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all without the help of one very revered exercise in the bodybuilding canon.U. By John Plummer 108 AGE OF INTENSITY The training philosophies that set Dorian Yates apart. Who is he.NOVEMBER 2013 COVER PHOTOGRAPH BY PAVEL YTHJALL TRAINING 30 BACK AND FORTH WITH THE GIFT Phil Heath reveals his backburning techniques. and where did he come from? By Robbie Durand 100 BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS QUIZ Test your knowledge of the British Championships with this brain workout. 42 By Greg Merritt 42 LEWIS LASHES LEGS Flex Lewis demolishes legs. FEATURES 52 GENERATION IRON The conclusion of our behindthe-scenes look at the bodybuilding docudrama.G. NEW ANGLE Blow it up with this modern-day twist on a timeless classic.®: ISO-TENSION How flexing between sets can enhance muscle growth. By Greg Merritt 100 By Dave Lee 78 SHATTERING THE COMPETITION Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay exploded into the IFBB Pro League. By David Sandler 86 H.E. By Julian Schmidt 108 VOLUME 31 NUMBER 8 4 FLEX . By Michael Berg 62 VOLUME TRAINING: OLD METHOD.

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How I started right but then went wrong. You should know squat! 128 Big Ass Mass Stay anabolic. and more! News and gossip from the UK. The latest food and supplements news. 130 Lift Strong The 1-6 Principle. 14 It’s Only My Opinion 16 Hard Times Cables. Neil Hill answers your questions. A look back at the career of the legendary Albert Beckles. including training tips. Dopamine: a dieter’s secret Expert advice for hardgainers. 26 Home Scene 72 Get Big Column 138 Only the Strong 156 Looking Back 164 ET Column 92 From the Trenches 118 Gym Bag 124 Advanced Nutrition 118 6 FLEX . Our usual mix.flexonline. Ex pro British bodybuilder Ernie Taylor draws on his vast experience to answer your questions . 172 Under the Microscope 176 The Shot Phil Heath We put Muscletech Nano Vapor under the microscope. and more. 132 Advanced Bodybuilding 134 Hardcore Nutrition 136 Ask the Guru The calorie fallacy. or barbells and dumbbells? Olympia weekend million-dollar 30 62 WEIDER ATHLETES 140 142 144 146 147 148 150 152 153 154 Phil Heath Mamdouh Elssbiay Flex Lewis Shawn Rhoden Roelly Winklaar Fouad Abiad Michael Liberatore Erik Fankhouser Ben Pakulski Kai Greene DEPARTMENTS 10 Editorial 12 Arnold’s Page Bodybuilding has changed forever. research. Building your lower back strength.

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but no responsibility can be accepted for the consequences of actions based on the advice contained herein. CHAIRMAN. It is the responsibility of the individual to abide by the laws and dosage allowances specific to their country of residence.99 Western Europe £49 Rest of the World £69 TO SUBSCRIBE Tel: 01858 435346 www. including but not limited to photographs. PRESIDENT & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER David Pecker EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT. however. Clarence Drive. Weider Publishing Italia Srl and Mediafit SARL. Bilman EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT. Reprinted with permission. Bornstein 4 New York Plaza. North Yorkshire. All rights reserved. safe or effective for everybody. Kathy Tweddle STAFF WRITER Matt Turner ONLINE CONTENT PRODUCER Joanna Green REGULATORY CONSULTANT Mark Gilbert ADVERTISING CO-ORDINATOR Martin Denton ADVERTISING ASSISTANT Jonathan Booth DIGITAL/ADVERTISING ASSISTANT Justin Frickleton MARKETING ASSISTANT Charlotte Barnes IT AND COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER Jim Sore FINANCIAL CONTROLLER Kevin Howland ADMINISTRATION MANAGER Sandra Opacic CIRCULATION DIRECTOR Patrick Napier COLOUR REPRODUCTION BY RW Reprographics Tel: 01924 351 805 PRINTED IN POLAND BY Quad/Graphics Tel: 0048 22 33 67 093 DISTRIBUTED BY Mail Publisher Solutions Tel: 020 7938 6000 Sign up for our free monthly newsletter US EDITION EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT. New Tel: 01423 877052 DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTIONS ONE YEAR (12 issues) £34. Swider EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT. CHIEF INFORMATION OFFICER David Thompson SENIOR VICE GENERAL ENQUIRIES Tel: 01423 504516 MAIL ORDER MAIL ORDER Katie Ashworth e-mail: mailorder@weideruk. Copyright © (2013) Weider Publications. assume responsibility for the twitter. DISTRIBUTION SERVICES. CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER. CHIEF MARKETING OFFICER Kevin Hyson EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT. Not all supplements. O’Neill GENERAL MANAGER. John D. nor the quality or delivery of the products/services themselves. combinations of supplements. Harrogate. and may not be used or reproduced without the permission of Weider ONE YEAR (12 issues) £34. OPERATIONS Rob M. TREASURER Chris Polimeni PRESIDENT. Weider Publications LLC and its affiliates: Weider Publishing Ltd. .uk/newslettersignup We assume no responsibility for returning unsolicited material. 4th Floor.flexonline. Every care is taken to assure the accuracy of the information in Editorial articles relating to food supplementation and sports nutrition reproduced in this issue of FLEX are for information purposes only and are not intended to solicit or otherwise promote any commercialised product containing the mentioned supplements. CEO. manuscripts and letters. LLC. GROUP PUBLISHING DIRECTOR Chris Scardino CHAIRMAN & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER David Pecker FOUNDER & CHAIRMAN EMERITUS Joe Weider (1920-2013) PRESIDENT OF THE IFBB PROFESSIONAL LEAGUE Jim Manion EXECUTIVE EDITOR Arnold Schwarzenegger EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Robbie Durand MANAGING EDITOR Brian Good WEST COAST EDITOR Dave Ian Lee CHIEF MEDICAL ADVISER Carlon Colker WEIDER PUBLICATIONS.99 Download the app at www.flexonline. injury or damage caused by their use. LLC A SUBSIDIARY OF AMERICAN MEDIA. PRINT SUBSCRIPTIONS CDS GLOBAL e-mail: weider@subscription. LLC. CHIEF DIGITAL OFFICER Joseph M. DIGITAL MEDIA OPERATIONS. AMI INTERNATIONAL & SYNDICATION Lawrence A. Alice Cockerham. Steve www. or dose ranges of supplements may be suitable. Weider Publishing Ltd makes every effort to ensure that the advertising contained in FLEX is derived from respectable sources. TO ADVERTISE Tel: 01423 550848 EDITORIAL FOR EDITORIAL AND GENERAL ENQUIRIES e-mail: www. HG1 2PE Tel: 01423 504516 Fax: 01423 561494 ISSN 0955-1212 ADVERTISING EUROPEAN ADVERTISING MANAGER Samantha Lund e-mail: slund@weideruk. Always consult a doctor before commencing supplementation or changing dosages. NY 10004 USA. do not accept liability for the effects of reported supplements or products. www. legal or illegal or any loss. Published under license from Weider Publications. Sarah Warner SCIENCE EDITOR Dr Daniel Reardon SUB EDITORS Gillian Ingles. Some supplements may not work effectively outside specific dosage ranges and may potentially cause harm if taken in excess. ‘FLEX’ is a trademark of Weider Publications.® UK EDITION MANAGING DIRECTOR Martin Cheifetz EDITORIAL DIRECTOR John Plummer EDITOR Chris Lund MARKETING/WEB MANAGER Andrew Berrie PRODUCTION MANAGER Suzanne Turmel PRINT/PRODUCTION CO-ORDINATOR Sarah Patterson CREATIVE TEAM Neil Molyneaux. It does not. Leigh Shrimpton PRODUCTION TEAM John Braddick. Tel: 001 212 339 1900 PUBLISHED IN THE UK BY WEIDER PUBLISHING LTD 10 Windsor To the extent permitted by FLEX is distributed on an international basis.facebook. CONSUMER MARKETING David W. nor any claims and representations made therein. Leckey EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT.flexonline.


Back then it was all about freaky muscle. who lived through the lean years that lasted from about 1990 to 2005. The number of female athletes has increased WATCH IT NOW 10 FLEX KEVIN HORTON . In such body-conscious times. FLEX Want a physique like Ryan Terry’s? Learn how he does it with his 12-week Cover Model Conditioning programme at www. the kind of people who want to compete and the atmosphere at shows. In the meantime. It’s been a wonderful year with more contests than ever. and the introduction of a new contest next summer suggests it is (see Home Scene). at flexonline. If the United Kingdom Bodybuilding and Fitness Federation continues to seize the opportunity. The growth in spin-off businesses. are wary of upsizing to expensive new buildings in case the sport collapses like it did 25 years ago. more competitors than ever and frequent full houses. Classic bodybuilding. mainly for the better. All the old bodybuilding categories still exist but the new ones give practically anyone the chance to get on stage if they’re up for the challenge of training to be in the best shape of their lives. We will be changing too by including more coverage of these newer classes in 2013 as we strive to bring you Britain’s best bodies in all their forms. on November 3rd. as displayed on this page by Ryan Terry. But that won’t happen. get in the British Championships spirit by trying our quiz this month and look for our coverage of the big event. bikini manufacturing and posing workshops is evidence of a sport in rude health. west London. that’s only going to appeal to more people. thoughts are already turning to the 2014 series of qualifiers. Others. and many of the qualifiers. They’ve transformed the physiques on stage. such as contest tanning. Some promoters are looking for bigger venues. this might just be the beginning.myvideopt. Now it’s about mainstream muscle as well. Bodybuilding has changed. Bannatyne and Fitness First instead of just the old spit-and-sawdust gyms we know and love. which get underway at the Stars of Tomorrow show at the Beck Theatre in Hayes. men’s physique.BY JOHN PLUMMER EDITORIAL DIRECTOR BODYBUILDING HAS CHANGED FOREVER With this magazine due out two days before the British Championships. bodyfitness and bikini fitness are game changers. Little has been lost but much has been gained. such as Virgin Active. Bodybuilding has fundamentally changed. We’re now seeing more competitors from high street health


Below. later in my career and it took a lot of stress off of those vulnerable areas. COURTESY OF WEIDER HEALTH AND FITNESS ■ Drop the sets and reps for more mass If size is your goal. indeed. A wider Arnold Schwarzenegger shows Franco Columbu and Ken Waller that he does. and Dave Draper wouldn’t count a rep until my butt touched the back of my ankles. and 99 would tell you the squat—and the other one probably has chronic knee issues. There’s little doubt that the squat is the king of all exercises. and my training partners Franco Columbu. include higher-rep sets (10–15) to add variety. it’s important for your thighs to go just beyond parallel to the floor at the bottom of each rep. I also recommend incorporating front squats into your routine to focus in on the quads more than the glutes. know squat. Concentrating on keeping your chest out will help you keep your back flat. That’s what I did ■ Do supersets and compound sets In 1971. so that your rear end and the bar are almost in line with each other. ■ Go down to just below parallel To develop strength throughout the entire range of motion. That means three or four sets. your back should be as straight as possible. EXECUTIVE EXECUTIVE EDITOR EDITOR YOU SHOULD KNOW SQUAT Ask 100 bodybuilders which exercise they’d do if they could only do one. It was gruelling and in the end. and you don’t suffer from chronic knee or hip issues. because it adds mass to your thighs and glutes. After you’ve become experienced. The burn was unbearable. I would often do my squats barefoot to grip the floor better with my toes. If you want to be the best bodybuilder you can be. which adds mass. and take longer rest periods. I got great results by doing compound sets of leg extensions followed by squats. When I was competing. but it worked! FLEX 12 FLEX ZELLER © FITNESS PUBLICATIONS INC. you must train according to basic power principles: do fewer sets and reps with as heavy a weight you can handle. as it usually is with squats. Ken Waller. SCHWARZENEGGER. This is especially important for beginners who are establishing a training base. when I wanted to add more definition and separation—not to mention sheer size—to my thighs. ■ Body alignment is key Ideally. I hated the exercise. On occasion. I would squat twice per week and go to more than 400 pounds for reps. use a Smith machine instead.. quite frankly. as well as all over your body via a systemic response to this most difficult of exercises. then you should make the squat your best friend—whether you like it or not. four to eight reps. and around three minutes of rest between sets. but I knew that it was essential if I wanted to be the best bodybuilder on the planet. whereas a narrower stance tends to target the outer quads. ■ Switch to Smith If your lower back and/or knees bother you during barbell squatting. . it’s OK occasionally to include half squats in your training to allow you to use heavier weight. stance hits the inside of the thighs more. ■ Tailor your stance to your goals Whether your feet should be spaced wide or closed—a common squatting debate—depends on which area of the quads you want to focus on. I’ve compiled some tips to keep in mind the next time you climb under a bar. as well as supersets of front squats and lying leg curls (for hamstrings).BY ARNOLD BY ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Hack squats are another alternative that I found effectively target the outer thigh muscles.









Many years ago I read an article written by Ivan Dunbar who was a top NABBA official from Ireland. Ivan would always try his best to bring over the current, hottest physique sensations in the world so that his fellow countrymen could see them up close for themselves. He did this for many years and sometimes he would write about the experience in Health & Strength magazine. On this particular occasion he had pulled off a real winner. He had brought over Larry Scott, the first man to win the Mr Olympia. (Larry won it twice in 1965 and 1966 and then retired from bodybuilding.) During the early part of the 1960s, Larry Scott was the undisputed king of bodybuilders and you were dazzled and truly inspired by the fantastic photographs and training articles about him in Joe Weider’s Muscle Builder, the forerunner to FLEX. Larry trained at Vince Gironda’s gym in California using all kinds of specialised training equipment that we had never seen before. He even used a special biceps bench which was nicknamed after him, because he used it exclusively to build those amazing, fully rounded biceps (which we had also never seen before). This bench was called the Scott bench at first, but over the years it became known as the preacher bench. Ivan wrote that he was surprised that on first sight, while fully dressed, Larry appeared smaller than he had anticipated. But he wasn’t quite prepared for his next surprise. When he proudly showed Larry his gym, the two-time Mr Olympia from California just stared in unimpressed silence. Eventually he asked, “But where are all the pulleys, and cables? I train using at least 12 different cable machines!” “Ah,” replied Ivan, “we are just a simple hardcore gym. Maybe a spot of hard work on the basic stuff will do you good!” Mr Scott was not amused, and Ivan wrote that he would never forget that look of disappointment on the face of the latest, greatest bodybuilder in the world. To Larry Scott’s credit, Ivan Dunbar concluded his article by saying that he was absolutely astounded when Scott posed that night on stage. “Larry Scott,” he wrote, “was the best we had ever seen!” While it’s perfectly true that Larry Scott did use many different types of cable machines, it’s also true that he trained more intensely than any other bodybuilding champion during his era apart from Sergio Oliva, who used lots of heavy basic moves. The cable movements, as well as the specialised training apparatus such as the Smith machine, wide-grip dipping bar and hack squat machine, were the influence of the infamous Vince Gironda, who would not allow regular squats to be done in his gym. In his opinion, “squats widen the hips, and if I see anyone in the gym doing them, I will kick them out!” During the period that Larry Scott reigned as the greatest bodybuilder in the world, specialised training exercises began to evolve and gain popularity. Why kill yourself with regular squats, when you could have fun on the hack squat, leg press and thigh extension machines? Why do regular barbell curls when you could do cable curls and preacher curls? [Editor’s note: Larry Scott’s biceps routine consisted of dumbbell preacher curls supersetted with barbell preacher curls, nonstop, six sets of six reps. He then finished off with six sets of reverse-grip preacher curls using an EZ curl bar. Larry’s training was not exactly heavy duty, but he did lots of compound sets and trisets until he couldn’t do another rep. He would then do half reps and burns to true muscular failure.] Why do demanding sets of parallel dips and lying EZ triceps extensions when you could do pressdowns, one-arm pushdowns and leaning-


forward pulley triceps extensions (Scott’s favourite triceps exercise)? Why do heavy bentover rows and chins when you’ve got all those lat machines? Why bother with bench presses and dips when you could do Gironda-inspired, lightweight wide-grip bench presses to the neck as well as wide-grip parallel dips with your elbows kept out to the sides? Heavy military presses and dumbbell presses were replaced with the Smith machine press, cable lateral raises and a unique two-dumbbell shoulder press that Larry Scott also became famous for. Instead of pushing the dumbbells straight up from your shoulders, you pushed them inwards until they were a few inches from the top of your head. Your arms remained bent throughout the entire movement, which meant that you eliminated the weaker triceps involvement. In other words, you failed because your deltoids gave out, not because your triceps did. This exercise became known as the Scott dumbbell press and later the Arnold dumbbell press. So we dropped the heavy squats and replaced them with the hack machine and leg extension. We cut out the heavy bench presses and incline dumbbell presses, and did wide-grip bench press to the neck and cable crossovers. We dropped regular military presses and dumbbell presses and replaced them with the Scott dumbbell press and one-arm cable side laterals. We didn’t do regular parallel dips and lying triceps extensions any more. Instead we did every form of cable triceps exercise we could think of. Heavy pyramid-style barbell and dumbbell curls were replaced by preacher curls and cable curls. Finally we even dumped bentover barbell rows and chins and replaced them with pulldowns and low lat pulley work. The result was not as we expected. Muscles began to shrink on a weekly basis. And strength? That went down the pan as well. When we eventually went back to basic barbell and dumbbell exercises, we ached for a week but with time, our strength and muscular size came back! See you next month, and keep training. Chris Lund FLEX






000.000 212 Showdown: $65.000 apiece. Olympia: $60.” Brought to You By TOTAL PRIZE MONEY BREAKDOWN DAVE LEE BIG NEWS. bodybuilding’s biggest weekend has hit the $1 million mark.000 Fitness Olympia: $60. the Olympia 212 Showdown has grown to $65.000 money per division: Mr. the goal was to reach $1 million by the 50th anniversary of Olympia Weekend.000 Men’s Physique Showdown: $20.” Manion said. The sky’s the limit. Olympia: $675.000. “Without the fans none of this would’ve happened. Yes. the IFBB Professional League and its president Jim Manion. that Olympia Weekend has been getting bigger every year. “Whether you’re a fan who attends year after year.000. GOSSIP. and the inaugural Olympia Men’s and Women’s Physique Showdowns kick in $20. making Olympia Weekend’s total prize money figure the richest in the industry—by a country mile! Check out the increases in total prize Presents $1. But thanks to the hard work and combined efforts of American Media Inc. Pecker.000 Bikini Olympia: $40. Olympia (open men) has jumped to $675.000 Total: $1 million IAN SPANIER Phil Heath with the winner’s cheque in 2012 16 FLEX . Joe and Ben Weider’s lifelong dream has become reality— ahead of schedule. a million-dollar milestone.000 Ms. and its CEO and chairman David J.000 Women’s Physique Showdown: $20. it’s because of your support of the event and the sport. For years. Those figures combined with the other divisions add up to $1 million in total prize money. it will continue growing in the coming years. And let’s not forget the folks who really made this possible: the fans.000 Figure Olympia: $60. and I know that with all the exciting things happening in the industry. a fan who can make a special trip only once in a while. or a first-time fan. which would’ve been in 2014. AND MORE OLYMPIA WEEKEND IN PRIZE MONEY! Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend has reached a milestone— correction.

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HARDBODY CONFIDENTIAL 18 FLEX . nice guy. a romantic lover. Favourite superhero: Captain America—good looking. muscles.Photograph by ISAAC HINDS HALEY DAVIS NPC bikini competitor Nickname: The front desk guy at my gym calls me Guns. but he can still kick some ass! Favourite female athlete: Bikini Olympia champ Nathalia Melo Most annoying word or saying: Beast mode Coolest invention ever: It’s a close tie between the ShamWow and the Shake Weight Number of tattoos: One…that you can see! Denim shorts: For the ladies ONLY Hidden talents: I can do the wave with my tongue.

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20 FLEX . He planned to have a break in 2013 but got talked into competing early in the year. Germany. who was Mr Europe in 2011. which proved to be a big mistake with so much going on in his life. The German. But he isn’t ready to retire.RONNY ROCKEL 2014 COMEBACK For 10 years Ronny Rockel has been one of the world’s top professional bodybuilders. In June he opened his Rock Shop in Ulm. He was due to become a father in late October and he has been learning to adjust to life with diabetes. is one of the best bodybuilders of recent years so it will be great to see him competing again. Rockel has been busy bulking up with the intention of getting back on stage next year.

. Now retired. Rühl has found a new outlet for his energy as a contest MC.RÜHL RETURNS . Markus Rühl evolved into the epitome of gigantic muscle mass. All MC job offers are welcome!” He still looks pretty huge in his suit so how is his training going? “It’s been going well. “To view the sport from a different perspective has been a lot of fun. “I’ve been training five times a week but there will definitely be no comeback.AS AN MC Over the course of his IFBB pro career.” he told FLEX.” he says. which included 32 contests and first place at the 2002 Night of Champions. “I hosted the EVLS Prague Pro and really enjoyed being the man behind the mic at FIBO along with Dennis James.” FLEX 21 ..

featuring 2 Chainz Who inspires you? My partner-in-crime. you must be tired ’cause you’ve been running through my mind.” Are you a girly-girl or one of the guys? I'm definitely one of the guys. and gym music Most hardcore song on your playlist? Lil Wayne’s “Days and Days”. —NICOLE ADAMO YESHAIRA ROBLES WEIDER FOX 22 FLEX . and a cap. Cheesiest pickup line? “Hi. IFBB pro bodybuilder). When they come up to you and say. I'll be more of a girly-girl. What’s your favourite thing about the fitness industry? All the people you get to meet.” that means a lot to me. gym hat. I started competing because of him. “For 2013.Photograph by ISAAC HINDS AGE 33 HEIGHT 5'2" WEIGHT 112 lbs Your best body part? Hamstrings and glutes.” Three things you can’t live without? My family. I’m usually a girly-girl when I’m competing because I get all dolled up. Marco (Rivera. “You’re my biggest inspiration. but I generally wear sweats. I told myself. a T-shirt.

but sometimes the body needs a little help getting started. Once you try it. Get dialed in and fuel every training session with the all-in-one energy ignition of the one and only N. normal protein synthesis and electrolyte balance.O.0. Folate and Magnesium contribute to reduction of muscle tiredness and fatigue.IFBB PRO BODYBUILDER ROELLY WINKLAAR The spirit is willing. you will never train without it!® NOX-RW1 ©2013 BSN® FEED THE FIRE BSNONLINE. Wasting workouts is not an option – all-out focus and energy are required each and every day for this sacrifice to lead to success. # Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function.-XPLODE™ 2. .NET ENERGY* MUSCLE FUNCTION# AMINO ACID SYNTHESIS** * Vitamin B6. **Folate contributes to normal amino acid synthesis. B12.

Flex Lewis Michelle Brannan Shawn Rhoden

Pro bodybuilding will return to Britain next year after a one-year absence. Trade show Bodypower will host an IFBB-sanctioned contest in Birmingham on May 16th and 17th. There will be 212 lb, figure and wheelchair classes but not an open men’s category. Prejudging will be staged at the expo on Friday but visitors will have to pay for tickets to see the finals on the Saturday.

Shawn Rhoden, Flex Lewis and Michelle Brannan were the winners when the pros last jousted in Britain in 2012 so it’s great to see a revival. Britain has a strong line-up of 212-ers so there is a good chance of more home-grown success. Besides Lewis, guys like James Llewellin, Lee Powell and Anth Bailes could feature. The figure show could attract top Brits Lynsey Beattie and Louise Kayim (formerly Rogers) and the wheelchair category–the first

ever to be staged in the UK–should see Dan Smith among the contenders. “Bodybuilding has always been big in the UK,” said IFBB Professional League president Jim Manion. “There has been a long history of great champions competing in England and next year the IFBB Pro League is proud to keep that tradition alive with the BodyPower Pro.” BodyPower chief executive Nick Orton added: “The introduction of a pro show into the expo programme is fantastic news for our visitors.”




2013 has been an up and down year for 212 lbs star Shaun JosephTavernier, the man widely regarded as Britain’s most exciting talent. Joseph-Tavernier, who was named Rookie of the Year by FLEX after winning the 2011 Toronto Supershow and placing fifth at the Olympia, got married to Kelly in July and was eyeing a return to the pro scene next year. But his comeback plans were derailed in August when he suffered a recurrence of an abductor injury. Joseph-Tavernier first tore his abductor just before the Olympia two years ago and couldn’t train legs for the final eight weeks leading into the show. It continued to bug him and tore again in the summer. He now expects to be out of action for several months and will miss the BodyPower Pro in May. It seems that Joseph-Tavernier, like fellow Brit Zack Khan, is going to have to do things the hard way by fighting back from injuries but he’s far from downcast. “I’ve just got married to my best friend and most beautiful wife and I’m the happiest I’ve ever been,” he told FLEX. “I’m doing different things and enjoying life. When it’s time for me to be back on stage I’m sure I will be.”






and Bill Tierney. bodyfitness. this event is likely to become the highlight of the summer muscle scene. has become a hotbed of talent for bikini. UKBFF education manager.NEW CONTEST An exciting new competition focusing primarily on men’s physique and bikini fitness has been added to the 2014 calendar. both categories will also have over-35 classes. which he and wife Helen own. the contest will be held at Brunel University in Uxbridge. UKBFF president. Sean is confident of attracting more than 100 competitors. Organised jointly by Sean O’Reilly. There will still be three men’s bodybuilding weight divisions but the emphasis on the less extreme classes reflects their growing popularity. Panther’s Gym in Uxbridge. Quiam Monzeer KEVIN HORTON Estzer Pati CLASSES MATT MARSH Teenage 16–19 Beginners Classic Bodyfitness Bikini under 163 cm Bikini over 163 cm Bikini over 35 years Men’s physique under 178 cm Men’s physique over 178 cm Men’s physique over 35 years Men’s bodybuilding under 80 kg Men’s bodybuilding under 90 kg Men’s bodybuilding over 90 kg FLEX 27 . There will be two height classes for men’s physique and bikini fitness but in a UK first. West London on July 20th. which until recently was a quiet time for the sport. The IFBB Academy UK Summer Invitational will offer winners the opportunity to represent the UK abroad at the Arnold Classic. men’s physique and classic bodybuilding competitors so there won’t be any shortage of interest. With so much happening. Classic star Quiam Monzeer and bodyfitness champ Estzer Pati are among those who train there. Sean is also negotiating for strongmen and powerlifting events to take place alongside the bodybuilding.

during which they need to judge to within 70 per cent accuracy of the panel. whether it’s the superheavyweights. If you follow the UK FLEX Facebook page. we also post some results and pictures live from the shows.” says UKBFF president Bill Tierney. the phenomenal beginner who won the Kent Classic. Serene Husseini and Emma Williams 28 FLEX DARREN NICHOLHURST Fancy becoming a judge? The UKBFF is seeking new ones and even plans to pay them for the first . For more details contact the UKBFF on 0151 9314090 or email wanda@ukbff. “We are asking a lot of people to sit there all day and that’s why we want to pay them. “It won’t be a fantastic wage but we will pay something. Anyone interested in having a go will need to pass an interview then be a test judge for three shows.” Some countries have more than 200 judges to choose from but the UK depends on just a couple of dozen to cover shows from Portsmouth to Paisley. We attend most UKBFF qualifiers and usually post a report. Svajunas Tamulevicius. But the ever-expanding schedule means there is a desperate need for new officials.UK FOR CONTEST COVERAGE Did you know there are hundreds of photos from this year’s UKBFF competitions at flexonline. FLEX MATT MARSH MATT MARSH (from left) Kinga Kubicka. bikini fitness or men’s physique.VISIT WANTED: FLEXONLINE. although their travel expenses are FLEX started providing free online coverage this year so you can catch up with all the action from the big events. which is searchable via keywords. and the bodyfitness top three at the East of England Championships are amongst the many photos you can see on the site. results and galleries the JUDGES following morning. Judges have traditionally offered their services on a voluntary basis.





