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Introduction............................................................................................................4 The Autonomic Nervous System ...............................................................................5 Strategy #1 - Mindful Breathing................................................................................8 Strategy #2 - Anabolic Energizers / Qigong...............................................................10 Strategy #3 Bioenergetic Exercises..........................................................................14 Strategy #4 Functional Medicine.............................................................................16 Strategy #5 Holosync Meditation.............................................................................18 Strategy #6: Circadian Rhythms..............................................................................21 Strategy #7 Change Your Thinking...........................................................................23 BONUS 8 The Skeletal System ..............................................................................26 Conclusion............................................................................................................28

Thank you for investing in the seven strategies for stronger nervous system. Ive been involved in the sport of strength training, as a coach and athlete, for almost 20 years. I was only 14 years old when my uncle began teaching me and my younger brothers how to train in my parent's basement in order to get stronger and more explosive for football. Throughout that time I have been heavily involved in the study and application of various forms of exercise science and holistic health. These experiences have led me to the realization that strengthening the body goes far deeper than simply building bigger muscles. The fact is, our physical strength is a manifestation of several different body systems, including our powerful nervous system. Our nervous system works as a complex and dynamic electrical feedback and energy production mechanism that affects or is affected by every other system of the body. In a way, it is what ties every piece of who we are together. In order to become the strongest version of ourselves we must take into account the health of our nervous system. This report will outline seven powerful strategies that I personally use and teach to my clients in order to develop a stronger nervous system. Unlike my other books where I teach how to utilize your nervous system to generate more force in the muscles in order to grow stronger, this book takes a holistic approach by teaching you how to bring balance to your sensitive and complex nervous system. There are seven strategies in this book. Feel free to pick and choose which ones you might like to implement rst. Any one of these strategies can forever change your life. The application of all seven will absolutely ensure a stronger you.

The Autonomic Nervous System

If you have been reading my books, watching my videos or visiting my blogs for some time you have no doubt heard me speak about the wonders of our autonomic nervous system. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is a branch of your peripheral nervous system. Your ANS is responsible for all of the nervous functions that you dont have to think about. This includes heart rate, digestion, the release of hormones, breathing and sweating among many other things. Within your ANS you have two opposing branches your Sympathetic (SNS) and Parasympathetic (PSN) Nervous Branches. Each branch acts as two ends of a seesaw. As one side is stimulated the other side is suppressed. As you can imagine both sides have their benets. The SNS stimulates adrenaline and cortisol. Both of these hormones are essential for getting you up and going in the morning and providing energy in stressful situations (think being chased by an angry baboon!). The PNS releases anabolic and sex hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone your bodys own natural source of steroids! The problem is that most people have a severe imbalance between these two branches and It is this imbalance that makes us feel ill, tired, fat and old! The good news is I can show you how you can x this imbalance.

Many of us are Sympathetically Overloaded meaning our SNS is over stimulated. We live in a constant state of ght or ight. In this type of predicament, you can rest assured all anabolic hormones associated with the PNS are suppressed This leads to:

Decreased Strength & Vitality Poor Concentration Chronic Fatigue Foggy Headedness Decreased Sex Drive Night Sweats Orgasm / Genital Inhibition Waking Un-Rest Anxiety Jittery-ness Fungal Infections Constipation Digestive Disorders Rashes & Skin Problems Decreased Immunity Increased Risk For Injury Poor Sleeping Patterns Waking Up With Cold Sweats
If you are experiencing two or more of the symptoms described aboveyou more than likely suffer from an imbalance and need to read this chapter VERY carefully! You can take all of the supplements; eat a healthy, organic diet; exercise regularly and still be getting nowhere. This is due to a fundamental issue that has not been addressed balancing your nervous system. If your nervous system is out of balance so is everything else! How Did I Get Like This? The simple answer is poor lifestyle and nutrition choices. If you eat shitty food, dont drink enough water, abuse alcohol and caffeine, your wife pisses you off, your boss is a jerk, you dont get to sleep on time and dont get enough when you assured that the

simulation and response of your nervous system is imbalanced. Excessive Stress Hormones Are Secreted Because Of:

Financial Stress Poor Food Quality Overeating Eating Wrong For Your Metabolic Type Relationship Problems Anxiety Toxic Environment Dirty Air Chlorinated Water Poor Sleeping Patterns Negative Thoughts, Words and Deeds Improper Exercise Application
The rest of this book is dedicated to expanding upon the ideas presented in this chapter and offering practical means for implementing seven strategies for a stronger nervous system and ultimately helping you grow stronger. Good luck!

