes were wide and glazed over. Were those tears? He was staring at something on the floor, his hand was at his mouth. There, on the living room floor, was a body.

CH 12: I suppose the whole clan came I ran over to him. Then I looked down and saw her. Why wasn‟t he helping her? I gave Charlie a ferocious look. My eyes filled with tears, I bent down to look at her face. “Don‟t touch her.” Jane commanded. That‟s why Charlie remained at a distance. I didn‟t listen to her though, I brushed Leah‟s hair out of her face. I checked for her pulse, she was still alive. But barely. I knew she‟d heal physically, but who knows how far Jane tortured her. “I didn‟t bite her. Though I think I will. I wonder what would happen to her.” She drew closer to Charlie. I pulled him behind me. “Would she change? Would it bring her an insurmountable amount of pain since we are mortal enemies? Would she die a slow painful death? Or would she mutate into a being that I could wield to do my bidding?” she bent down and touched a puddle of Leah‟s blood. She tasted it and got back up. “It stings the tongue, but I‟d bare it just out of curiosity.” She glared at me. I had regretted killing Alec but I would feel no remorse when I did her in. “Alec is dead.” I blurted out. “He is burning in the front yard as we speak” She had obviously not heard this news, her eyes grew wide and her face fell into a blank slate. “You lie” she said quietly. She stopped crouching to sense for her companion. Her gaze returned to me. “That flame could belong to any of the newborns we‟ve sent out. You will not distract me.” Oh yes I will. “I seduced him. He was weak.” I began to enclose the space between us. “He wanted to run off with me and leave you behind. I would replace you. Your own kin chose me over you and for that I ripped his head off.” I spat. I had never heard such a terrible screech in my life. She lunged at me, I grabbed her by the hair and flung her at the television. “Take Leah and run!” Charlie scooped her up and dashed out the front door. I jumped on Jane before she could get up, we thrashed at each other, the broken bits of technology ripping my skin. She tried to bite me and I grabbed her face, showing her Alec‟s gruesome death. She let out a scream of rage and we continued to attack each other. We threw each other to opposite ends of the room. I felt blood drip down from my head. She watched it slowly reach my nose and drip off. I was going to strike when Seth busted in the room, he had obviously recovered and used her distraction to his advantage. He tore her up and dragged her outside. I ran out after him, he breathed out a sigh of relief when she was aflame. Seth turned to me, he looked wildly around. He tilted his head, he ran back inside and I watched him from the doorway. He smelt her blood on the floor and flinched. “She‟s still alive. Charlie has her, I don‟t know where they went though. You should make sure they make it to La Push safely.” He barked, spit out a lighter and ran off. I was alone again. Great. At least now I know there were newborns roaming around. And Emmett told me how to take care of them. I guess I‟d have to run until I‟d found someone, I hope I could take out some newborns along the way, they were too close to the city, to humans. I picked up the

lighter and I ran toward the woods, toward my house. I heard a howl, should I follow it? What if it was Jake? Or Leah and she needed help? I followed the sound until I arrived at a clearing. It was THE clearing. It was empty. There in the middle of the clearing was a body, covered in Aro‟s cloak. I ran to it, if it was a vampire it needed to burn. Unless it was someone on our side, I gulped. I hesitated to lift it but I knew I had to be quick. I ripped it off and saw a woman. She was in pieces. I re-covered her. I recognized her as Aro‟s bodyguard, Renata. I lit the cloak and backed off from it. I saw Jake across the field. “Jake!” I screamed out to him and he beamed at me. He gestured for me to come to him. I was overjoyed, he didn‟t even have a scratch on him! I started running when I got a chill up my spine. I stopped in my place. Jakes tilted his head. “Ness! Hurry come here! What are you doing?” He started to walk toward me. He was wearing a suit, he hadn‟t even had on a jacket before. It didn‟t make sense. I guess there could be some crazy explanation for it…I doubt he went to go change. “Jake?” I called out softly. It started to get very cold. I shivered. “Ness, we gotta get out of here. Your family has things under control, everything is going to be okay. But let‟s go before more newborns come. I want to get you safe. And then right after this, we can get married. I don‟t want to wait, since the only threat against us will be gone we can do it!” He was beaming. It was too good to be true. I shook my head. This didn‟t feel right. I started stepping backward. “What are you doing? Come to me Ness. Don‟t go that way. This is the right way. You‟re headed toward the battle…” I noticed movement behind him. There was a woman crouched by the trees. She was smiling mischievously. I picked up a rock and hurled it at her nose. She snarled at me and stepped out. Her concentration was lost and her illusion Jacob disappeared. “Dear child. You should‟ve let the illusion guide you, living with your greatest desire would‟ve been better than realizing the reality.” Heidi‟s voice was silky and comforting. I wanted to believe every word she said, but my gut kept me in check. “Renesmee, sweetheart. It is not too late to join us, there is no point in staying here. Jacob has fallen. I saw it myself. They broke through the wall and fell two stories, your friend broke so many bones that he was too weak to fight off the strength and skill of Aro. Come with me, I would like very much to have a daughter, and this way I will spare your life.” She was lying, and if she wasn‟t I‟d rather be in denial. She was just trying to lure me to a trap. If she didn‟t want me to run the way I came then that‟s where I should head, and if she follows me I‟d kill her. I turned around to see many billows of smoke rising from the tops of the trees. I heard howls in the distance and ran forward, hoping none of those burning were someone I knew. Jacob had been at Charlie‟s…how‟d he find me? Had he heard my thoughts after all? I turned around, Heidi didn‟t follow me. The coward. I hurtled myself through the trees, bracing myself for impact when I would run into the next enemy, my teeth were clenched together so

