YOUR HOLY PRESENCE Beloved Lord of the Universe Thank You for the presence of Your love within

me. Thank You for the presence of Your light within me. Thank You for the presence of Your power within me. Thank You for the power of creative praise within me. Thank You for the creative power of the word within me. Today, I acknowledge the creative power of my spoken words. I know, believe, acknowledge and accept that the words I speak become the experiences I live. I forgive myself for every time I have wasted, abused or used this power inappropriately. I know that Your love, light and power lives in every word I speak. I forgive myself for the moments I failed to recognize Your presence in the words I speak. Acknowledging and accepting Your presence and power within me, I declare this to be a great day I declare and decree that I live, move and experience good today by virtue of Your grace and favor. I declare and decree healing and balance in my mind today I declare and decree healing and balance in my heart today I declare and decree that radiant health is mine today I declare that unspeakable !oy is mine today I declare great and even greater opportunities will unfold in my life today I declare that through the presence of "od#s wisdom within me, I make right choices and take right actions today I declare abundant wealth and prosperity are attracted into my life and affairs today If there is any part of my mind or being in doubt of "od#s presence, grace and favor in my life, I forgive those things today and release them into the universe of "od#s light and love.

Today is the day that I recognize and live fully all that "od is as me, in me and through me. $or this awareness and realization, I stand in gracious gratitude. I %et It be And &o It Is 'ev. (r. Iyanla )anzant Take a moment to write three *+, powerful and positive affirmations of what you desire to experience and attract today. -arry those affirmations with you and read them as often as you can throughout the day. .efore retiring tonight, review and re/read your affirmations. "ive thanks for the manifest/ ations of your desires, even if you do not0did not recognize the physical evidence today. 1now that you have asked and you 23&T receive.

$orgiveness is an ulti/ mate act of love. It is not the act of 4forgetting4 an incident or upset. It is the remembering and the choice to 4give away4 the hurt we have attached to the experience . $orgiveness is the living of love or the application of love to our lives. It is remembering that we are capable of loving our/ selves and others in a greater way. The %aw of $orgiveness states that certain ideas must be dissolved and cleared from the mind in order that other new ideas of a different character may replace them. Through forgiveness, we create new realities that allow us to experience greater love and freedom. $orgiveness sets the stage for a new act in our

lives to begin. 5olding on to !udgments about exper/iences and people keeps us in limitation. 6hen we allow ourselves the experience of forgive/ ness, we turn the key to open the cell of human/ ness and release the divinity that resides in us and in others, and allow that divinity to reign. Essentials: 7. $orgiveness starts in our own hearts. 8nly when we have forgiven ourselves can we give it to others. 9. $orgiveness is not conditional, even though our practice of it often is. +. $orgiveness is an ongoing process. It continues in response to every !udgment we make about ourselves. :. ;very gesture of forgiveness is sufficient. 6hatever we are able to do now is enough. This understanding enables us to practice forgiveness with forgiveness. Inner )isions Institute

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