CLICK HERE To Watch A Video On Balancing The ANS

Strategy #1 - Mindful Breathing

If we stop breathing we die, yet most people are unaware of just how dysfunctional their ability to breathe is. If this most critical aspect of all physiological functions is in any way inhibited or impaired we run the risk of experiencing a cascade of negative responses. Although breathing is in many ways a function of the autonomic nervous system, we also have great conscious control over the way we breathe. We can focus our conscious attention on improving our ability to breathe deep. Mindful breathing is an ancient meditative practice that modern science has afrmed in its ability to reduce stress by stimulating the parasympathetic branch of our nervous system. This also stimulates your body to produce more anabolic hormones. Of all of the strategies in this book, mindful breathing is perhaps the easiest to begin practicing right away. It simply requires that we focus our mind on the inhalation and exhalation of our breath for prescribed period of time. When I rst began weight training over 20 years ago my uncle, who was heavily involved in martial arts, urged me to practice mindful breathing as a way to facilitate recovery from heavy weight training workouts. The method he taught me was to simply lie on my back and visualize the air moving in through my nose and comfortably lling my belly followed by the exhalation where I would visualize the air leaving my body, and then repeating this for about 15 minutes per day.

Mindful breathing can be carried with you throughout your day as well. Often while Im working at my desk writing books or editing videos I will catch myself holding my breath. When this happens I briey refocus my attention on my breathing. With consistent practice the habit of mindful breathing becomes automatic. Much of our dysfunctional breathing is due to chronic muscular tension in the extra respiratory muscles. This tension is often a neurotic holding pattern because it is often mental stress and anxieties that cause us to unconsciously tighten the muscles around our jaw, neck, chest and belly thus restricting our ability to breathe deep.

Strategy #2 Anabolic Energizers / Qigong

Every time we watch the television we are reminded of all the reasons why we should feel afraid, anxious and nervous and then were sold pills to x the problem of our anxiety! If you are reading this youre probably already convinced that exercise is good medicine. But did you know that the type of exercises you do determines how your Autonomic Nervous System stimulates the release of hormones? There are exercise and lifestyle choices that ADD stress to the body, forcing it to release Catabolic Hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. These exercises are great since they break down the body in preparation for the rebuilding phase that would normally follow. There are also exercises and lifestyle choices that REDUCE stress in the body, inviting it to release Anabolic Hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone. In this rebuilding phase your body is actually getting stronger by adjusting its ability to handle greater stress. The problem is many of us, who are relentless in our pursuit for greater strength and tness, tend to create an imbalance by over stimulating the release of Catabolic Hormones through vigorous exercise, and never make any conscious effort to stimulate the release of Anabolic Hormones though energizing exercise. Whats more, we live in a very stressful time and in a culture that does not value down time or any passive activity that allows us to grow.


The motto weve been forced to adopt is go, go, go!, with very little opportunity for grow, grow, grow. The energy and vitality in our bodies that allow us to grow stronger works a lot like investing. Just like you have to have money to invest in order to earn more money, it takes energy and vitality to build more energy and vitality in your body! Just like how the alternator in your car is fueled by the battery, it is the alternator that recharges the battery, all of our systems are energy dependent, even the ones that PRODUCE energy. Your digestive system, circulatory, musculoskeletal, nervous and hormonal systems are all consumers AND producers of energy in your body. For example, the energy you expend to inhale air is payed back when your lungs take oxygen from that air and attaches it to iron particles in your red blood cells which are delivered throughout your body via the heart and arteries. That oxygen carries a very strong positive charge while your body, and the water it holds, has negative charge. You might remember from high school science class, wherever you nd a positive and negative pole energy is produced. This new energy that is produced in the body is called Chi or Qi Energy by masters in the martial arts. When we breathe and move our body in a focused and relaxed fashion we invite this powerful Chi energy into our muscles and organs where its power is magnied and recycled. Anabolic Energizer exercises, like the ones youll lean in this manual, shuttle Chi energy throughout our body along the lines of our nervous system and hormones, where it provides us with:

Better Sleep More Focus & Concentration


Improved Mental Clarity The Ability To Think Creatively Brighter Eyes Less Anxiety & Depression A More Rened Metabolism Better Communication Skills Stronger Ability To Relate To Others Lower Blood Pressure More Youthful Looking Skin Stronger Immunity Against Sickness & Disease Faster Recovery From Workouts Improved Athletic Ability Better Digestion And Nutrient Assimilation Stronger Self Esteem And Personal Power Increased Libido And Sexual Activity A Sense Of Stability And Strength The Strongest Version Of YOU!