tightly it hurt. I don‟t think I‟ve ever been this tense before. I picked up on a scent, it was like being on a hunt. It would make it easier to mangle someone if I acted like they were my prey. A figure stepped in front of my path. I was already going too fast I couldn‟t stop, couldn‟t react. I crashed into her. Ow. “What are you doing here?” Rosalie snarled, her usually well-kept hair was completely out of place. Her beautiful clothes torn, I wonder if that‟s why she was so infuriated. I picked myself up slowly. “I came looking for you.” I said quietly. Her presence had calmed me. She shook her head, she looked as though she didn‟t want to stand in one place for too long. “No, no, no! It‟s not safe for you out here! Weren‟t you supposed to be with your mom? What happened?” Oops. “Oh, uh…I went to Charlie‟s... They were there so I had to save him.” I sputtered. “What? They‟re already in Forks? I thought we rounded them…” she lost her train of thought. “I got to get you safe. Come on!” she growled and grabbed my hand taking off into the darkness. I heard snarling up ahead, she came to an abrupt stop and swung me behind a tree.“Stay here.” What? Oh, right. She didn‟t know I could fight. I rolled my eyes and ran after her. Alice, Jasper and my Dad were in the small field, surrounded by at least 10 newborns, but more were running in. It was chaos, everything was happening so fast, the circling didn‟t last more than a second, and then bodies were shredded and thrown, the sound was terrifying. Rosalie had already joined in, taking a few attackers by surprise. There was a growling in my ear, I turned to see one with their mouth agape, teeth fully barred, eyes wide with what I would usual say was surprise but I‟m sure it was hunger. He lunged at me, and knocked me to the ground. He stopped when he smelt the blood on my forehead. I took his moment of distraction to toss him off of me. Just then there was a collective silence. Everything had stopped. I looked up and across the field. Everyone was staring at me. I couldn‟t breathe. A large humming sound erupted, I searched frantically through the faces to find one I knew. The sound was a growling that each newborn let ripple through them. I had arrived here acting like they were my prey, and yet there I was, standing with only half their strength with a beating heart and blood running through me. I swallowed hard. “Run!” My Dad howled. My family all had leaped from their places to take a stand in front of me, I hesitated. My Dads eyes flashed at me. “Go!” he barked. I nodded quickly. I love you, I thought. I speeded back into the trees, but this wasn‟t the way I‟d just come from—thank goodness. My concentration had been completely thrown off and I didn‟t want to run into Heidi until I regained it. I slowed down. I took a quick look behind me, I couldn‟t hear anything. I hope that was a good sign. What should I do now? I took a deep breath. I shook off my nerves, and refocused. I found my way back to the house. My grandparents were on their knees, hovering over something—or someone. I gulped.

