A Brown Company, Inc.


Message From The President The Brown Gro ! o" Com!anies Com!an# Pro"i$e Code o" Cond &t Ba&'gro nd )&o!e Genera$ Po$i&ies G ide$ines "or Im!$ementation Me&hani&s o" Im!$ementation Ta.$e o" O""enses Arti&$e I/ Arti&$e II/ Arti&$e III/ Arti&$e I1/ Arti&$e 1/ Arti&$e 1I/ Arti&$e 1II/ Arti&$e 1III/ O""enses Against Person O""enses Against Pro!ert# O""enses Against Com!an# Interest and Po$i&# O""enses Against )a"et#, 2ea$th, )e& rit#, and P .$i& Orders O""enses Against 4e&en&#, Good C stom, 2onor and Mora$it# O""enses Against Administration O""enses Against A thorit# Others

1 % ( * + , 10 1% 1* 13 %0 %( %3 %5 %5

Pro&ed re in 2and$ing Administrati6e Cases

O r &om!an# is &ommitted to the res!onsi.$e and &reati6e se o" a$$ &om!an# reso r&es, es!e&ia$$# the h man reso r&e 7 at a$$ $e6e$s. 8a&h one o" s !$a#s a 6ita$ ro$e in the attainment o" o r &om!an#9s o.:e&ti6es. 2en&e this 8m!$o#ee Code o" Cond &t is designed to e; i! s with a thoro gh 'now$edge o" o r &or!orate & $t re and r $es and reg $ations. It is o r ho!e and .e$ie" that this hand.oo' wo $d g ide s on how we sho $d a&t and .eha6e in the wor'!$a&e. <et s a$$ .e &ommitted to o r Fami$# )!irit and <o6e "or Wor' that is "o nded on Persona$ Integrit#. Ma# we a$$ stri6e to ma'e o rse$6es and o r &om!an# e=&e$$ent.

Jorge M. Yulo President

T ! Company Pro"#$! A Brown Company, Inc. is a ! .$i&$# $isted &or!oration with ma:or interest in the man "a&t re and>or distri. tion o" a wide arra# o" &hemi&a$ "orm $ations and &ons mer !rod &ts, !ro!ert# de6e$o!ment, agri. siness and in6estments in $isted &om!anies. The &om!an# was the res $t o" the merger o" 8PIC 2o$dings, Brown Chemi&a$ Cor!oration and Brown Chemi&a$ )a$es Cor!oration !rior to its $isting in 155*. ABCI is &ommitted to the res!onsi.$e and &reati6e ti$i?ation and management o" reso r&es "or the de6e$o!ment o" !rod &ts, ser6i&es and !ro!erties that &ontri. te to the &ommon good.

O r Gro ! o" Com!anies, .eing &ommitted to the res!onsi.$e and &reati6e se o" reso r&es, !a#s !arti& $ar attention to its 2 man Reso r&e. Th s we endea6or to de"ine the &ond &t o" o r most im!ortant reso r&e, o r em!$o#ees, who we .e$ie6e is the 'e# to o r &om!anies9 &ontin ing &om!arati6e ad6antage in a$$ the . siness "ie$ds we o!erate and wi$$ o!erate in. In answering the ; estion o" what wo $d ma'e o r em!$o#ees 6ita$ to o r s &&ess, we are g ided .# o r Cor!orate C $t re, @AI)A A@ $t ra sa Isi!, )a$ita at A'si#onB. O r & $t re in tho ghts, words and deeds is

the &ond &t o" .eha6ior that we as!ire "or a$$ o r em!$o#ees to mani"est in their da#CtoCda# nderta'ings in o r &om!anies. As em.edded in o r mission statement, this .eha6ior is g ided .# the "o$$owing sets o" 6irt es we adhere to, to wit/ LO&E FOR 'OR% Order and )e$"Cdis&i!$ine Ind strio sness Inno6ati6eness and Reso r&e" $ness )o nd D dgment Persisten&e Com!eten&e and Pro"essiona$ism Enit#, ) .sidiarit# and Res!onsi.i$it# <o#a$t# and Con&ern Res!e&t and 2 mi$it# Cheer" $ness


A$$ "o nded on/ PERSONAL INTEGRITY <o6e "or God <o6e "or Peo!$e Res!e&t "or 2 man )e= a$it# Res!e&t "or A thorit# <o6e "or Tr th Res!onsi.$e 4ominion o6er Materia$ Goods A$tho gh the "o$$owing statements o" o r Code are stated in the negati6e "orm o" Fo""ensesG A"or !ra&ti&a$ and $ega$ reasonsB, it m st .e made &$ear that the .eha6iors we are a"ter are those g ided .# the 6irt es Aas in&or!orated in o r mission statementB that !ro:e&t the !ositi6e o t$oo' see'ing the good rather than e6i$. SCOPE This Code o" Cond &t sha$$ a!!$# to A<< em!$o#ees o" the Brown Gro ! o" Com!anies. This Code s !ersedes a$$ & rrent !o$i&ies, r $es and reg $ations not in a&&ordan&e with or &ontrar# to it. )!e&i"i& !o$i&ies that are !e& $iar or not &o6ered .# this Code m st .e esta.$ished .# ea&h res!e&ti6e &om!an# .ased on their a&t a$ needs and organi?ationa$ setC !.