How To Use Anabolic Energizers

There is no right or wrong way to use these exercises, but her are a few pointers on how I have used them and how you can get the most out of them yourself. 1. The slower you move when doing these exercises the more powerful the anabolic response will be. 2. Keep your mind and thoughts focused on your breathing. If you get distracted simply return to your breath without judgment or frustration. 3. There may be times where your muscles begin to shake or quiver, this is a normal response to the increase of qi energy in your tissues. 4. If you have a tendency towards tight shoulders, tight neck or headaches, these exercises are great for reducing that pressure. 5. These exercises are very powerful but can be used on a daily basis for everyone from the most de-conditioned person to the professional athlete.

CLICK HERE To Study The Anabolic Energizers Video Course


Strategy #3 Bioenergetic Exercises

About 10 years ago I was suffering from a bout of depression and anxiety due in part to the mounting stresses of parenthood and building a business. As a result I decided to take a class in dynamic meditation. Dynamic meditation is a form of body meditation where you perform a series of exercises designed to release physical tension caused by psychological stress. Many of these exercises are very cathartic, meaning that through the movements emotional stress is released. I found this class so helpful that I decided to hire the teacher for a few private sessions. In our rst session she asked me to perform a series of deep breathing exercises to stimulate energy production in my body. After charging my body she asked me to perform a series of awkward exercises designed to break up tension in muscles she determined were tight. These exercises caused me to experience a ood of joyful emotions that manifested themselves in a bout of uncontrollable laughter. I was laughing so hard and for so long that tears came to my eyes. I apologized to my teacher for laughing so much and she explained that it was this apologetic attitude that had caused me to repress all of the joy I had just exerienced. I came to realize that throughout my life there have been experiences, both good and bad, that Ive unconsciously chosen to hold in. The exercises we performed allowed me to release them. By relieving my body of the holding it brought a new sense of peace to my entire physiology.


Many years later I decided to further explore the idea of releasing psychological and emotional tension through the musculoskeletal system. This bought me to the science of bioenergetic therapy. Bioenergetic therapy was created by Alexander Lowen MD, a student of Wilhelm Reich, who studied under Sigmund Freud. As a psychotherapist, Reich discovered many of his patients, even after spending months and years talking through their problems, showed little or no improvement in their lives. Reich theorized that talking about their problems was only one side of solving them. He discovered that most of the emotional and psychological trauma experienced by his patients was actually trapped in their muscules. As a result he began teaching his clients a system of exercises and deep breathing that would release the tension from their bodies. Alexander Lowen, Reichs students, further developed Reichs breathing and exercise methods to create what we call bioenergetics. For the past year and a half I have been studying bioenergetics with my therapist and mentor, Dr. Robert Glazer. When I rst met Dr. Glaser he taught me a series of stretches designed to open up the musculature that is associated with deep breathing. Dr. Glazer also taught me several deep breathing exercises that I use daily. But the most powerful methods Dr. Glazier has taught me are the ones that cause me to actively release psychological and emotional tension. As a result, Ive experienced extraordinary personal development. Many of you may have noticed from my videos over the past few years as I have made an effort to share these ideas through videos and blog posts. Of all of the methods in this book, bioenergetics has given me the greatest return on investment. The exercises are fun, easy, and even pleasurable. Below are several links to blog posts and videos that Ive created about bioenergetics and how to use them, as well as a recorded interview with my mentor, Dr. Glazer.

CLICK HERE For A Blog Post About Using Bioenergetics CLICK HERE To Listen to an Interview with Dr. Glazer 15

Strategy #4 Functional Medicine

Ive been lucky to have a succession of great mentors throughout my career as a tness professional and coach. One of my rst mentors was heavily involved in the study of holistic health. He was well educated about the physiological reasons for why people suffer from weight gain, lack of strength and poor vitality. As always when I become fascinated with an area of study, I seek to discover the resources others used to learn. I discovered that my mentor also had a mentor, Dr. Daniel Kalish. Dr. Kalish is a functional medicine practitioner, he uses lab assessments to discover the roots of an individual's inability to maximize their health potential.