“Esme…” I called softly. But it was Carlisle who looked up. “Renesmee. Stay where you are.” Who was it? I shook my head. I needed to know. I took step forward and Carlisle sighed. It was Emmett. I didn‟t understand. “Esme stay here with them. I‟ll go search for it.” He kissed her lightly on the forehead and left us. I looked at Esme, her eyes looked weary. “He‟s in shock.” She explained. I was confused. This was Uncle Emmett, the fighter, the toughest guy I‟ve ever met. I scanned his face, his expression was frozen, he wasn‟t breathing, but he wasn‟t focused either. Then I realized it. Oh no. I wanted to vomit. He was missing a leg. I‟m sure the shock was due the fact that he never failed in battle. He‟d never get over this. “What can we do?” He can‟t stay in shock forever…right? She stopped stroking his face and pulled back from him. “We just found him, we haven‟t tried anything yet. Emmett, honey? Are you alright?” He seemed to come to, though he was still dazed looking. “I just ran into Rose.” His face went from being blank to distressed in an instant. “She hates me! She hates me!” I bet if he could cry he‟d be sobbing. He was hysteric, Esme held him down and comforted him. He sounded like a child, it was so strange. “What are you talking about, sweetie?” She pat his head, which was currently buried in his hands. “I knew we‟d be fighting a little lately, since things have been tense „cause of Alec and all that. But now, she…she...” he couldn‟t finish, he was in too much pain. He took a moment then looked up. “She wants nothing to do with me.” He finished weakly. Before Esme could say anything comforting, Carlisle returned, with something wrapped in a blanket. Ew. I turned away, and heard a loud crack. I believe Emmett‟s leg just snapped itself back into place. I cautiously turned back to them and sure enough he was all there. “So, what happened?” I blurted out. Emmett flinched. “I don‟t know. I love Rose so much.” He shook his head, still confused by the whole situation. “I meant your leg.” I asked rather insensitively. We were still in a battle, and I was in hunt mode still. He could make up with Rosalie later. “Oh.” He paused. “OH! Oh no.” He scrambled to his feet. “They‟re here. I ran into him, Jacob was chasing him but then some newborns jumped in…The next thing I knew Jacob

was taking care of the newborns and I was stuck dealing with HIM. I was so surprised to see him here…” he shuddered. “he TOOK OFF MY LEG.” He snarled. “I shouldn‟t have let my guard down. I was so distracted by Rose. Dammit.” He punched some boulders in fury. Carlisle leaned in to him. “Alec‟s here?” Carlisle was very serious now. Emmett stopped. “No, it was Aro.” he growled, resisting the temptation to punch another rock. “They‟re here?” Carlisle replied though he expected no answer. He was deep in thought. “You guys didn‟t know?” I asked. Where have they been? “You‟ve come across them already?” Carlisle focused on me now. “Yes… Even their guard is here. But I took out Alec” I murmured. “Jane‟s gone too.” Emmett looked up in shock. “You got „em, Nessie?” he sounded excited, my stomach churned. “That‟s my girl!” I smiled, though it really wasn‟t the time for this. Then he came back to reality. “We shouldn‟t have waited here so long. We gotta get back to the others. They can‟t take on all the Volturi, especially with all the newborns.” Carlisle nodded in agreement. “I gotta find Rose.” and with that he ran off into the forest. Esme and Carlisle took one long look at each other and then they both turned to me. “Nessie. We must go help the others. What do you want to do?” Esme asked, though the look in her eyes told me she didn‟t want me to do anything but hide out here. “Dad, Jasper, Alice and Rosalie were in a field straight ahead, I didn‟t see any wolves, if you go help out them there I‟ll go find the pack.” Esme half-smiled though it strained her to do so, Carlisle put a hand on her shoulder and he nodded to me, agreeing to my suggestion. She hugged me tightly. “Be careful.” She whispered into my hair and released me. They gracefully vanished where Emmett just had. Once they were gone I began to smell around me, looking for any sign of wolves in the air. The sun was rising. This was probably going to complicate things, I prayed no hikers felt like going out. Just then I caught a scent, but it was no wolf. It was my mother. I realized she‟s the only one I haven‟t seen. I began to panic. The scent was old, at least 10 minutes. I started following her path, it was like déjàvu. She had followed me obviously, because she took the route I had when I headed to Charlie‟s. I quickened my pace, I needed to know she was alright before I did anything else. I passed his house, the fires had gone out, only charred remains were left, I shut my eyes and didn‟t look back. She had gone all the way to La Push, her trail lead me to Billy‟s. I barged in without knocking.