1. An# and a$$ a&ts 6io$ating and>or &onstit ting a 6io$ation o" the &om!rehensi6e !o$i&ies detai$ed in the "oregoing se&tion wi$$ .e &onsidered as 6io$ation and $ia.$e to dis&i!$inar# a&tion. This wi$$ .e in &on& rren&e with the a!!ro!riate !ro6ision o" this &ode.

%. Ignoran&e o" the !o$i&ies de&$ared in this Code as we$$ as noti&es or memoranda that ma# .e !rom $gated in the " t re sha$$ not : sti"# an em!$o#ee "rom nonCo.ser6an&e nor "rom the dis&i!$inar# a&tion to .e im!osed thereon. (. A$$ dis&i!$inar# a&tions sha$$ .e im!osed "o$$owing the !ro&ess en merated in this &ode. *. A$$ a&tions to reso$6e or sett$e grie6an&es sha$$ a.ide .# the re$e6ant !ro6isions o" an# me&hanism insta$$ed "or s &h ! r!ose. +. Administration o" dis&i!$inar# a&tion on erring em!$o#ees sha$$ not hinder the Com!an# "rom "i$ing &rimina$ and>or &i6i$ &harges in a&&ordan&e with the a!!$i&a.$e $aws o" the )tate. ,. In &ase where the in"ra&tions or o""enses &ommitted 6io$ate more than one !ro6ision o" this Code, these sha$$ .e dea$t with se!arate$#.

The tas' o" ins ring that this Code wi$$ .e nderstood and re$igio s$# &om!$ied with is &o$$e&ti6e$# entr sted to .oth the 2 man Reso r&e 4i6ision and the 4e!artment or 4i6ision where the em!$o#ee is a""i$iated. A. 2 man Reso r&e 4i6ision wi$$ .e res!onsi.$e "or the "o$$owing/ 1. Ma'ing s re that s ita.$e meas res are &ontin o s$# ta'en to ed &ate a$$ em!$o#ees on the !o$i&ies o" this CodeH %. Ma'ing s re that s ita.$e meas res are &ontin o s$# ta'en to ins re that the !o$i&ies o" this Code are !dated and &onsistent with the re; irements o" a$$ o!erating nitsH (. Ma'ing s re that s ita.$e &ontro$ meas res are esta.$ished to assist in the !rogress o" the im!$ementation o" &orre&ti6e a&tions, to assist erring em!$o#ees and to &ontin o s$# "orewarn de!artment and di6ision heads on the negati6e standing, i" an#, o" em!$o#ees nder themH and *. Pre!aring a$$ do& ments and re!orts as ma# .e needed to e""i&ient$# im!$ement !ro6isions o" this Code. B. A$$ $ine managers and s !er6isors o" ea&h de!artment or di6ision sha$$ .e res!onsi.$e "or/ 1. Administering the !o$i&ies made 'nown in this Code, in&$ ding the en"or&ement o" dis&i!$inar# a&tions to erring em!$o#eesH %. Fa&i$itating in the reso$ tion or sett$ement o" an# grie6an&e that ma# &ome to $ight re$ating to this CodeH and

(. Pre!aring and s .mitting to 2R4 the re; ired re!orts and do& mentations on &ases in6estigated and>or dis&i!$inar# a&tions meted o t "or !ro!er re&ording and &ontro$.

In order to e""e&ti6e$# im!$ement the !ro6isions o" this &ode, o""enses that in& r dis&i!$inar# a&tion are &$assi"ied nder "i6e t#!es o" heading/ TYP8 A, TYP8 B, TYP8 C, TYP8 4, and TYP8 8. This &$assi"i&ation is made in a&&ordan&e with the dis&i!$inar# a&tion that the o""ense merits. The &orres!onding dis&i!$inar# a&tions "or ea&h o" the a.o6e are the "o$$owing/ TYPE OF OFFENSE A LE&EL OF OFFENSE 1st %nd (rd *th +th ,th -th B 1st %nd (rd *th +th C 1st %nd (rd 4 1st %nd 8 1st DISCIPLINARY ACTION Written Warning )tern Written Re!rimand with Warning "or ) s!ension % Wor'ing 4a# ) s!ension * Wor'ing 4a# ) s!ension , Wor'ing 4a# ) s!ension 1+ Wor'ing 4a# ) s!ension With Warning "or 4ismissa$ 4ismissa$ )tern Written Re!rimand with Warning "or ) s!ension * Wor'ing 4a# ) s!ension , Wor'ing 4a# ) s!ension 1+ Wor'ing 4a# ) s!ension With Warning "or 4ismissa$ 4ismissa$ , Wor'ing 4a# ) s!ension 1+ Wor'ing 4a# ) s!ension With Warning "or 4ismissa$ 4ismissa$ (0 Wor'ing 4a# ) s!ension With Warning "or 4ismissa$ 4ismissa$ 4ismissa$ AIn&$ ded in t#!e 8 o""enses are those &o6ered .# $aw as : st &ases "or termination o" em!$o#ment.B

The a"oresaid !ena$ties, a"ter .eing ser6ed in whate6er $e6e$ o" o""enses, sha$$ .e stri&'en o t "rom &om!an# re&ords .ased on the "o$$owing !eriods/