Phil Heath took the bodybuilding world by storm in 2005 and 2006. Yet, amid all the praise for his various strengths—those arms, those lines, those round muscle bellies—there was always some mention of his greatest weakness: “Yeah, but can he ever get enough back size to win the Mr Olympia?” After all, the Sandow Society is the domain of Lee Haney, Dorian Yates, and Ronnie Coleman, who, by the end of 2005, had collectively won 22 of the 41 Olympias, largely because they possessed the three greatest backs of their eras. Year after year, bodybuilding’s ultimate title was decided when those in the O’s first callout unfurled their rear-lat spreads and locked in their rear double biceps. None of this was news to Heath. He heard “Yeah, but…” over and over again. He knew all about the backs of Mr Os, including Jay Cutler, who, beginning in 2006, won four out of five Olympias with his hang-glider lats. So the Gift went about putting in the work needed to join them in the physique pantheon. The transformation of Heath’s back from a weakness to a strength has been one of the most dramatic alterations in bodybuilding history. When he won his first Sandow in 2011, the contest was decided the moment he crunched in his rear double biceps and gasps filled the Orleans Arena. And he hasn’t rested on his laurels.

A typical Heath back workout begins with front pulldowns. The only question is what type of grip he’ll use on that particular day. “I switch between parallel and underhand



with a fairly wide grip,” he says. “With these, I always focus on where my elbows are going as I pull them down. That’s the key to targeting your back—pull with your elbows working like levers and bring them down to your sides. And really, I’m just trying to get the blood flowing into my lats.” One way Heath enhances the pump is by maintaining a brisk pace. “Usually on this workout I only rest about a minute to 75 seconds between sets because I’m trying to get in a lot of stuff. With back, because it’s such a big body part, I want to just keep working and hit a lot of areas with different exercises.”

Next up are barbell rows, which Heath tends to do underhand in the manner of Dorian Yates (six Sandows), but with his torso nearly parallel to the floor in the manner of Lee Haney (eight Sandows) and Ronnie Coleman (eight Sandows). “The biggest thing about this is keeping your back flat,” the Gift avers. “A lot of guys end up going too heavy, and their chest ends up going up too high. What I try to do is go not quite 90 degrees [torso parallel to the floor] but damn close. You get a better contraction that way. “I want to maintain that constant tension,” he adds. “You’re going to have those sets where you just want to bang out 10 reps, but on this particular one it’s not about that. It’s about being able to move the weight but squeeze your lower lats. That’s what’s going to give you that really nice lower lat sweep. This is a density exercise. Every guy who’s had a great back has done this, be it overhand or underhand. For me, underhand works better. Just be careful when going underhand that you don’t go too heavy and pull with your biceps. You have to make sure you’re always concentrating on your back working. A perfect way to do it is to watch yourself in the mirror to see your form.”

The next exercise is the high-pulley row, bringing the bar down at approximately a 45-degree angle. “The biggest thing on this is to make sure you get a full stretch on the way



Don’t just let gravity or momentum carry you along. you want to get a stretch just like you’re rowing a boat. “SLOW THINGS DOWN AND FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO THE EXERCISET CORRECTLY WITHOU F. but you want to get quality reps to really pack on that density. You don’t want the weight to pull you down so you have to hump it up each time. This is one of those exercises that you’re definitely going to be feeling. If you can’t stay low.” SLOW THINGS DOWN Near the end of his workout. You’re not trying to get pulled into position. This is definitely one where you want to maintain constant tension. . It’s almost as if you’re stretching to touch your toes. and he employs sevens—the FST-7 technique of doing (typically) seven sets with only 20–30 seconds rest between sets. He hits his back from a variety of angles. He explains his technique with T-bar rows. After the high pulley rows Heath does either one-arm dumbbell rows or T-bar rows. as you’re going back. You need to feel the stretch.up and a full contraction at the bottom. you’re doing that rowing motion. then you’re going too heavy and you’re going to be yanking up the weight and not using your lats as much. but you don’t want to lean back too much—just a little bit. You have to do the pulling. especially after just doing rows. typically alternating them each workout.” STRAINING YOURSEL 34 FLEX . This is such an awesome movement.” CONTROL THE WEIGHT Look at Heath’s back routine and you see mostly rows. really make sure your technique is good. And then I also like to hold contractions for at least a half-count. thus building the density that wins rear shots. Heath does low-cable rows. “With these. and then you can go heavier later. The stretch is a great way to learn how to open up your lats for a lat spread. but more by pulling his elbows back than down. once you’ve got the form down. I’d suggest you try to stay low the entire time. The key when doing them off the floor is to not let momentum take over. “I do these either from the floor or on one of the stations where your chest is supported. The only way you’re going to make T-bar rows work for you is to make sure you’re controlling the weight. And then. Use a weight you can master.


but if you have a whole big-ass back.” 36 FLEX BACK TALK KEVIN HORTON(3).2005 2007 2009 2011 ■ “The thing with back is. It’s like. B BILL COMSTOCK . You never hear about anyone losing because their back was just too damn big. I don’t think anyone is going to complain that a guy’s back is too big. your mid-back may be too big or your upper lats may be too small or there may be other problems with your back balance. it’s going to be hard for a judge or anyone else to criticise your back.

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“You can also do them with an overhead cable. “I either do these with a dumbbell on a bench or I use a pullover machine. he started adding pullovers to his repertoire. The key with these is to pull with your elbows and not your arms. “I steal everybody’s stuff. You can’t be afraid to try new things.” the Gift states. Beginning this spring. but you can also switch this one around and try it with a wider handle and different grips. but you’re only going to get a good pump if you’re contracting the muscles. I mean. Slow things down.” When asked which handle he prefers on low-cable rows. but I’ve been favouring the dumbbell or the machine. Dorian Yates. You can really take your biceps out of these and just focus on your lats. it’s a better lat worker. and figure out how to do the exercise correctly without straining yourself. In fact. as he’s already well aware of this. Heath laughs. That’s what it’s all about.HOSE T M O N FR FORE R A E L “YOU VE GONE BE OU TRY WHO’ ND THEN Y . you’re not going to get a good pump if you’re doing it wrong. the Gift replies. Heath delivers a surprise. and then you try it for yourself. It may not work as well for your body. A YOURSELF IT FOR “The thing is.” TRY NEW THINGS For his final back exercise. Many people do pullovers for chest. “I use a V-handle most of the time. There are a lot of ways you can modify it.” 38 FLEX . favoured machine pullovers for his legendary lat width.” YOU.” When told that a fellow member of the Sandow Society. You learn from those who’ve gone before you. I think that’s what makes this exercise fun. You might start sweating and feel like you’re working. feeling this old-school lift stretches out the ribcage. that’s what we gotta do. I’m lucky enough to have one of those pullover machines in the gym where I train. This is true of any exercise. but you don’t know unless you try.


If you slow it down a little bit.” he explains. the only question remaining about Phil Heath is: Yeah. T U O B OT A STEA “IT’S N T FOR ME. biceps Quads (AM) Hamstrings. it’s going to work your traps a lot harder. They’re just getting the weight up and down as fast as possible and missing the contraction and that time under tension. shrugs with either dumbbells or a machine is the perfect way to cap off his back workout. calves (PM) Shoulders *“Sevens” (FST-7 technique). Heath is proof you can win rear comparisons—even among the likes of Jay Cutler. it’s about trying to get a really good squeeze. calves (PM) Chest. BUT… It’s a given that Phil Heath won’t have the widest lats in bodybuilding. Put Mr Olympia down decidedly in the traps-with-back camp. but maybe we won’t find out for many years to come. 7 sets with 20–30 sec. For him. but can he ever get enough back size to win the Mr Olympia? Now. but how long can he stay at the top of the bodybuilding world? Yeah. FLEX HEATH’S BACK AND TRAPS WORKOUT EXERCISE Front Pulldown Underhand Barbell Row High-pulley Row T-bar Row Seated Cable Row Pullover Shrug 40 SETS 3–4 3–4 3–4 4 7* 3 3 REPS 10–15 10–12 10–12 12 10–12 15–20 15–20 HEATH’S OLYMPIA TRAINING SPLIT DAY 1 DAY 2 DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5 Quads (AM) Hamstrings. Kai Greene. but…” Yeah. but width is limited by your DNA-determined structure. rest between sets. and that’s what it’s all about. separation. IN TO GET WEIGH OUT TRYINGUEEZE. “I do higher reps on shrugs than most people. triceps Back. and head-to-foot muscle quality.” IT’S AB LY GOOD SQ A REAL A REALLY GOOD SQUEEZE Whether to work traps with shoulders or back is one of the enduring debates of bodybuilding. I notice a lot of guys go too fast when shrugging. He did it in previous contests and eliminated his primary “Yeah.THE D.” YEAH. and Shawn Rhoden—with density. FLEX DAY 6 Off . Instead. “It’s not about the weight for me.



giving you focus and limiting your ability to cheat. absolutely. undeterred by his bold smite of the lifting gods. the bodybuilder whose signature calling card is his giant-slaying quads and hamstrings—he with thighs so dominant he had to essentially take a year off training them hard not once in his career. It’s been decreed that it’s improbable. Bodybuilding books and magazine articles are strewn with odes to the squat. to allow his upper body to catch up—doesn’t make much use of the so-called king of all exercises. Yes. the Welsh-born 29-year-old forged his initial love of iron in the realm of powerlifting.” says Flex Lewis. but twice. but I think it has nothing on the leg press. never blindly following the often-accepted mantras of the game is the surest way to reaching your ultimate potential. “I did squat when I was a powerlifter. one way up. to be honest. Champions past and present swear by its muscle-swelling capabilities. all without the help of one very revered exercise in the bodybuilding canon LEWIS LASHES LEGS “I’ve never been a big squatter. to be honest.” he says. where to speak ill of the revered squat is akin to treason. That would be a shame. Yet Lewis isn’t swayed. Blasphemous? In the circles Lewis used to run in.” Some of the more offended gym rats. FLEX 43 . Flex Lewis demolishes legs. “I know some people feel it’s the bread-and-butter exercise. may stop reading right there. I feel leg presses offer more stability—there’s just one way down. put off by such a squat slight. he accomplishes something even more important: he’s living proof that in bodybuilding. because not only does Lewis have a lot of wisdom to share—including the blueprint to two epic fibre-splitting leg routines— but also. After all. to build any truly aweinspiring size in your lower body without it. but I didn’t see or feel any real benefit from them.In this training seminar. and perhaps impossible.

Lewis has never been shy about flying off to meet his fans across the globe. for a short visit. “The blessing of doing all this travelling—it doesn’t allow me to get too big. including a West Coast. bringing my weight exactly to where I need to be. showing the separation between each muscle group. I’ll always stretch in-between sets by placing one leg up behind me on a bench and squatting down. it’ll be eligible to become a national qualifier for competitors next year—he was switching gears.” That wish. “I feel the main threat is probably going to come from David Henry. and done tours of the U. lose six to eight pounds. that meant unfinished business. Next stop. now with 156 competitors across 14 divisions. it keeps me in the range as much as it pisses me off. and Texas swing. who three-peated from 2009 to 2011. and beat Lewis in a controversial decision that last year—after Lewis had walked away from the prejudging rounds with the lead in hand— bowed out of the 2012 rendition. the Olympia 212. he’s been to the Czech Republic. New Zealand. n Intensity Tip: “I’ll turn my feet in or out sometimes to get that extra contraction. “I hold the top for half a second.LEG EXTENSION STATS: 5–7 sets (2–3 warm-up and 3–4 working sets).” In early July. put five pounds back on—it’s a constant yo-yo. home to the U. “But the guy I want onstage is Kevin English. then on to Germany. I’ll also sometimes get my training partner to help me do one or two negatives at the end of a set—he’ll lend a finger to get the weight up as I’m failing and I’ll take it down slow. but I always do extensions first. citing a partial patella tendon tear. But then 15 weeks out from the show I set up shop and stay home to prepare for the show. Holding the handles at his sides. Since last year’s Olympia.” BATTLE TEST n The consummate road warrior.K. in the run-up to the 2013 212 Showdown. Austria. imagining myself onstage standing in front of the judges and squeezing my legs. Lewis won the first 212 Showdown crown in 2012. he chooses a “mediocre weight” to start.” he said. During warm-ups. But English. East Coast.” As he lowers to the start. Slovakia.” he says. David Henry. Lewis was hunkered down in his new home base in Florida just outside of Boca Raton. To Lewis. I might get up to about 240.” n Do It Right: Lewis settles himself on the seat with the pads set to hit at the front of his ankles. then pyramids up from there. beating 2008’s inaugural winner of the 202 Showdown.” he says. Just a few weeks removed from hosting the NPC Flex Lewis Classic. Denmark. Australia. no question a well-earned victory against a crowded and talented field. “Funny as that sounds.. onequarter to full stack n Lewis’ Take: “I change my other exercises all the time. is simply due to his fighter’s 44 FLEX . Lewis explained. 15–25 reps. he’s sure to never let the weight stack touch down for rest between reps.S. a rapidly-growing amateur event – a show in its third year. “I focus on the squeeze and full rotation from the bottom all the way to the top.

” FLEX 45 . His quadriceps and hamstrings sessions—usually separated by a day. bringing his knees towards his chest before explosively pressing it back up. he thinks his upper body has “caught up”—meaning the kid gloves are off. “Coming from a powerlifting background. but no matter—you’ll still be gingerly limping out of the gym at the end if you follow Lewis’ lead. hungry enough to make sure it’s not going to happen. and negatives. “When I was an under-21 junior bodybuilder competing in the U.” In this FLEX training seminar. but I’ll make those reps harder by slowing down on the negative. but he certainly doesn’t back away from torturous. Lewis walks us through each exercise he relies on these days for his Olympia prep.” n Do It Right: Lewis begins with four or five plates per side. When I’m in the thick of my offseason and not on the road. “The days of me trying to put every plate on the leg press are gone now.K. including partials. “I go to bed scared and wake up hungry. too. You may not find the squat on this list. Speaking to my coach. splitting up my quads and my hamstrings to focus maximum intensity on each.” NO HOLDS BARRED When it comes to leg training.” he was quick to add. rest-pause. I may train more in that style—I feel like I’m a strong bodybuilder for my chosen craft—but that isn’t what I want to do most of the time. he lowers the sled as deeply as possible.” For his wide-stance sets. with the former taking up to 90 minutes to complete—include all manner of overload techniques. sitting on the pad with his lower back firmly in contact with it. “What I do now is the same system as what I did when I was a junior. I just did some leg extensions—I ended up doing the same thing the year before last. however. I have to segregate my mind-set of training super heavy. 15–20 reps n Lewis’ Take: “As I’ve said. stomach-churning intensity. LEG PRESS STATS: 6–7 sets conventional stance. and Europe. one by one. and I enjoy building the pump. Neil Hill (who appears in these photos).mentality. the rep range remains the same. “Scared to lose the title. I want to beat him now to have an ease in my mind. “You want to beat the person that beat you.” Now. explaining how he performs each and sharing some of the wicked methods to his madness. I’m not trying to set a personal best.” he says. Extending his knees and releasing the supports. I enjoy reps.” Lewis says. my legs overpowered my physique. and Kevin took the title from me in 2011. “This is me speaking as an athlete. I prefer the leg press over the squat. Lewis may not squat. not as a disgruntled bodybuilder. I took a year off from training them. “We’re all friends. It’s unresolved business that needs to be taken care of.” And how rests the head that wears the crown? Lewis admits the pressure is greater when you’re the champ. n Intensity Tip: “As the weights increase from set to set. forced reps. “I should probably start with a little history of my legs. and he can train them again with fierce abandon. 30–50 reps. 3 sets wide stance. but this is business. I’ve built the legs I have today on the press.” Lewis says. he’ll put his feet out near the edge of the platform and come down to the point where his knees pass his ribcage and his lower back curls an inch or two off the pad.

for added resistance. Repeat for reps. What’s a fair distance? “My mistake when I was first learning this exercise was that my front leg wasn’t far enough away from the bench. you’ll bend your front knee as you drop your hips straight down—your lead knee should reach at least 90 degrees before reversing to a leg-straight position. Call it a day. you can hold a weight plate at your chest. n Intensity Tip: Although Lewis doesn’t recommend doing so until you’ve mastered the form. Usually when you squat. “You have to put the leading leg far out and not keep it underneath your body. But having it out ahead of you means you get a maximum stretch and drive on that working leg.” From a standing position. Facing away from a flat bench a fair distance away. your legs are directly under your torso. he places one leg up and back so that the top of his foot rests on the bench.” n Do It Right: This move is similar to the quad stretches Lewis performs at the beginning of his workouts.ONE-LEG SQUAT STATS: 3 sets.” he says. It’ll be scary at first because it’s outside of your comfort zone. LEWIS’ QUADRICEPS WORKOUT EXERCISE DAY 1 Leg Extension Leg Press (conventional stance) Leg Press (wide stance) Sissy Squat One-leg Squat (off bench) * Plus 2–3 warm-up sets 3–4* 6–7 3 3–4 3 15–25 30–50 15–20 15–20 15–20 SETS REPS 46 FLEX . or dumbbells at your side. 15–20 reps per leg n Lewis’ Take: “This exercise really finishes the job—that’s it. mate. then switch legs. but with one key difference: foot placement.

subscription. It’s an exercise that you probably will use every other workout once you learn it.99 every 6 issues unless advised to stop. arms straight and 90 degrees from my body.30pm. This exercise is a mental test of Open weekdays 8am-9. The weight I’m holding acts as a counterbalance.” he explains. Lewis simply locks his legs into the supports and leans back while squatting as deep as he can go before bringing himself back upright. 15–20 reps n Lewis’ Take: “The sissy squat is a pretty difficult exercise to nail. Neil Hill. F O S E ISSU FO £5 Call: 01858 435346 QUOTE CODE FL89 5 Click: * CALL or CLICK to subscribe www. and push for failure. but once you’ve got the motion going. Rest for a breather at the top to get more total reps per “Neil has me hold a weight plate or dumbbell with both hands. through your legs.” n Do It Right: Lewis has two different options to choose from—he prefers the sissy squat station (as shown in the photo). “I lean slightly back and squat down. but his coach. it burns deep.SISSY SQUAT STATS: 3–4 sets. Payments will increase to £16.” For the squatapparatus-aided version. introduced him to a free-standing alternative that does well in a pinch. n Intensity Tip: “Just drive hard from the bottom. Saturday 8am-4pm .” X E LY FL N O R *This is a direct debit offer open to UK residents only. This offer is not available to Digital Edition subscribers.

For the last set. he fully engages his hamstrings to support his body weight as he slowly leans forwards. “I remember clocking out once at 58 reps years ago—I haven’t beaten that again. Keeping his body straight from knees to head and folding his arms over his chest.” 48 FLEX . Like with the leg extension.” Lewis says. then drop the weight in half and do another 10. basically finishing with four powerful singles. I’ll raise the weight to half to three-quarters of the stack and do 50 butterflies to finish off. you can be as sadistic as you want. then drop one more time and go for 10. then slip the pin to a heavier weight and do butterfly kicks. then curls both hamstrings powerfully. 10–15 reps plus partials and dropsets n Lewis’ Take: “I change other exercises. the first set could be to failure at 15 reps.” Lewis says ominously. all to failure n Lewis’ Take: “This one is very difficult. he’ll put his hands in front of him for safety. He pyramids the weight up on each successive set. I’ll do maybe 10 conventional reps. it makes sense because we didn’t have access to a lot of equipment over there. and to sometimes give himself a push off the floor.LEWIS’ HAMSTRINGS WORKOUT EXERCISE DAY 2 Lying Leg Curl Body-weight Hamstring Curl “Kamikazes” One-leg Hamstring Curl * Plus 2–3 warm-up sets 4* 3 10–15 plus 50 partials To failure SETS REPS LYING LEG CURL STATS: 6–7 sets (2–3 warm-ups and 4 working sets). It’s equivalent to me doing leg extensions every quad workout. As he fatigues. me from Wales. I’ll go for failure at 15 regular reps again. For those final 10.” n Do It Right: Lewis lies on the machine after adjusting it so the footpads hit just behind his Achilles. “For me. then drop the weight in half and fail again. then drop the weight slightly one more time and go to failure one more time. Now I can maybe get 30 or so. However.” 3 8–10 plus 4 forced reps BODY-WEIGHT HAMSTRING CURL “KAMIKAZES” STATS: 3 sets. I may need to use rest-pause. One of the only bodybuilders I’ve seen doing this was Alex Fedorov. The next set. he does suggest striving to better your personal best over the weeks and months. n Intensity Tip: “With lying leg curls. but I’ll do the lying leg curl to start off every single time. Him being from Russia. n Intensity Tip: “This exercise is intense enough without any tricks. using the whole stack or close to it. and create a lot of exercises out of the few machines we had. bringing his ankles to his glutes before returning to the start. keeping the tension on from the back of my knee to the bottom of my hamstring. moving just an inch or so for 50 reps. He grasps the handles for stability.” n Do It Right: Facing away from the weight stack of a pulldown machine. After that. He’ll go down as far as he can before flexing both hams strongly to reverse the downward motion and bring him back upright. he doesn’t allow the weight stack to touch down between reps. We had to make do. Lewis clambers on so his shins are on the seat and his ankles are secured under the knee pads.


8–10 plus 3–4 forced reps n Lewis’ Take: “At this point. 1983 Current Residence: Florida Height: 5'5" Weight: 212 pounds (contest). 2009 Atlantic City Pro 202. Lewis will vary the range of motion. 2nd. 1st. after failure I’ll do three or four forced reps if I have a partner. 1st.” n Do It Right: Settling into the apparatus. 1st. Lewis places his working leg so that the pad hits between his ankle and the bottom of his calf.” FLEX SNAPSHOT JAMES “FLEX” LEWIS Birthplace: Swansea Birthdate: Nov. I’ll hold it at three-quarters of the way up for a count. then continue to 90 degrees and hold it again. seeing the hamstring ‘pop out’ for the judges.ONE-LEG HAMSTRING CURL STATS: 3 sets. I’ll use a pretty light weight for most sets.” he says. “On this exercise. 2008 Europa Super Show 202. I imagine myself in a back lat spread onstage. 2nd. but I’ll always do three more sets of something. 230–240 pounds (off-season) Career Highlights: 2007 British Championships overall (pro card). Sponsors: Weider/AMI. my hamstrings are fried. 2008 Olympia 202 Showdown.” n Intensity Tip: Instead of simply doing conventional sets. Then I’ll lower it all the way back down. 5th. 15. 2012 Prague Pro Championships 212. 2012 British Grand Prix 212. “I’m concentrating on squeezing the hamstring. Holding the handles with both hands to stabilise himself. 2011 British Grand Prix Gaspari Nutrition Online: flexlewis. 2009 Olympia 202 Showdown. 1st. On the last one or two sets. 2008 Tampa Bay Pro 202. 2nd. 3rd. Twitter @Flex_Lewis 50 FLEX . “During a rep. 2012 Olympia 212 Showdown. bringing it as high as he can go. 1st. he powerfully flexes his hamstrings to lift the weight. like the one-leg curl. 2011 New York Pro 202. 2011 Olympia 202 Showdown. 1st.



COM FLEX 53 .The movie’s executive producers are Vladar Co. Pumping Iron producer Jerome Gary. Seven elite. Damon Bingham. GO TO GENERATION-IRON. partner Edwin Meija. The conclusion of our behind-the-scenes look at the bodybuilding docudrama. Now in part two. the feature film that takes viewers inside the sport of professional bodybuilding. Pecker. professional bodybuilders were captured on camera as they prepared for the 2012 Mr Olympia and the right to be named the greatest in the world. NPC and IFBB Pro League president. we continue our conversation with writer. AMI chairman and CEO David J. and producer Vlad Yudin and the film’s breakout star. Last month we brought you the first part of our exclusive look at the making of Generation Iron. and Jim Manion. Mr Olympia Phil Heath. TO SEE THE TRAILERS. director.

more exciting. The way that champions look at things is different. and to do that. I REALLY LIKE THAT ASPECT OF THE FILM. You can’t go any higher. and Phil has that. They live for it because this is the absolute standard of excellence. make it bigger. you have the full range of personalities. You were at a couple of IFBB Pro League shows leading up to the Olympia. you need the right team. he’s the “man to beat” and from the outspoken. for everything he has and went Phil’s a true champion. trailers. no one else will. 54 FLEX . Everybody has an opinion. It’s a misconception that bodybuilders are machines who just lift weights. The Olympia is on a whole different level. and the blue-collar type in Branch. Our goal was to make a monumental film that defined the sport as it is today. it’s clear that you had a sizeable crew on hand. And the thing about that kind of belief is that you can tell if someone really believes in himself or is trying to convince others that he does. especially at the pro level. and Phil understands has a presence in the film. If you don’t believe it. Basically. At the Olympia. IN THE WAY THEY DEAL WITH PEOPLE AND EVERYTHING ELSE. even beaten him before. The Olympia will always be No. but as regular people with regular-people concerns and commitments. with so much on the line. SO IS THE WAY THEY ARE OUTSIDE OF THE GYM.FLEX: Judging from the photos. you have to earn the right to stand on that stage. but as the That’s how the sport continues to reigning champion. and where you shot Phil Heath. scientific. much this because he has a good like Arnold did in the original. It gives you a real sense of the scale of the contest and you can see why the athletes train so hard and make the sacrifice to be at this level. The production value is enormous. You’ll see that they were very open about sharing their opinions. BUT AS REGULAR PEOPLE WITH REGULAR PEOPLE CONCERNS AND COMMITMENTS. And it’s not like some amateur talking about Phil. that can add fun and excitement to the sport. And I found that there was no shortage of opinions between these guys. short period of time. so is the way they are outside of the gym. we were with the athletes in some form or another at all times. is an ensemble cast. The film shows that they have emotions just like everybody and they go through their highs and lows. It was very important that the different personalities come through on-screen. I really like that aspect of the film. They have to deal with everyday life as they’re training for the contest. This see it grow and attract more fans. and when opinions start to clash. as business sense. If you want to be a successful bodybuilder you have to believe that you’re the best. these are guys that have competed against him. Yes. in the way they deal with people and everything else. but what was it like being at the biggest event in the industry? That was my first Mr Olympia and it was a very cool experience. we had even more people. so we had plenty of cinematic experience on the team. You have the JUST LIKE THEIR TRAINING STYLES ARE DIFFERENT IN THE GYM. Showing them not only as worldclass bodybuilders. and in some cases. but he has that right. and the rest achieved so much in a relatively of the guys are chasing him. One of the interesting facets of all sports is the rivalry between athletes. so we had the option of a smaller breakaway crew to follow the guys if necessary. he definitely comes He’s earned it. like the Oscars for the movie industry. Just like their training styles are different in the gym. methodical type in Ben. He has bigger goals. He wants to make bodybuilding Now let’s skip over to Colorado. SHOWING THEM NOT ONLY AS WORLD-CLASS BODYBUILDERS. He’s not content with just being on top. More than any other contest. 1. Phil certainly get better. And with the seven guys. And everybody had worked on Hollywood films. It had to have cinema quality. He’s straight to the top. Kai’s introspective while Phil is outgoing. That’s where it all starts. He has worked hard across that way. VLAD YUDIN: Production quality was very important. We had 10 people.