“Mom?” I asked hastily. My Mom had been here, but she wasn‟t in the room. Charlie was leaning against the wall, he looked exhausted. Seth was knelt by the couch, holding Leah‟s hand, she was still unconscious but they‟d cleaned her up. Billy rolled over to me. “Do you have any news?” he asked calmly. “We‟re outnumbered, Billy. They have an army of newborns in addition to their guard. I haven‟t come across anyone from the pack. Seth have you had contact?” His eyes were red. “No, I haven‟t changed since….” He didn‟t finish, he squeezed Leah‟s hand tighter. “I‟m sorry to ask this of you, but I need you to figure out where they are. I can‟t pick up on their scent and I‟m worried.” Usually Billy would tell me that the pack could handle themselves. But with the news of the army, he looked worried too. Billy wheeled to Leah‟s side. “Go, Seth. You‟re brothers are still out there. I will watch over her.” Charlie nodded as if to say „so will I‟. Seth was breathing heavily, though it wasn‟t from anger, it was from grief. He rubbed her hand and slowly got up. Once we were outside he turned to me, crazed. “I‟ll change and figure out where they are but I can‟t leave Leah. Not like this. Plus I‟ve got to protect Charlie and Billy and the rest of La Push.” I nodded, I wasn‟t in the mood for arguing. “Have you seen my mom?” he stopped swaying and nodded. “Yea Bella was just here, but she couldn‟t stay…she went to go find your dad. She‟s got to shield them and all that.” Phew. Seth began to shake before I could respond. He exploded and took a few moments just sitting there. He whined and ran behind the house. He returned in a pair of sweats, he was out of breath but this time it was because of fear. “They‟re surrounded, I should be out there.” He shook his head. “The newborns are thinning, the Cullens cut down their numbers early on. The pack even took out a special one, one of those other ones…” “Volturi?” I suggested. “Yea that. I saw what she did, she tried to trick Sam into seeing Emily. It looked so real…” His voice trailed off and he shivered. “Quil got her though.” I was glad Heidi was gone, she was dangerous. “One slipped passed, another female. Looked the same as the first. They think that she ran into your relatives. But they don‟t know if they took care of her…I told them that you would see to that.”

“What about Jake?” I was probably wasting time, asking about him. But I was dying inside. He let a big sharp breath. “He‟s….fighting…” Why‟d he hesitate? “Fighting…?” Seth nodded. “He‟s fighting Aro. He‟s pretty focused though, I felt his anger. He‟ll take „em out in no time.” I‟d have to believe that for now because Leah stirred and Seth ran back inside. I heard Billy shouting at Seth in the distance. I thought of Jake‟s anger and let the thoughts of him getting hurt fuel my anger. I was motivated. I was ready. I found her quick enough. I felt smug even. It was too easy. I approached her with caution though, she could easily overpower me… but my blood or my touch was enough to throw her off. I eased closer, and without a sound, without a warning I was knocked over. I recovered quickly, jumping back on my feet. I let out a snarl before I realized who it was that had interfered. Then I let out a breath that sounded like a groan. I wasn‟t even shocked, I was just so tired. I wanted to get this over with, and I was disappointed that this wasn‟t going to be as easy as I thought. There standing in front of my target was my beloved Auntie.

CH 13: The End of the World “Is she your friend?” I asked calmly, Rosalie was fuming. “Yes.” She hissed. “Chelsea and I are like sisters…you will not touch her.” She began to circle me, though she was not going to fight me. That‟d be ridiculous. “Okay, I didn‟t realize you knew her. Please calm down, I mean no harm.” I held my hands out in front of me, it was as though she was a time-bomb and I was supposed to disarm her. “It‟s alright, Rosalie.” She stood straight up and flipped her hair back, relaxing. Chelsea had a devilish smile on her face. “Well, since you are so close…” I squinted at Chelsea “why don‟t you just tell the rest of your guard to back off?” Rosalie didn‟t take her eyes off of me, though it looked like she was considering what I was saying. “You know that‟s Rosalie‟s family out there. If you‟re her friend then stop killing them!” Rosalie shuddered. “It‟s not in my power to call off the guard. Not that I‟d want to anyway. You shouldn‟t exist. The Cullens will end tonight.” Rosalie whipped around. “What?!” she began to snarl and Chelsea took a step back. There was a screeching sound as Emmett skidded in. “Rose!” He pleaded. Then he saw Chelsea and dragged Rosalie behind him. Rosalie pushed him away. “Stay away from me you idiot!” He loosened up, sadness in his eyes. He too held out his hands. “Rosalie…baby, this isn‟t the time for this.” Emmett whined. Chelsea‟s grin spread across her face, I took my chances. I ran around the two ex-lovebirds and grabbed Chelsea by the arm. I showed her random things, just to confuse her. I was having trouble focusing. I was remembering who she was, what she did. I showed her how I would kill her. She shook her head, letting out a mild whimper. “Fix them.” I demanded. Rosalie and Emmett had stopped bickering to turn to our current situation. Rosalie‟s face was blank but Emmett‟s head was cocked to one side. They didn‟t understand what had been going on. “FIX THEM.” I showed her the most gruesome ways I could kill her. I showed her burning. Her gaze slowly reached the pair and then she turned back to me. “Done.” She said quietly, though I did not let go. I could not lose my focus, otherwise she‟d overpower me. Rosalie came over to us.