TYP8 A O""enses TYP8 B O""enses TYP8 C O""enses TYP8 4 O""enses

One A1B #ear a"ter ser6ing o" !ena$t# Two A%B #ears a"ter ser6ing o" !ena$t# Three A(B #ears a"ter ser6ing o" !ena$t# Fo r A*B #ears a"ter ser6ing o" !ena$t#

4es!ite the s&hed $e o" !ena$ties, a !ena$t# o" dismissa$ ma# .e &omm tted .# the President to s s!ension o" (0 da#s, de!ending on the mitigating &ir& mstan&es !resent in ea&h &ase. In &ase the !ena$t# "or a T#!e 8 o""ense is &omm tted to s s!ension, re&ord o" o""ense wi$$ .e stri&'en o t o" &om!an# re&ords "o r A*B #ears a"ter ser6ing the !ena$t#.

Fo nded on the !rin&i!$e o" <o6e "or Peo!$e, the r $es that "o$$ow are intended to en&o rage e6er#.od# towards "riendshi!, res!e&t and h mi$it#, as we$$ as the !ra&ti&e o" &heer" $ness. A$$ o" these are geared towards esta.$ishing smooth inter!ersona$ re$ationshi!s in the wor'!$a&e, in o r "ami$ies and in the &omm nit#. There"ore, .eha6iors that do not &on"orm to these 6irt es are as "o$$ows/ SECTION ( SECTION ) Commission o" a &rime or o""ense .# the em!$o#ee against the !erson o" his em!$o#er or an# immediate mem.er o" his "ami$# or his d $# a thori?ed re!resentati6e. ATYP8 8B In"$i&ting !h#si&a$ in: r# on an# em!$o#ee or !erson, or ha6ing in "a&t in"$i&ted !h#si&a$ in: r# whi$e within or o tside &om!an# !ro!ert# or !remises or :o. sites where s &h o tside in&ident has re$ation to wor' or &om!an# a&ti6ities. ATYP8 4B Otherwise, i" the a&t mere$# &onstit tes an attem!t to in"$i&t s &h !h#si&a$ in: r#, the o""ense ma# .e red &ed to T#!e C de!ending on the nat re or gra6it# o" the attem!ted o""ense. SECTION * An# a&t &onstit ting threat, intimidation or &oer&ion against an# !erson, or in an# manner nd $# inter"ering with or o.str &ting !$ant or &om!an# o!erations or other em!$o#ees "rom !er"orming their wor' whi$e within &om!an# !ro!ert# or !remises or :o. sites. ATYP8 4B Fighting or a&t a$$# engaging another in a "ight whi$e within or o tside &om!an# !ro!ert# or !remises or :o. sites !ro6ided s &h o tside in&ident has re$ation to wor' or has arisen whi$e inside &om!an# !remises. ATYP8 4B



In&iting or !ro6o'ing a "ight nder the &ir& mstan&es des&ri.ed in )e&tion * a.o6e, . t where a "ight does not a&t a$$# o&& r. ATYP8 CB Persistent$# te$$ing sm tt# :o'es that are "o nd o""ensi6e .# others within o""i&e !remises. ATYP8 CB An# immora$ a&t .# the em!$o#ee either .# himse$" or with another !ersonH in&$ ding . t not $imited to se= a$ harassment &ommitted within &om!an# !ro!ert# or !remises or :o. sites or d ring &om!an# a&ti6ities. ATYP8 8B

O r Res!onsi.$e 4ominion O6er Materia$ Goods re; ires s to a$wa#s !ra&ti&e honest# in its highest sense. This a$so as's s to !ra&ti&e : sti&e .# res!e&ting the right" $ !ro!ert# o" o r "e$$ow wor'ers and that o" the &om!anies we wor' with. The "o$$owing do not &on"orm with the a.o6e mentioned 6irt es/ SECTION ( The"t, ro..er# or a!!ro!riation "or !ersona$ gain, .ene"it or !ro"it o" an# !ro!ert# o" the &om!an# or o" a "e$$ow em!$o#ee or a &$ient or & stomer o" the &om!an#, regard$ess o" the amo nt in6o$6ed. ATYP8 8B )wind$ing or ma$6ersation Aesta"aB o" " nds or !ro!ert# o" the &om!an# or o" a "e$$ow em!$o#ee or o" a &$ient or o" a & stomer o" the &om!an#. ATYP8 8B O.taining s !!$ies or materia$s on "ra d $ent orders. ATYP8 8B


NOTE: This implicates any other person conniving or in collusion with the employee doing it. SECTION + SECTION , Ena thori?ed s .stit tion o" &om!an# materia$ or e; i!ment with another or o" !oorer ; a$it#, or o" $esser 6a$ e. ATYP8 8B A$teration or remo6a$, witho t a thori?ation, o" an# !ro!ert# o" the &om!an#, go6ernment or o" other em!$o#ees res $ting in irre!ara.$e damage thereto. ATYP8 8B I" damage is re!ara.$e, the !ena$t# is mitigated to T#!e 4. Esing &om!an# time and>or materia$ and>or e; i!ment to do na thori?ed wor' within or o tside the !remises, "or !ersona$ gain whi&h in&$ des sing &om!an# time and "a&i$ities in !ersona$ dea$ershi!, se$$ing and other nonCwor' re$ated a&ti6ities. ATYP8 4B Neg$e&ting or re" sing, a"ter d e demand or noti&e, or as !ro6ided .# e=isting !o$i&ies witho t : sti"ia.$e reasons, to remit, !a#, reim. rse or $i; idate an# mone#, &o$$e&tion or



