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Lesson Preparation

Teacher Candidate: Kaci Philpot Title of Lesson: Social Appropriateness Passing Gas Grade Level: 3 Subject Area: Social Skills/Behavior
1. Lesson Topic (What is the big idea?): The appropriate way to handle passing gas at school. 2. What standard(s) will it address?

3. What IEP goal(s) will it address? By 12/13/2014 John will demonstrate social appropriate behavior when he needs to pass gas at least 90% of the time across settings as measured by appropriate behavior checklist. 4. Main Objective of Instruction (What do you want the student(s) to learn?): Johnathan will be able to demonstrate effort and acknowledgement of the appropriate behaviors learned from the social story. 5. Supporting Objectives: Students will be able to maintain attention until the adult is finished reading the story.

6. Specific Strategies (conspicuous) to be taught/modeled: Using social stories as a model for social appropriate behaviors. 7. Planning for individual differences (mediated scaffolding): What are the accommodations/modifications you need to prepare? -prepare student for upcoming lesson by giving time warnings starting 15 minutes prior to the lesson with a follow-up reminder every five minutes and the final two minutes. 8. What background knowledge do the students have? How will you assess students learning pre, during and post? (please paste your pre and post assessment here) Background Knowledge: John frequently passes gas in the classroom, during assemblies, and at lunch. John does not make any attempt to do so appropriately and he often smiles when others notice then either gesture or verbalize their noticing. Both school staff and Johns parents have had repeated discussions with him about the inappropriateness of his behavior and how it affects others around him. -Pre assessment: appropriate behavior checklist (does not demonstrate any of the said behaviors).

-During learning: I will watch Johns facial expressions. His facial expression for being confused or unfocused is extremely prominent. -Post: Appropriate behavior checklist. 9. What management/grouping issues do you need to consider? -John needs extensive warning before transitioning or he will shut down. -If John feels he is being called out, he will shut down. -If something else in the daily routine is disrupted, John may become fixated on the change in routine. -John may go on a tangent about Dakota Motsenbacher 10. Materials and Resources: -Appropriate behavior checklist -2 Copies of the social story (one for home and one for school) 11. How/where will students be able to integrate (generalize) this learning? The student will be able to apply learned behaviors at home and when in public places. 12. How will you evaluate student learning from this lesson and build review into ongoing instruction (judicious review)? The social story will be read to John every morning when he is transitioning from the bus to come into class as well as while he is eating afternoon snack.

Lesson Title: Social Appropriateness Passing Gas Main Objective of this lesson: Johnathan will be able to demonstrate effort and acknowledgement of the appropriate behaviors learned from the social story.
(CONTENT-PROCESS) I. Opening: (SET How will you get the student(s) attention?) Relate lesson to prior learning. Communicate the objective of the lesson. -How can you tell that you need to pass gas? Can you feel bubbles in your tummy? -What do you think you should do when you pass gas? Procedure: (Is this an informal presentation, direct instruction, or structured discovery?) Informal presentation
o Strategies (I Do/ how will you guide students to construct meaning for themselves): - I will read the social story to John.


Guided Practice (We Do/students present): - I will have the student rehearse the social appropriate behaviors illustrated in the social story. Differentiation: - If the student does not want to be read to, he can read it out loud to either the special educator or a paraprofessional in the classroom. - The student can use an expo marker to highlight the verbs in the story to relate to literacy instruction. (PRODUCT) - The student will demonstrate the socially appropriate behavior.


Closure: Student(s) summarize, demonstrate learning of lesson. Independent Practice (You Do). Formally END the lesson. I will tell John that our goal is to be just like the social story and ask him what he got from the social story.