“Yes. when someone else was on top and he was trying to be No. You have the back-andforth between Branch and Ben. too. . he’s very competitive. At the same time. The whole movie captures the rivalries between all the guys. the central rivalry between Phil and Kai. Their outlooks in the sport and life in general. from the training. It was really highlighted at the Olympia when they went at it and they were the last two standing. he’s very approachable. Everything he does. Knowing that you beat the best to get where you are and now you’re the best and everyone is trying to beat you. The dynamic between the two is powerful and it creates tension. but you really see it in the movie. It’s unique. It’s evident in the way he carries himself. And Phil is a student of the sport so he understands the significance of being in the position he is and why it means so much for the other guys to try to achieve it. And you need that tension to keep the narrative moving forwards. he knows the disappointment of not achieving your goal. And the way he interacts with people. but it’s more than that. and everything else is in preparation for this one moment and there’s no hesitation or doubt that it will go exactly as he plans. AND YOU NEED THAT TENSION TO KEEP THE NARRATIVE MOVING FORWARDS. But like he said. Olympia.” Much like the Arnold and Lou rivalry. art. You can’t help but come away thinking. He’s achieved something only 12 other bodybuilders have done since 1965. It’s a combination of sport. I think he likes the challenge. the stakes go higher and higher. and of course. Branch and Dennis. He knows where the others are coming from. One guy knows he’s being compared with this guy. That’s a very select group of athletes for such a long period of time. That’s exciting for the fans. You don’t get to that position without that streak. The Olympia is his and he’ll do whatever it takes to keep it. Last year was the first time he was on top. I don’t want to give away too much. WHENEVER YOU HAVE THAT BETWEEN TWO DRIVEN INDIVIDUALS GOING FOR THE SAME THING. no one is coming into his house to take what he’s worked so long and hard for. Both are very successful but they’re very different. THE DYNAMIC BETWEEN PHIL AND KAI IS POWERFUL AND IT CREATES TENSION. THAT’S EXCITING FOR THE FANS. THE STAKES GO HIGHER AND HIGHER. there’s a rivalry between Phil and Kai that seems to be one of the driving forces in the film. In his mind. What struck you in the way he regarded the rest of the guys gunning for him? Phil realises that it comes with the territory. He’s very respectful of all the guys because he’s been there himself. and how does he stack up? Finally. the eating. He makes others feel comfortable because he’s very comfortable with himself. It’s artistic expression using the human body. that is what motivates all great champions. but somehow he makes it look easy. so it’s a little different defending your title as opposed to taking it from someone else. and science. Who are these guys and what motivates them to push the limits of what is physically possible? The film will deliver that answer. It’s competition. At the same time. what is it that you want people to take away with them? The main question I’m trying to answer with this film is “What is bodybuilding and who are bodybuilders?” Obviously it’s a sport. he does it all with a graceful style. 1 bodybuilder. And having come close.There’s no denying that Phil is supremely confident as the world’s No. This rivalry is for real. there’s a reason why this guy is the best in the world and he’s Mr. Whenever you have that between two driven individuals going for the same thing. His intensity in the gym is amazing. that only pushes you harder for the next time. 1. even their appearance—Phil with his shaved head and the clothes he wears and Kai with his braids and his trademark boots and all— total opposites.

” No disrespect to Lou.” It would be an honour. AND SCOWLS ALL THE TIME? 56 FLEX . They didn’t come off like that at all. And it was their attitude and enthusiasm for the sport that sealed the deal. You could even sense a little envy or jealousy because of all the things that Joe (Weider) was bringing to his table. And you could see that the other guys were definitely chasing him. if that really does come to fruition I’d love to be a part of it. He had more balance than anyone else in the movie. Everywhere he went people were falling at his feet. he stomped on these guys and he did it with a smile on his face. I can relate to that. You couldn’t say that he wasn’t good and didn’t deserve it because he was obviously very focused. YOU DON’T SEE A LOT OF BODYBUILDERS SMILE OR TELL JOKES. I didn’t think to myself. You have to realise that bodybuilders get offers for movies or TV. it was the balance he showed in his life.SEIZING THE MOMENT FLEX: What was your first exposure to Pumping Iron and what was your impression of the movie? PHIL HEATH: I believe it was the first couple of months of being a bodybuilder. doing photo shoots. and scowls all the time? How did you become involved with Generation Iron? Robin Chang (of AMI) told me there was a potential re-telling of Pumping Iron. eating. But more than all of that. and I can definitely say it was very entertaining. That’s how I am. I can turn it on and be as hardcore as the next guy but I can also make people laugh and have fun with it. I’m sure he had his haters. which is to be expected given that he was a five-time Mr Olympia at the time and rightfully deserving of all the spoils. but he was respected. I knew Arnold was going to win. as far as appearances and all the notoriety. as everyone does. but it was how he did it that impressed me. They’re all super-serious. almost to the point of being narcissistic. I wanted to be the guy that people are painting pictures about. Of course. they gave me an idea of what their vision was. You don’t see a lot of bodybuilders smile or tell jokes. Heath’s trainer/nutritionist] than it did for me. I didn’t relate to that. a movie that would pick up where the original left off. THEY’RE ALL SUPERSERIOUS. It’s usually done as a mockery or to make us look stupid. But at the end of the night. But how are you going to interest people if all you are is a big dude who just grunts. and I thought. I have a lot of fans. especially now because I’m dealing with it myself. I mean. “That’s how I want to be. and all that stuff. lifts weights. He was doing his thing at Muscle Beach and Gold’s. but I wanted to be like Arnold. the guy having fun and enjoying everything that came with being the absolute best. living the lifestyle. BUT HOW ARE YOU GOING TO INTEREST PEOPLE IF ALL YOU ARE IS A BIG DUDE WHO JUST GRUNTS. but more so for Hany [Rambod. That was all he was concerned with. Were there any concerns that this might affect your ability to defend the Mr Olympia? Initially it raised some questions. “Gosh. but I also have a lot of competitors and people who don’t like who I am and what I’m about. but Phil Heath on turning his second Mr Olympia win into a history-defining moment not with this crazy do-or-die attitude like there’s nothing else in the world. They were for real. but then we’re not treated with respect. You see him training his ass off and the next minute he’s telling jokes. Then you had Lou Ferrigno training in the dungeon with his dad. LIFTS WEIGHTS. How specifically? The way he toyed with everyone showed how supremely confident he was. Then when I actually talked to the Vladar Company guys. chasing chicks.

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Let’s face it. Can you explain that? Anytime you have cameras in front of you. That’s when it hit me that this was real and it made me very excited for the whole thing. But an athlete doesn’t go into a contest not believing that he can win. You think about how you want to be remembered on film because thousands of people are going to be watching it and it’s for ever. You have to step up in those moments and have the confidence to show the world that you believe in yourself. hats and shirts with “Super Bowl Champs” printed on them because they expect to win. both teams have champagne in their locker rooms. And it was just like the scene where Arnold is in the prison posing. and the next thing you know. I mean. I viewed it as an awesome opportunity to have my Olympia win on film. but on the other hand they do want it because they’re working so hard to build their physiques and they want to be recognised for it. it’s a reminder to not screw around. physically. I NEEDED TO REMIND THE WORLD. so I realised that I needed to remind them how good I really am. It was a chance to put my legacy on film. and emotionally to turn it up a notch. and others who aren’t used to performing in front of a crowd might not shine in that moment. At least I don’t. It was crazy! You said before that having the cameras there helped you. I had an 11-man posse and an RV parked outside my house. even though only one of those teams will go home with the trophy. I expected to win. That’s why I worked so hard for it. was that I was making Vlad laugh so much that he’d have to re-shoot and tell me to say the same things. It’s funny because you see guys trying to copy my swagger onstage. shooting free throws in your backyard is different from doing it in a high-pressure situation in front of 20. It’s extra motivation. Getting ready. They don’t want the attention. I wanted to be in the history books again. If you look at the Super Bowl. One of the things that sticks out. Because I knew I was going to be a part of history. But I have experience with that from my basketball days. I was going to lift heavier and be more intense. People clicking away and every time I finished a set they would applaud.I actually saw it as an opportunity. and I hope they show it. And what about the film crew? You’ve done a lot of training I REALISED THAT I NEEDED TO REMIND THEM HOW GOOD I REALLY AM. trying to pump up the crowd and all. but this time it’s at the gym and I’m training. I figured it was going to help me mentally. I had every intention of winning. and out come all these Japanese people. One of the things I noticed about our sport compared to others is that we’re so afraid to fall on our faces that we don’t take chances and come right out and say that we expect to win. but the reaction isn’t the same . The neighbours thought I was doing a reality-TV show. we were at the gym shooting a workout. One night. there’s a big-ass bus. I needed to remind the world. you know the other guys are talking trash and they were kind enough to share some of that with me. I was surrounded. videos but what was it like being on a real movie set for the first time? It was a trip at first. bodybuilders by definition are introverted.000 people. I VIEWED IT AS AN AWESOME OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE MY OLYMPIA WIN ON FILM. But I was pretty comfortable in front of all the cameras.


You have to be a strong-minded person to handle that. Then you get another guy who just says a couple of lyrics. “I admire your work. “Holy shit! This is crazy. And for those guys who do want to be Mr Olympia one day. As a bodybuilder. [Laughs] us lose fat while gaining muscle. TOO. but bodybuilding has given me a very comfortable lifestyle. which I’m not. But hey. The next time they see a bodybuilder. For me. so you give it your best shot. I just love people and it comes out in the way I do things. NOT WITH FADS OR GIMMICKS.” And the best part perspective on the world of health is that moving forwards into this and fitness. all the guys who talked with fads or gimmicks. maybe instead of sneering or making backhanded compliments. that’s what I signed up for. but if you want to nail it like an Oscar-winning actor. Each and every one you too focused on the show to of us puts a ton of effort into really have an opinion? this.” FLEX Watch out for updates on the international release dates for the movie and the DVD of Generation Iron 60 FLEX . If I could ask each person to write down their top 10 impressions of bodybuilding before they see the movie and then another list of 10 things after watching it. and the crowd stands up. they can look at that person and say. that those 10 new things would What did you think of it or were be positive. We do it every day. but with trash in Generation Iron are going fundamental diets and training to have to watch that movie. People can think they are. “I gotta win this professional athletes with a great contest tonight. Mr Olympia can be a role model who can motivate you to do better things. It’s just like acting. they can say. And I realise that being in my position. too. You don’t have to be DIETS AND TRAINING PROGRAMMES… IT Mr Olympia or a professional WOULD BE GREAT FOR THE GENERAL PUBLIC bodybuilder to excel at this sport and use it to improve your current TO REALISE THAT THEY CAN DO IT. That comes from being in tune with who you are and what you’re trying to represent. Charisma comes from within. and they don’t think I What do you want people to think about bodybuilding and bodybuilders after watching this movie? I want them to get an honest look at the sport. It’s like when a rapper tries to raise the roof and the crowd doesn’t respond. there’s a picture of me training five minutes later online. and the place is jumping. I’d hope that their You saw the trailer for the first stereotypes would be gone and time last year during the contest.because you can tell they’re not comfortable doing it. all eyes are on me. especially a pro who makes his living in this sport. notice. BUT WITH FUNDAMENTAL do it. We’re judged onstage and everywhere we go. that takes a lot of dedication. most kids want to play pro sports for fame and money. not year’s O. You can read the script. “I don’t have to be a basketball player. situation.” Let’s be honest. I want them to learn something new. I can be a bodybuilder like Phil Heath. Parents can see that here is an educated family man who works hard and is a decent role model. You can’t fake it. but until they walk in those shoes. they’re not battle-tested. you have to own it. It would be great for the general public to realise that they can WE DO IT EVERY DAY. and programmes that actually help watch me win. There’s always someone watching.” we go through and that we’re I said to myself. The movie will show what I thought. And this movie is making me look like the biggest basketball player there is. I know guys are taking notes on my workouts at the gym or snapping photos when my back is turned.


Blow it up with this modern-day twist on a timeless classic BY DAVID SANDLER 62 FLEX .


Under the guise of training regimes from the files of Nautilus pioneer Arthur Jones came successful competitors like Mike Mentzer. did it. Seven-time Mr Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger. Exercise Lat Pulldown (to front) Reverse-grip Pulldown or Chin-up Reverse-grip Barbell Row T-bar Row Upright Row Barbell Shrug Rear-delt Flye (machine) Decline Weighted Sit-up Rotational Lying Crunch Hanging Leg Raise Sets 4 Reps 12 Rest 90 sec. 90 sec. a shout-out for the low-volume. the bigger you get. as prudent scientists of the iron game. Sure. Tom Platz. whether by increased set number or total time under tension. until a new breed of bodybuilders came along touting the benefits of far less volume. ■ Several other studies. the more you do. before we just push the volume button and go to work. and the debate of set superiority began. THE SECRET TO THE SUCCESS OF VOLUME The first secret is that there really are no secrets. should take muscle size to a new level. and taking sets deeper and further into exhaustion. So the secret to this programme is to steal from the weak and add to the strong. if anything. like eight-time Mr Olympia Lee Haney followed. a volumeoriented approach is a must-try. And there’s no denying the incredibly V-winged back of six-time Mr Olympia Dorian Yates. Of course. Scores of other greats. but while the battle on the iron playing field continues. In fact. It’s undeniable. emphasising negatives. since volume training has been around for decades. 4 10 120 sec. combined with a higher volume protocol. And thus. investigators found that a multi-set training protocol increased both muscle cross-sectional area VOLUME METHODS You’ve probably heard of German Volume Training.and high-volume training programmes of yesteryear. But. It’s spawned other variations of volume PAVEL YTHJALL 64 FLEX . 4 3 4 4 4 10 12 12 12 12 120 sec. both newer and older. 4 4 12 12 90 sec.DAY 1 BACK/TRAPS/POSTERIOR DELTS/ABS Volume. did it as well. who epitomised the perfect physique and brought the sport to its rightful place. overwhelming support suggests that to hang amongst the superthick. 4 12 90 sec. 90 sec. (the size of the muscle) and overall strength when compared to a lower volume protocol. we can conclude that increasing volume. accentuated eccentric method and the going-to-failure method is deserved. there have been modifications to both the low. prduces superior strength and size gains. whether by increased set number or total time under tension produces superior strength and size gains compared to either traditional or reduced volume training. ■ In a recent study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. We will do it all. who still holds legendary acclaim for the most massive thighs to step onstage. volume training was common practice among the best of the best. 90 sec. Others followed with equally impressive results using both methods. 90 sec. the folks who walk the walk should provide all the testimonial needed. 90 sec. or GVT. It originated in Germany (hence the name) in the ’70s and has been used in various sports over the years. here are a few things that point to volume training as being superior for increasing true muscle size. But for those of you who need a little more convincing. Whether fortified with solid research or enshrined in the practice of the giants. this programme is set. have confirmed that volume. Some 40 years ago.

By now you know that big arms alone won’t cut it onstage or on the beach. and glutes. leaving no possibility of unevenness! So the volume equation is balanced with multiple sets with different hand. either alternating between sets or completing one full 10x10 then following it with the next exercise. One of the key things that’ll help your physique is to move the exercises. move them up front. Some muscles. 120 sec. and body DAY 2 CHEST/ANTERIOR DELTS/CALVES seemingly perfect straight lines from end to end can use a little rotation here and there. a common training programme was to do chest and back together. It is. 90 sec. For others with a more parallel-running fibre distribution. Some have considered German Volume Training as a way to break through plateaus. The original volume training methods were based on 10 sets of 10 reps (called 10x10s) of single exercises. Those song lyrics suggest that hard work is the only way to combat your issues. when you’re full of energy. foot. One thing that is synonymous with all volume training is that it’s deceptively challenging. they’ll be behind you and you’ll be FLEX 65 CHRIS LUND . Even those muscles with Angles are the name of the game for attacking and building a muscle completely. the exercises are specifically designed to hit every possible line of pull that your muscles could perform. NO EASY WAY OUT… NO SHORTCUT HOME Sounds like something from an old Rocky movie. around to target your weakest areas. generally two per workout with antagonistic muscle groups. if you want to get your entire muscle to grow. 4 12 90 sec. While this kind of method may work well for those specific lifts. a new angle may be just what those stubborn peaks are calling for. lend themselves to the need for differentiation simply because of their overall structure. 90 sec. like your pecs. From that came 8x8s. Do them first. which most do. 90 sec. if they have multiple heads with different attachment points. or even the workouts themselves. due to muscle fibre orientation. you need to make sure that you’ve covered all the movement patterns they’re involved in. 90 sec. and rather than dread getting to them. 4 12 90 sec. 3 3 4 4 10 12 12 12 120 sec. Avoidance doesn’t work. you’re generally burnt: not just fried. For example. A NEW ANGLE Angles are the name of the game for attacking and building a muscle completely. others have suggested it helps with increasing strength and size. but thoroughly scorched. all serving its useful purpose. and by the time you’re done. 4 4 4 10 12 10 120 sec. Exercise Decline Bench Press (wide-grip) Bench Press (wide-grip) Machine Flye Incline Bench Press (wide-grip) Behind-theneck Press Military Press Lateral Raise Standing Calf Raise (toes in) Standing Calf Raise (toes out) Seated Calf Raise (toes straight) Sets 4 Reps 12 Rest 90 sec. lats. As you work through this programme. so if your calves are lagging. Our programme puts a slightly different angle on the traditional approach to volume training.

90 sec. Now I’m not here to protein to build on. I didn’t say that you had to be exhausted. 120 sec. For true hypertrophy training. off your body. use your pump-factor to determine your workout’s effectiveness. I’m a big advocate of them—when they’re the last few in a set. bouncing. chances are. and short-changing your reps reduces the chance for those muscles to get beaten up. with solid proof both in the lab and on the gym floor. cheat reps are fine and. No doubt some big vascularity is great during more bioactive (readily available) the a workout. What that means is terrorising the weights. but give you a lesson in protein timing. important. neither of those will give you the post-size development you’re trying to build. Recovery up that nothing will stop you from starts from Rep 1. Notice. you begin to degrade the protein strands that form your muscle. The more refined the protein. 90 sec. in fact. 90 sec. But no matter how you choose to complete these workouts. 4 4 3 4 4 4 12 12 12 12 12 10 90 sec. the getting pumped for the workout. So that is not new. 120 sec. 90 sec. then why not repair them immediately? A pre-workout drink that has some vital amino acids will certainly help you. that having protein not have known. and thus you find that your weak spots are still weak. If you’re breaking them down immediately. and that comes FUEL YOUR SIZE from improving your ability to synthesise proteins and packing them in to place to You’ve heard before that you need to fuel workouts and give your muscles some build bigger muscle. 4 4 4 4 12 10 12 12 90 sec. 90 sec. But as the workout continues and muscles continue to take a beating. . and after your workout is more about recovery than it is about a must. but I let me share one other thing that you may can say. the greater chance you stand of building muscle. While both are that the moment you begin that first rep. during. My guess is that what’s most important to you is the size you build from that workout.moving on to exercises you like better. Swinging. Fuelling your system is before. you didn’t work hard enough. CHRIS LUND 90 sec. DAY 3 GLUTES/LEGS/TRICEPS/BICEPS Exercise Squat (normal stance) Squat (wide stance) Hack Squat Leg Press Leg Extension Seated Leg Curl Lying Leg Curl Skull Crusher (cambered bar) V-bar Triceps Pushdown Close-grip Bench Press Barbell Curl Preacher Curl Cable Curl Sets 4 Reps 10 Rest 120 sec. and thus you’ll find that your weak spots are still weak. 3 10 120 sec. if you don’t leave the gym completely swollen with a range of motion half what you came in with. nor did I suggest that several litres of water should have poured Short-changing your reps reduces the chance for those muscles to get beaten up. Equally nice is being so amped constituents. The other piece to working hard is to keep the emphasis on the muscle being trained. protein synthesis (the rebuilding) is imminent and will only occur if protein is available. 4 12 90 sec. Sure.


and triceps. Every once in a while it’s good to mix it up. 90 sec. and give you serious thickness in short order. make you feel like you’ve maxed your skin’s ability to stretch. 90 sec. 90 sec. “How do we split workouts to get maximal results?” The perfect answer would be to create an eighth day of the week. shoulders. 4 4 3 10 12 10 120 sec. 90 sec. 3 4 3 3 3 12 12 12 12 12 90 sec. CHRIS LUND 68 FLEX . Other splits combine all the muscles that contribute to a specific lift such as pecs. if you want to hit your body parts more than once a week. 90 sec. target some smaller muscles separately from their bigger multijoint movement exercises. As volume is the name of the game. I won’t lie though: after 6 weeks (maybe eight for those of you who are fortunate). 90 sec. 90 sec. 90 sec. 90 sec. 90 sec. one I most often recommend. which are all pushing muscles. 90 sec. TRAINING SPLIT TRAINING SPLIT FOR MAXIMISING MUSCLE DENSITY Probably the most common question asked is. 90 sec. each training day will have 12–16 sets per body Mon Back Tues Chest Wed Glutes/ Lower Back Hams/ Quads Triceps Biceps Thurs Back Fri Chest Sat Glutes/ Lower Back Hams/ Quads Triceps Biceps Sun OFF Traps Posterior Delts Abs Anterior Delts Medial Delts Calves Traps Posterior Delts Abs Anterior Delts Medial Delts Calves OFF OFF OFF DAY 4 BACK/TRAPS/POSTERIOR DELTS/ABS Exercise Rear-lat Pulldown One-arm Dumbbell Row Reverse-grip Dumbbell Row Seated Cable Row (wide grip) Dumbbell Upright Row Dumbbell Shrug Dumbbell Rearlateral Raise Decline Rotational Sit-up Lying Crunch (Weighted) Hanging Leg Raise Sets 4 4 3 3 4 4 4 3 3 3 Reps 10 12 10 12 12 12 12 12 12 12 Rest 120 sec. DAY 5 CHEST/ANTERIOR DELTS/CALVES Exercise Dumbbell Decline Bench Press Dumbbell Bench Press Machine Flye Dumbbell Incline Bench Press Dumbbell Shoulder Press Lateral Raise Standing Calf Raise (toes in) Standing Calf Raise (toes out) Seated Calf Raise (toes straight) Sets 3 Reps 12 Rest 90 sec. 120 sec. The split shown here will work great when it’s cycled properly. and hit them twice a week with solid volume. 120 sec. 90 sec. that is a great way to train.This programme will push your limits of size. Common volume splits work a single muscle each day and only once a week. Intuitively. your smaller muscles inevitably don’t get the true push you’re looking for. No matter how you cut it. This is the nature of this programme. complete recovery may not be possible. but also because of the number of exercises you’d have to perform that have the same pattern of movement. your body will be begging for a break and a chance to reset.


So for this programme. If you can keep it up longer. since we’re trying to hit every fibre of every muscle. but at some point. you’ll need a break after 6–8 weeks. order is very important.part. 90 sec. before you hop back again. making you feel like you’ve maxed your skin’s ability to stretch. FLEX DAY 6 GLUTES/LEGS/TRICEPS/BICEPS Exercise Dumbbell Lunge (stationary) Dumbbell Step-up Leg Press Stiff-leg Deadlift Standing One-leg Curl Lying Leg Curl Dumbbell Skull Crusher V-bar Triceps Pushdown One-arm Overhead Extension One-arm Cable Curl One-arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl Seated Alternating Dumbbell Curl Sets 4 Reps 10 Rest 120 sec. if time is a concern as these could be long workouts. 90 sec. 3 3 10 12 120 sec. your back will start with heavy lat work and move up to the traps for the final exercises. just make some changes. Call it a plateau. and posterior delts get their full complement of exercises. you need to cut back. you’ll need a break after 6–8 weeks. 120 sec. Over time. great. Unless you’re superhuman. And finally. Additionally. but the overall order for this programme is important to maximise recovery. but don’t call it quits. For maximal growth. Rest is critical so that all the muscle fibres get an equal distribution of wear and tear as your load can stay heavier longer. with this volume-oriented approach. The trap-training segment will finish with some wide-grip movements that accentuate posterior deltoid activation and thus the entire back. Whether you choose to start your week with your back or not is your call. The second workout of the week will feature dumbbells and single-limb movement patterns where both range of motion and control of weights can be accentuated. you need to cut back. you can certainly alternate exercises between lower and upper body (do your calves in between your pecs or shoulders exercises) to get things done a little quicker. 3 12 3 12 90 sec. 3 4 3 3 10 10 12 12 4 3 12 10 90 sec. the first workout of the week per body part will be either a barbell or machine where the arms or legs are fixed to work together. call it a mental block. we need a varied approach to our training. 70 FLEX PAVEL YTHJALL . even with good recovery tactics. 120 sec. 3 12 90 sec. your body will require more time to recover than you can give it with this type of programme. 120 sec. 10–12 reps will be the regime with a full 90 seconds rest between sets but not more than 120 seconds. great. Unless you’re superhuman. 90 sec. Exercises are grouped together with the order designed to target a specific muscle at its various angles and finish with overlapping exercises for the next muscle group in the lift. WORDS OF ENCOURAGEMENT This programme will push your limits of size. add some strength training. or some good solid endurance. traps. If you can keep it up longer. For example. but at some point. and keep this routine in your arsenal—you’ll use it again. 90 sec. Again.