With a deep understanding of the physiological roots, or etiology, of poor health we can work to strengthen the body at it's most basic levels. For example, we might discover that someone with the inability to lose weight has a hormonal imbalance that is disrupting their results. We would discover this imbalance through an assessment which pinpoints which hormones are out of whack and then take appropriate steps to bring balance back to the body. Several years ago I was suffering from rashes and other skin problems on my legs and arms. I contacted Dr. Kalish, in the hopes that he might help me discover the cause of my skin problems. He had my stool tested and found I had a bacterial infection of the stomach that was causing incomplete digestion of certain foods and in turn caused the rashes. Most medical doctors would have just prescribed a topical cream and sent me on my way. Instead we discovered the problem was tied to my digestive system and were able to stop the rashes at their source. Ridding my body of that pathogen brought relief to my skin problems and removed a major stressor on my nervous system. My body was then able to attend to other things such as recovery from workouts, and coping with normal daily stresses. Free from having to deal with added physiological disruptions my recovery and general physical outlook improved.


Strategy #5 Holosync Meditation

The positive benets of meditation on balancing your nervous system are well known and documented. One of my favorite resources on the science of how meditation physiologically enhances the body is Buddhas Brain by Rick Hanson. This book is great for anyone who wants scientic evidence to explain the power of meditation. Given that most of us have at least heard of the benets of meditation, why is it that most of us dont do it? If youre anything like me, its probably because the idea of sitting quietly and not thinking about anything for several minutes, or hours, not only seems boring but maybe even impossible. When I rst went into business for myself I suffered from lots of stress. I knew the physiological impact of the stress was ruining my body. I had several anxiety attacks, constant butteries in my stomach and insomnia. Not knowing any better I assumed this was just the pattern for the rest of my life. That is until I spoke with a good friend who shared something powerful with me. While on the phone with this longtime friend, he mentioned he had overcome stress and anxiety through meditation. But not just your average meditation, he was using a new technology that allowed his body and mind to slip into a deep meditative state without having to actively participate in the act of meditation. Basically he was listening to a series of CDs designed to do the work for you. Unlike many of the guided imagery CDs that we had tried in the past. these CDs contained a low level hum and the ringing of gongs that would move from one ear to the other. While listening to these CDs the participant, unconsciously, would slip into deeper brain waves of consciousness. After hearing his explanation of how this technology worked I was still unmoved, so he asked me to simply try it for 30 days. He sent me his CDs in the mail, to keep, if I promised to use them every day for 30 days.


The CDs arrived in the mail, along with a packet describing the science behind the technology and how meditation enhances well-being. I popped the rst CD into my computer, put on my headphones and started listening. At rst nothing magical happened, in fact the sound of the gongs just seemed annoying. But having promised my friend to keep at it for 30 days, I continued. One day, about three weeks into using the CDs, I was sitting on the couch with my daughter just like I usually would when taking a break from work. Normally, I'd try to relax but there was always a nagging sense of anxiety and my stomach was never at ease. On this particular day something strange happened.


After sitting for a few minutes I was surprised to discover I wasnt anxious, in fact, my whole body felt relaxed and I was breathing deeply. In a state of panic, I jumped off the couch and fearfully explained to my wife I thought something was wrong. I felt so good I worried I was becoming lazy! I then realized it must have been the meditation CDs. They were rewiring my nervous system to allow pleasurable feelings and reduce anxiety. At that moment I knew my friend was right and this technology was far more powerful than I ever imagined. The name of the CD program I was using and continue to use off and on today is Holosync. Holosync is designed to offer your brain subtle, yet increasingly more intense, binaural stimulation. The gradual increase in the stimulation causes your brain to rewire itself in such a way that the user automatically experiences more feelings of joy, relaxation and pleasure. There is much to be explored as to how and why this technology works so powerfully, and I'm not prepared to expound upon it here, but below there are a series of links to websites and resources that might be helpful to you. Holosync Is the easiest and fastest way to begin meditation and experience its benets. Although the CDs are a bit costly they have been one of the best investments I've ever made.

CLICK HERE To Lean More About Holosync Technology CLICK HERE For A Cool Cartoon About Holosync


Strategy #6 Circadian Rhythms

Throughout most of human evolution people have lived their lives in accordance to natural rhythms. The most obvious rhythms are those of the seasons and, of course, the daily rhythm of sunrise and sunset. As recent technologies, including electricity, have slowly changed the way we behave, many of us no longer live in accordance to these natural rhythms. To deny that we are sensitive to the movement of celestial bodies, including our planet as it revolves around the sun and spins on its axis, is pure ignorance of just how connected to the physical world we are. Human beings have grown out of the earth and to behave as if we were placed here exempt from the natural laws that govern everything else on the planet makes no sense. Our bodies have evolved in such a way that stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are released when light comes in contact with receptors in our brain and skin. This physiological response to the rising of the sun allows us to become energized for a day full of work.