&ash ad6an&e, or ret rn and>or de$i6er goods, sto&'s or other !ro!erties, entr sted to him .# the &om!an#, or re&ei6ed .# him "rom & stomer or &$ient or . siness asso&iate or a""i$iate or their re!resentati6e "or his administration, or nder an# other o.$igation to ma'e de$i6er# o", or ret rn the same. ATYP8 BB SECTION / Ma$i&io s or wi$$" $ destr &tion or mis se o" &om!an# !ro!ert# or that o" an# em!$o#ee, an# &$ient or & stomer o" the &om!an#. I" the destr &tion, damage or mis se is &ommitted thro gh re&'$essness or im!r den&e, the same sha$$ .e &$assi"ied as T#!e 4 o""ense.

This se&tion see's a .eha6ior that mani"ests <o6e "or Tr th. This in&$ des the !ra&ti&e o" s &h 6irt es as honest#, &on&ern and $o#a$t# towards o r &om!an# whi&h sho $d go .e#ond se$"Cinterest. This ho!es to insti$$ a tr e s!irit o" ser6i&e with a high sense o" res!onsi.i$it#. The "o$$owing do not &on"orm with the "oregoing/ SECTION ( SECTION ) SECTION * SECTION + SECTION , SECTION Fa$si"i&ation o" do& ments detai$ing !ersona$ re&ords or data or misre!resentation o" an# in"ormation &on&erning !ersona$ &ir& mstan&es and ; a$i"i&ation. ATYP8 8B Fa$si"i&ation or na thori?ed a$teration o" !ersonne$ or &om!an# re&ords and>or sing said "a$si"ied re&ords "or !ersona$ gain or .ene"it. ATYP8 8B An# attem!t to "a$si"# or !ad e=!ense re!orts, re&ei!ts, in6oi&es or an# other do& ment, !on whi&h reim. rsement is .ased. ATYP8 8B Fa6oring s !!$iers, media, & stomer or an# other !erson in &onsideration o" 'i&'.a&'s, !ersona$ re.ates or an# 6a$ a.$e &onsideration. ATYP8 8B O""ering or a&&e!ting an#thing o" 6a$ e in e=&hange "or a :o., wor' assignment, wor' $o&ation, or "a6ora.$e &ondition o" em!$o#ment. ATYP8 8B 4ire&t$# or indire&t$# re; esting or re&ei6ing an# gi"t, !resent, share, !er&entage or an# "orm o" .ene"it or "a6or, "or himse$" or "or an# other !erson in &onne&tion with an# . siness, &ontra&t, a!!$i&ation or transa&tion .etween the &om!an# and an# other !art#, wherein the em!$o#ee in his o""i&ia$ &a!a&it# has to inter6ene. ATYP8 8B 4ire&t$# or indire&t$# ha6ing "inan&ia$ or !e& niar# interest in an# . siness, &ontra&t or transa&tion in &onne&tion with whi&h he inter6enes or ta'es !art in his o""i&ia$ &a!a&it#. ATYP8 8B



Ena thori?ed a&tions &$ear$# in e=&ess o" one9s a thorit# s &h as . t not $imited to, a&ts o" dis. rsing, re$easing or a thori?ing dis. rsement o" &om!an# " nds witho t written a thorit# .# one9s s !erior or simi$ar a&ts that go .e#ond or o tside his a thorit# or res!onsi.i$it#, where the interest o" the &om!an# is !re: di&ed. ATYP8 4B Gi6ing a &om!an# I4 or identi"i&ation materia$ to an# !erson not entit$ed to it, or assisting nonCem!$o#ees to enter the &om!an# !remises and restri&ted areas witho t &om!an#9s !ermission. ATYP8 8B Fai$ re to wear Com!an# I4 and ni"orm or wearing a$tered, de"ormed or m ti$ated ni"orm. ATYP8 AB Gi6ing awa# or na thori?ed dis&$os re o" &om!an# trade se&rets and>or trade !ra&ti&es or trade !ro&esses or an# 6a$ a.$e in"ormation a&; ired .# his o""i&e, or .# him on a&&o nt o" his !osition, to na thori?ed !ersons, or ma'ing a6ai$a.$e s &h in"ormation in ad6an&e o" its a thori?ed re$ease date and where in the !ro&ess, the interest o" the &om!an# is !re: di&ed. ATYP8 8B <oitering, wasting time, $ea6ing !$a&e o" wor' d ring wor'ing ho rs witho t !ermission "rom his>her s !er6isor, or de!artment head or an# designated !erson or $ea6ing the &om!an# &om!o nd witho t !ermission at an# time .e"ore the end o" the em!$o#ee9s wor' shi"t. ATYP8 BB Ma$ingering or "eigning i$$ness to a6oid doing assigned wor' or re!orting "or wor'. AThis in&$ des a.sen&e d e to )i&' <ea6e . t em!$o#ee is neither at home or medi&a$ instit tion.B ATYP8 BB )$ee!ing on &om!an# time whi$e on d t#. ATYP8 BB Fai$ re to "o$$ow written or ora$ instr &tions made .# Com!an# s !eriors, as we$$ as Com!an# memorand m and &ir& $ars, or "ai$ re to !er"orm assigned wor' d e to sim!$e neg$igen&e. ATYP8 BB Pers ading, ind &ing or in"$ en&ing another em!$o#ee to !er"orm an a&t &onstit ting a 6io$ation o" this Code or other e=isting r $es and reg $ations or !o$i&ies on an o""i&e in &onne&tion with the d t# or " n&tion o" the $atter a$$owing himse$" to .e !ers aded, ind &ed, or in"$ en&ed to &ommit s &h 6io$ation or o""ense. Pena$t# "or the 6io$ation &ommitted sha$$ $i'ewise .e im!osed on the !erson who em!$o#ed !ers asion, ind &ement or in"$ en&e. ATYP8 CB