With the bench press. squat. Calf raise 3. Squat 2. and had I used correct exercise technique. Dumbbell curl 8. I stuck with twice a week to start with. Here’s a typical routine from that time. Crunch sit-up Workout Two 1. to a degree. calf raise. hyperextension. even that still wouldn’t Workout One 1. and no way could I recover from Friday in order to be ready for Sunday. I changed to Sunday-Wednesday-Friday. Bench press 5. Deadlift (conventional style. Prone barbell row from an elevated bench 6. Although I always seemed to have an ache or a pain somewhere. curl. But it was hopeless. And when I reduced what I did on Fridays. and insufficient flare to my feet. and do paper rounds mornings and afternoons six days a week and several hours each Sunday morning. I could train hard on them. press behind neck. my technique on some exercises was a mess. My squat technique was particularly poor—bar too high on my shoulders. with bent legs) 4.INSTRUCTION BY STUART McROBERT PHOTOS BY CHRIS LUND HOW I STARTED RIGHT. and I arched my back excessively. with only bare-bones equipment. and from the less-than-a-dozen men who used that gym. I’d have made more progress than I actually did. so my recovery “machinery” was in good order. and thereafter stay on the right way. and because one man at the gym plugged three workouts a week. and the value of just two eight-exercise full-body workouts each week. Most urged me to train just twice a week. or fix what you’re doing if you’ve lost your way. With hindsight. my sources of training instruction were primarily a few books I borrowed from the library. I still made steady progress initially—an indication of the resilience of youth. but there was no way I could recover from that. Barbell curl 8. and about eight exercises per full-body workout. and cheated freely. But some of those exercises were poor selections. Calf raise 3. Parallel bar dip 5. Crunch sit-up Generally. feet too close. and alternating two different routines would have been better than the same one each time. done twice weekly: sit-up. I lowered the bar close to my clavicles rather than close to my lower pec line. I thought that thrice-weekly training would increase my progress.) At the beginning of my bodybuilding experience. Only by staying on the right way for long enough will you give yourself the opportunity to realise your natural potential for bodybuilding. and I had sufficient recovery time between sessions to be able to make steady progress in strength and muscle. shoulder and knee aches and pains were common. for usually three work sets per exercise. in a community centre’s “dungeon gym” in north-east England. The Sunday to Wednesday period was the only time I seemed to recover. although one recommended three times a week. Back extension 72 FLEX . That was four big exercises and four small ones. seated with back support 7. for eight-exercise workouts: 4. but then went wrong. the following programme would have been better. and injuries that temporarily limited my training weren’t unusual. I started lifting weights in the 1970s when I was 15. bench press. I rushed my reps. although I studied just enough to get sufficient O and A levels to be able to go to college and qualify as a school teacher. Had I actually done the “with hindsight” programme just listed. The workouts were practical. By “practical” workouts I mean that I still had sufficient time to be able to keep up with my school homework. (But I did neglect my academic studies from the instant I was bitten by the bodybuilding bug. pains and injuries. As a result. No way could I recover from Wednesday ready for Friday. Barbell press in front. BUT THEN WENT WRONG By explaining how I started right as a bodybuilder. you can learn how to start right (if you’re a beginner). and without any limitations from aches. back. Because twice-weekly training was working. barbell bent-over row. although my training volume and frequency were appropriate for me. At the time. I was generous with how much food and sleep I had at the time. Dumbbell press. Instead of training Sunday-Wednesday. Chin-up 6. I tried the same routine each time. Although it was a few years before I actually started deadlifting. Squat 2. when I did do it my technique was a mess because I didn’t maintain a slightly hollow lower back. seated with back support 7.


and provided you’re sufficiently motivated and dedicated. with dips. and produced spectacular results. triceps pushdowns. and had I got it under 10% I’d have had a physique that would have knocked the socks off almost everyone. ROBBY ROBINSON WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE Looking back to when I was 15. During this era. Franco Columbu did. which were mostly six-day-a-week programmes. How I persisted with this for so long. While I’d always trained hard. but always with the same outcome—no muscle growth. These promoted the training of the champions of the day. Don’t think that the deadlift is for powerlifters only. Paradoxically. it’s one of the greatest muscle builders because it heavily involves so much muscle. So. but for no muscle growth. Those men had terrific genetics for bodybuilding right from the start. Of my own volition I had no social life whatsoever. curls of various forms. and return to the sort of programme that I first started with. And I’d make progress once again. which includes correct exercise technique. I think it would have been close to optimal for genetically normal bodybuilders. and stuck with it. other than having an obsessive drive to train hard and apply myself to the components of recuperation with great dedication—and I was doing it all naturally. Hard training is essential. and pre-exhaustion enabled me to annihilate myself in the gym from just a small volume of exercise. I don’t know. the urging of Jones and Mentzer had me training even harder. chins. too. Done properly. and thus I’d return to yet another interpretation of the higher volume and higher frequency approach to bodybuilding that the big-name bodybuilders were using. And I never had a drop of alcohol. squat 400 for reps. just six exercises would have been better. The use of forced reps. provided you’re not limited by age. but intensely hard training can be counterproductive. of course. I launched into longer workouts. I gave the routines my all. So back I went to twice weekly. Such results are achieveable to you. Those programmes worked well for those men. I didn’t go to a single party during that era. so that I could get lots of sleep every single night. Arthur Jones and Mike Mentzer were in their pomp promoting high-intensity training. The vital qualifiers to explain why those routines worked for the champions weren’t explained. so I thought that they would work for me. had I adopted the following approach. and deadlift 500 for reps. These would have been spectacular results for a genetically normal 20-year-old bodybuilder. during that long period of frustration and disappointment. But because my exercise technique was still dodgy. without grasping that the whole approach was fundamentally flawed. The shorter workouts would have enabled me to maintain a higher level of 74 FLEX . rows and overhead presses being at a comparable level to the big three exercises. Even some of the greats of modern-day bodybuilding appreciated the value of the conventional deadlift. I gave bodybuilding priority over everything else in my life. split routines. descending sets. Arnold did. In about five years I would have been able to bench press 300 for reps. pec flyes. and leg extensions were highly rated. and incorporated it in their routines. but I was genetically normal for bodybuilding. lateral raises. But the progress I made only got me thinking that I was ready for more “advanced” training methods. and Robby Robinson did. No matter how I arranged the workouts. the results were always the same—a ton of effort and dedication. But that also failed to produce muscle growth. I had brief spells when I’d temporarily doubt the validity of the four or more workouts per week. Around this time I was heavily into reading bodybuilding magazines—from both the UK and the US. And I ate lots of good food. and slept well every night. for my progress was hampered by the usual aches and pains. and progress started happening again. and schedules that gave more time and attention to isolation exercises than the compound movements. Rather than doing routines with eight exercises in them. albeit still hampered by the usual aches and pains. negative reps. And with body fat under 12% I’d have had good definition.

Warm-ups plus three work sets of five reps for each of the big exercises. The format has four big exercises each workout. and just two small exercises. and a warm-up plus just two work sets for each of the small exercises. Here’s the general format I now wish I had applied when I started out. is a good FLEX 75 . but you could choose another pairing of days.focus and effort on the primary exercises. and stuck to religiously for as long as I wanted to grow bigger muscles. I always liked SundayWednesday as my workout days.

And I wouldn’t have trained full-bore all of the time. For further information. I wouldn’t have followed growth without exceeding your ability to the exact same routines all the time. from time to time. Squat or parallel bar deadlift: warm-ups plus 3 sets of 5 reps (or warm-ups plus 1 x 20) 2. Lose Fat. exercise poundages to something really Don’t be put off by the brevity of these special by the standards of natural bodyworkouts. And. just warm-ups plus a single work set can be sufficient. Parallel bar dip: warm-ups plus 3 sets of 5 reps 3. Then you can get on with reaping terrific results. Conventional deadlift: warm-ups plus 1-3 sets of 5 reps 4. Dumbbell press. I’d have taken a couple of workouts off. Whenever I felt stale. of course. way can you train hard enough to stimulate In this ideal world. SUNDAY 1. Bench press: warm-ups plus 3 sets of 5 reps 5. I would have varied the set-rep schemes key exercises—the four big exercises in each 76 FLEX . and you’ll transform your muscle development. but I would recover between workouts. To order. the and rest/sleep components of recuperation poundages would have become ever heavier. Only in this for making tiny poundage increases. Calf raise: warm-up plus 2 sets of 15-20 reps 3. Then I could and my muscles would have become ever have gradually and consistently built up my bigger. Their brevity is key to bodybuilding building. Side bend or rotary torso: warm-up plus 2 sets of 8 reps each side 6. eased back a little on my poundages. as I’ve explained at prior to slowly moving into new poundage great length in my book Build Muscle. MSN Messenger. Squat or leg press: warm-ups plus 3 sets of 5 reps (or warm-ups plus 1 x 20) 2. I should have shifted the squats to the 20-rep format—a fantastic growth strategy when applied properly. FLEX Personalised. Small weight plates—half. Everything I did in the gym and out Look Great. I should have of the gym would have been geared to making trained hard and fully satisfied the nutritional me ever stronger over time. seated with back support: warm-ups plus 3 sets of 5 reps 5. Crunch sit-up: warm-up plus 2 sets of 8-12 reps DAVID HENRY workout. Little by little. please contact him by email at stuart@hardgainer. either directly or indirectly. or Yahoo Messenger. contact Weider Mail Order on 01423 877 052. What I didn’t do but wish I had done.general format to apply. (which I actually did. and taken a few I should have used correct exercise weeks to gradually return to my previous best technique at all times.and success for genetically normal. although when deadlifting really hard. BOOK 1: How to build up to 50 pounds of muscle the natural way. territory. Once a year. Chin-up or pulldown: warm-ups plus 3 sets of 5 reps 6. Just those exercises work most of the muscles in your physique. you can start to do now. But that brief have followed the same overall format all the hard work must be primarily applied to the time. email. Become really strong in those exercises. for several months. Curl: warm-up plus 2 sets of 6-8 reps WEDNESDAY Editor’s note: The author’s newest book is STUART McROBERT’S NEW BRAWN SERIES. natural one-pound discs—would have been invaluable bodybuilders—hardgainers. Chest-supported row: warm-ups plus 3 sets of 5 reps 4. however). one-to-one training advice is now available from Stuart—by phone.

The maximum strength formula for best results . 10 ACTIVE INGREDIENTS 8.2mg VIT-MX-TRIM BLEND TM 2g SHRED-FAST TM COMPLEX @SCIMX SCI-MX sci-mx.


a six-time Mr Olympia. Big Ramy. Fast-forward to the present. when Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay won the 2012 IFBB Amateur Olympia in Kuwait and followed up this year with his first IFBB pro show. The question that everyone was asking was. Wheeler turned pro at the NPC USA Championships in 1992. Yates. FLEX sat down with long-time Weider athlete Dennis James and talked about his new protégé. He placed second at his first Olympia in 1993. Olympia his first time competing?” Elssbiay has soared to the top of the IFBB in a very short time. two bodybuilders earned their pro cards and became immediate threats for the Mr Olympia title: Dorian Yates and Flex Wheeler. turned pro at the 1988 British Championships and captured second place at his first Mr Olympia in 1991. but not many people know his origins. “Can Ramy do what no other bodybuilder has done before and win the Mr. defeating seasoned veteran Victor Martinez.BY ROBBIE DURAND PHOTOGRAPHS BY ALEX ARDENTI In the late ’80s and early ’90s. FLEX 79 . the New York Pro.

80 FLEX .

I’d send Bader the e-mails and plan and talk to him. He had all the size he ever needed. Ramy has a room upstairs and actually sleeps at Oxygen Gym. I’ve travelled to Kuwait several times over the years because I’m very good friends with the owner of Oxygen Gym. He was helping out his brothers with the business. His main focus was to get his pro card and get an invite to this year’s Olympia. and that’s when I came to the conclusion that I should help this guy to see how far he can go.FLEX: When did you first meet Ramy? DENNIS JAMES: I first met Ramy at Oxygen Gym. Basically. but they’d never met and then Bader visited the gym and he was impressed with how much size he had for someone that was into bodybuilding only as a hobby. so I put him on a low-carb diet. Bader Boodai. but they’d spot people and provide any assistance needed in the gym. but he was around 200 pounds and growing at an amazing pace. He was overseeing everything and it was unbelievable how well Ramy responded to the diet and the plan. There was no one that came close to being anywhere near his league. Here is the amazing part: where other people would lose muscle on low-carb diets. Bader has single-handedly done more for the sport of bodybuilding in Kuwait than most other people put together. What adjustments after your first assessments did you make for the Amateur Olympia? I really didn’t have to tweak much. The system is very different in Egypt (which is where Ramy is originally from)— it’s not uncommon for people to sleep at their workplaces. The results were nothing short of amazing. It was unbelievable—he was growing out of his clothes. A typical day for Ramy is that he wakes up. Ramy and I started working together at the end of 2011. That’s how he got into bodybuilding. all six of his brothers are fishermen. Bader started sending me pictures of Ramy. It was an easy win for him. he did the Golden Cup and won the overall. which Bader rarely went to. so he was trying to get a job at Oxygen Gym to follow his dreams of becoming a bodybuilder some day. he would still gain weight and or maintain it. Bader is the one who saw the potential in Ramy. and they all came to Kuwait to become full-time fishermen. and he was the one who contacted me about working with him. when he was a coach. Each gym has about 15 or 20 coaches who basically patrol the gym and give assistance to the other members working out. That was in 2010. showers. How did you guys communicate about the diet and training plan for the Amateur Olympia? Was it by Skype or just e-mails? I couldn’t communicate with him because I didn’t speak the language! Bader was the one communicating with him. trains that night. there are what are called coaches—they’re much like a personal trainer. The club manager at one of the Oxygen Gyms. That’s when it all started and Bader started mentoring him. Ramy always loved working out and he had heard that Bader was bringing all the top bodybuilding pros to the Oxygen Gyms in Kuwait. goes downstairs and does cardio. he just needed to come in ripped. He told his family that he was going to stop the fishing business to get into bodybuilding. I’ve never seen anything like it. I was doing his dieting and basically giving Bader everything to pass along because I wasn’t there. He was FLEX 81 . but then we decided to do a big show—the Amateur Olympia in Kuwait in November 2012. In the gyms in Kuwait. Ramy had been working for Bader for about six months. and I admit he wasn’t at his best—he turned pro after training for 2½ years and qualified for the Mr Olympia the same day. At the Amateur Olympia. He did a few contests. and he’d then explain this to Ramy. he did the Oxygen Gym Show. Give us a little bit about his background. Believe it or not. and then he works the pro shop for about 10 hours a day. I was competing at the Masters Olympia the same weekend that he was competing at the Amateur Olympia. He responds so well to whatever he eats. and then goes to sleep. and on the side he wanted to work at Oxygen Gym. It was motivating for both of us to know we were both dieting at the same time. gave him a job.

82 FLEX .

500 grams of carbs. Ramy is going to shock the world. He looked good standing by himself. We gave him only 350 grams of carbs. it’s honestly incredible. but Ramy was still smiling. but conditionwise he needed to be harder. he just keeps gaining.on 75 grams of carbs for a while and almost lost nothing. “What did you do to get him so big and round?” I would say. you put them on low carbs and they get fatigued and they don’t function well. one pound a month. Most guys. I’ve never worked with such a genetically gifted person. so I really cut back on the amount of carbs during the carb-loading process. With most bodybuilders. Two cardio sessions a day. too. His muscles are still young and fresh because he’s only 28. but I knew he needed to come down. Most bodybuilders. Look at the gains he made between the Amateur Olympia and the New York Pro— it was only six months and he kept gaining muscle. two training sessions a day and he’s about 320 pounds and loses. This is probably one out of a billion people who can grow the way he can grow. There was a major difference between other guys’ carb loading and his carb loading for him. I can’t even explain it. he was 298 and coming down but still on zero carbs. take some time off to recover and try to maintain or put on a little size between shows. By four days out from the New York Pro. “His body is just different. because of his genetics. mark my words on this! What are some of the adjustments that you made for the New York Pro? When he arrived here. 15. People would come up to me at the New York Pro and say. During the four days before he left Kuwait.000 to 1. I knew that we had to bring him down and dry him out. His conditioning just keeps improving. but with Ramy. and he lost very little weight. 20 years. but he was still functioning well.” I really think Ramy is like one of those myostatin-deficient kids. he had nothing but protein and water. I can only imagine what he’s going to look like in a year or two once he has more muscle maturity. I had him on zero carbs four days before he left Kuwait. which goes to show FLEX 83 . It’s very hard for him to lose weight. his body is so anabolic that he would’ve blown back up to 320 pounds. So he was on zero carbs for 11 days before the show. like. I had to go with very low carbs. But Ramy recuperated from the Amateur Olympia faster than any bodybuilder I’ve ever worked with. and we started carb loading. where no matter what you do. when they do a show and they have to compete again in six months. Three days before the New York Pro he was 296. he was still 300-plus pounds at six days out from the show. Training for a little less than three years you can’t expect him to have the same muscle development as these guys who have been training for 10. flying long distances can result in their holding water. so I didn’t want him to get off the plane holding 10 pounds of water. Most bodybuilders will carb load with 1.

it will throw his balance off. he just needs to be in better condition. has improved yearly. and can you imagine what Ramy will look like in five years? FLEX 84 FLEX . Look at the New York Pro. just worrying about conditioning. he. he just needs to refine his definition. I want to know. He has all the size he needs to be Mr Olympia. How many pros out there can say that they don’t need to put on any more size? The thing about Ramy is that pictures do not do him justice until you stand next to him. Let the other guys chase him. If his quads get any bigger. He hasn’t reached his true potential in terms of muscle maturity. a guy who’d never been on the Olympia stage and everyone was worried about him. How far can he go? The good thing about Ramy is he doesn’t have to worry about gaining any more muscle in his life. he isn’t chasing anyone in size. not putting on size. All the IFBB pro judges have told me that he has all the size he’ll ever need. maybe some hack squats for separation. ever. when he stood next to seasoned veteran Victor Martinez and the rest of the line-up—he dwarfed them all! He’s in the perfect spot right now. how many guys getting ready for the Olympia this year had Ramy on their minds? He wasn’t thinking about anyone but himself! This has never happened before. like Phil Heath.that his body is very resistant to losing muscle mass when he diets. You’ll never see me have him do squats ever again.


But we’re going to tell you why everyone should include iso-tension in their training to easily increase their gains. especially in a public place like a gym. You may have thought flexing was something only champion bodybuilders did regularly. and some are easy. It’s how and when you do it that turns these weight-free contractions into a method for both focusing and intensifying your workouts. THE WEIDER PRINCIPLES 86 FLEX . It’s basically a fancy term for flexing.HARDGAINERS ULTIMATE GROWTH ENHANCEMENT SYSTEM® ISO-TENSION How flexing between sets can enhance muscle growth Some of these Weider Principles are complicated. Iso-tension falls into the latter category.


sides.E.G. Here’s how to perform them. quads. the iso-tension contractions hit all four abdominal areas: lower.ISO-TENSION ROUTINE n Our H. flexing your chest between sets of bench presses can help you target your pecs (primary muscle) and use less of your delts and triceps (secondary muscles). too. ® H. stretch the targeted muscle(s). close-grip bench presses. (per side) 10–15 15–60 sec. etc. Follow holds in the fully contracted position with holds in the fully stretched position for the same lengths of time. or machine dips. Whether you’re doing one-arm dumbbell extensions. When doing iso-tension with sets of arm or leg exercises. and inner. lats.E.U.U. immediately following each iso-tension contraction with the next exercise. Together. As an example. Then raise your butt while tensing your lower abs.® ISO-TENSION ABS ROUTINE EXERCISE Hanging Knee Raise Lower Abs Iso-tension Crunch Upper Abs Iso-tension Dumbbell Side Bend Side Abs Iso-tension SETS 2–4 2–4 2–4 2–4 2–4 2–4 2–4 2–4 REPS 10–15 6–10 sec. 10–15 6–10 sec. Finally.® iso-tension routine includes four ab exercises and four ab iso-tension contractions. you may find you can flex harder and focus better by tensing just one limb at a time.E.G. On the other hand. H. immediately after each set lock your elbows straight and maximally flex your triceps. 10–15 (per side) 6–10 sec. straighten your arms and flex your triceps as hard as possible just after each set. 88 FLEX PAVEL YTHJALL . For example. THE WEIDER ISO-TENSION PRINCIPLE n This tenet requires that you fully contract the targeted muscle(s) between sets and hold that contraction for 6–10 seconds. glutes. but do this same tensing regardless of the triceps exercise.) to focus on just one. if you’re doing pushdowns. pull your shoulders off the bench and tense your upper abs for up to 10 seconds. trapezius. That example is easy to picture because you’re essentially duplicating the contraction of a pushdown. this isn’t a good technique to do with compound lifts that involve many areas. n Lower Abs Lie on a bench with your thighs straight up and knees bent. Here are a few iso-tension tips. applying iso-tension there can better direct the stress of your sets. n Inner Abs Pull in your waist as far as possible and hold this position for up to one minute. n Upper Abs After each set of crunches. Do this routine as a giant set. This is essentially a static hold of the crunch contraction position. deadlifts Rope Crunch Inner Abs Iso-tension work too many muscles (spinal erectors.G. First. Hold this position. maximally contract the side not holding the dumbbell (the working oblique) for up to 10 seconds. Do two giant set rotations at first. if the compound exercise has one primary muscle.U. upper. n Side Abs After doing one segment (left or right) of side bends. For example. but work your way up to four in the following weeks.

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Here’s how to avoid them. 90 FLEX PAVEL YTHJALL FRESH TAKE ■ Although iso-tension prescribes that you flex between sets. maintain that minute and a half but start it after the iso-tension and end it when your next set begins. you’ll likely flex your entire chest and not just your upper pecs. not rest time. you can crunch your chest down and tense your midsection to work your rectus abdominis. count the iso-tension time as workout time.THE WEIDER ISO-TENSION PRINCIPLE ADVANTAGES Here are the pluses of iso-tension ■ MIND-TO-MUSCLE CONNECTION Flexing the targeted muscle(s) between sets lets you know the feeling you want to duplicate during the set. and do three to five iso-tension holds per session. Competitive bodybuilders know that posing practice is itself a workout. this will strengthen your focus so you can better work that area. With practice. ■ SET CONTINUATION Doing iso-tension immediately after a set keeps the tension on the targeted area. can benefit from striking mandatory poses. and it therefore lets you easily and safely push a set beyond failure. One of the best body parts for this is abs. ■ REDUCED REST TIME Keeping the tension on your muscle(s) after the set is going to eat into your rest time. it’s a training tool you should use outside the gym as well. you’ll strengthen your mind-to-muscle connection to that area. it’s a means of continuing the set without a training partner or even a weight. such as the rear-lat spread and the front double biceps. If you normally rest 90 seconds between sets. Hold either position for as long as possible up to one minute. Even while seated at a desk or driving a car. Doing so will teach you to better control your muscles during sets. Therefore. To some degree. With practice. Similarly. You. Effectively. For example. FLEX . this can’t be avoided. DISADVANTAGES There are two potential pitfalls of iso-tension. ■ MISPLACED FOCUS Iso-tension can be difficult to apply to specific areas of muscles. too. you can enhance your mind-to-muscle connection by iso-tensing your muscles throughout the day. if you do it after sets of incline presses. but strive to contract primarily the targeted area. You can also pull in your waist as far as possible to hit your frequently neglected transversus abdominis (inner abs).


Diabetes is a very serious condition. If it’s not done in such a way. when used properly. the 2012 British champion. I’ve seen some guys take the barbell from saddles located on the outside of the rack uprights. I’ve also been dealing with joint problems in my fingers since 1995. His comments regarding how type 1 diabetes affects bodybuilding are below. But you must have the safety bars/pins positioned securely just a little below where the barbell is when you’re at your bottom position. exercise. I don’t think it’s out of the question that other joint problems afflict diabetics more than others. My other shoulder had adhesive capsulitis back in 2001 or so. if you fail on a rep. a much bigger concern is the effect of diabetes on your health. and maintaining good blood sugar levels is very tough indeed. then bodybuilding training should be helpful for your health provided it’s done in a way that’s appropriate for you and your recovery ability. And slowing down the pace of repetitions will go a long way in lowering destructive forces on the joints. And you must take the bar off weight saddles positioned inside the rack’s uprights. If blood sugar is too high. Although your expressed concern is with the effect of diabetes on your bodybuilding. it’s busy trying to get sugar out of storage depots in the muscle and liver (in the form of glycogen) and into all the cells of the body. It’s a very complex balancing act. But the power rack can be used purely as a bar holder and you can still squat safely provided you have two alert. if only because a portion of every day and week is spent trying just to get blood sugars back to normal. and for them I’d guess muscle growth and recovery would be minimal. though. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of the power rack as a safety device? Yes. one at each end of the bar. because both are emergency situations: survival trumps recovery. Unfortunately. “In practice it takes longer for a type 1 diabetic to recover from training. and expertly knowledgeable about diabetes and its effect on your energy levels and recovery ability. But such spotters aren’t always available—if ever available in some gyms. Then. “Along with correct exercise technique. I’d expect recovery to be minimal. as demonstrated over the page by Hidetada Yamigishi. Insulin is a storage hormone. so that you can squat your heart out without any fear that you could get trapped under the bar. but you must be especially savvy about proper training and recovery for hardgainers. but I don’t know that as a fact. and I’ve got a hemi-replacement of my shoulder joint in my near future. and then squat outside of the rack. but can I still build muscle? Yes. “The short-term limitations of muscle growth in a type 1 diabetic are represented by blood sugar fluctuations and the relative amount of insulin in circulation. But assuming that your diabetes is properly managed. you can QI AI . Please read this advice and then discuss with your doctor the best way for you to proceed. some people don’t even try. and infection. That problem has a definite link to diabetes.BY STUART McROBERT PHOTOS BY CHRIS LUND BODYBUILDING AND TYPE 1 DIABETES Q&As QI I have type 1 diabetes. (Of course. I know that building a physique of the standard of the pros is way out of the question for me. with grave consequences if it’s not properly managed. I also know someone AI BODYBUILDING TRAINING SHOULD BE HELPFUL FOR YOUR HEALTH PROVIDED IT’S DONE IN A WAY THAT’S APPROPRIATE FOR YOU AND YOUR RECOVERY ABILITY 92 FLEX who has had type 1 diabetes for over 40 years. He’s an expert on diabetes and bodybuilding for hardgainers.” EFFECTIVE SQUATTING The gym where I train has two power racks. And in both cases. is. A power rack is designed to be selfspotting. if at all. not only because of the smoothness of motion but also because of the lower resistance necessary for slower lifting. it means circulating insulin levels are high. Instead of storing protein as muscle during these times of low blood sugar. competent spotters. emotional stress. it means there’s not enough insulin to do storing of any kind. I recommend low volume/high intensity training. insulin—someone with diabetes stands a good chance of recovering in a fashion similar to a non-diabetic. It will be even trickier to find the volume and frequency of training that works for you than it is for non-diabetic hardgainers. I’m not diabetic but Anth Bailes. including exposure to sunlight. the bodybuilding will cause additional problems.) “I can’t speak specifically about joint problems. I’ve been dealing for years with arthritis. because it yields much less wear and tear than higher volume and higher frequency methods. “If blood sugar is low. It seems to have made me a super hardgainer. Based solely on that. Provided that the main things are in balance—food. that foodexercise-insulin balance can be upset by many factors. and has been a bodybuilder for most of those years. since the majority of people it affects are diabetics. and inject myself with insulin several times a day.


unload the bar.HIDETADA YAMAGISHI lower the bar under control and set it on the safety bars. not as I did. I got away unscathed. As a youngster. Never squat hard without the provision for safety. reposition it on the weight saddles. load it again. 94 FLEX . get out from under the bar. I had a few frightening experiences when I failed on a rep and had to dump the bar onto the floor. rest a while. and perform your next set. but I could have sustained a horrible injury. I squatted hard without such a safety set-up—and I often squatted alone. Fortunately. Do as I teach.

For optimal results. www. WHEN Take 1-2 servings 30-45 minutes prior to training.HARDCORE SERIES PRE-WORKOUT CONCENTRATE Lee Powell ZERO SUGAR I ZERO CARBS NEW MANUFACTURED IN THE USA MOST EXTREME IFBB PRO EXPLOSIVE ENERGY MICRO CONCENTRATED PRE-WORKOUT INTENSIFIER USN’s HYPERDRIVE Individual results may vary.O provides scientifically grounded technology to bring you revolutionary enhancements in NO (Nitric Oxide) generation.usn. combine with a healthy diet and weight training Available at USN UK @USNUK . explosive energy and the resulting profound muscle gains.


and you’ll tend to lean to one side in an effort to compensate. and in any type of machine pressing motion that has each side work independently of the other. What am I doing wrong? You’re not lowering the handles or dumbbells in perfect synchrony. When properly used it’s also perfect for bench presses. but the asymmetry increases the risk of injury. so use those precious resources wisely. Phil Heath and others of their level. ARNOLD-STYLE BENTOVER RAISES QI Should I do bentover dumbbell raises while sitting at the end of a bench. where each side works independently of the other. though. incline presses. AI PRESSING PROBLEMS QI When I use an ovehead press machine. this exercise is a distraction from much more important exercises.) The solution is simple—use correct exercise technique. in a more orthodox manner? Should you be doing this exercise at all? Of course. so when you get to the bottom position one side is slightly ahead of the other. The same problem can occur in the dumbbell bench press and incline press. Arnold-style. but on refining your plentiful existing muscle mass. But unless you’re already sufficiently developed overall so that your focus is no longer on building muscle mass. and you press them up out of kilter. some reps are way harder than others (even early on in a set). Then you’re not symmetrical. You have limited training time. too. training energy and recovery ability. overhead presses. this sort of decision-making has significance. and I tend to lean to one side in order to get the resistance up. (Not only does this form fault make the reps harder to perform than they should be. or when I use dumbbells. for Arnold. or bent over while standing. Keep the dumbbells AI FLEX 97 . and a few other exercises.A power rack isn’t just for squatting.

because I didn’t have the genetic and other advantages for bodybuilding that he had. Frank Zane. He was blessed with some of the most amazing genetics ever for bodybuilding. and further boosted Schwarzenegger’s fame. As a competitive bodybuilder. but that was never to be.) He won the Mr America and Mr Universe titles in the early 1970s. email. or Yahoo Messenger. lower the resistance in tandem. Editor’s note: The author’s newest book is STUART McROBERT’S NEW BRAWN To submit a question for answering in this column. I watched the early episodes of that series purely to see scientist Dr David Banner (Bixby’s character) morph into the Hulk. but not anywhere near the extent of that made by Arnold Schwarzenegger. contact Weider Mail Order on 01423 877052. Dave Draper. FLEX LOU FERRIGNO or handles moving in perfect synchrony. At AI Personalised. and a few others. I don’t recall anything memorable about Ferrigno’s training from the magazines at the time. pause at the bottom for a moment (but while staying tight). LOU FERRIGNO QI 98 Is Lou Ferrigno another famous bodybuilder who made a big impression on you during your youth? FLEX . Sergio Oliva. and as a result his training methods never made a mark on me. please send it to Stuart at the aforementioned email address. where Schwarzenegger was victorious again. although he made a return to competition in the early 1990s. MSN Messenger. Not that they would have helped me if I had tried them. (The photograph here is of him at the 1994 Mr Olympia. He never had a profile like that of Schwarzenegger or Zane or Mike Mentzer. Pause at the top for a moment. and it was his attempt to beat Arnold in the 1975 Mr Olympia that was the subject of Pumping Iron. The documentary made Ferrigno famous. BOOK 1: How to build up to 50 pounds of muscle the natural way.the time he was presented as a contender for Schwarzenegger’s Mr Olympia crown. For further information. one-to-one training advice is now available from Stuart—by phone. and to marvel at Ferrigno’s jaw-dropping physique. Be symmetrical. and muscle girths—that made him (starting in 1977) the perfect person to play the Hulk in The Incredible HulkTV series. It was Ferrigno’s extraordinary massiveness—height. please contact him by email at stuart@hardgainer. Ferrigno left a mark on me because he was one of the big names who was in the muscle magazines during that time. He made an impression. and then push both sides up at the exact same time and pace. alongside Bill Bixby. It was during the 1970s that I got into bodybuilding. Lou Ferrigno was in his prime during the 1970s. and I was fanatically dedicated to the task. the Mentzer brothers. He came second in 1974. To order.