Just as the sun sets so to should our catabolic hormones in order to make way for the release of anabolic hormones. Unfortunately, for most of us this natural catabolic / anabolic rhythm is disrupted. Many of us are producing catabolic hormones to maintain energy well after sunset and often past midnight. These same people then wake up early, creating a situation where catabolic hormones are secreted at their maximum throughout the bulk of a 24 hour cycle and anabolic hormones are secreted very briey. The negative results of our detachment from natural rhythms is experienced in a myriad of chronic debilitating diseases many of us suffer. Disrupted sleep cycles are one of the most prevalent causes of hormonal and nervous system dysfunctions. Nagging injuries, headaches, neurological disorders and adrenal fatigue are often experienced by people who do not get enough sleep or sleep at sub-optimal times. There are many factors which contribute to our inability to get to sleep on time. Foremost amongst these factors is the widespread use of stimulants, including the ever so popular energy drinks and pre-workout supplements. Sugar and caffeine are also over used further causing a disruption in circadian rhythms. Another factor contributing to peoples inability to sleep at night, that is often overlooked, is electromagnetic pollution. Power lines; electrical circuits in your walls, ceilings and oors; electrical appliances, such as electric blankets, TVs and computers, emit such pollution. This electromagnetic pollution can disrupt your natural sleep/wake cycles. Finally, for many of us it has just become pure bad habit. We have become accustomed to staying up late and our bodies grown accustomed to getting to bed very late. Ive discovered one of the best methods for retraining your body to fall asleep earlier is to simply get up earlier, no matter what time you went to sleep. In the absence of stimulants, you'll nd your body grows tired toward the evening and you will naturally want to fall asleep. Someone not well rested is in no position to train at their hardest or recover from difcult bouts of intense exercise. It is essential that you get to sleep no later than 10:30 PM and rise with the sun in order to balance your nervous system. Below you will nd some resources on the science of circadian rhythms and suggestions for how to realign your activities with the natural daily and seasonal cycles.


Strategy #7 Change Your Thinking

It is a generally accepted fact that our thoughts and habitual thinking patterns have immediate and profound effects on our physiology. The rst time that I experienced this conceptually was while attending a workshop. The teacher instructed the class to close our eyes and imagine we were holding a lemon. He then asked us to imagine slicing the lemon open and observing the juicy, plump fruit on the inside. After observing the fruit within our minds he then asked us to pretend we were bringing the fruit up to our mouths and taking a bite. It was at this point I noticed my salivary glands were stimulated, my mouth was watering as if there were a real lemon being presented to it. But the fact was, that the lemon was merely a gment of my imagination. Even so my body was responding as if it were real. This clearly demonstrated the power of our thoughts and imagination on our physiology. The thoughts and ideas we allow to enter our consciousness have an immediate and often longlasting effect on our physical bodies. It is impossible to escape this fact, but by being aware of it we can better choose which thoughts, ideas, and external stimuli we allow to affect our bodies. We are all familiar with the damaging physiological effects that excess stress places on our bodies. Many experts agree this stress can cause a myriad of chronic and debilitating diseases including heart disease, cancer, and, of course, most of the neurological diseases, including anxiety and depression.


What most people are not familiar with is the fact that the effects of stressors on our physiology can be affected by how we consciously approach them. Although stress is inevitable, how we respond to those stressors either stimulates a sympathetic response from our nervous system that can cascade into a hormonal and systemic dysfunction or have no deep, lasting effect on us at all. Lets take the following scenario for example: Pretend you are sitting in a coffee shop with a good friend who happens to be well trained in defense and martial arts. After several minutes of relaxing conversation a man carrying a semi automatic gun bursts through the coffee shop door. At that moment your body responds to this threat by increasing your heart rate and thrusting you into a state of immobilizing shock. Your friend, on the other hand, experiences the same external stimulation, yet he is unmoved. He slowly gets up from the table, unnoticed by the attacker, and moves towards him in a silent manner. Before the attacker notices him, your friend has already disarmed him and is taking him down to the oor where he holds him until the police arrive. Both you and your friend experienced the same extrinsic forces that placed stress on your bodies. Because your mind and nervous system were unprepared to deal with it you ended up in a state of shock. Your friend being well-trained in defense remained calm and cool; the sympathetic branch of his nervous system did not overwhelm his physiology. In his levelheaded, state he was able to make good decisions and remedy the situation effectively. This is just one example of how the same stress will manifest itself differently in two different people. Of course this is an extreme example, but like Ive said in the past, the severity of a stressor is often perceived. It is how we choose to look at the situation that will either throw our nervous system and physiology out of balance or allow us to remain unmoved and able to deal with the situation appropriately. Someone once told me that the word fear can be thought of as an acronym. False Evidence Appearing Real