Again, .e&a se we want to !ra&ti&e the res!onsi.$e se o" reso r&es gi6en to s stewards, o r .eha6ior sho $d show !ro!er &on&ern and &are "or o r we$"are, that o" others, "or !ro!erties we own or those !$a&ed nder o r &are and the genera$ ! .$i& whom we dire&t$# or indire&t$# in"$ en&e. The "o$$owing do not &on"orm with the "oregoing/ SECTION ( SECTION ) Ena thori?ed !ossession and &arr#ing o" "irearms, e=!$osi6es or other dead$# wea!on whi$e on &om!an# !remises. ATYP8 8B For&ed or na thori?ed entr# into an o""i&e or !remises o" the &om!an# d ring o""Cho rs witho t &ommitting a&ts ! nisha.$e nder se&tions 1, *, + and 3 o" Arti&$e II hereo". ATYP8 CB

NOTE: Type E penalty, shall however, be imposed if the entry thereof has been done in order to cover up or attempt to cover up any violation of the rules or commission of felonies. SECTION * SECTION + SECTION , SECTION SECTION . SECTION / SECTION 0 SECTION (1 8ntering restri&ted areas witho t !ermission. ATYP8 CB Creating or &ontri. ting to nsa"e and nsanitar# &onditions inside &om!an# !remises. ATYP8 AB 1io$ation or "ai$ re to "o$$ow a genera$ sa"et# r $e and>or !ra&ti&e. ATYP8 AB <ittering inside the &om!an# !remises and immediate s rro nding area. ATYP8 AB Ena thori?ed and>or n: sti"ied se o" "ire !rote&tion e; i!ment. ATYP8 CB O!erating and>or tam!ering swit&hes, &ontro$s, insta$$ations, ma&hines or e; i!ment witho t a thori?ation. ATYP8 CB Fai$ re to re!ort immediate$# a !ersona$ in: r# o&& rring on &om!an# time or !ro!ert#. ATYP8 AB Wi$$" $ disregard o" o""i&e dire&ti6e re$ating to sanitar# &onditions, &$ean$iness and order$iness o" the o""i&e, se& rit# o" o""i&e s !!$ies and e; i!ment or !er"orming an# a&t &ontri. ting to nsanitar# &ondition or !ra&ti&e on &om!an# !remises or :o. sites. ATYP8 AB Re!orting "or wor' whi$e ha6ing a serio s &ontagio s disease whi&h ma# endanger the hea$th o" other em!$o#ees, 'nowing a.o t it, #et "ai$ing to re!ort or wi$$" $$# withho$ding in"ormation thereo" to &om!an# a thorities. ATYP8 4B I" &ontagio s disease is not o" a serio s nat re, T#!e C !ena$t# wi$$ .e meted o t. Fai$ re to ndergo Ann a$ Ph#si&a$ 8=amination as s&hed $ed .# the &om!an# and "ai$ re to o.e# 4o&tor9s order or ad6i&e as dire&ted or ordered .# the &om!an#. ATYP8 BB




)& ""$ing, Fhorsing aro nd, or throwing things or otherwise wasting time d ring wor' ho rs. ATYP8 BB

We wo $d $i'e Res!e&t "or 2 man )e= a$it# to !er6ade in o r wor' areas. This is a di6ine gi"t gi6en to e6er# man and woman whose ! r!ose in marriage is de"initeC$o6e and !ro &reation on$# in marriage. A$ongside this 6irt e is the o.ser6an&e o" modest#, &hastit# and de&en&#. The "o$$owing do not &on"orm with the "oregoing/ SECTION ( SECTION ) Re!orting "or wor' whi$e nder the in"$ en&e o" $i; or and>or into=i&ating drin's ATYP8 CB and>or !rohi.ited dr gs. ATYP8 8B 4rin'ing or .ringing in an# $i; or, into=i&ating drin's into &om!an# !remises or on &om!an# s!onsored a&ti6ities ATYP8 CB. Ese o" or .ringing in !rohi.ited dr gs on &om!an# !remises or on &om!an# s!onsored a&ti6ities. ATYP8 8B Ma'ing "a$se, 6i&io s or ma$i&io s statement &on&erning an# em!$o#ee. ATYP8 CB An# a&t &onstit ting o""ense against honor A$i.e$, de"amation, s$anderB &ommitted whi$e in &om!an# !remises or in re$ation to wor'. ATYP8 4B Cond &t o" gross$# s&anda$o s or inde&ent nat re or sing !ro"ane or inde&ent $ang age in addressing another !erson on &om!an# time or on &om!an# !ro!ert#. ATYP8 CB An# and a$$ a&ts &onstit ting se= a$ harassment and>or an# moti6es &ommitted against &oCem!$o#ees regard$ess o" !osition, ran' or gender. ATYP8 8B


