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Messianic tract
Messianic tract

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Published by: 151177yeshua on Jan 18, 2014
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“They are all turned aside, they are all together become corrupt; there is none that doeth tov, no, not one.” Tehillim 14:3 “Surely, I was brought forth in avon; and in chet did immi conceive me [i.e., I was a sinner from conception .”Tehillim 51:5 (Words of King David) “!or there is not a t"addi# upon earth, that doeth tov, and sinneth not.” Kohelet 7:20 “$ll we li#e sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own derech %way); and &ashem hath laid on him [Moshiach the avon %iniquity, the guilt that separates from God' of us all.”Yeshayah 53:6

)$% +an ,e $r-i.en an" /n$0 it..H$01
The children of Israel applied the blood on their lintels and doorposts to prevent the death angel #illing their firstborn %Shemot 12:21-23) 5ut since the destruction of the Temple and the ending of the sacrifices 3od has provided Salvation through the 5lood of 6eshua &a )ashiach by &is sacrifice for us. “1ot through the dahm of se*irim %goats' and of agalim %bulls' but through his own dahm [Isa 78(97 he entered the :odesh &a:odashim once and for all, having secured for us the 3eulah 4lamim.” Yahudim in Moshiach 9:12

“!or the nefesh of the basar is in the dahm( and I have given it to you upon the )i"be*ach to ma#e #apporah for your nefashot( for it is the dahm that ma#eth #apporah for the nefesh. [see Zecharyah 9:11;Tehillim 50:5 +ewish and non,+ewish sources both agree that the Tabernacle and the genealogical records %of the Son-s of $aron' were destroyed in $.. /0 by Titus. 1o longer is there a system of blood sacrifices whereby the +ewish peoples sins can be forgiven. 2e have seen that it is not by good deeds. &as 3od left his precious people with no hope. 4f course not,

He has neither ai!e" #$% $r &e.... ') A((L)ING THE BLOOD OF *ESSIAH..

@ 6) GOOD DEEDS CANNOT (URIF) US. &inei. and shall call Shmo Immanu . 5eit. origins' have been mi#edem. and &ashem hath laid on him [Moshiach the avon %iniquity. and avoneinu %our ini>uities'. our righteous deeds... and at the cost of his %Moshiach’s) chaburah %stripes.phratah. Targum Hashivim for our transgressions. li#e the ruach. have ta#en us away. and #ol t"id#oteinu %all our righteousness. A) B$rn $ a 4ir-in5 “Therefore &ashem &imself shall give you an ot %sign'.Zecharyah12:10 Sukkah 52a. 6eshayah 7?(7. Wh$ is this *essiah1 He 0as. lacerations' we are healed. mimei olam %from the days of eternity'. the guilt that separates from God' of us all. whose goings forth %i. see =haba#u# 9(98'. “5ut we are all as the tameh %unclean thing'. yet out of thee shall &e [)oshiach come forth unto )e [&ashem that is to be )oshel 6isroel.2) SAFET) AND REFUGE IS FOUND IN GOD3S *ESSIAH. %from everlasting. and we all do fade li#e the aleh %leaf'. we have turned every one to his own derech %way. see Prov 16:25).”Yesheyah 64:5 Jewish Bible/64:6 Orthodox Jewish Bible . C) S!ain $r $%r sins(5ut he was pierced [Yeshayah 51:9.e.Tehillim 22:17.l %3od is with us'” 6eshayah /(9< B) B$rn in Beth!ehe&5 “5ut thou. he was bruised mei*avonoteinu %for our ini>uities'. though thou be little among the $lphei 6ehudah %Thousands of 6ehudah'.lechem . the musar %chastisement' %that brought us shalom [Yeshayah 54:10 was upon him [Moshiach ... and bear 5en. a garment of menstruation'. $ll we li#e sheep have gone astray. &a$lmah %the unmarried young virgin' shall conceive. wor#s' are li#e beged iddim %filthy rags.

O&ein.but at its end are the ways of death.raha&. for thou hast no da*as of what a yom may bring forth 7 )ishle 8/(9 A. . I a++e9t Hi& as the *ashia+h $ Israe! an" as/ Hi& t$ +$&e int$ &# heart an" 0ash a0a# &# sin8 I as/ this in *ashia+h3s na&e.+$& 000.eness8A!&i-ht# G$"8 Creat$r $ the Hea. neither wilt Thou allow Thine =hasid to see shachat %corruption.net 7There can be a way which seems right to a person.raha&%/. I as/ $r #$%r $r-i.thesee"$ a..thesee"$ a. the pit. Tehillim 9@(90 5ut in fact &ashem made Aebbe. I than/ #$% $r the sa+ri i+e $ )esh%a Ha *ashia+h.'. having destroyed the =hevlei &a)avet.that )$% are H$!# an" I a& a sinner.)elech &a)oshiach to stand up alive again. 3evurot 8(8< WOULD )OU ACCE(T HI* INTO )OUR LIFE NOW1 “5oast not thyself of yom ma#har %tomorrow'. the abyss of corruption.eath*s #o*ach.a E!8 /n$0in.” Mishle 14:12 D) Res%rre+te"5 7!or Thou wilt not abandon my nefesh in Sheol. 000. )elech &a)oshiach to be held by .ens an" the Earth. because it was impossible for Aebbe. the grave.

6e are not able to serve &ashem.theseedofabrahamuk. &e is an . The Tanach tells each of us the direction we each need to ta#e to reach our final destination.loheichem am #adosh.”Vayikra 19:2.ADOSH<HOL). Yehoshua 24:19 2al#ing the streets of 6erushalayim is one of the greatest desires of a +ewish person.com . &e will not forgive your paysha*im nor your chattot.l :anno %Bealous 3od. 7Spea# unto #ol $dat 5nei 6isroel.lohim :edoshim. 34. 6e shall be #edoshim %holy ones'( for I &ashem . :) GOD IS .THE )ERUSHALA)I* ROAD www.. “$nd 6ehoshua said unto &a$m. and say unto them. for &e is an ...-s greatest desire is to see them wal# the road to eternal blessedness.

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