With fear this is often the case. Many times we are paralyzed by an inability to act in a creative and progressive manner towards the challenges in life because we have allowed false evidence to appear real. This creates a situation where fear controls our behavior. The following is a more subtle example of how minor events can trigger a cascade of fear and anxiety throughout our nervous system and body. When I rst began making YouTube videos back in 2007 I would read many of the comments people would make about a particular video. Often times I would perceive negative comments as an attack on me personally. Because of my lack of consciousness at the time, I allowed those negative comments to ruin my day. It would also affect my condence as I made subsequent videos. But as I grew aware of how my physiology was instantly responding to these negative words I began to notice the subtle, yet damaging, changes in my breathing as well as a tightening of the musculature in my pelvic oor, neck, and shoulders. The fact is someones comments on a YouTube video is no threat to my livelihood, personhood, or character. Its just a bunch of words that someone typed up on a keyboard, left and most likely forgot about. Today, the stimulation of a negative comment on YouTube no longer holds the same implications that it once did in my mind, and subsequently no longer has any physiological effect on me. The way you choose to perceive challenges and stressors in your environment is what allows them to imbalance your nervous system and lead to a myriad of acute physiological responses, which over time can become chronic and debilitating. You choose how to experience the world around you. You are not a victim of it. You can, however, choose to become a victim of your thoughts. The choice, as always, is yours.


BONUS 8 The Skeletal System

Most people are aware of how the nervous system works to move your muscles and bones, but theyre not aware of the fact that your bones actually have an effect on your nervous system. I rst came across the idea that the bones, particularly the bones of the spinal column, can have an effect on how your nervous system expresses itself when reading an article titled Scientic Balance Training by Paul Chek. In the article he explains how the brain and spinal cord are encased and protected by the skull and the movable vertebrae of the spine. As the spinal cord passes through the whole at the bottom of your skull it extends into the very rst vertebrae of your spinal column called the Atlas. After passing through the Atlas it extends itself down through the spinal column and into the rest of your body.


The interesting thing about the Atlas is that it is highly mobile. Unlike the other vertebrate which are locked into place, the Atlas oats between the skull and the spinal column. This allows the head to move freely upon the neck but it also makes the Atlas very vulnerable to displacement. As you can imagine, your highly sensitive spinal cord, as it drops through a displaced Atlas bone, will be compressed. Even a little compression can disrupt the energy feed throughout the entire peripheral nervous system down the chain. This is analogous to a tree that falls on a power line knocking out electricity to all other power lines that follow. The way this imbalanced energy feed, due to a displaced Atlas, manifests itself physiologically can most easily be seen is in the imbalance of strength between one side of the body and the other. I personally experienced this as a weakening of my right leg I noticed when I deadlifted. Armed with this understanding I decided to visit a upper cervical specialist that works with patients in order to realign the Atlas bone. After an assessment he used a special instrument to realign my Atlas. The entire process was quite gentle. Afterward, I experienced a rush of sensation down my right leg and noticed a nagging pain in my elbow subside. Needless to say my next experience deadlifting was very different. My right leg didn't quiver and produced more force than it had in any of my previous attempts. All of this may sound strange and brand-new to you but I invite you to watch the video in the link provided below. Also, in my Advanced Neuromuscular Strength home study course you can actually watch as my students attend the very same clinic that I did and see some of their results. Many of them have gone on to grow much stronger since having their Atlas adjusted.

CLICK HERE for a blog post and video about the Atlas


A strong and balanced nervous system is essential to good health and becoming the strongest version of yourself. Taking even small actions towards bringing balance to your autonomic nervous system will have tremendous effects on your physical strength and your performance in all aspects of your life. My objective in creating this report was to shed some light on ideas you may have not considered and to offer insight as to how you might grow stronger using these methods. My intention is not to overwhelm you with seven new things that you need to do right now, in fact that would only create more anxiety and stimulate your sympathetic branch of the nervous system causing further imbalance :) I invite you to choose just one, maybe two, of the methods above. Use the resources Ive provided to continue your studies and to help implement any one of these methods. So get started and good luck! Learn More About Elliott Hulse

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