T ! "o$$ow#n3 ar! ac45 o" 5!67a$ ara55m!n48 1B Persistent$# te$$ing sm tt# :o'es to a &oCem!$o#ee who has indi&ated that he>she "inds them o""ensi6e ATYP8 CBH %B Ta nting a &oCem!$o#ee with &onstant ta$' o" se= or se= a$ inn endoes ATYP8 CBH (B 4is!$a#ing o""ensi6e !i&t res or ! .$i&ations in the wor' !$a&e. ATYP8 CBH *B As'ing &oCem!$o#ee intimate ; estions on his>her se= a$ a&ti6ities ATYP8 CBH +B Ma'ing o""ensi6e hand or .od# gest res at a &oCem!$o#ee ATYP8 CBH ,B Ma'ing o.s&ene !hone &a$$s to a &oCem!$o#ee d ring and o tside wor' ho rs, et&. ATYP8 CBH -B Pin&hing , nne&essari$# .r shing ! against a &oCem!$o#ee9s .od# ATYP8 CBH

3B Re; esting "or dates or "a6ors in e=&hange "or a :o., "a6ora.$e wor'ing &onditions or assignments, et&. ATYP8 4BH 5B To &hing a &oCem!$o#ee in sensiti6e !arts o" his>her .od# to threats o" a se= a$ nat re and a&t a$ se= a$ assa $t ATYP8 8BH 10B 4ire&ting or ind &ing another to &ommit an# a&t o" se= a$ harassment as herein de"ined, or who &oo!erates in the &ommission thereo" .# another witho t whi&h it wo $d not ha6e .een &ommitted sha$$ a$so .e $ia.$e nder these r $es. Pena$t# sha$$ $i'ewise .e im!osed on the !erson who em!$o#ed ind &ement or &oo!erated. ATYP8 CB SECTION . Attem!t to &ommit or &ommitting an# &rime against &hastit# whi$e in &om!an# !remises or at :o. sites or &ommitting an# a&t &onstit ting immora$it# o" s &h s&anda$o s !ro!ortions as to o""end the mora$ sensi.i$ities o" the &omm nit#. ATYP8 8B Ta'ing !art in an# gam.$ing, na thori?ed $otter#, $oaning o" mone# with e=&essi6e interest rates, or an# other game o" &han&e d ring &om!an# time or whi$e within the &om!an# !remises. ATYP8 CB Con6i&tion o" an# &rime ! nisha.$e nder the Re6ised Pena$t# Code o" the Phi$i!!ines and other e=isting $aws o" the &o ntr#. ATYP8 8B



As .eing s .:e&t to a thorit#, we need to nderstand that ea&h one o" s is a !art o" something .igger 7 the enter!rise AEnit# and ) .sidiar#B o" whi&h we ha6e the Res!onsi.i$it# to s !!ort and the o.$igation to &on"orm in order to rea&h its stated goa$s and 6ision. This wi$$ re; ire the !ra&ti&e o" Order, )e$"Cdis&i!$ine, Ind strio sness and <o#a$t#, among other 6irt es ne&essar# to !ho$d o r instit tion9s rights and mandates. The "o$$owing do not &on"orm with the "oregoing/ SECTION ( 2a.it a$ Tardiness. This is de"ined as ten or more instan&es o" tardiness or &om.ined tardiness res $ting in a tota$ $oss o" 1%0 min tes or more within one month. ATYP8 AB

NOTE: For this purpose, tardiness of up to five (5) minutes will not be counted. SECTION ) SECTION * O6er.rea'. Ta'ing &o""ee or sna&' .rea's o" more than 1+ min tes at a time, "or "i6e or more instan&es or a tota$ $oss o" thirt# min tes or more in one &a$endar month. ATYP8 AB A.sen&e witho t o""i&ia$ $ea6e AAWO<B. 8a&h da# o" a.sen&e witho t o""i&ia$ $ea6e is a se!arate o""ense. ATYP8 AB

NOTE: For an employee not to be considered A !", the following procedures must be strictly followed# A. An em!$o#ee who wishes to .e a.sent on a &ertain date or dates m st "i$e an a!!$i&ation "or $ea6e o" a.sen&e "or a!!ro6a$ o" his immediate s !erior and 4e!artment 2ead, at $east two A%B da#s .e"ore his intended $ea6e or $ea6es. I" .e&a se o" e=traordinar# &ir& mstan&es, $i'e s dden serio s i$$ness o" the em!$o#ee or an immediate mem.er o" his "ami$#, !re6enting him or her to se& re !rior $ea6e o" a.sen&e, the em!$o#ee or his re!resentati6e m st te$e!hone, send a te$egram, .ee! a message or a written noti&e within the "irst * ho rs o" his or her shi"t to his or her s !erior or 4e!artment 2ead or an# other !erson a thori?ed .# the &om!an# to a!!ro6e or disa!!ro6e the a.sen&e retroa&ti6e$#. Fai$ re to ret rn to wor' on the wor'ing da# immediate$# "o$$owing the e=!iration o" $ea6e o" a.sen&e, n$ess s &h $ea6e is e=tended with !ro!er a!!ro6a$. ATYP8 AB