WE ALSO LIST THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO HAVE MADE BY JOHN PLUMMER HISTORY SINCE 2000. With this year’s competition due to take place in Harrogate on October 19th and 20th.The UKBFF British Championships. we thought we’d test your knowledge of the big event. won the super-heavyweights in 2012? 7 How many classic height classes were there last year? 8 In which country was 2007 overall champ Flex Lewis born? 9 Who won the open class at the IFBB pro show that accompanied last year’s British finals? 10 WHO IS THIS MAN PICTURED WINNING LAST YEAR’S LIGHTWEIGHT TITLE? 100 FLEX . who is now an IFBB pro. There are 10 questions in each round and you get one point for every correct answer so the maximum score is 40. the highlight of the year. EASY 1 Who was last year’s overall British champion? 2 In which weight class did he compete? 3 Which city hosted last year’s British Championships? 4 Which city hosted the finals for many years before 2012? 5 Who was last year’s bodyfitness champion? 6 Which man. moderate. So here’s a quiz to find out how much you know about the contest and its champions since the turn of the century. We have split the questions into four categories— easy. just after this edition came out. hard and a picture round. are upon us.

MODERATE 1 Who beat Flex Lewis in the overall posedown in 2006? 2 Who was the first British classic champion? 3 Which year was the super-heavyweight class introduced? 4 Where was the last qualifier for this year’s British Championships due to be held? 5W  HICH FORMER VOGUE COvER MODEL. FLEX 101 . PICTURED HERE. FINISHED IN THE TOP SIX IN LAST YEAR’S BIKINI FITNESS? 6W  HAT MADE RICKY WELLING’S vICTORY IN 2002 ALL THE MORE REMARKABLE? 7 THIS BODYBUILDER wENT ON TO PROMOTE THE BRITISH GRAND PRIX. NAME HIM.


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wENT ON TO wIN AN IFBB PRO SHOw. SEEN HERE FINISHING FIFTH IN THE HEAVYwEIGHTS IN 2004.HARD 1 Who was the last middleweight to win the overall title? 2 How many times did Zack Khan finish runner-up? 4 Who finished runner-up to Flex Lewis in the juniors in 2004? 5 Who won a British over-40s title this century to go with the junior one he won last century? 6 Which two women tied for the British fitness title in 2002? (Half a point each) 7 Who won the first men’s physique qualifier staged in the UK? 8 Who won the first bikini qualifier held in this country? 3W  HICH FORMER JUDGE IS SEEN HERE wINNING THE 2004 MIDDLEwEIGHT TITLE? 9 ONE OF THE bIGGEST MEN EVER TO COMPETE AT THE BRITISH CHAMPIONSHIPS – wHO IS HE? 10 THIS MAN. WHO IS HE? 104 FLEX . OUT NOW .strawberry & lime flavour fruit punch flavour apple flavour Ready to drink protein with beta alanine and


baby 10-20 Train harder 20-30 Muscle brain 30-40 You should be working for FLEX 8 7 6 9 10 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 BODYFITNESS CHAMPIONS 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 WOMEN 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 MEN THIS CENTURY OVERALL BRITISH CHAMPIONS Anita Hibberd Karen Marillier Tereska Browning Becky Garrigan Wendy McCready Karen Spencer Michelle Jones Venetia Gloux Michelle Jones Xyleese Burford Lisa Cross Rene Campbell Rosie Harte Gemma Williams Ronnie Blewitt Carmen Knights Claire McKee Shalmieno Paper Louise Rogers Maxine Cook Maxine Cook Renata Sulekaite Nina Ross Mike King Mark Harris Ricky Welling Karl Tierney Paul George Paul Delahaye Troy Brown Flex Lewis James Llewellin Zack Khan Alvin Small Cecil Croasdaile Anth Bailes FLEX 107 ANSWERS Easy 1 Anth Bailes 2 Heavyweight 3 Manchester 4 Nottingham 5 Nina Ross 6 Darren Ball 7 Two 8 Wales 9 Shawn Rhoden 10 Joel Wright Hard 1 James Llewellin 2 Four 3 Paul Thomas 4 Darren Gumbs 5 Steve Avery 6 Lynsey Beattie and Nicole Scott (nee Pitcher) 7 Alex Edwards 8 Michelle Brannan 9 Dean McTernan 10 Marius Dohne Moderate 1 Troy Brown 2 Sean Ferguson 3 2009 4 Leamington Spa 5 Emma Blocksage (also known as Emma B) Picture round: 1 Barney DuPlessis 2 Paul George 3 Shaun Joseph-Tavernier 4 Zack Khan 5 Ian Morgan .6 Ricky is blind 7 Simon Fan 8 Robbie Anchant 9 Michelle Jones 10 Irina Cotton 6 Walter O’Malley 7 Cavan Darby 8 Clare Taubman 9 Carmen Knights 10 Claire McKee RATING 0-10 Lightweight.



whose six Mr Olympia titles pale in the shadow of his candescent intensity. The former is preeminent— both necessary and sufficient for the latter. Before he took his first workout.D. and he will set fire to the world. comparing stresses and discarding those that fell short of optimum muscle production. willpower. he alone fully MACHINE PRESS Yates liked the Hammer Strength line of machines because it allowed him to get the effect of free weights while reducing the risk of injury. “I never adopted a hit-and-miss policy. the entire quest leading him to the metaphysics of training. He was. But. known as the “Dorian decade”. all he could say was.” What Yates was trying to tell us was that he trained more to develop intensity than to develop muscle.“Let a man in a garret but burn with enough intensity. leading man into a new epoch of mental and physical might. and exercises. and still is.” he’s fond of saying. reps. intensity is a function of mental strength in the form of concentration. and comprehension of the manifold factors that affect muscle growth.” wrote French journalist and pilot Antoine de SaintExupéry in 23 B. bodybuilding was a prisoner of its physical brickwork: you performed a prescribed number of sets. Even then. To describe Yates’ brand of intensity as “mind-muscle connection” is like trying to describe Anton Bruckner’s Symphony No. he sourced every available piece of literature he 110 FLEX . don’t copy what I do— you have to find what works best for you. “Don’t try what I do until you’ve had several years of training experience. Distinguishing Yates’ approach was the attitude not of a chest-beating troglodyte. his analytical mind was at work. Yates was able to push himself further than any bodybuilder in history to explore the nature and limits of his intensity. grasped one of the most basic laws of the natural order: how to produce the maximum effect from the minimum cause. So revolutionary was Yates’ training that it’s still regarded with scepticism by many of today’s bodybuilders. liberating workouts from their finite arithmetic and placing them in the infinite dimension of man’s imagination and will. 8 as “notes”. or you were sent home from the gym. Dorian Yates would prove to be a bringer of fire. and in so doing. Through every rep. (Before Dorian). whose theoretical knowledge is so thorough that his practical application yields immediate success. perhaps heralding the coming of a certain bodybuilder who would render his sport forever changed. In his effort to articulate his eerie faculties. but of a bookish nerd. more importantly. Before Dorian. Yates turned that concept on its head. a mythic creature who keeps us all in awe—the singular icon of the eponymous ’90s.

Even if you were able to maintain 100% effort throughout three sets. by testing in his gym lab the theories of strength and muscle growth. the effect would be detrimental—your body would be so depleted that you’d be spending more time recovering from your workouts than growing. for chest. Many following exercises got no warm-up sets (“I’m already warmed up from that first exercise. which was the crux of his Heavy-Duty System. considering the amount of weight he’d press and the vulnerability of the joints in that area). It resides only in Yates’ comprehension of “intensity”. until the bar absolutely will not move. “One set at that extreme intensity does the muscle-building job. Only he has been able. and Smith machine squats. The only exception was for chest. FLEX 111 . my training partner then helps me keep it going with two or three forced reps. if you feel you can attempt a second set. but I believe a variety of exercises is needed to stress different aspects of a particular muscle. His attempt to describe the experience is sincere but also typical of his understatement: “It must be stressed that the one final. because I’ve never been a believer in volume work. He’ll then assist me with another three or four rest/ pause or negative reps. and if all I did for back was chins. After two or three warm-up sets of six to 12 reps each. then you couldn’t have been pulling out all the stops during the first set. For example. The major exercise for each body part would get just one. How long can you maintain an all-out sprint before you’re forced to jog? The answer: not very long. SHRUG Yates may have eschewed volume. It might be thought that a reduction to a workload of one set per exercise is a radical change. where he would precede his final set with three warm-up sets (prudent. “you can reduce workouts to one set per body part. If you do three sets. but the set is still not finished. all-out set. all-out set”. I load up the bar and grind out six reps to failure. at the most. That set remains indescribable for the rest of us. high-intensity training. For anyone trying this system. if I didn’t do hack squats and relied only on leg presses. and (2) muscular growth occurs only after recuperation. he dived head first into what he calls his “final. having proved that no training system is universally applicable. “The insurmountable question I’ve always had about doing even as few as three sets per exercise is: how can you avoid pacing yourself? You’re bound to hold back on sets one and two to make sure there’s enough left in the tank for set three. Sets of bar-bending shrugs were the norm in his shoulder workouts. again to failure. to push his body far enough beyond absolute fatigue to give the terms “final” and “all-out” any meaning. two warm-up sets before his single maximum set. or. by exceptional force of will. I’d lose the sweep to my outer thigh. but.could find on bodybuilding and physiology. Instead.” Yates illustrates the pacing problem by comparing a sprinter and a marathon runner. Then. he concocted two principles that revolutionised bodybuilding and gave us what is known as Dorian’s Heavy-Duty System: (1) maximum muscular response is obtained through the shock of brief. but it wasn’t for me. Yates credits the late Mike Mentzer’s radical interpretation of this reasoning as inspiration. all-out set I do takes me to the very limit of my capabilities. instead. I believe you can make great gains with one set per exercise. leg extensions. it is physiologically impossible to sprint all-out each set. but Yates is a vanguard in his own right. I’d maintain good upper lats but lack density in my middle and lower back.” Even so. Once I learned how to do one final. one of my preferred movements is the incline barbell press. should be modified to one’s personal characteristics. I wondered how I managed to avoid the pacing dilemma when I was doing two sets per movement.” he explains. Yates barely deviated from the single-set principle.” he’d say). but he didn’t hesitate to use heavy weights. Without stopping. “Mentzer argued that as long as you execute a full range of motion. For example. but you need to do a variety of exercises per body part to ensure total development.

he fell short of peak recovery. and insufficient intensity impedes growth. DUMBBELL CURL Yates’ arms were as thick as some men’s thighs. averaging three heavy sets of eight reps per exercise. From 1983 until 1986. and the less volume was required. he trained four times a week. They don’t rest enough between sets. is only one half of Dorian’s Heavy-Duty whole. settling on three days a week. so that over a 14-day period. For an entire decade. Time and again. but he fell into bed at night tired and stressed. which is the point at which optimal muscle growth begins. let alone do another set.” he unabashedly admits. using three exercises of two max sets each per body part. Revising his schedule to every other day also proved too ambitious.” he confesses. Again. “I perform a set with 100% energy to 100% failure—then beyond. so he trained every other day. alas. When I take leg presses to total fatigue. the stronger he grew. so he changed it again. with each reduction. I know from experience that it’s likely to be at least five or six minutes before I’ll be able to even think about what my name or address is. The intensity/volume equation was clarifying itself as a constant: the more intensely he trained. The other half is recuperation. And the two are true moieties: insufficient recuperation impedes intensity. to 100% fatigue—and I won’t do another set until I feel that the muscles have recuperated 100%. he used a split routine.” Yates’ Occam’s razor approach to training did not result in an overnight conversion. “Rest periods between sets are as long as I feel is required. he experimented with various volume reductions and discovered that. he improved in both strength and muscularity. “ONE SET AT EXTREME INTENSITY DOES THE MUSCLE-BUILDING JOB. he experimented at gradually shaving away inefficiencies and honing a sharper edge to his intensity. “I was obviously doing too much. their bodies are not able to regenerate enough energy to exhaust that muscle to absolute fatigue. That is a mistake. he worked each half of his body three times. “Many bodybuilders think training is 50% aerobic and 50% anaerobic. Strict form and sets that pushed past the point of failure were his “secret”. Not until 1992 did Yates feel that his DORIAN YATES’ HEAVY-DUTY ROUTINE DELTS DAY 1 EXERCISE SETS 1* 1* 1 1* 1 TRICEPS EXERCISE CABLE PRESSDOWN SETS 1* 1* 1 1* 1 REPS 12 10 6–8 10 6–8 6–8 REPS 12 10 6–8 10 6–8 8–10 LYING EZ-BAR EXTENSION SEATED DUMBBELL PRESS DUMBBELL LATERAL RAISE ONE-ARM MACHINE EXTENSION 1 ONE-ARM CABLE LATERAL RAISE 1 ABS EXERCISE SETS 1 1 1 REPS 20 20 10 TRAPS EXERCISE DUMBBELL SHRUG ROMAN-CHAIR SIT-UP SETS 1* 1 REPS 12 8–10 CRUNCH REVERSE CRUNCH *Denotes warm-up sets performed at 50–70% capacity.” 112 FLEX .Intensity. At first.


seven-day regime. Shoulders and triceps came first. affording him full power the next day for back. No workout lasted more than an hour. That. where he could apply the “one all-out set” principle in its quintessence to a consistent. FLEX CABLE LATERAL RAISE Shoulders and triceps were trained together in Yates’ first workout of the week. flesh-frying torture that required him to insert a rest day both before and after. From then on. and most were only 45 minutes. creating a margin between him and the also-rans that expanded like the Hubble constant. he needed a day’s rest before returning for an all-out attack on chest and biceps. DAY 3: REST 114 FLEX “I PERFORM A SET WITH 100% ENERGY TO 100% FAILURE— THEN BEYOND TO 100% FATIGUE. Though in his later years he took the stage with a body that brandished battle ribbons of freshly severed muscles and sundered tendons—the price of his never-say-die gym attack—no one could ever hope to close the gap on Dorian Yates’ armour-layered muscularity. To call Yates’ leg session (his fourth training day) a body-part workout fails to accord it the awe it deserves: it was a life-sucking. Yates was off into a future that was his alone. with one all-out set per exercise. BACK DAY 2 EXERCISE SETS 1* 1* 1 REPS 12 10 6–8 12 10 6–8 10 6–8 6-8 6–8 6–8 6–8 6–8 8 6–8 HAMMER PULLDOWN (REVERSE GRIP) — OR— MACHINE PULLOVER 1* (ALTERNATE EACH WORKOUT) 1* 1 BARBELL ROW ONE-ARM HAMMER ROW SEATED CABLE ROW (OVERHAND GRIP) REAR-DELT HAMMER STRENGTH FLYE BENTOVER LATERAL RAISE BACK EXTENSION DEADLIFT 1* 1 1 1 1 1 1 1* 1 * Denotes warm-up sets performed at 50–70% capacity. While he wasn’t overtrained from that two-day series. This final iteration of his programme had a body-part workout comprising only two to four exercises. on Day 1.” . however.process had reached the sweet spot of simplicity. was as complicated as it got.

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CHEST EXERCISE INCLINE BARBELL PRESS DAY 4 SETS 1* 1* 1* 1 1* 1 1* 1 1 REPS 12 10 6–8 6 10 6–8 10 8 8–10 MACHINE SEATED PRESS INCLINE DUMBBELL FLYE CABLE CROSSOVER BICEPS EXERCISE INCLINE DUMBBELL CURL STANDING EZ-BAR CURL PREACHER MACHINE CURL SETS 1* 1 1* 1 1 REPS 10 6–8 10 6–8 6–8 ABS EXERCISE SETS 1 2 2 REPS 20 20 20 ROMAN-CHAIR SIT-UP CRUNCH REVERSE CRUNCH *Denotes warm-up sets performed at 50–70% capacity. DAY 7: REST 116 FLEX . LEGS DAY 5: REST DAY 6 EXERCISE SETS 1* 1* 1 1* 1* 1 1* 1 1* 1 1 1 REPS 15 12 10–12 12 12 10–12 12 8–10 8–10 8–10 10 8–10 LEG EXTENSION LEG PRESS HACK SQUAT LYING LEG CURL STIFF-LEG DEADLIFT SINGLE-LEG CURL CALVES EXERCISE STANDING CALF RAISE SEATED CALF RAISE SETS 1* 1 1 REPS 10–12 10–12 10–12 *Denotes warm-up sets performed at 50–70% capacity.

MACHINE SHRUG Machines are perfect for Yates’ brand of all-out training. . allowing you to push to failure with less risk of tweaking a muscle or joint.

Adenosine also inhibits the release of most brain excitatory neurotransmitters— particularly dopamine—and may reduce dopamine synthesis. crossover experiment. double-blind. 9 mg/per kg of body weight is the equivalent of five to six regular-size cups of drip-percolated coffee. so 3–6 mg/kg of body weight seems to be the reasonable amount.TRAINING TIPS FOR YOUR NEXT WORKOUT OPTIMAL CAFFEINE DOSING Caffeine has been found to increase alertness via several biochemical pathways. 75%. caffeine blocks the actions of adenosine. or 9 mg/kg body weight (for the record. The good news is that caffeine produced ergogenic effects at all dosages. All the subjects’ perceptions of performance and vigour increased five to seven times above placebo during the 3 mg and 6 mg caffeine trials (38% and 54%. inability to sleep. take small doses of caffeine. gastrointestinal distress. 6mg/kg body weight. 50%. A recent study on cats—renowned sleepers—pinpointed one arousal network and confirmed that adenosine is a natural sleep inducer. Those in the 9 mg/kg body-weight trial had the highest increase in perception of performance and vigour or “activeness” (62% and 54%). including increased heart rate. caffeine inhibits adenosine receptors and stimulates adrenaline release. Decreases in dopamine have been linked to fatigue during exercise. Caffeine increases performance in the gym—but what’s the optimal dosage? Scientists had volunteers do exercises against four incremental loads (25%. Also. primarily by directly inhibiting phosphodiesterases and increasing cyclic AMP. or about 693 mg of caffeine). Subjects ingested either a placebo or caffeine at dosages of 3 mg/kg body weight. Caffeine works by binding to these adenosine receptors. The bad news is that the highest dose of caffeine (9 mg/kg of body weight) was associated with many side effects. and find a dosage you can tolerate without having the unwanted side effects. Adenosine is primarily an inhibitory chemical. and anxiety. and 90% 1RM) and participate in a test in which cycling peak-power output was measured using a four-second inertial-load test in a randomised. respectively). The scientists found that natural concentrations of adenosine built up in parts of the brain system during the cats’ waking periods and caused them to fall sleep. 118 FLEX CHRIS LUND . around the 200 mg mark. remember that higher doses of caffeine can cause increased levels of cortisol. thereby keeping adenosine from binding with its receptor. In addition. So.

Researchers examined hamstring and lower-back activation from both versions. medial gastrocnemius). military press.e. They measured the men’s metabolic rate on two separate occasions. The researchers discovered that deadlifts activated the quadriceps more.. once before the workout and then again 22 hours after it was finished.536 pounds). Dorian Yates once said. At the end of the study. using heavier weights and lower reps. ARE STIFF-LEG DEADLIFTS BEST FOR HAMSTRINGS? Most bodybuilders include stiff-leg deadlifts in their hamstrings routine but wouldn’t consider deadlifts a hamstring exercise.” Researchers took trained men and had them perform a traditional workout doing four sets of eight different exercises (bench press. triceps extension. BURN! ■ Few of us are able to spend all day just training. 8. A second group performed high-intensity training. The traditional workout took 52 minutes to complete. leg press. biceps curl. The high-intensity workout was much shorter. DEHAAN 119 .273 pounds vs. Furthermore. seated row. FLEX KEVIN HORTON. The greater post-exercise muscle damage that occurred during high-intensity training resulted in greater energy expenditure for muscle tissue repair and protein synthesis that could contribute to greater metabolic energy expenditure after training. work. I normally spend 45 minutes to an hour working out. due to the responsibilities of travel. Here’s the good news: new research suggests that you can burn more calories in the gym with shorter. and sit-up). resting energy expenditure was about 100 calories higher than normal. leg curl. whereas the high-intensity workout took 22 minutes. training volume was much higher for the traditional resistancetraining group (17. more intense workouts versus longer workouts. BABY. whereas resting metabolism rose by more than 450 calories in the high-intensity training group. whereas the stiff-leg deadlifts activated more of the calf muscle (i. high-intensity training increased the rate at which fat was being oxidised to a greater extent than traditional training.BURN. When metabolic rate was measured 22 hours after traditional training. The really interesting finding was that there was no difference in hamstring activation between deadlifts and stiff-legged deadlifts. “The most common misconception that people have is that I spend all day in the gym. and family.

The resistance-training group carried out a conventional progressive overload training programme. New research suggests that resting less between sets increases strength. The researchers had resistancetrained men perform a 12-week study. growth factors (such as IGF-1). typically around 60 seconds. one involving only resistance training and the other involving both resistance and endurance training. you know that he slaughters his clients with his Y3T training system. including insulin. but resistance exercise was the only exercise component that led to the exclusive activation of anabolic pathways. This means you can get in and out of the gym faster with more impressive gains in strength by resting less between sets. and there was no significant difference between trials. The researchers reported that AMPK (i. but rest periods are fairly short. and measured strength and power output. So doing cardio by itself can lead to a greater activation of catabolic pathways. So the good news is that when endurance exercise is performed directly after resistance exercise. Session 2 involved two intervals of 20 minutes at 70—80% of maximum power output with five minutes of light cycling in between. the control group performed a traditional resistance-training programme with four sets and 120-second rest periods whereas the other group performed eights sets of five with 60-second rest periods. On the other hand. Before and after the 12-week programme and at Weeks 4 and 8 the researchers measured body composition. mTOR stimulates anabolic pathways. the mTOR anabolic pathway is not blunted. but this study doesn’t address the question of whether combining cardio and strength training inhibits muscle growth. There were equal changes in muscle mass between the two groups. CARDIO CONUNDRUM ■ There has been much debate on how aerobic exercise can impact on muscle mass. took muscle biopsies. and a control group.SHORTER REST ADDS STRENGTH If you’ve ever seen Neil Hill train someone. At the end of the 12-week programme. the 60-second rest-period programme produced greater gains in bench press and squat strength. which leads to the next study.. and Session 3 involved eight four-minute intervals at 80—90% of maximum power output. Researchers wanted to explore the effects of different types of exercise on the AMPK and mTORC1 signalling pathways in human skeletal muscle. The mTOR pathway increased by 91% in the resistancetraining protocol along with several other anabolic pathways. comprising three leg exercises performed for 3–5 sets of 4–6 reps to failure with two to three minutes’ rest between sets. . So both aerobic exercise and strength training led to the activation of the catabolic pathway AMPK. The researchers divided the subjects into three groups: a strength-training group. Researchers had subjects perform two trials.e. catabolic pathway) increased by 44% in response to endurance training and 10% in response to strength training. an endurance-training group. Studies have found that resistance exercise and aerobic exercise elicit different gene responses in muscle. and amino acids. The endurance-training group performed 10 weeks of stationary cycling composed of three sessions per week with Session 1 involving 120 FLEX KEVIN HORTON 30–45 minutes at 60–75% of maximum power output. resistance exercise seemed to provide a protective effect. mTOR increased in both trials. AMPK increases cellular energy levels by inhibiting anabolic pathways and stimulating catabolic pathways. At the end of the study.

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I get a little better squeeze underhand and a little better stretch overhand. Seeing Stubbs unfurl his rear-lat spread at that show became one of those rare moments when even a jaded reporter like yours truly went slack-jawed.” Pull-up (parallel) Pull-up (underhand) T-bar Row Seated Cable Row Pulldown (overhand) Pulldown (underhand) Back Extension 122 FLEX . ahead of Stubbs (third). 1 and Dorian Yates second.” “The back is a complex muscle group. I try to get a maximum stretch during each rep to really pull out the lower lat area. We answered our own question when FLEX ranked the best backs of all-time and placed Ronnie Coleman No. STUBBS ON BACK TRAINING “I like doing chins first and with different grips. For the final month before a contest. Nobody ever has.” “On barbell rows. The two winners of a combined 14 Sandows had thicker backs than Stubbs. he made only two posedowns. And a few months later. so I concentrate on details and on how the muscles tie together. because this really warms up the various back muscles and stretches them out. JOEL STUBBS Who would imagine that an unknown bodybuilder who finished in double digits in his pro debut could make the cover of FLEX? That’s what happened when Joel Stubbs landed on our cover after placing 12th in the 2005 Europa Super GREG MERRITT Stubbs played basketball for Florida Technical College. so his long legs dramatically trailed his upper half and grounded his contest placings. the then-37-year-old Stubbs was a full-time pilot for Bahamasair. Stubbs alternated between a heavy workout one week and a light workout the next week. Still. In his 16 open pro shows between 2005 and 2010. FLEX STUBBS’ BACK ROUTINE HEAVY DAY EXERCISE Pull-up (overhand) Pull-up (parallel) Pull-up (underhand) Deadlift Barbell Row One-arm Dumbbell Row Back Extension LIGHT DAY EXERCISE Pull-up (overhand) SETS 2 2 2 4–5 4–5 4 4 4 REPS 10 10 10 12–15 15 15 15 15 SETS 2 2 2 5–6 4 4 4 REPS 10 10 10 15–6 10–12 10–12 15 n In the off-season. Stubbs had torn the tendons in both knees playing basketball. neither legend had a wider rear-lat spread than the flag-like pose Joel Stubbs unfurled in 2005. An impromptu photo shoot at Metroflex Gym was hastily organised for the next day.” “I go up to 300 pounds on seated cable rows. I’ll usually do some sets underhand and some overhand. Stubbs’ rear view appeared on our cover with the provocative question: “Best Back Ever?” Standing 6'3" and weighing more than 300 KEVIN HORTON How a Bahamian airline pilot built the world’s widest wings pounds in the off-season. he did both weekly.