“Nessie, step aside.” I released Chelsea immediately. “You think…” Rosalie would appear very calm to someone who didn‟t know her, but this was scarier than when she showed her anger. The quiet before the storm. “you could break my tie with the love of my life?” Rosalie sucked in her lip and bit it. She nodded nonchalantly as though contemplating something and with one swift movement tore off Chelsea‟s head. Now that their tie had been re-strengthened, I figured I should leave my Aunt and Uncle alone, before things got gross. So I gathered the parts and set them on fire. I still had to find the pack. “The packs in trouble” I mumbled to them, they could make up later. But I didn‟t have time to stick around for a response, so I broke off through the trees, following the wolves scent. But then I stopped, I came across another trail that lead down a different path. It was Jacob‟s path. I was literally standing at a crossroads. To the right, I‟d find the pack fighting who knows how many newborns or Volturi, and then to my left, I swallowed hard…was my Jacob taking on Aro. What if he was losing? What if he needed my help? What if Aro led him to a trap, what if called his guard in to outnumber Jake? Besides, I‟d just told my relatives to help out the pack. Aro was mine. As I was running I looked up at the sky. To an outsider this must look like the end of the world, with clouds of smoke blocking the sun…fire spread out through Forks and the forests, howling erupting though it was midday and a chaotic energy was in the air. His trail led me back to my house. I shivered. It went inside my house. I didn‟t hear anything. Maybe Jake just stopped here to look for me, maybe Aro was already dead. I creeped inside, listening for any sign of someone. I paused to note that my bedroom door was closed, and that‟s where the trail led. I slowly creaked open my door and I saw Jake‟s feet dangling off my bed. He was laying diagonally. I yanked open the door and ran inside. “Jake!” I sighed with relief. But as I reached him, tears welled up in my eyes. His body was so cut and bruised up, even some bones looked out of place, there was blood everywhere! His breathing was so cracked and shallow he sounded like he was dying. He‟d heal, I knew he would. He was going to be okay. “It didn‟t have to be this way. He could‟ve just easily become my pet and I would‟ve spared him the pain. It‟s strange that I couldn‟t get a read on him though.” Aro said conversationally. The tracker stepped out from the shadows as well. “Demetri, I think we should demonstrate the kind of pain that comes with lack of cooperation.” Demetri nodded, leaning over Jake. “Stop. I won‟t fight you. Just let him go.” Aro smiled sweetly, nodding. “I find the best thing to do in this situation would be to bite you…” Huh. Would I turn full vampire? I wouldn‟t mind being immortal, that way I could be with Jake forever. But would he even still be attracted to me? Would I be able to see him? When I woke up from the transformation I could be locked away in a dungeon in Italy. I wanted to make the decision