NOTE: To be treated as an absence without official leave $ection % above. SECTION , Fai$ re to re!ort "or o6ertime wor' a"ter ha6ing .een d $# ad6ised and s&hed $ed to wor' a&&ording to o6ertime !o$i&#, or doing o6ertime wor', in $esser time than so ght to .e &harged, witho t : sti"ia.$e reason. ATYP8 AB 4e$i.erate$# ! n&hing or swi!ing the time &ard o" another em!$o#ee or ha6ing one9s &ard ! n&hed or swi!ed .# a "e$$ow em!$o#ee whi$e the other is a&t a$$# inside the !remises. ATYP8 BB I" the owner o" the time &ard is not a&t a$$# inside the !remises, s &h a&tion sha$$ .e &onsidered as "a$si"i&ation o" time &ard. ATYP8 CB Fai$ re to ! n&h or swi!e in or swi!e o t his time &ard or na thori?ed remo6a$ o" time &ard "rom designated ra&'s. ATYP8 AB Posting o" an# derogator# arti&$es, !rints or drawings on an# &om!an# !ro!ert# or !remise .e it against an# "e$$ow em!$o#ee or remo6a$ o" an# &om!an# matter or in"ormation "rom B $$etin Board at an# time n$ess s!e&i"i&a$$# a thori?ed. ATYP8 CB Ena thori?ed de"a&ing o" an# &om!an# !ro!ert# or wi$$" $ de"a&ing, tam!ering, sm dging, !rinting, !ainting, or Fdirt#ingG o" wa$$s or "aIade o" an# &om!an# !ro!ert# or an# "orm o" 6anda$ism &ommitted on &om!an# !ro!erties owned .# the Brown Gro ! o" Com!anies. ATYP8 CB Wi$$" $$# ho$ding .a&', s$owing down, hindering or $imiting wor' o t! t, or otherwise F"eather .eddingG, or gi6ing instr &tions to "e$$ow em!$o#ees to ho$d .a&', s$ow down, hinder or $imit o t! t. ATYP8 8B Ca sing $oss o" &om!an# time or mone# .e&a se o" na thori?ed se, o!eration or !ossession o" ma&hines, too$s, 6ehi&$es or e; i!ments or whi$e !er"orming wor' other






than those assigned to him or her ATYP8 4B. Where the na thori?ed se res $ted in irre!ara.$e damage to the !ro!ert#, T#!e 8 sha$$ .e im!osed. SECTION () Ca sing $oss o" time and mone# to the &om!an# .e&a se o" neg$igen&e in the !er"orman&e o" o""i&ia$ d ties, neg$e&t o" d t#, or !ersistent$# doing nsatis"a&tor# wor'. This in&$ des 6io$ation o" standard o!erating !ro&ed res. ATYP8 CB Ma'ing "a$se, 6i&io s or ma$i&io s statement &on&erning the &om!an# or its !rod &ts. ATYP8 CB )e$$ing, so$i&iting, &o$$e&ting &ontri. tions "or an# ! r!oses whatsoe6er or &ond &ting !ri6ate . siness d ring o""i&e ho rs on &om!an# !remises or :o. sites witho t !ro!er a thori?ations "rom the &om!an#. ATYP8 CB 2o$ding an# !osition or em!$o#ment with or witho t &om!ensation in an# other . siness "irm whi&h is engaged in simi$ar $ine o" . siness with the &om!an#. ATYP8 8B A$$owing na thori?ed riderAsB or !assengerAsB in &om!an# de$i6er# 6ehi&$es AT#!e C o""ense, howe6er, ma# .e red &ed to T#!e B de!ending on the &ir& mstan&esB.



An en&om!assing trait to e$i&it the &orre&t .eha6ior nder this &ategor# is that o" Res!e&t "or A thorit# &o !$ed with o r &orre&t nderstanding o" Enit#, ) .sidiar# and Res!onsi.i$it#. The "o$$owing do not &on"orm with the "oregoing/ SECTION ( SECTION ) SECTION * SECTION + SECTION , Re" sing to a&&e!t :o. assignments witho t : sti"ia.$e reason. ATYP8 4B Wi$$" $ diso.edien&e o" the $aw" $ orders o" the &om!an# and an# o" its o""i&ers. ATYP8 8B An# a&t &onstit ting disres!e&t and disregard o" a thorit# o" &om!an# s !eriors and o""i&ers. ATYP8 4B An# a&t whi&h &onstit tes resistan&e, threat, intimidation or assa $t against a !erson o" a thorit# in the &om!an# or an# o" this agent. ATYP8 4B An# other a&t &onstit ting ins .ordination not in&$ ded in the !re&eding se&tions. ATYP8 4B

SECTION ( SECTION ) 4is&i!$inar# a&tions "or o""enses or in"ra&tions made .# an em!$o#ee not #et &o6ered or !res&ri.ed in the a.o6e r $es sha$$ .e at the di6ision head9s dis&retion. Other !ro6isions o tside o" this Code ma# .e "orm $ated .# an# &om!an# o" the Brown Gro ! to address their !arti& $ar &ondition o" o!eration.

