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Audition mental ear training inner hearing
Audition mental ear training inner hearing

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Published by: balika1 on Jan 18, 2014
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In the 1957 musical The Music Man, a con-artist posing as a music teacher taught his eager students

the think method for learning music. Professor Harold Hill claim ed that if you thought your way through a song, you would magically be able to p lay it. While this method has some obvious flaws (such as not teaching fingerings for ev en a single note to an entire marching band) there is something to Professor Hil l s claim Thinking your way through music may not be enough to really learn it, but it can be a highly effective tool for accelerating your progress and improving your mu sical ear. The Power of Imagination It has become more and more common for coaches to recommend their athletes visua lize their success, imagining that moment of triumph when they win their competi tion. Some coaches even have players set aside time before big games to visualiz e succeeding. The belief is that this focuses a player, gives them confidence, and allows them to practice skills without actually expending the physical energy required by t heir regular practice routine. The same idea can be applied to music, and particularly through singing. The pro cess of internalizing music is a very important step toward externalizing music wh ich is really just an academic way of saying you have to make the music inside y our head before it can come out in front of an audience. This process of audiation can considerably strengthen your skills as a musician. Audiation ? What s that? When I asked my fiance about audiation , he told me: you should have a tax professi onal prepare your taxes to avoid it. My word processor doesn t even recognize audiation as a word!

So clearly it s worth spending a moment to explain what audiation is before I try to convince you, good reader, to practice it. Audiation is a term coined in the 1970s by Edwin Gordon to refer to the creation o f auditory imagery. It is similar (but not quite the same) as Zoltan Kodály s refere nces to inner hearing.

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