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designed to expend 400 calories and the non-exercise condition involved a time-matched period of rest. IT’S NOT JUST WHAT YOU EAT. Mice normally sleep during the day and feed at night. but some of the top-ranked bodybuilders in the world have a hard time eating. Interestingly. but researchers disrupted the master gene clock for sleep and caused the reverse—mice ate during the day and slept at night. when researchers disrupted the normal eating patterns of mice. the mice became obese without increased calorie intake. Researchers wanted to investigate whether carbohydrate or fat oxidation during exercise had an effect on compensatory post-exercise eating. There was a variable response to eating after cardio with some of the subjects not feeling hungry while others increased their post-exercise calorie consumption. The exercise condition involved a cycling session at around 70% of maximum heart rate. they disrupted the brain to favour food consumption at an inappropriate time of intake. it seems that cardio exercise at a moderate to high intensity (70% or greater) leads to an increase in postexercise feeding. CHRIS LUND . it was the amount of burned carbs that stimulated appetite. The researchers tested the subjects in two conditions: an exercise condition and a non-exercise control condition following an overnight fast. So how do you fix a “broken” fat clock?” The researchers found that eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) were able to restore the hypothalamus to normal feeding patterns. levels of EPA and DHA were low in both the plasma and in the hypothalamus at the time of inappropriate feeding.. BUT WHEN YOU EAT IT 124 FLEX n According to a new study. Eating six to eight meals a day can be tough if you don’t have the appetite. The researchers reported that carbohydrate oxidation during the exercise phase was positively associated with energy intake post-exercise.FOOD & SUPPS FOR GROWTH & GAINS FEEDING THE BEAST Many readers of FLEX may find this hard to believe. When the researchers examined blood markers of fatty acids. Some top trainers recommend cardio to stimulate the appetite. Basically. they became fat without eating additional calories. When the researchers examined what made the subjects eat after exercise. For bodybuilders looking to increase their appetite. The key finding is that EPA and DHA (commonly found in fish oil) can lead to long-term weight regulation and fat loss.

In a 10-week. The researchers found that at 24 hours. two supplements have been clinically proven to increase muscle mass and strength: whey protein and creatine. FLEX 125 KEVIN HORTON Creatine supplements are popular among bodybuilders and competitive athletes. 12. supplementation before and after each workout resulted in significantly greater improvements in strength and lean body mass with a decrease in body fat percentage compared with those who took a supplement in the morning and late evening. single-blind. choice reaction time. when taken immediately before and after a workout session. immediately prior to the experiment. Subjects were divided into a creatine group and a placebo group.ANOTHER CREATINE BENEFIT PACK ON THE SIZE HOW A CREATINE/ WHEY COMBO CAN HELP n For bodybuilders who want to pack on size. and 24 hours with intermittent exercise. 17 resistance-trained males were matched for strength and placed in one of two groups: (1) a group that consumed a supplement containing protein. randomised study. Findings indicate that after 10 weeks of training. The authors concluded that a whey protein/ creatine/carbohydrate supplement may enhance the desired changes from strength training. Recent research shows that creatine supplementation can also have a beneficial effect on cognitive performance. The subjects were sleep-deprived for six. the group that supplemented with creatine had significantly better performance in respect to random movement generation. This is probably because creatine monohydrate supplementation results in significant increases in creatine concentrations in the brain. and studies have shown that creatine boosts the activity of satellite cells. . which increases the potential for growth of muscle fibres and also aids in muscle recuperation. creatine. and mood state. but it may also overcome brain fatigue. Creatine increases lean muscle mass by boosting intracellular water content. balance. and glucose immediately before and after a workout or (2) a group that consumed the same supplement in the morning before breakfast and late evening each training day. They took 5 grams of creatine monohydrate or a placebo four times a day for seven days. The study indicated that creatine can aid in the mental functions of bodybuilders who may be sleep deprived and that creatine not only aids muscle growth.

Bodybuilders should consider adding ubiquinol to their supplement stack for its ability to increase peak power and also to prevent cell damage. recent research in animals has found that inhibiting NO can decrease overall muscle gains and the growth of capillaries within muscle tissue. and nervous system challenges. clinical studies confirm that subjects taking citrulline malate experience less fatigue and have higher energy levels. What many bodybuilders may not realise is that citrulline supplementation may also have an anabolic effect via increasing the rate of muscle protein synthesis.5% versus the placebo. an active form of CoQ10. which are key for packing on more muscle.CITRULLINE TAKEN PREWORKOUT ANABOLIC As you probably already know. Producing NO is one of the most important mechanisms necessary for increasing blood flow to muscle tissue. Additionally. well-trained athletes received either 300 mg ubiquinol or a placebo. In a controlled study. blood pressure. and insulin-like growth factor-1. measured as maximum power output. Daily supplementation of 300 mg ubiquinol significantly enhanced physical performance. Ubiquinol promotes ATP production in the mitochondria of the cell. most nitric oxide (NO) boosters use some form of the amino acid citrulline. Citrulline is converted to arginine in the body. So be sure to include a citrulline-based pre-workout supplement for optimal gains in strength and muscle mass. growth hormone. PAVEL YTHJALL . A previous study reported that patients who were given a single citrulline supplementation dose had a 24% rise in nitrogen balance. In fact. BOOSTS PEAK POWER n Ubiquinol. For six weeks all athletes trained for the 2012 Olympics. which cause damage. by 2. Ubiquinol acts to block the actions of free radicals in the cell. removing free radical attacks allows your body to repair and restore health. Citrulline also aids in the removal of ammonia from the body. FLEX CHRIS LUND. but it’s also considered one of the strongest antioxidants available. It can be hypothesised that reduced capillary growth— limiting the availability of nutrients to muscles—is directly related to decreased muscle development. supplements have been touted as an anti-ageing supplement and praised for health benefits for those suffering from heart disease. 100 young. Citrulline is not only a powerful NO booster but it also delays fatigue and drives up energy levels. NO also allows for an increased delivery of anabolic hormones such as testosterone. which is then converted to NO. and not only helps to support your body’s energy production.


Normally. Another group drank 20 g every three hours. A solution of leucine and/or carbohydrates given between meals is able to restore the energy status of muscle cells and prolong protein synthesis far beyond 180 minutes. It can cause the sensation of heartburn that can be quite uncomfortable. and particularly leucine. Ursolic acid. even phosphatidic acid which has recently been shown to directly activate mTOR is acting in a different way than capsaicin. Considering that whole body protein turnover accounts for more than one quarter of resting energy expenditure and that assembling amino acids into protein chains (i. however. A third group drank 40 g every six hours. The response of muscle tissue was difficult to explain with rapid initiation of MPS associated with increased circulating amino acids. prepare a mixture of 5 g leucine and 15–30 g carbs (e. as we all know. Creatine. the ability to perceive and respond to resistance training is called mechanoperception. The authors were able to show that load-induced activation of the capsaicin receptor (TRPV1) in muscle cells caused an increase in intracellular calcium ion concentrations and that this activated mTOR and promoted muscle hypertrophy. THE NEXT HOT BODYBUILDING SUPPLEMENT ■ Resistance training creates a unique and powerful anabolic signal in muscle tissue. The researchers had one group drink 10 g of protein every 1. Essential amino acids. blood vessel recruitment and autocrine/paracrine IGF-I signalling in muscle cells. in turn. the cell stops synthesising muscle protein. Part of my confusion may have been caused by the authors of this study suggesting some sort of desensitisation to high amino acid levels. the decline in MPS at 180 minutes post-meal occurred with plasma leucine levels still elevated and initiation factors still activated. but by 180 minutes. using BCAAs instead of straight leucine may produce a better effect as BCAAs have been shown to deplete during protein synthesis. This is very impressive yet still slightly different from the mechanism of capsaicin. Now. Every meal I eat has at least 40 g of protein.. Not only did this study identify the problem.g. Ursolic acid can increase Akt activity. elongation) accounts for more than 99% of that energy expenditure. If possible. Then a group at Rutgers University in New Jersey changed my thinking on the issue of desensitisation.FLEX TRAINING BY BRYAN HAYCOCK STAY ANABOLIC A while back I came across a study looking at different protein feeding patterns. You may have heard of capsaicin. can trigger protein synthesis.5 hours. In their experiment. and now capsaicin. This was in line with another theory previously put out by some researchers that there is a “muscle full” effect where despite high levels of amino acids. what do chilli peppers have to do with mechano-what-cha-ma-call-it? Nothing. waxy maize) and drink it two hours after your meal. literally. The results didn’t surprise me because previous studies have shown 20 g of whey protein to maximally stimulate protein synthesis. and phosphatidic acid have both been shown independently to improve gains in muscle mass in humans. All groups drank the same amount of whey protein (80 g) over the 12-hour study period. it’s logical that skeletal muscle would shut down protein synthesis to prevent cellular energy depletion. it also showed that there is a solution. no food supplement has been shown to have the ability to mimic weight training in muscle cells. can support muscle gains by improving cellular energy status as well as activating muscle satellite cells. have now been shown to increase muscle mass in animals.e. Ursolic acid is another recently discovered activator of anabolic pathways in muscle cells. all you need to know about mTOR is that it’s the key signalling pathway responsible for initiating muscle growth. Creatine. The reason I’m trying to point out the differences in the mechanisms of each of these nutritional substances is that there may be potential synergism if one were to use each of them strategically together. Finally. Muscle cells. or at least that’s what I thought until I found a recent study looking at the effects of capsaicin on anabolic signalling in muscle cells. Before you run out and buy a bunch of cayenne supplements (like I did) be aware that some people can’t stomach cayenne. are called mechanocytes.. What confused me was the seemingly poor response to 40 g of whey. but it doesn’t alter calcium ion levels like weightlifting. It’s the stuff in chilli peppers that makes them hot. So in order to stay anabolic between big meals. I would have thought 40 g would’ve produced a strong anabolic response with blood amino acid levels not returning to baseline for six hours. weight training causes an increase in intracellular calcium ion levels and this contributes to the activation of the mTOR pathway. FLEX 128 FLEX CHRIS LUND . Until now. Everything about the cell and its environment was primed for protein synthesis. This simply means that muscle cells have the ability to sense mechanical load and convert it into biochemical signals that regulate protein synthesis. L-leucine. This process of converting the mechanical forces of lifting a weight into the biochemical signals that lead to hypertrophy is called mechanotransduction. They acknowledged that post-meal muscle protein synthesis (MPS) increased rapidly with peak values around 90 minutes and a decline to pre-meal baseline by 180 minutes. The plausibility of real anabolic effects in humans is good. Other people have no problem with it. I know what you’re thinking. This did not bode well for folks like me who consume in excess of 300 g of protein per day. The Rutgers researchers were able to show that the problem lies in the cells’ energy status and a process called elongation. the group that drank 20 g every three hours produced the greatest anabolic response. but this can hardly be considered mimicking weight training. everything just stops. In muscle cells.


n Here are two supersets for the chest and back using the 1–6 Principle.6. Mid-grip Bench Press SETS 6 6 REPS 1. a bronze medallist in the 1984 Olympic Games who went on to become the head weightlifting coach at the U.6 1. the heaviest weights you can lift for lower reps. Fry reviewed studies comparing the muscle fibre types of bodybuilders. Olympic Training Center. and Ronnie Coleman deadlifted 800 pounds for a double.6. at his prime.6 1. For example.6. Before getting into this workout. a training method that’s been popular with elite Romanian and Hungarian weightlifters.1.1. a Russian sprinter who won gold medals in the 100 m and 200 m sprints at the 1972 Olympics.6. two-time Mr Olympia Franco Columbu deadlifted more than the world record.6. a German strength physiologist known for his pioneering research in power development.1. I should add that many elite bodybuilders agree with me.1. Andrew C. powerlifters.6. Rather. Getting back to the 1-6 Principle. Seated Cable Row B2. One of the first elite athletes to use PTF was Valeriy Borzov. The first superset uses the 1–6 Principle. Barbell Lunge B2. I first heard about it in 1991 from Romania’s Dragomir Cioroslan. EXERCISE A1. consider that by performing only higher reps.6 1. The bottom line is that these muscle fibres can be developed only with heavy weights—more specifically. Lying Leg Curl. but again with fewer sets to deal with the fatigue that accumulates during the first superset. and Olympic-style weightlifters (those who perform the snatch and the clean and jerk in competition).FLEX TRAINING THE 1–6 PRINCIPLE Break strength and size barriers with this tried-and-tested method I’d like to take a break from high-rep training and do a strength cycle.6. Note that the B exercises have fewer sets. Back Squat A2.6 REST 120 seconds 120 seconds 120 seconds 120 seconds n Now here’s an example of a leg workout using the 1–6 Principle.1.6 6–8 6–8 REST 120 seconds PAVEL YTHJALL 120 seconds 120 seconds 120 seconds 4 4 130 FLEX . Romanian Deadlift SETS 6 6 4 4 REPS 1.S. Close Parallel-grip Chin-up (weighted) A2. I’m saying that you’ll not achieve maximal muscle size for your genetic potential if you don’t occasionally focus on strength. One of the early researchers in PTF is Dietmar Schmidtbleicher. feet neutral B1.1.6. but I don’t want to lose any muscle mass.1.6. you will not develop the most powerful fast-twitch muscle fibres. Incline Barbell Press B1. which is necessary to deal with the fatigue that accumulates during the A exercises. The second superset uses a more conventional workout protocol.1.1.1. it’s a type of workout system based upon the neurological phenomenon called post-tetanic facilitation (PTF). EXERCISE A1. and bodybuilders had the highest percentage of type 1 (low-threshold) fibres. In a peer-reviewed article published in Sports Medicine in 2004. What Fry found is that weightlifters had the highest percentage of type 2 (high-threshold) fibres when compared with the other two groups. Got any favourite workouts? You should try the 1–6 Principle.6. I’m not suggesting that you can’t build great size by just using higher-rep training protocols.6 1.

Day 4. Here is one extremely effective training split for a four-week programme emphasising the 1–6 Principle: Day 1. The rest period between sets can range from three to 10 minutes. there’s very little need to warm-up for the second pair. off. you’ll use more weight on the second and third 6RM series (i. it’s imperative that you warm up thoroughly. 3 x 185. waves) in that workout. you’ll probably be able to use 225–230 pounds. Day 2. 2 x 225. In fact. As with any workout system. legs. Give it a try and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can increase your functional hypertrophy and power. four weeks is about the longest period anyone should follow a programme using the 1–6 Principle. Also. you need to change the workout when you reach a point of diminishing returns.weidermailorder. Using our workout example. The 1–6 Principle is based on strong science.E S S O DY B & B U I L D N IN FIT G BY CHARLES POLIQUIN WEIDERMAILORDER. Day 5. and for more than two decades I’ve found it especially useful in my work with not only Olympic and professional athletes but also for anyone who wants to shock their muscles into rapid increases in strength and muscle development. but you can reduce the rest periods if you perform supersets. off. such as squats and presses. This effect enables the trainee to use more weight on the higher-rep sets. while stocks last!! KEVIN HORTON HOW TO ORDER GO ONLINE: www. Olympia 2013 DVD! Don’t miss out. you should primarily use exercises that involve large muscle groups. FLEX PTF suggests that a more powerful muscular contraction can be achieved if that contraction is preceded by a strong muscular contraction. as follows: Be the first to get your Mr.. and then perform 6 reps using as much weight as you can (6RM). order now. As a general guideline. using a maximal load to increase the activation of the nervous system before performing sets of higher reps.. ORDER BY PHONE: 01423 877 052 » . rest.. If you perform that 1RM four minutes prior to a 6RM.COM COMING SOON Set 1: 1 rep with 265 pounds Set 2: 6 reps with 220 pounds Set 3: 1 rep with 270 pounds Set 4: 6 reps with 225 pounds Set 5: 1 rep with 272.5 pounds Set 6: 6 reps with 230 pounds When designing your own 1–6 Principle workouts. The warm-up should always consist of doing reps with the first pair of exercises listed in the workout. chest and back.e. arms. before you start the working sets. your squat warm-up might be 5 reps x 135 pounds. because you’re going to be performing a series of 1RM lifts. Day 3. The 1–6 Principle is a practical application of this method. If you’ve warmed up properly. Let’s say your best bench press is 220 pounds for 6 reps and 265 for 1 rep. With the 1-6 Principle you perform a maximum single repetition (1RM).

when a male engages in sexual intercourse. high blood pressure. You can also raise dopamine levels through supplementation. For example. and impulsive behaviour. When a person is meticulously dieting to achieve extremely low body fat levels. but will also increase thyroid output and replenish glycogen stores in muscle tissue. then immediately after intense pleasure prolactin floods his system which induces the opposite effects. hunger. he reaches peak dopamine levels while climaxing. Eating every 2–3 hours will maintain higher dopamine levels as well as keep blood sugar balanced. and social behaviour. Neurotransmitters begin to plummet. Another great way to boost dopamine levels is to incorporate a cheat day or cheat meal once a week. Supplementing with the psychoactive substance known as caffeine will temporarily boost dopamine levels and raise energy and alertness. The non-essential amino acid L-tyrosine is a 132 FLEX CHRIS LUND . motivational energy. a cascade of effects takes place as fat cells begin to shrink. Implementing this technique will not only boost dopamine levels. One of its main functions is to act on the sympathetic nervous system to elicit effects such as: excitement. which affects mood.FLEX NUTRITION BY MATT PORTER DOPAMINE: A DIETER’S SECRET WEAPON Dopamine is a neurotransmitter released from the hypothalamus that blocks the release of prolactin from the anterior lobe of the pituitary. One way to keep dopamine levels consistent while in a calorie deficit is to eat smaller meals more frequently.

it appears that keeping dopamine levels elevated during prolonged periods of calorie deprivation promotes appetite regulation. £5 Call: 01858 435346 QUOTE CODE MU43 F & LY M N O OR * 5 Click: precursor to dopamine and also contributes to healthy thyroid and also an NPC . and increases the ability to endure what it takes to achieve very low body fat levels. My personal favourite for raising dopamine is nicotine.subscription. title holder. To summarise. This offer is not available to Digital Edition subscribers.99 every 6 issues unless advised to stop. contest-prep coach.F O S E ISSU F * This is a direct debit offer open to UK residents only.30pm. and nutrition guru. Another precursor to dopamine is Levodopa. I prefer chewing Nicorette gum in between meals for potent appetite suppression and for anti-aromatase properties. I only ingest nicotine during the final weeks before competing in a bodybuilding contest when body fat levels are extremely low. which is found in the tropical legume known as velvet bean (Mucuna pruriens). CALL or CLICK to subscribe Open weekdays 8am-9. Payments will increase to £ improves mood. I have no problem KEVIN HORTON ceasing the nicotine usage when my diet is over and have never had any form of withdrawal symptoms. FLEX Matt Porter is a sponsored athlete for truenutrition. Saturday 8am-4pm www.

like anti-knocking fuel value. efficiency is a worst-case scenario It’s unthinkable. Carbs make you efficient. This means it you’re putting in. This is because different The second law of thermodynamics of macronutrients can cause activities require different enzymes different amounts of energy to is more applicable to the human or other molecules. is still a calorie. the total energy of the system must be the same. measure of how much work you’re amounts of energy. and the type of one in your car—is approximately fuel we provide. thermodynamics. when out of food by burning it with we use a different type of fuel? oxygen. who introduced the 4-4-9 2% of your ingested calories of fat. notion of efficiency. can human body. agents.000. because it allows for the accelerated avenues of metabolicalorie. physiological fuel value is the Add ethanol to a car. and a calorie and it obeys the second law of getting done based on the energy of fat is clearly not a calorie of fat. Some of this helps hold our internal temperature constant. the fuel would burn incinerate it. protein. The physical fuel value is the AT A DIFFERENT OCTANE amount of energy you can get What happens. At least that’s what we’ve been told for decades. energy-in equals energy-out. even though we’re still consuming 2. and greater. and your fuel amount of energy an organism can derive from the fuel. By swapping things out. two 2. this is simply an exercise in the first law of thermodynamics. after all. To the “experts”. The in different ways. you can eat more and actually drop fat. and 30% of protein is wasted as heat whenever you eat. Different or be wasted in the human body. about a third of the energy you’re 7% of carbs. That’s why Wilbur don’t match up there. The same concept holds true for internal combustion engine—the protein. If you love food. however. and it increases. distinguished between physical fuel values and physiological fuel you want. and most get more than 11 calories per gram physique coaches’ eyes glaze out of fat—significantly more than over—as though. This is essentially how your body works. however. being inefficient is a good thing. and a low-carb one that provides 1. When your diet consists of 60% carbs. You work so hard trying to process your food that it releases a ton of heat. A body. and I’ll take the advice of a physicist over an Internet diet guru any day of the week. and you’d either increase or decrease your mileage.700 (accounting for all the heat loss). and these values hormonal status. but the rest is lost in other ways. values. as well. however.850 physiological calories. A standard varies in efficiency based on activity. So stop counting calories and start worrying about your body’s efficiency and inefficiency. It also tells us nothing about what happens if more or less of this energy is wasted depending on what types of macronutrients we’re taking in. After all. About 33% efficient. in 2013. your body wastes about two-thirds of the ingested energy as heat. which states that energy is neither created nor destroyed. you sweat like a faucet. however. It’s a law of physics. You’re losing the rest of it in the form of heat. which can be economy decreases. HOW THIS APPLIES If we take our 60%-carb diet and invert it so a larger percentage of calories now comes from protein. putting in actually does work. Obviously. and it all gets balanced in the end. Add other higher or lower than the physical hydrocarbons. regardless of when we train—and when we eat. then record the total amount of heat released. doesn’t mention anything about efficiency in terms of how the body converts this food into energy. disagrees. In other words. right? Who would ever have imagined that two diets with an identical calorie count—one high-carb and one ultra-low-carb—would have such vastly differing results in terms of fat loss and muscle gain. the efficiency levels would change. You throw food in an oven. we cut 150 usable calories per day. in a growth stage. If you’re inefficient. it’s still inconceivable that different ratios the 9 grams listed on most nutrition LET’S TRY A DIFFERENT LAW labels. Efficiency is a sation can produce different The body. and your vascularity goes through the ceiling. This means that Atwater. that’s not what fat. either. Research on efficiency and wasted heat shows that carbs lead the way in this department when they comprise 55% of the diet or calorie values for carbs. The first law of thermodynamics. As you’ll soon see. before and after—which means that 500 calories of carbs will produce the same result as 500 calories of protein or fat. It has been found that the Try to transfer this logic to the human body.FLEX NUTRITION BY JOHN KIEFER THE CALORIE FALLACY For fat loss. but want to drop fat and build mass. FLEX 134 FLEX KEVIN HORTON .000-calorie diets are possible: a high-carb version providing 1.



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I remember you saying that you had Flex Lewis train his chest every four to five days rather than seven to bring it up. What exactly did you do? Yes I did. It was his worst body part, and we wanted to make it a strong point to win the Olympia 212 Showdown title, which he did! The first workout was either a Week 1, 2, or 3 session based around the Y3T principles. The second workout for his chest focused more on isolation with lots of isometrics, maximal tension with slow rep tempo, and higher reps to force as much blood into the area as possible. It worked! What are your thoughts on low-volume, high-intensity training, which Dorian Yates and Mike Mentzer made famous? I understand how and why it works. However, my concern is that not everyone is able to train with that intensity. Is it good to get stronger for muscle growth? Absolutely! However, you also have to be realistic. I don’t think it’s an intelligent way to train all of the time. By rotating your weeks as Y3T does, I believe you will achieve more sustainable growth over the long term. I am an ectomorph with very little body fat or muscle. Would Y3T be good for me to gain much-needed size? Absolutely! I believe you will respond better to Weeks 2 and 3 due to the nature of the workouts (focusing on sarcoplasmic hypertrophy). With that said, I would do Week 1, Week 2, Week 2, Week 3, Week 3, and repeat. Hope this helps, mate.

phase) with one-second isometric pauses on each rep. Focus on flushing blood into the biceps with dropsets and giant sets. Over time they will grow. Why do you recommend free weights over machines? I always say it depends, so while I champion free weights over machines, I still think the latter have their place. The main reason behind choosing free weights is they are more “anabolic”. What I mean by that is that they force more stress upon the body, which in theory will stimulate a greater response, i.e., growth hormone and testosterone production. For compound lifts I always prefer free weights and after that I think some machines are fantastic for isolation work.


I find that I go through patches where my stomach always feels upset. I get pain in my abdomen and as a result, feel quite lethargic. Any advice? It’s a tough one because blood tests don’t always show intolerances and you don’t always I cannot get my biceps to grow. I am very have to be “intolerant” to a food clued up on nutrition, and my suppleto have these issues you mention. I ment plan is also very comprehensive. would suggest keeping a food diary. Any tips would be much appreciated! Log everything you eat, which days, Genetics will make it harder to achieve and when. I believe you will soon growth in some areas of your physique, notice a pattern occurring, highthat’s often the case. However I don’t lighting for you which foods are the believe we can’t make them grow! culprits. Make sure you have a good I would suggest introducing threedigestive enzyme; probiotics may also second eccentric contractions (negative be of assistance. FLEX





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BARBELL ROWS When done strictly with the upper body almost parallel to the floor. Be sure to use a full range of motion. you must be conscious of the difference so you can perform both motions against resistance. Complete three sets. At the top. FLEX 138 FLEX COURTESY OF MHP . Outside of the major multijoint exercises that build tremendous core strength—such as deadlifts and squats—there are several great options to focus on in the gym. and it’ll pay off. You then hang your legs off the edge of the bench with the strap around your feet. moving under control at all times. moving to near failure. as well as build power in the posterior chain (so the hip and back extensor muscles work together to generate maximum power). the lower back is required to stabilise during the entire set of reps.FLEX EXPERT BY BRIAN SHAW BUILDING YOUR LOWERBACK STRENGTH “What’s the best way to increase lower-back strength?” This is a question that I’m asked quite often. The difference is the former occurs in a limited range of motion where only the vertebrae are moving. squeeze your erectors consciously before lowering back down. use it. moving to near failure. Always try to use correct form on deadlifts and any other exercise that uses the lower back. there are several great ways to do this. (Some have a roller pad that moves. These include both isolation exercises that directly target the lower-back muscles and compound movements where the lower back contracts isometrically to stabilise the body. Use the amount of resistance necessary to perform 8–12 reps in strict fashion. Fortunately. but they’re primarily responsible for hip extension. When the strap is around your feet it is easy to use the momentum of the weight to do the work. To get the most out of lowerback training. The gluteus maximus muscles are also involved in torso extension. The amount of blood that you’ll get into your lower back with this exercise will be incredible. Do it regularly and watch your lower-back strength increase. there’s a line between increasing strength and risking injury! And the lower back isn’t an area where you want to suffer an injury. while the latter has a very long range of motion where the movement occurs mostly at the hip joints. Be sure to utilise strict technique and don’t jerk up and down between reps. I recommend using the amount of resistance necessary to perform 8–12 reps in strict fashion. This will strengthen your core muscles. But before we get into the what and how. Again. Remember. Complete three sets. REVERSE HYPEREXTENSIONS This exercise isn’t commonly done due to the fact that it’s hard to do without the correct piece of equipment. let’s quickly go through an anatomy lesson on exactly what muscles you’re working when you train your lower back. The erector spinae are the powerful muscles that stabilise the lower back and allow you to perform extension exercises (when your spine bends backwards).) A big key to this exercise is to not use too much resistance. I like to avoid completely relaxing at the top of the movement and then let the weight pull my legs down into a stretched position before I engage my back muscles and raise my legs back to the top. You’ll know it because it consists of a pad that’s horizontal to the floor that you lie on facedown. If you’re lucky enough to have a reverse hyperextension bench in your gym. 45-DEGREE BACK RAISE Doing this exercise correctly will really isolate your lower back.

co.DOWNLOAD THE DIGITAL EDITION OF FLEX MAGAZINE Download FLEX Magazine to your Apple mobile device Try two digital issues of FLEX for FREE * * October 2011 and June 2012 issues Find out more at: /flexonlineuk .