1. A$$ administrati6e &ases m st .e re!orted "orma$$# to the em!$o#ee9s immediate s !erior. %. The immediate s !erior o" the re!orted em!$o#ee wi$$ re6iew, st d# and 6a$idate the re!ort s .mitted to him within "ort#Ceight A*3B ho rs. NOTE: &n chec'ing the validity of the report submitted, the 5 and ) * (*ow) fact finding method is a proven effective guide. (s ( ho, hat, here, hen, hy)

(. A"ter esta.$ishing the 6a$idit# o" the s .mitted re!ort, the immediate s !erior m st determine whether or not the &ase merits !re6enti6e s s!ension. I" so, the immediate s !erior m st iss e the same. Pre6enti6e s s!ension m st not e=&eed (0 wor'ing da#s. 2owe6er sho $d the &om!an# de&ide to e=tend .e#ond (0 wor'ing da#s .e&a se more time is needed "or in6estigation, e=tension &an .e made . t with !a#. *. Immediate s !erior m st iss e a Noti&e to 8=!$ain ANT8B to the re!orted em!$o#ee stating &$ear$# the &harges, ! r!ose, reason and .asis o" s &h.

+. The em!$o#ee m st re&ei6e and s .mit his res!onse to his immediate s !erior within the a$$owa.$e time !ro6ided as stated in NT8. NOTE: An employee who fails to submit a written report as mandated in the +TE without any valid reason will lead to the waiving of his right to e,plain and be heard. This therefore would eventually mean &-."&E/ A/-&$$&!+ on his part of the commission of acts constituting the charge brought against him. ,. E!on re&ei!t o" the em!$o#ee9s e=!$anation, the immediate s !erior st dies it and ma'es his re&ommendation to the de!artment manager either to e=& se or im!ose 4is&i!$inar# A&tion A4AB on the re!orted em!$o#ee. The .asis o" his re&ommendation m st a$wa#s .e in &onsonan&e with the Code and the Phi$i!!ine <a.or <aws.

-. Where the immediate s !erior re&ommends the im!osition o" the 4A and s &h re&ommendation is a!!ro6ed .# the de!artment manager, the de&ision wi$$ .e iss ed to the re!orted em!$o#ee, and e=!$ained to him or her. 3. Where the immediate s !erior re&ommends to e=& se the im!osition o" the 4A J the same is a!!ro6ed .# the de!artment manager, the em!$o#ee wi$$ re&ei6e a &o!# o" the de&ision. 5. In &ases where the re&ommendation o" the immediate s !erior is disa!!ro6ed, the de&ision o" the de!artment manager sha$$ !re6ai$. 10. The em!$o#ee, a"ter re&ei6ing the &o!# o" the de&ision a!!ro6ing the im!osition o" dis&i!$inar# a&tion im!osed !on him m st re6iew his or her stand a.o t the matter. )ho $d he or she "ee$ aggrie6ed a.o t the de&ision, he or she ma# a!!ea$ and e$e6ate the matter to the 4i6ision 2ead. The 4i6ision 2ead ma# o!t to &ons $t the 2R4 in re6iewing the &ase. The de&ision o" the 4i6ision 2ead wi$$ .e "ina$ and e=e& tor#. 2owe6er, o""enses that wi$$ im!ose dismissa$ ma# .e a!!ea$ed to the President.

I ac;now$!<3! 4o a=! r!c!#=!< a copy o" 4 ! Brown Gro7p EMPLOYEE CODE OF CONDUCT w#4 4 ! AMENDED COMPANY RULES AND REGULATIONS. E""!c4#=! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>, I <!=o4! 4o r!a<, "am#$#ar#?! my5!$" w#4 #45 con4!n45 an< "o$$ow #45 pro=#5#on5 4o 4 ! @!54 o" my a@#$#4y.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> S#3na47r! o=!r Pr#n4!< Nam!

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> D#=#5#on A D!par4m!n4

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Da4!

TayoBy may na3C##5an3 pan3arap I#5a an3 a4#n3 #na anap I@aB4C#@a man an3 a4#n3 p#na3m7$an I#5a pa r#n a4#n3 pa4747n37 an II G7ma3awa n3 #3#4 5a #naa5a an Na3mama a$ n3 #3#4 5a #5an3 ;a#@#3an Na3$#$#n3;o< an33an3 5a ma;a;ayanan Upan3 an3 ;7$47ran3 ma;aCD#yo5 ay ma;am4an REFRAIN %a5ama ;a #;aw ay %AISA %ap#4C;amay 5a$7@7n3#n an3 7ma3a Da$a ay 5#3$a a4 @a3on3 pa3Ca5a Sa p75o n3 @awaB4 man33a3awa Br#<3! I5an3 5an3a #5an3 73a4 SamaC5ama 47n3o 5a pa3C7n$a< 9R!p!a4 R!"ra#n: Sa p75o n3 @awaB4 man33a3awa

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