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Requirements at the time of Admission

1. Both parents must know what is written in the Prospectus and must be present with the child at the given time. 2. One photo of the ward with the parents and one passport size photo of the ward to be brought. 3. Rs. 29,900/- (Twenty nine thousand nine hundred only) to be

de osited at any lo!al bran!h of "anara #an$, %aya.

(This payment is for the whole year). Fees deposited will not be
refunded. Note: Original Bank !eceipt "#ounter foil$ dul% stamped b% the bank to be submitted at the time of admission. Parents ma% keep the &ero' cop% of the same. (indl% write %our child)s name and application form number at the back of the Original Bank !eceipt "#ounter foil$. *ame of the account + NAZA !T" # ! $%"&&' ,ccount *umber + 025(1010)001) ($A*#'! ATTA%"!+) -. .he following amount should be paid in cash in the school/ .o ,alyan -rothers for uniforms (Two sets of $.mmer an/ one set of 0inter 1niforms 2 3elt 4 a school 3a5) 0. 2. .o 1%an $aro8er for books and binding. / .o Zenith $t./io for two *ame tags /

s. 126507s. 9507s. 1007-

#lease Note:&o seat will be $e t for any !hild who is not admitted on the abo'e mentioned day. Also those who do not meet the requirements will be eliminated from the sele!tion list. Admission forms will be (i'en on the day of Admission. The "ommittees) de!ision re(ardin( sele!tion is final. &o enquiries re(ardin( sele!tion will be attended to.

The selection committee has the ri5ht to cancel a chil/:s a/mission if there is any /iscrepancy in the information 5i8en 3y parents in the Application 7A/mission form.