Here’s what you should know about FST-7. ■ It was amazing to meet one of the many indigenous communities here in Panama. If possible. which stands for Fascia Stretch Training 7. but anyone can benefit from the concept behind FST-7. FLEX On the last exercise for a body part. Try to use as much weight on your last set of sevens as you did on your first set. You can do any number of sets in the sequence. You’re sticking in that middle range. Seven is an arbitrary number. It’s basically a way of making sure your muscles get a maximum pump to bring in the nutrients they need for recovery and growth. 140 FLEX PAVEL YTHJALL . A lot of people get hung up on the name. like cable crossovers for chest or leg extensions for quads. You can do it yourself. You probably don’t need to change a lot if your regular programme is on-point. This is usually an isolation exercise with a strong contraction. but you don’t have to. I tend to stick to seven. so the normal body signals don’t apply. If you slip under eight reps on any set. you can do sevens without a training partner. It’s true that Hany and I modify a programme for my body. Also. ■ Taking a cruise boat through the Panama Canal. The cool thing about sevens—the main technique of FST-7—is you’re still in that growth range of 10–12 reps. Try not to guess. ■ That feeling of sitting in my car motionless after (training) legs. MR. You’re not doing crazy-low reps or crazy-high reps. use a supplement to boost your muscle pump. This is great for me because when I’m in Denver I train alone most of the time. do sevens. So you can use it with your regular programme.THE GIFT UNWRAPPED PHIL HEATH I know you’ve been doing FST-7 for years. Can you explain how an average bodybuilder trying to gain size can use it? FST-7 was developed by my trainer/nutritionist Hany Rambod in 2008 to help me and others safely increase the intensity of our workouts. These are sets of 10–12 reps with rest periods of only 20–30 seconds between 12-rep range because those are the sets that are going to generate the most growth. use a timer or the second hand on a clock to precisely time your rest periods. You want to do most of your sets in the 8. One step closer to my goal. and they think it’s some complicated system that only Mr Olympia can use. O TWEETS Do most of your sets with reps in the 8–12 range and rest at least 90 seconds between sets. because the key is to go before your body tells you it’s rested. use lighter weight. Pre-workout. For sevens. choose an exercise you can do on your own that will maximise your pump. So you don’t need someone there to spot you or strip weights or anything like that.

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I take my BCAAs along with some simple carbs such as Vitargo. do you take any supplements during your workout. like glutamine or BCAAs? I eat a meal with protein and carbs about an hour and a half before I hit the gym. so it’s good to have them around as much as possible. triceps. I have to fend for myself! Every bodybuilder loves a good cheat meal. Usually I’ll have a 225 gram chicken breast and 100 grams of rice. was born on the weekend of the NY Pro. my daughter was born just a couple of hours before I stepped onstage for the night show. calves Day 7 – Off . a daughter. and another two scoops of Vitargo. What’s your favourite cheat food? Without a doubt it’s ice cream! FLEX 142 FLEX ALEX ARDENTI Can you give us a sample workout split for the week? For example. I’m very disciplined with my supplement intake because it makes a big difference in the recovery from my intense workouts. When I’m in Kuwait. An hour later I have another large meal with plenty of protein and carbs. My wife is a fantastic cook. calves Day 3 – Shoulders. abs Day 4 – Back. Do you find it hard to balance family and bodybuilding obligations? Does your wife help with your food preparation? Yes. though. so she helps prepare my food when I’m home in Egypt. you need to measure and pack all your supplements and shakes the night before so that you have one less thing to worry about at the gym. Immediately after the workout I have a shake with 50–60 grams of 100% whey isolate. Being able to come home to my wife and kids helps me stay calm and focus on what really matters in life. I don’t find it hard to balance bodybuilding and family because each one will take priority at different stages in your life. he has me split up legs into two workouts but keep arms together in one workout: Day 1 – Chest. abs Day 6 – Hamstrings. 10 grams of powdered glutamine. I read that your second child. I truly wanted to be there. As you can see. which will help our family in the long run. I take more BCAAs and another scoop of Vitargo. About halfway through my workout. which gives me a lot of energy for a long heavy workout. As with your meals. My wife is 100% supportive in all aspects of my bodybuilding career and she’s been there from Day 1. Just before training. Dennis James. protein. You have a narrow 30-minute window after your training session in which your body can replenish its glycogen and also repair the muscle. It was designed by my coach.BIG RAMY MAMDOUH ELSSBIAY What’s your supplement intake before and after a training session? Do you take in amino acids. Right now my focus is on my bodybuilding career. calves Day 5 – Biceps. do you do biceps and triceps together or split them? n This is the split I’ve recently started. carbs? Also. but the opportunity to compete at the NY Pro was important to both me and my family. abs Day 2 – Quads.

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How do you deal with interruptions during your workouts? That’s tough. Focus on your outer quads to make your legs wider. You can’t blow out your shape and then expect to diet it back in and be where you were before. I’m short. There are things you can do to emphasise this. Even just gaining all that weight will change your breathing and stretch your abdomen out. It’s part of my job. Low pulley row. you never look blocky. I have a slim waist and an X-frame. whether it’s good or bad. it’s mostly about your structure. How have you avoided that? Thanks—well. No one wants to see a bodybuilder with a big belly going in and out with every breath. I think that’s just my shape. BANG. and this will create more of a contrast with your waist. No injury. I try not to get too overweight in the off-season. and then you’re not maintaining control over your waistline. because on the one hand working out is not just recreation to me. Other than that. Luckily. it’s tough to get it back. calories. Work on your side delts more to make your shoulders look wider. The most important thing to do to avoid looking blocky is to keep your waist as slim as possible. Just pissed me off as I had two more sets left!!! . FLEX ■ “In the end. but they want to socialise too much sometimes. I try to train when there are fewer people in the gym. second rep in. and that’s mostly about genetics. The big bellies are something that’s killing the sport. Generally. because I want to stay focused and not get interrupted. On the other hand. Avoid weighted oblique training and wear a belt when you do heavy standing lifts. I train at 11 a. but I don’t have a short-man structure. But what there are then are “active ageing” classes with all these senior citizens. And that comes right back to where we started—don’t blow out your waist. A lot of bodybuilders focus on calories. you don’t want people to think you’re an ass if you just ignore them.m. calories.THE WELSH DRAGON’S LAIR FLEX LEWIS Despite your lack of height and all the muscle you carry.” —Michael Jordan 144 FLEX KEVIN HORTON DRAGON TWEETS ■ So I broke another piece of equipment. They’re good people. not for the lack of height part but for the never looking blocky part.. we only regret the chances we didn’t take. So it’s important to maintain a good shape throughout the year. And then don’t do things that will widen your waist. and the gym is nearly empty then. And once you blow out your waist.

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By not lifting at all. Not many people know that after Ronnie’s Olympia victories he always took off 4–6 weeks from training. How did you know when you were ready to step on a national stage? I’ve seen a lot of guys move too fast too soon because they listen to their friends at the gym. FLEX Since you’re a Ronnie Coleman Signature Series athlete. I hit the gym hard. When it comes specifically to nutrition. The biggest advice Ronnie has given me. I train with Charles Glass. If you get advice from someone who doesn’t follow your progression on a daily or weekly basis. The only time you’ll be ready is when your physique is clearly beyond what your fellow local competitors bring to the stage. Find a seasoned coach to act as a second set of eyes and give you an honest critique about whether or not you’re ready. I was ready when I realised I could no longer fit into the lightheavyweight class in which I’d competed at local shows. It gets confusing. Being the biggest or strongest guy in the gym doesn’t mean that you’re going to be the best guy at a national show. I plan to do this every year from now on. my coach felt it was time to take it to the next level. Chris Aceto is your nutrition guru. working my way up to 267 pounds. but is there anyone else who gives you an honest critique of your physique or do you just rely on Chris? Competitors often make the mistake of listening to too many people. your immune system is low and your joints hurt.SHAWN RHODEN ready to compete onstage. they may think you’re flat or off track. it forced me to take time off. though. After a long season. I’m thinking of doing a few local shows before hitting the Nationals. . When I got I’ve been training for a few years now and I’m finally 146 FLEX KEVIN HORTON stranded in Prague last October due to Hurricane Sandy. the heaviest I’ve been. I did the same thing at the end of 2012 but it wasn’t planned. And if you step onstage too quickly you’ll only get discouraged. Just because you win a local show doesn’t mean that you should move on to the national stage. has been about recovery. have you had any training advice from him that you’ve incorporated into your training regime? The best thing about being a Ronnie Coleman athlete is that I get to pick his brain every day about what it takes to be an eight-time Mr Olympia. I was losing muscle by forcing myself down to 198 pounds—not even being able to eat or drink the day of weigh-ins! At that point. so I tell him the exercises Ronnie recommends and he incorporates them into my routine to see if they work. my tendons tightened up and my joints felt great. I only listen to Chris. not training.

always wants to prove that he can lift more than me. but every now and then I’ll mix it up with some ’80s rock. which I won in 2009 to earn my pro card. I don’t plan on moving any time soon.a. I listen to a lot of different types of music. What’s your favourite type of cardio. My younger brother Quincy. He never seems to get tired no matter how hard the workout. When I was getting ready for the Mr Olympia in 2010. I just wear my headphones. and how much do you do for a show? For the last few weeks I usually just do 30 minutes on the stationary bike at the gym or I go for a long walk after training. Even though we have our different training styles. . we still have fun in the gym and drive each other to complete a tougher workout than we could each do alone. You’ve mentioned that you sometimes train with your brother. If I do 10 reps of an exercise. I feel really fortunate to have a brother who’s also a pro bodybuilder with goals similar to mine. sea. he has to prove he’s tougher than me by doing 12 reps. It’s been like that since we were kids. I find it very distracting when I’m trying to train heavy and suddenly I hear some annoying Top 40 dance song. I decided to move back to Curaçao permanently and train by myself. Finally. I tend to use straps. Since I hate making small talk when I work out. I hate the pop music they play at my gym. I did a lot of fast walking up and down steep hills. What kind of music do you listen to when you work out? I also hate the music they play at my gym. After so many dreary winters in the Netherlands I realised how much I missed the sun. but what I listen to during my workouts depends on my mood that day. FLEX FLEX 147 JASON MATHAS EVEN THOUGH MY BROTHER AND I HAVE OUR DIFFERENT TRAINING STYLES. in December 2012. where I trained by myself and had very little guidance on proper nutrition. When I can’t make it to my normal gym. I stayed in Rotterdam with my sister and travelled back and forth between the two places. I immigrated back to Curaçao. the headphones also stop people from bothering me or asking me for training advice. I’m lucky that I train at times when the gym isn’t too crowded. whereas he has a better forearm grip and refuses to wear them.THE BEAST ROELLY WINKLAAR You’ve said you travel between the Netherlands and Curaçao. so I’m always wearing my headphones to tune it out so I can focus on the weights. WE STILL HAVE FUN IN THE GYM AND DRIVE EACH OTHER TO COMPLETE A TOUGHER WORKOUT THAN WE COULD EACH DO ALONE. who’s also an IFBB pro. In 2005. but it was taking a toll on me. I was introduced to Sibil Peeters (a. Is it hard to push each other when you’re related? It’s never hard to push each other because every workout ends up being a friendly (or sometimes not-so-friendly!) competition. During that time. After I won the Dutch Championships in 2007. so they’re nice enough to change the music to something a little more hardcore just for me. As you said. At that point I really needed to remain in the Netherlands so that Sibil could track my progress daily and help me get ready for the Arnold Amateur. I changed it up a bit. Why don’t you live in Curaçao year-round? It seems like a paradise! I was born on Curaçao but I was raised in the Netherlands. I make a few different mixes for my iPod but I’d say I mostly listen to rap or hip-hop. I can’t imagine working out with my brother because we’d drive each other crazy. which I’m now convinced gave me better results than the treadmill or bike. Grandma) and she became my coach and nutritionist.k. so he teases me a lot about that and challenges me to see how strong I am without straps. it’s truly a paradise. and beaches here.

I know these are things most of us— theme they express: bodybuilders aren’t including me—don’t want to think about. break it down into eight meals and lessen the amount just a little. we always have a high protein intake to make sure we’re feeding the muscle we’re continually tearing down. A 300-pound fat person still has comes to your health. Meat protein is hard to digest and can also have an impact on kidney function. the detrimental aspect of protein intake isn’t the amount you take in daily. 3 2 but his heart isn’t working as hard as ours. say. My body is feeling good and healthy. but many people online have been asking. As growing bodybuilders. I’ve seen many doctors in my time. After I finished the Toronto I know this sounds horrible to most of you because we’re always trying to grow and Supershow. I don’t want this to turn into a column about my health. but the amount you take in at one time. and there’s one common overworked body. it’s blood tests. so you’re healthy. and weigh approximately the same as Ed did. It taught me a lot about our health as bodybuilders and why we’re getting sick—or passing away—earlier than we’re supposed to.I. That being said. that I won’t make gains—a your body a real service by giving it a healthy body will grow faster than a toxic. I just rested and worked out none of us wants to lose good. “Why is this happening to all the pro bodybuilders?” So I’d like to use my own experiences to explain some of my points. who passed away from a heart attack on July 5th. Hardly any bodybuilders I train do this. When you’re walking around at 250–290 pounds and carrying around 230–240 pounds or more of muscle.too. when it comes to your kidneys. So how do we help our hearts stay healthy while still enjoying bodybuilding? Take LOSE WEIGHT. your heart is working overtime. if you’re going to be now much smaller. R. Drop it by 50% for a few weeks and raise your carb and fat intake to make sure 1 you’re not going backwards. if there’s one thing I can insist on being most important for longevity. break—from the inside. 200 pounds. people. I’m not sure about the majority of my peers.P. Of course this hits home for me because I’m in the same profession. you could be doing come back. getting sick or passing away due to protein but it’s important that we have this intake. but it’s the way to tear other parts down. his heart has to work only to fuel that 200-pound body. When I got sick I started doing a lot of research and I learned some very important things: BLOOD TESTS. live the same lifestyle. Yes. Ignorance isn’t bliss when it weight.GONE TOO SOON. this is the way to rebuild. There’s no other way to be able to tell if something is wrong aside from having blood tests done and finding out the actual levels of each organ. And I’m not worried it won’t in this for the long haul. I dropped weight and am weight. I had a pancreatic attack earlier this year while I was getting ready for the Toronto Supershow.. Take the time to give your body a rest and lower the amount of protein you take in. breaks. PROTEIN INTAKE. ED VAN AMSTERDAM n I was just sitting down to write this column when I found out about the death of IFBB pro Ed Van Amsterdam. instead of eating 350 g of meat six times a day. while my amateur clients have to be forced to go. but the ones I know usually go. He has his own problems— whether it’s good or bad. FLEX 148 FLEX COURTESY OF SCITEC NUTRITION . and don’t avoid the truth. Guys. but more so because of body discussion. These doctors have all told me that the heart isn’t meant to pump blood to a 290-pound body for an extended period of time. hard-earned when I felt like it. Remember. Make sure a lean body mass of. which is wrong. So.

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that these suggestions will typically work only when one is just finishing a contest and at the very start of the off-season. TYPICAL PRE-CONTEST Clean diet + 0–1 cheat meal per week + highintensity cardio = hungry bodybuilder TYPICAL BULKING/OFF-SEASON Overabundance of calories + too many cheats + little to zero cardio = slow. of course—with more clean carbs and clean fats and two to three cheat meals a week. not in the middle of one. you’re more likely to have a revved-up appetite. During the procedure to fix both. the doctors learned that I had a condition called oesophageal oesophagitis. The doctor said that. throwing up. i.e. and wanted to know if I was finally able to eat more food. This has been the major thing that’s held me back— especially when I have no problem eating when pre-contest rolls around. not-hungry bodybuilder As you can imagine. Keep in mind. None of that will increase your appetite. which left me with very little appetite. with the inflammation. FLEX Here are some tips if you’re having a similar problem. though. if you’ve seen my videos or online posts. lethargic. I was told that this was the cause of any and all of my stomach issues.. I knew something wasn’t right. but that I got in all my meals with ease—and was actually hungry—during pre-contest dieting. Over the years. my eating and appetite did increase immensely after fixing my previously unknown problems. My situation with hunger was just slightly different. I still follow my own advice and keep a relatively clean diet all year. Even with an improved ability to eat. Five weeks before the British Grand Prix in 2012. 150 FLEX PAVEL YTHJALL . this is different from what we see a lot of guys doing off-season. Yes. Most bodybuilders in pre-contest are counting the minutes till their next meal. These issues didn’t affect me pre-contest because I was eating better and eating less-dense foods that were more easily digested. such as indigestion. though. eating too many calories. This fan noticed from recent photos that it looked like I’d actually made some good gains during this last off-season. a fan asked a question about the fact that I’m not a big eater in the off-season. and having too many cheat nights with both food and alcohol. This caused my throat to swell with an inflammation that formed ridges down my oesophagus. This caused my food to go down slowly and digest slowly. my oesophagus was the size of a small child’s— and I don’t know many small children who can eat as much food as a professional bodybuilder. Since I noticed that food was a problem in the off-season with a lax diet. and especially my lack of appetite. But some have a much harder time with more food off-season and dread the next meal because it’s “just too much”—so they often skip it altogether. I found out unexpectedly that I had an oesophageal ulcer and a blood clot with it. n If you stay close to a pre-contest diet—slightly modified. doing little or no cardio. so getting the food down usually isn’t a problem—it’s gone by the time they blink.MIKE LIBERATORE n Recently. you’ve probably heard countless times my struggle to get down the amount of food needed in the off-season to make large gains.

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10. your blood pulls away from your muscles and goes to your internal organs. I like to have fruit or even a fizzy drink before I step onstage. 6 15. 10. Some people think that as a bodybuilder this is counterproductive. Where did I go wrong. I have strong shoulders and really like to blast the weight on shoulder day. 12. 12. My next show is still up in the air—not sure what I want to do right now. I also think if you’re too dehydrated you can’t get a good pump. 6 PAVEL YTHJALL Dumbbell Shoulder Press Cable Rear-delt Flye Shrug Seated Lateral Raise 152 FLEX . Carbs help pull water into your muscles so you feel full and get a good pump. but it’s not. Third. Yes. and has this ever happened to you? Hell. Yes. I haven’t lost any size running. WEEK 2 SETS 3 3 3 3 3 3 REPS 12–15 12–15 12–15 12–15 12–15 12–15 EXERCISE Standing Military Press Cable Lateral Raise Cable Front Raise Cable Bentover Lateral Raise Cable Upright Row WEEK 3 SETS 5 5 5 5 5 REPS 15. I try to have fun or listen to relaxing music so I don’t get nervous. 1 cause of this for most people is that they get nervous. you can almost bet you won’t get a good pump. 10. I’m getting good results training. 10. FLEX ■ Training is going great! I’ve been training for my first TRAINING JOURNAL 5K race. Here’s how I try to keep this from happening. 6 15. 8. First. yes. 6 15. I couldn’t get a pump backstage. I love my family—they support me and I support them 100%. so there’s no need to rush yet. and everyone is different. I think the No. So if you get too nervous. and hope you get a good pump on next time. 6 15.I worked my butt off for my last show and I looked great. Hope this helps out. SHOULDER TRAINING WEEK 1 EXERCISE Seated Military Press Standing One-arm Lateral Raise Barbell Front Raise Bentover Lateral Raise Upright Row Seated Lateral Raise SETS 3 3 3 3 3 3 REPS 8–10 8–10 8–10 8–10 8–10 8–10 EXERCISE Lateral Raise Seated Dumbbell Front Raise ■ Shoulders are my favourite body part to train. 12. Here are my workouts. 10. 12. 8. I carb-load and always have food backstage just in case I start to feel flat. this has happened to me—and it sucks to feel like this before you step onstage. as she’s turning 4. it’s all a balancing act and there’s no perfect formula. I never completely take out my water—I’m always drinking small amounts. I also wanted to wish my baby girl a happy birthday. 12. but if you take out too much water. Second. your muscles will get flat and you won’t get a pump. shedding the water under the skin is critical to looking good onstage. 8. Time sure goes by fast. 8. Another reason could be not enough carbs in your body. because each time it’s different. Only problem was. 8. When you get nervous.

You need to allow the wound time to heal. until I hit my usual off-season carb intake. and I’m not just talking about better balance. This. Ideally. The surgeon gave me specific recommendations concerning weight progression. before competing again. for the past 12 years. I can’t take any chances with some of that crappy hospital food! When you’re trying to be the best in the world. and the number would increase over time. Despite the importance of these prerequisites. symmetry. I didn’t want to take any chances. As usual. of course. Since my workouts used very light weight and had such low volume (roughly eight working sets per muscle group). I’m also hernia-free! After my runner-up finish at the Arnold Classic and my top-three placing at the Australian Pro. mine included. My general progression aimed for about a 25 gram increase each week. a patient should also have low body fat to make the processes go more smoothly—both the operation and the recovery. I’ve had an epigastric hernia. success is not a probability but rather a certainty! FLEX FLEX 153 PAVEL YTHJALL . it helped even more so that I had recently competed prior to the operation. I finally opted for surgery. I knew I’d be in the hospital for some time. which is merely a split in the abdominal wall. my carbohydrate requirements for optimal functioning were much lower.PAK-MAN BEN PAKULSKI n You’ll notice something different the next time I take the stage. When I was finally given the OK to return. can rush back into training too soon. my training was minimal. the majority were consumed around my workout. If you take the time to focus on every detail of a particular goal and you’re willing to make the necessary sacrifices. my time would best be used by attending to some past injuries. so I made sure I had food delivered to my room that morning. which can rip the mended area. it is always important to plan for success. During the first two weeks. I held off on training and lowered my carbohydrate intake to zero. I was advised to not lift anything over “X” amount pounds. there was progression in my nutrition. Although my body fat is in check year-round. Prior to the operation. Most hernia operations. both in terms of intensity and volume. Many athletes. as well as how I incorporated training back into my life following the procedure. An important aspect of ensuring an operation goes optimally is decreasing inflammation. I decided that. I’d like to give you all a little insight into the things I did to prepare for the operation. This required me to take a few weeks off from the gym completely. and my recovery and progress couldn’t have gone more smoothly. I made sure to slowly acclimatise my body back into training. the most crucial consideration for a patient is how he or she will allocate time after surgery. Regardless of what your training goals are or what aspirations you have outside the gym. and conditioning. consist of inserting a mesh in the damaged tissue to strengthen the injured area. would limit any internal inflammation. you need to make sure you’re trying at all times. Likewise. especially after hernia repair.

He’s been working with me on my diet. With that in my mind. whether you’re doing a squat or a posing performance or just walking to the store. So I’m getting a chance to be in better shape while doing the guest posings. So my off-season went very well. EVERY SINGLE DAY. the nutrition programme is the same it was the last two years. I wasn’t as heavy as I was in the past. The days of ballooning up to 300 pounds or better—we ain’t doing that these days. Your physique becomes just a collection of parts instead of a complete work of art. I can move around more easily and feel more comfortable in my own skin. If you have. Your body has to work together as a unit. I’d been trying to keep my weight down throughout the off-season. I’m comfortable and confident with that.KAI’S CORNER KAI GREENE How was your off-season training and diet different this year going into the Mr Olympia? It was a very fruitful off-season. I notice you doing a lot of full-body stretches and exercises for other body parts. as long as George says my condition is where I need it to be. When I watch your training videos. For the most part. it’s exciting to be able to do what I do. but also to work my entire body as a unit and get the blood flowing throughout my whole body. I try to be very methodical about my day-to-day training and stay on the nutritional programme that George and I have in place. and in that workout you do only back exercises and back stretches and then the next day you have a chest workout and do only chest exercises and chest stretches. I’m still learning things every day about my craft. Still. Before I begin my workout. but make no mistake about it. I do a series of stretches and exercises to warm up and prepare the muscles and tendons for work. Even as a professional bodybuilder. And I’m very thankful to get that opportunity. I stayed in my best off-season shape ever this year. This is my third year working with him. 154 FLEX PAVEL YTHJALL . It’s really interesting how the journey towards seeing your dream realised is a continuing educational process. FLEX KAI’S MOTIVATOR “YOU DID EVERYTHING?” I ASK MYSELF THIS QUESTION EVERY… SINGLE…DAY. you never bring your muscles together to work cohesively. a back workout. for example. the scales will betray me sometimes. Why do you do all that work for muscles you’re not training that day? Don’t think of your body as a collection of parts. I’ve got to give a shout-out to George Farah.

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week pre-contest diet 110 times!” I was taken aback. UK EDITOR SINCE 1985 PHOTOS BY CHRIS LUND ALBERT BECKLES One of the most amazing bodybuilders of all time When I first began researching this Looking Back article on Britain’s Albert Beckles. “Ernie. Albert Beckles competed in 110 bodybuilding contests!” This time there was no reply from the other end of the phone.” I said. “Shall I tell you something else?” I continued. “Ernie. I couldn’t believe my own eyes. “So that means he followed a 12. I had to tell somebody. he exclaimed. “About 15 years?” I couldn’t wait to put the boot in. Ernie Taylor was simply too astonished to reply.” This time.” I said casually. “Tell me something else!” “During his illustrious career.” I said. “Are 12-week diets all you guys ever think about when you prepare for a contest?” “Of course!” he answered without hesitation. “Albert Beckles competed in 110 contests. Have you ever followed one?” he added sarcastically. still gobsmacked.” I repeated. I’m not. so I called Ernie Taylor—I always love to blow his mind! “Ernie. you’ve got me there. “for how many years do you think Albert Beckles competed as a world class bodybuilder?” “Oh. “Absolutely not!” 156 FLEX .” he replied. absolutely amazed.RETROSPECTIVE BY CHRIS LUND. “How about 27 years?” I said proudly.” Ernie replied. “Well. “Go on then.” he replied. “His first contest was the 1965 NABBA Mr Universe and his last two contests were the IFBB Chicago Pro Invitational and the IFBB Niagara Falls Pro Invitational in 1992!” “Wow! That’s truly amazing. Ernie was just about able to compose himself and in true bodybuilding fashion (only a bodybuilder would see it this way). “27 years? You must be joking!” he replied. “The 12-week diet is absolutely what it’s all about.


and I had never seen anything like it in my life. “Yeah. I have no idea where my peaked biceps came from. everyone was in trouble because. I can still remember the first time I saw a photo of Albert Beckles. (He also won one. there you go then. as they said. For the next 17 years Albert Beckles became the most feared and consistently competitive bodybuilder in pro bodybuilding.” Ernie replied. mate. and one day while we 158 FLEX . A 12-week pre-contest diet is like going to hell. “What’s that then?” “There were always stories going round that Albert even stuck to his diet on Christmas Day.” Between 1965 and 1971. and sixth in two. Albert took no prisoners. It was way back in the 1960s.” “Now that’s dedication for you. placed fourth in one. third in one. In 1981 Albert entered eleven IFBB pro shows and came second in six of them. He entered and won the 1971 IFBB Mr Universe.) He personally felt he should have won more. If Beckles was in the contest. that’s right. He took 1972 off and returned to competition the following year. in 1971 he figured he would try his luck with the IFBB. Albert confirmed the Ironman story. My biceps grew so fast during the first six months and all I was really doing at that time were barbell curls and reverse close-grip lat pulldowns. It was an incredibly peaked one-arm biceps shot.” I said. Beckles must have gone to hell and back again 110 times!” “I’ve just thought of something else. However. and it was a black and white photograph in Ironman magazine. Albert competed within the NABBA and the AAU bodybuilding organisations.“Well. The accompanying article made the astonishing revelation that Albert had built his amazing biceps in only six months of training! When I got to know him years later. He entered two shows in 1973—the IFBB Mr Europe and the IFBB Mr Universe—and won them both hands down! In 1975 Albert entered his first Mr Olympia and placed third in the lightweight class. which would later become the IFBB World Championships. so that he could stay ahead of the game when the contest season began. and he was always in shape.


He was also not a complainer. because Albert Beckles definitely should have won more of those shows. “Why don’t I win more shows? Is it because I live in England and they would rather have Americans winning the big shows?” For the next hour or so I tried my best to console him. he leaned over and asked me. But I agreed with him 100%. He was a true sportsman who was sharp enough to understand that he was not placing as high as he should have done at many of the top pro shows.RICH GASPARI were having breakfast following one of these contests. unlike some bodybuilders. 160 FLEX . because I didn’t want him to lose heart and retire from bodybuilding. however.