on my own terms, I would not be turned by this man. He could have my blood but he would not change me. “Don‟t let curiosity get the best of you. I‟m not worth the hassle. Just eliminate me, you‟re right. I shouldn‟t existed.” I said without emotion. He did not respond, I don‟t know if he even considered what I said. Either way he leaned in closer. His breath was so icy, it was making my skin numb. Good. I wouldn‟t have to feel the pain. I felt his teeth slowly sink into my flesh, but then they were ripped back out again. Ouch! I fell sideways. Jake had thrown himself at Aro, and I saw my heart had cracked open onto the floor, in more ways than one. The colors gently spilled out and swirled around. Aro pinned Jake down by the throat. I had a second maybe before the venom would spread. The sun peeked out from the clouds and shone onto the liquid, which reflected on his face. My beautiful aurora. I smiled. “Jake.” I whispered. Jake strained to turn to look at me, Aro didn‟t loosen his grip. This could be our last moment together. Whether because we‟d both be killed, or one of us, I shuddered, or because I would change and be a different person all together. What is there to say? Shaking, I reached out and gently touched his face. The pain started to hit me, it was worse than anything Jane could‟ve done to me but I bared it. I was too stubborn to let it distract me. I showed him one memory. It was the summer. It was one of those few days that the sun was out, though the sun was setting at this point. We were at La Push. The beach. Jake was standing facing the water. He was shaking the water out of his hair like a wet dog. I watched the sun lower behind him. I sort of understood the comparison my Mom made. He was radiant. He turned to me and held my waist, I gazed up into his eyes. “I‟ve got another one.” He took my hands. I pushed him a little playfully. “Oh, here we go…Don‟t waste your breath..” He sighed and pulled me back to him. “If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I‟d use my last breath to tell you that I love you.” “That was an improvement…” I teased. It was a beautiful thing to say and it meant more to me than I led on. “If I told you I felt the same way I bet you‟d get mad.” He paused to think about it. “Yes, I would. Only because you should choose breathing. I wouldn‟t let you choose loving me.” “Let‟s say I did choose loving you” I kissed his neck “what should I say instead of „I love you‟ with my final breath?” I acted out dramatically. He rolled his eyes and then got serious.

“I don‟t know…I guess, hypothetically speaking” he squinted his eyes at me “I‟d want to know that you were happy.” He sighed. I smiled up at him and we kissed. The edges became blurry, and it faded away. “I‟m happy, Jake.” I whispered before the darkness took over. The last thing I saw was Jake, with what looked like tears in his eyes.

CH 14: Hope What? No! I was still alive. I could feel it. I wasn‟t fully conscious so I could only move my right hand, I felt around my surroundings…blankets. I survived? At what cost? I didn‟t want to wake up but I knew I would soon. Would I know right away if I‟d changed? What about my location…if I was going to wake up in the hands of the Volturi I would find a way to kill myself. I would not live as a prisoner. No way. I had to listen… I heard breathing. Sweet, sweet breathing. That means I was with someone who was alive. And better yet, I‟d know that breathing anywhere. I let out a nervous laugh of relief. I felt his heat on me. I felt for him, he was snuggled up next to me. I think he was sleeping. I slowly opened my eyes. I was in my Grandparents house, upstairs, though they‟d changed the room to be medically prepared for me I suppose. I didn‟t feel different. Everything looked the same…Jake‟s face was buried in my hair, I smiled gently at him and stroked his arm. My Dad appeared in the doorway. “Dad, is everyone okay?” I thought. He nodded. I told him I didn‟t want to wake Jake. He shook his head. “Nessie, you should wake him up.” I sighed and gently brushed Jake‟s face, he stirred. “Jake…” he slowly lifted his head, and I saw his face. There were dark bruises under his eyes, from what I hoped was from lack of sleep. He had a nasty gash on his forehead, I flinched. He looked at me dazed. Then his eyes got wider... he must‟ve thought he‟d been dreaming and now he realized he was awake. This was real. He hugged me tightly. He pulled back from me and I wiped the tears from his eyes. I don‟t think I‟ve ever seen Jake cry before. Around his mouth there were some strange scars. I touched them gently, tracing his lips. He retracted from me. They were so cold. He looked down insecurely, he acted as though the scars bothered me. Idiot. I kissed him and every one of those scars. “Jake, you saved me.” He smiled brighter than he ever had before and I returned it. My Dad cleared his throat. I shot an evil look his way. “Oh, no I didn‟t mean to interrupt, it‟s just I believe Jacob has a doctor‟s appointment.” He said lightly, Jake rolled his eyes. “You promised.” My Dad reminded him. Jake hesitated to move. He put his hand under my chin. Come back soon, I mumbled in my mind because on the outside I was fighting back tears. “I won‟t be long.” He kissed me again and let his fingers linger on my cheek. He reluctantly slid off the side of the bed and limped out the door. “Why‟d you make him leave?” I didn‟t ever want Jake out of my sight again. My dad laughed.

“That‟s the same way he felt, and that‟s why he wouldn‟t even get treatment. He stayed with you this whole time.” He shook his head. I sighed, how very Jacob of him. Though I think I might‟ve done the same. My Dad squinted at me. “So…” I looked down nervously, playing with the blankets. When I looked up again the room was full of all my relatives. Yikes. My mom sat next to me and kissed me on my forehead. After hugs and such, I noted that Rosalie and Emmett were holding hands. She came over to me. “I don‟t think I could ever forgive myself for turning on you…” she squeezed my hand. “No, no…It wasn‟t your fault…” I can‟t believe she felt guilty. “And I have to thank you for saving me…for saving us.” She looked up at Emmett. “Of course, Rosalie I love you. I‟d do anything for you guys.” I was being so corny but it needed to be said because it was true. Then I wanted to finish my original train of thought, before they interrupted. “So…what happened?” “We took care of all of them, though some newborns gave up and we sent them to the Denalis, who took them in.” Jasper explained. What about Aro? “Jacob saw to that.” My Dad stated. “But, he bit me…” I touched my neck, I traced along it until I got to a chilled spot and shivered. “Jacob…sucked out the venom” Alice explained cringing her nose. That'd explain the scars. I wanted to see him again, to thank him eternally. “And Leah?” No one answered. My eyes were overflowing. “She‟s…alive. We have her here but we don‟t know if she‟ll ever… fully recover…” my Mom explained. I nodded slowly, understanding. I got up slowly, I was really sore. “I‟d like to see her.” They led me to her room, which was jammed with the pack. The AC was on full blast and I still felt like I‟d have a heat stroke. I made my way through and put my hand on Seth‟s shoulder. “A few moments ago she woke up screaming.” He was sobbing. “I don‟t think I want to wake her up again.”

“She can‟t sleep for the rest of her life, Seth.” I whispered to him. I looked up to all the other faces, the only other person who was crying was Embry. He and Leah had become good friends this past year. The rest were masked with seriousness. Carlisle entered the room, apparently Jakes checkup was done...that made me feel a bit better, maybe he was going to recover soon. “Renesmee‟s right. In order to heal she needs to be conscious.” Carlisle was in doctor-mode. Seth bit his lip. “Leah?” Seth cooed. She stirred, and Embry shifted anxiously. Leah opened her eyes and looked around frantically, panting. Her eyes scanned the room and landed on Embry. Then her eyes grew wide and the muscles in her face relaxed. He smiled at her, but she didn‟t move. “Leah?” Carlisle called to her, tears leaked from her eyes, she wouldn‟t look away from Embry. Then she shook her head, a smile growing on her face with disbelief and she…started laughing. Everyone looked quite alarmed. My Dad stepped in. “It‟s alright.” He was smiling genuinely. “I believe Leah has just imprinted on Embry.” “Is that okay?” she asked sheepishly to Embry. He ran to her side, and laughed nervously. He was obviously embarrassed, if his skin wasn‟t so dark I‟m sure we‟d see his cheeks were bright red. He nodded. “Chhh! He‟s had a thing for you forever, Leah!” Quil added, and everyone laughed. She was going to be alright. She shut her eyes and whispered what sounded like „I‟m free‟. I was so glad for her, now she would never have a thought about Sam again. My thoughts strayed off…where was Jake?

CH 15: Everything Continues He was waiting for me in the hall, probably against Doctor‟s orders. I shook my head. “Shouldn‟t you be lying down or something?” I saw him better in the light, he looked terrible. I‟m sure his leg was broken, his bruises and scars were faded but they‟d probably last a while. “I‟ve had plenty of time lying down…” he mumbled, and he waved it off like it was nothing. “Jake…” I started to argue. He enclosed the space between us, in an attempt to change the subject. “I told you I wouldn‟t let you choose loving me over breathing.” He held me tightly. “You, Ness, you deserve both. You deserve the world.” I rolled my eyes, though they had started to tear up. He took my hand and twirled my ring. I didn‟t know what to say, so he broke the silence. “We‟re going to have the coolest kids.” He said lamely, I sighed though I was smiling. “They‟ll be able to read minds and turn into wolves and sparkle.” “Aren‟t you getting a little ahead of yourself?” He raised his eyebrows. “Don‟t you think I should become Mrs. Black first?” He grinned broadly. “Sure, sure.” He whispered into my hair and held me in his arms. I kissed him, knowing that now we could finally get our life started. It was like the universe finished our puzzle, everyone had a place and we all fit together. I saw the big picture, we all have a purpose. For the time being mine is to be with Jacob and live everyday together like it‟s our last. I don‟t care if I live forever, because I‟ve already had a lifetime of happiness. He means more than my own life, and he will brighten each day to come like an aurora lights up the sky. I love you, Jacob Black. I thought with a sigh. “I love you, Ness.” It was like he could read my mind… THE END.

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