The new happier. ALBERT TOOK NO PRISONERS. Why not let them know that you’re Albert Beckles.” I replied. didn’t I?” Albert then flashed his infamous choppers and you know what? He had a perfect set of large white teeth that would have done any dentist proud. but won the World Pro Championships.IF BECKLES WAS IN THE CONTEST. that Albert Beckles should have won that Mr Olympia. fourth at the Swedish Grand Prix. “So how do you like the teeth then?” “I don’t know what you mean. He placed second at the Belgium Grand Prix. “Yeah. AND HE WAS ALWAYS IN SHAPE stage. even today. AS THEY SAID. because he was a British boy. calm and extremely conservative person. “Well. He placed fifth at the Mr Olympia. He was in so much LEE LABRADA This is basically what I told him. not exactly. “You just need to connect with the judges and the audience a little more. he walked up to me and asked. and that you’re very happy about this. smiling and more confident Albert Beckles was on his way to even more greatness. maybe they should. EVERYONE WAS IN TROUBLE BECAUSE.” I replied. he needed to be so much better than his US counterparts (which he often was). and then suddenly exclaimed. so I just flashed my teeth. and the Canada Pro Cup. Albert remained thoughtful for quite a while. In 1983 Albert placed seventh at the Mr Olympia. “Maybe they should have a best choppers round!” I declared. You already have the muscle. First of all. 1985 was a different story and I still feel. but he won the World Pro Championships. the World Grand Prix. don’t you?” “Well. and one day. and you’re in great shape. heading off to his favourite place after a contest—the hotel restaurant. the morning after a show. and then won the New York Night of Champions. “You mean I should act like a total wally when I’m on FLEX 163 161 . and the following year he placed fourth. you told me to look happier on stage. but you always look so serious when you go through your routine. The audience and judges will relate to that.” he said. because in real life he was a cool. I then told him that he needed to jazz up his act when he was on stage.” The following year (1982) was a terrific year for Albert Beckles.

regular grip and reverse grip—which would give your back and biceps a tremendous workout!” “What else could I do then?” Albert asked. Instead. “Out of every bodybuilder alive today. I believe that you would survive the best if you were washed up on a desert island like Robinson Crusoe!” “How do you work that out?” replied Albert. I also believe that you would even find ways to train while you were alone on this desert island. all smiles. as Joe Weider once said.ALBERT BECKLES WAS NOT A FAN OF PHOTO SHOOTS. One day I said to Albert.” 162 FLEX . Albert Beckles took second to Lee Haney. He had it in the bag because he was in far superior muscular shape and condition to the current Mr Olympia. “Well. I told Albert to go out and fight for his life because. “If you found some washed-up planks of wood. I’m sure you could easily knock up a set of parallel dipping bars so that you could train your chest and triceps. “I think you would find a strong branch and place it between two trees so that you could do all kinds of chins—wide grip. close grip. HE DID NOT SEE THE POINT OF THEM BECAUSE TO HIS MIND. Unfortunately. I went backstage just before the start of the evening show and told Albert that he was without doubt the best bodybuilder in the contest. he went on stage and gave Lee Haney the fight of his life.” I said. “In bodybuilding you have to be far superior if you want to beat the current champ!” Albert listened carefully. or indeed since. “I figure that you have all the survival instincts needed to stay alive because you have tremendous tolerance and dedication.” “And exactly how would I do that?” he said. so I found myself doing something that I had never done before. THE CONTEST WAS WHAT IT WAS ALL ABOUT better muscular shape than the current champ Lee Haney. and didn’t say a word.

9th Grand Prix Switzerland. Medium. Beckles has claimed birth years of 1930 and 1938. 6th World Grand Prix. At various times. 2nd 1980 IFBB Mr Universe. Did not place Pittsburgh Pro Invitational. When he was living in London. Even when he moved to the US (he has been living in California for many years). after the show it was time for eating. 12th Night of Champions. and I have never seen anyone eat like Albert Beckles. 1st Night of Champions. Medium. 15th World Pro Championships. he would usually be on the evening flight back home the day after the contest. 10th Grand Prix Spain. 8th Mr Olympia. and I can see you waiting hours just to spear a fish!” “You know something?” Albert replied. 3rd IFBB Mr Universe. 8th Niagara Falls Pro Invitational. Despite high biceps and forearm attachments. He did not see the point of them because to his mind. 1st & Overall AAU Mr World. 9th Houston Pro Championships. 2nd Professional World Cup. 1st 1968 NABBA Mr Britain. Medium. 8–10 reps One-arm cable curl: 3 sets. Medium. after a contest in the US. 9th Grand Prix US Pro. Lightweight. As a result there are not too many non-contest photographs of the great Albert Beckles– one of the most amazing bodybuilders of all time! FLEX CONTEST CAREER 1965 NABBA Mr Universe. 3rd NABBA Mr Universe. 1st & Overall IFBB MR Universe. he said. 1st 1973 IFBB Mr Europe. 11th Grand Prix Germany. Medium. and I hold it for a second or two. Medium. 9th Grand Prix Holland. 8th FLEX 165 163 . 5th World Pro Championships. you could still never get him to agree to photo shoots. Medium. 5th NABBA Mr Universe. 4th Grand Prix Louisiana. 1st 1983 Grand Prix England. 7th Grand Prix England. 5th Mr Olympia. 2nd 1977 Mr Olympia. 2nd Grand Prix Sweden. 4th Night of Champions. 4th World Grand Prix. 1st Mr Olympia. 4th 1987 Grand Prix France. 9th Grand Prix Finland. 4th Mr Olympia. 4th Grand Prix Germany (2). Medium. 7th 1978 Mr Olympia. 3rd 1988 Chicago Pro Championships. 2nd 1971 NABBA Mr Britain. 15th World Pro Championships. 8th Grand Prix Italy. 2nd Grand Prix Massachussets. 10th Grand Prix Sweden. 6th Grand Prix Germany. Medium. “I like to place special emphasis on the peak contraction. “So what do I eat then?” “Easy!” I replied. he would get up at 4 am. Did not place 1991 Grand Prix Denmark. evergreen Beckles triumphed with history’s most freaky peaky biceps. 8th Grand Prix Spain. Lightweight. 3rd Grand Prix Pennsylvania. coupled with a devastatingly delineated side triceps shot. and head off to the hotel restaurant to order his favourite breakfast food–cream of wheat–which he devoured. Medium. 16th Niagara Falls Pro Invitational.Albert had started to laugh out loud now and in between guffaws. 10th 1989 Arnold Classic. “I always thought you were crazy!” The trouble was. “I can just see you collecting mangoes. 9th Grand Prix France. 7th Grand Prix Finland. 3rd Grand Prix Portland. 1st 1975 Mr Olympia. Greg Merritt wrote an article in FLEX called Top guns: the 20 best arms of all time and the workouts that built them. 4th IFBB World Pro Championships. 2nd NABBA Mr Universe. This creates a tremendous contraction. 4th Grand Prix Spain (2). 8th Grand Prix Spain (2). 7th Mr Olympia. 8–10 reps Cable curl: 4 sets. 7th 1984 Canada Pro Cup. 5th 1992 Chicago Pro Championships. Albert Beckles was not a fan of photo shoots. 1st Mr Europe. Oh yes. 1st & Overall NABBA Mr Universe. Lightweight. 4th Grand Prix England. 8th 1979 IFBB Best in the World. 8–10 reps Dumbbell concentration curl: 3 sets.” ALBERT BECKLES’ BICEPS ROUTINE Seated dumbbell curl: 4 sets. 9th Grand Prix Italy. 6th 1967 NABBA Mr Britain. but even if the more recent date is true. 2nd 1982 Grand Prix Belgium. 8–12 reps. Lightweight. Medium. 1st Mr Olympia. 2nd Grand Prix New England. 1st IFBB Mr Universe. 1st Mr Olympia. 2nd IFBB World Pro Championships. I twist my wrists outwards as far as they can go just as I reach the top of the curl. and I often resist supinating until I get very close to contraction. 7th Night of Champions. 4th 1990 Arnold Classic. 11th Grand Prix Melbourne. 11th Niagara Falls Pro Invitational. Naturally Albert Beckles was one of them. 1st & Overall NABBA Mr Universe. 7th IFBB Mr Universe. 3rd Grand Prix World Cup. Besides. 4th 1981 Canada Pro Cup. after a contest. 7th Grand Prix England. 2nd Grand Prix Belgium. 3rd 1966 NABBA Mr Britain. 2nd 1970 NABBA Mr Britain. 1st Grand Prix Wales. which meant that no training shots could be done. 12th San Jose Pro Invitational. 7th World Pro Championships. 3rd IFBB Mr World. I believed every word I said! In November 2005. 5th Grand Prix Las Vegas. 2nd 1986 Mr Olympia. Most Muscular.” Here’s what Albert told Greg about building his outrageously peaked biceps. 8th Grand Prix Spain. Medium. 1st AAU Mr World. 3rd Mr Olympia. Here’s what Greg had to say. Olympia at age 47 and he won his eighth IFBB pro show at 52. Usually. coconuts and anything else you can lay your hands on. 4th Mr Olympia. 1st 1985 Night of Champions. “Albert Beckles didn’t grow his way into our top 20 until he was well past his 40th birthday. 7th Grand Prix France. papayas. it still means he placed second in the 1985 Mr. bowl after bowl. 2nd 1969 NABBA Mr Britain. the contest was what it was all about. 6th Night of Champions. because he couldn’t sleep. Medium. 1st World Pro Championships. 2nd Grand Prix California. 4th Night of Champions. 5th Grand Prix Switzerland. 4th Grand Prix Sweden. 5th Night of Champions 3rd Mr Olympia.

My question is this: if I’m ever lucky enough to obtain my pro card. Personally. Personally. Chemotherapy is a very stressful and demanding course of treatment to put your body through with many serious and unpleasant side effects. I think that it’s important to try to stay active exercise-wise during. Close-Grip Lat Pulldown: 3 sets of 14-16 reps 3. Standing Calf Raise: 3 sets of 16 reps 6. Good luck. I have made out a workout routine for you. I do not have one of these benches in my home gym so is there another way of doing this particular exercise? Alan London Hello Alan from London. Simply grab two dumbbells and get into the regular bentover row position. I have seen many photos of Jay Cutler doing bentover rows with two dumbbells lying facedown on an incline bench. always consume a well balanced diet. Allen Hi Allen. Every day you should try to eat 1. Seated Dumbbell Curl: 3 sets of 14 reps Triceps 1. Twice a week do a good cardio workout (stationary bike or treadmill) for at least 30 minutes each time. It’s truly an excellent back exercise and I personally think it’s fantastic for giving you that Xmas tree look in your lower back. I would do bentover rows with two dumbbells every other week. It appears that they prefer weighted hyperextensions or reverse-grip barbell bentover rows. Good luck Allen. if I were you. V-Bar Low Cable Curl: 3 sets of 16 reps 2. and especially after. WEDNESDAY: BACK & ARMS Back 1. and I usually compete in the 90 kg division. On the nutrition side. Pec Deck: 3 sets of 14-16 reps PRO CARD DEAR ERNIE. Here’s that three-day workout routine which will tone you up and make you fit. You will immediately discover that you can pull the dumbbells up much higher. The exercise you mention. When you first start out doing this exercise. keeping your knees bent. I would really love to get back into shape and I was wondering if you could give me some advice. Front Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown: 3 sets of 14-20 reps 2. Also. Straight Bar Triceps Pushdown: 3 sets of 16 reps 2. which you should follow no more than three times a week. Leg Extension: 3 sets of 14-20 reps 2. ET TONE UP AND BE FIT ERNIE. Barbell rows are a great compound back-thickening exercise. which will allow you to achieve that incredible contraction in your lower back. From this position pull both dumbbells up just like you would when doing the regular bentover barbell row. Triceps Dip Between Two Benches: 3 sets of 16 reps FRIDAY: LEGS 1.BY ERNIE TAYLOR “THE BRITISH PHENOMENON” PHOTOS BY CHRIS LUND LETTERS BENTOVER ROWS WITH TWO DUMBBELLS HI ET. I’ve noticed that most pros only do them once a month. then this should present no hardship for you. but since I had chemotherapy back in 2012. Leg Press: 3 sets of 14-20 reps 3. If you’ve been a bodybuilder before. Hack Squat: 2 sets of 14 reps 4. I am 30 years old and I’ve been lifting weights for 10 years. use a pair of manageable weights. Stiff-Legged Deadlift: 3 sets of 14 reps 5.5 grams each of protein and carbohydrates per pound of muscular bodyweight. my physique was ok. what would I actually do with it? I wouldn’t like to enter a pro show just to make up the Shoulders 1. Seated Front Smith Machine Shoulder Press: 3 sets of 14-16 reps 2. and when you reach the contracted position. rest only as you need to. Hyperextension: 2 sets of 20 reps Biceps 1. is actually an isolation exercise that’s usually performed after compound back movements. squeeze and tense your lower back for at least two seconds. You say that you do not want to build massive muscles any more and so I am wondering if you have been given the ok to start training again. Seated Low Lat Pulley: 3 sets of 14-16 reps 4. Cable Side Lateral: 3 sets of 14 reps 3. While the bentover row with two dumbbells is a great exercise. ET MONDAY: CHEST & SHOULDERS Chest 1. Leg Curl: 4 sets of 14 reps 5. chemotherapy. but you are limited because the movement comes to a full stop when the bar reaches your waist. Incline Seated Hammer Strength Chest Press: 3 sets of 16-20 reps 2. Seated Calf Raise: 2 sets of 16 reps Don’t forget to use lighter weights than usual and burn those reps out. Machine Shrug: 3 sets of 16 reps 164 FLEX . Once upon a time. I have been trying to get my IFBB pro card for the last two years. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water every single day. Flat Hammer Strength Chest Press: 3 sets of 16-20 reps 3. in between sets. incline bentover rows with two dumbbells. I have not trained at all. then don’t worry. I no longer feel the need to build massive muscles—all I really want to do now is tone up and be fit. The best way to tone up and get fit is to perform high reps during all your sets. If you cannot do this exercise the way Jay does them.


and I have to say that you were blatantly robbed in many of them. however. Most great bodybuilders do not throw in the towel when they fail to win a show. if you do not believe that you are good enough to compete in pro competitions. and brings them closer and closer to their life’s dream. You need to dig deep and assess the situation to find out where you’re going wrong—a two-year attempt to get a pro card is absolutely nothing! Good luck. this is a huge achievement by any standard. Lee 166 FLEX . so really.QUINCY TAYLOR numbers. If and when you do happen to get your pro card. I’m afraid. Tezza. I know of many bodybuilders who have been trying to get their pro card for over five years! But the good thing about these bodybuilders is that they have never lost their zest for the sport. With bodybuilding being more competitive than it’s ever been. you will be competing in IFBB contests at the highest levels in the world. is it pointless trying to get a pro card? Big Tezza Hi Tezza. Tezza. They simply continue to train. and it could open a lot of doors for them. these guys simply pick up the pieces and start preparing for the next contest. because it all boils down to how much you really want this. my biceps look flat although they still look big when hanging relaxed by my sides. unless of course you really love the excitement of competitions. stronger and better conditioned on a yearly basis. My problem is that when I do a double biceps pose. Your missing ingredients are persistence and determination. So. amateurs compete to live out their dream of becoming a pro. which makes them get better. I am 19 years old and I have been training for several years. Can you give me a little help to build that nice biceps peak? I have quite a few DVDs from your competition days. ET BICEPS PEAKING ROUTINE HI ERNIE. Only you know the answer to this question. Usually. All the current IFBB pro bodybuilders do exactly the same. and I certainly would not be interested in ending my bodybuilding career. then I don’t think you should be competing in amateur ones. They train to become bigger. I really understand where you’re coming from.

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but lately I seem to have come to an abrupt halt. What you really need. and on Friday I do shoulders. but you must always lower the weight as slowly as you can. but you can still work wonders if you pick the right exercises and work them hard. I weigh 80 kg. Two-arm cable curl: Two sets of 8-10 reps Good luck. your biceps peak should start to appear. I always do three sets. even though RONNIE COLEMAN I always use a weight that just enables me to get 10-15 reps in a set. I rest over the weekend. so I have access to all different kinds of food. Try curling the dumbbell up to your mouth. When you train your biceps you must use a variety of exercise movements to build perfectly round and peaked biceps. I do four exercises for each body part. You should also try close-grip cable curls from a low pulley—this exercise will hit the outer head of the biceps. As a result. and concentrate on doing slow and controlled reps. I look more like wet spaghetti! Jimbo 168 FLEX . You cannot acquire outstanding biceps if you only use regular barbell and dumbbell curls. ET CORRECT TRAINING PLAN HI ERNIE. I have made some gains. I also happen to work in a kitchen. incorporating compound exercises and isolation movements. but don’t look as ripped as I should—at 6 feet tall. I train my chest and back on Monday. like you recommend. 1. Lee. even if you use very heavy poundages. and I rest on Wednesday. Here is a nice biceps-peaking routine for you to follow once a week. Heavy dumbbell concentration curls are also very good for the biceps peak. on every exercise. On Thursday I train legs. is not size (because it sounds like you have that) but peak. On Tuesday I do arms. and I train each body part only once a week. Dumbbell One-arm Concentration Curl: Two work sets of 8-10 reps 4. forcing it to grow. you need to start doing lots of close-grip barbell curls.Hello Lee. Dumbbell Curl: Two warm-up sets of 12 reps and two work sets of 8-12 reps 2. I am trying my best to build some lean muscle. Thank you for your kind remarks. Achieving a better biceps peak is usually down to good genetics. and I’m talking really close—your hands should actually be touching each other. To unflatten or peak your biceps. Close-grip Curl: Three work sets of 8-10 reps 3.

it’s almost impossible to train your back properly. except that you are not grouping your body parts correctly. on Monday you train chest and back in the same workout. For example.Hello Jimbo. Jimbo. you cannot train two major body parts together like this. and this is probably why you’re not gaining as you should. which is one major reason why you are not gaining. I would say that you are about 75% on track. After a really hard chest workout. I do not believe that biceps and triceps should be trained together in a FLEX 169 . Also.

3. One-Arm Hammer Strength Row: One work set of 10-12 reps. MONDAY: SHOULDERS AND TRICEPS Shoulders 1. 2. Squat: Three work sets of 10-12 reps 3. Clarence Drive. Barbell Shrug: Three work sets of 8-10 reps WEDNESDAY: REST THURSDAY: CHEST AND BICEPS Chest 1. Harrogate. Dumbbell Curl: Two work sets of 8-12 reps FRIDAY: LEGS 1. each arm 3. Seated Dumbbell Press: Two warm-up sets of 12 reps and two work sets of 8-12 reps 2. Dumbbell Alternate Forward Raise: Two work sets of 8-10 reps 4. Bentover Row: Two warm-up sets of 8-10 reps and one work set of 8-10 reps 5. I think that it’s about time for you to get down to some real training.JAY CUTLER workout. to failure Biceps 1. Wide-grip Triceps Pushdown: Two warm-up sets of 8-12 reps and one work set of 12 reps. Seated Two-Arm Cable Curl: Three work sets of 8-12 reps 3. Hyperextension: Two work sets of 14-15 reps 2. Incline Barbell Press: Two warm-up sets of 8-10 reps and two work sets of 8-10 reps 2. Dumbbell Side Laterals: Two warm-up sets of 12 reps and two work sets of 10-12 reps 3. 10 Windsor Court. Leg Extension: Two warm-up sets of 10-12 reps and two work sets of 10-12 reps 2. HG1 2PE or email ernietaylor@hotmail. 5. Leg Press: Two warm-up sets of 14-15 reps and two work sets of 15 reps 4. Donkey Calf Raise: One work set of 10-12 reps 7. Standing Calf Raise: Three work sets of 8-12 reps. Pec Deck: Three work sets of 8-10 reps 3. Incline Dumbbell Flye: Two warm-up sets of 10 reps and one work set of 8 reps Triceps Dumbbell Kickback: Two work sets of 8-12 reps TUESDAY: BACK 1. Wide-grip Lat Pulldown: Two warm-up sets of 8-10 reps and one work set of 15 reps Stiff-legged Deadlift: Three work sets of 8-12 reps Good luck. ET FLEX You can send your questions on training and nutrition to Ernie Taylor: ET Column c/o Weider Publishing Ltd. Lying EZ Triceps Extension: Two warm-up sets of 8-12 reps and one work set of 8-12 reps. EZ Bar Curl: Two warm-up sets of 8-12 reps and two work sets of 8-10 reps 170 FLEX . it’s just about impossible for you to grow using this training plan. to failure. which will build muscle you never knew you had. to failure 4. North Yorkshire. Seated Calf Raise: Three work sets of 8-12 reps 6. Low Lat Pulley (Reverse Grip): Two warm-up sets of 8-12 reps and one work set of 8-12 reps. Here’s your correct training plan. So really. to failure.

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Although this may seem like a temporary solution. So it’s a good idea to get a dose of creatine before your workout to ensure that your muscle fibres are fully stocked and therefore have ample energy to power through the workout resulting in more strength and endurance. Taurine is derived from the amino acid cysteine and contains a 172 FLEX . GRADE: HHHHH REASON: Research confirms that supplementing with taurine provides numerous benefits that aid workout performance and results. The majority of the research that showed these positive effects of creatine was done using the monohydrate form. resulting in long-term muscle growth. Almost anyone who is into sport and weight training knows that creatine is effective for boosting muscle size. WE EXAMINE THE CRITICAL ACTIVE INGREDIENTS IN VARIOUS SPORTS SUPPLEMENTS. which increases muscle protein synthesis.UNDER THE Taking a purely scientific look at the best products in the world of sports supplements By JIM STOPPANI OSCOPE MUSCLETECH NANO VAPOR sulphur group. REAL-WORLD RESULTS AND INNOVATION IN FORMULATION. the greater volume inside the muscle cell places a stretch on the membrane. WE AWARD HIGH MARKS TO THOSE WITH EXISTING SUPPORTIVE DATA. Research has also found that creatine increases levels of the important growth factor insulin-like growth factor-1. Research also shows that it can increase blood flow to muscles. which allows it to perform important functions in the body that lead to increased muscle endurance and strength. Creatine also works through numerous other ways to boost muscle growth. and it has been shown to blunt levels of the muscle growth inhibitor myostatin. muscle strength and overall athletic performance. CREATINE MONOHYDRATE is a supplement that needs no introduction. What most people may not realise is that the main way creatine works is by providing the muscle fibres with the quick energy that they need for muscle contractions. HERE WE PUT MUSCLETECH NANO VAPOR UNDER THE MICROSCOPE. muscle strength and performance. TAURINE (2-aminoethanesulfonic acid) is often referred to as an amino acid although technically it is not one in the usual biochemical meaning of the term. One of these ways is by pulling more fluid into the muscle cells. and pull fluid into muscle fibres to enhance the muscle pump. GRADE: HHHHH REASON: Creatine monohydrate has hundreds of clinical research studies supporting its ability to increase muscle size.

GRADE: HHHHH REASON: Numerous studies support the ability of quercetin to aid fat loss. which can help with the mind-muscle connection and lead to better workouts. Training with more intensity. QUERCETIN is a powerful antioxidant/ flavonoid found naturally in onions. performance and general ORDER BY PHONE: 01423 877 052 » . which is an important inhibitory neurotransmitter. proteins. supplements. Higher production of GABA increases growth hormone. high quality. Studies have also shown that taking caffeine before workouts blunts muscle pain. Studies show that quercetin can increase endurance during exercise by increasing mitochondrial biogenesis. tea. stamina and motivation. citrus fruits. You may be puzzled as to why this amino acid. Recent research has also shown that quercetin can help you avoid catching the flu. and assists in boosting blood flow to muscles. In other words. the most recent research on quercetin suggests that it can also help maintain higher testosterone levels. Available in 3 or 5 meal options and a variety of colours. it can boost the number of mitochondria in cells such as the muscles and the brain. known for its relaxation benefits. It’s been found to help reduce the risk of heart disease and certain cancers.COM ACCESSORIES PACK TM F I T N E S S SIX PACK BAGS Elite fitness enthusiasts understand the importance of maintaining their strict nutritional schedule . Research studies have found that when caffeine anhydrous is taken before workouts. grapes and capers. Although most people think that its benefits come down to just its action as a stimulant. muscle size. caffeine does far more than just increase alertness and mental focus. but it may also enhance fat-burning. in fact everything you need to maintain strength. which is one of the most critical amino acids to take before workouts. The 6 Pack Meal Management System lets you plan your whole nutritional day: meals. It is readily transported into the brain where it promotes relaxation by naturally increasing the body’s production of GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid).no matter how hectic their lives are. these tough. and body composition.E S S O DY B & B U I L D N IN FIT G CARNOSYN® BETA-ALANINE is a patented form of the amino acid beta-alanine. L-THEANINE is an amino acid that is actually a modified form of glutamine. this can lead to greater focus and improved mood. Numerous research studies confirm that it boosts muscle strength and power. The majority of studies showing that caffeine enhances athletic performance have been done using this form. If that weren’t enough. FLEX WEIDERMAILORDER. The mitochondria are basically the body’s own mini power plants—they work in all kinds of cells to produce energy.weidermailorder. CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS is the most effective form of caffeine that you can use. is included in a pre-workout supplement. anecdotally effective HHH Not much human research available but premise is sound HOW TO ORDER GO ONLINE: www. drinks. This is due to the fact that when L-theanine is combined with caffeine. it boosts muscle strength and power as well as muscle endurance. apples. Less muscle pain allows you to bump up your training intensity and take sets further past muscle failure. which further promotes fat-burning and inhibits fat storage. strength. which all help you get a better workout. as in NANO VAPOR. Beta-alanine works in the body by joining with the amino acid histidine to form the dipeptide carnosine. total nutrition storage systems are designed to keep you fuelled – all day long. broccoli. Research suggests that the fat-burning effect of quercetin may be due to its ability to activate adiponectin. as well as muscle endurance. During exercise. which can aid muscle growth. That not only means that quercetin can help you train longer and get more reps with a given weight in the gym. GRADE: HHHHH REASON: Beta-alanine has more than enough research to suggest that it is an essential supplement to take before workouts for anyone interested in improving their muscle strength. it enhances brain function and mood. GRADE: HHHHH REASON: Theanine has a plethora of research supporting its ability to promote relaxation as well as aid brain function and mood. so that you can train with greater strength and power for longer. as well as fat loss by increasing the release of fat from fat cells. muscle endurance. During workouts. There are numerous studies and decades of anecdotal reports that verify its ability to boost performance in the gym. carnosine prevents the muscle fibres from becoming too acidic. THE RATINGS HHHHH Outstanding scientific research on humans available HHHH Solid research available. GRADE: HHHHH REASON: Caffeine is one of the most studied ergogenic aids in the world. endurance and focus all leads to better results.

com/flexonlineuk www. nutrition.DECEMBER 2013 ISSUE ON SALE 21 NOVEMBER GUNNING FOR THE O The arm-training ALEX ARDENTI CHRIS LUND techniques of rookie sensation Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay GREGORY JAMES REDEMPTION Roelly Winklaar’s delt demolition programme Six weeks to super strength and monster mass STRENGTHEN YOUR WAY TO A BIGGER PHYSIQUE and all the other news and gossip you have come to expect from the world’s number one bodybuilding magazine! PLUS REPORT AND PHOTOS FROM THE 2013 MR OLYMPIA . THE INTERNATIONAL EDITORIAL TEAM AT MUSCLE & FITNESS Take your training to the next Also in digital format to read on your PC.weidermailorder. techniques and principles 180 PAGES £9. Apple or Android device..99 148 PAGES £7. muscle-fitness.with these great new ‘must have’ books for all dedicated fitness enthusiasts F & K S M O SE BO EA EL R A complete guide to the ultimate fat-torching solution from the world’s top experts at Muscle & Fitness This information rich guide gives athletes and fitness enthusiasts a complete education in sports nutrition A comprehensive guide to top weight training tips.99 Visit www..99 196 PAGES £ for more information on these and other great titles Available from Weider Mail Order T: 0843 221 0566 www. .

FLEX 176 FLEX BILL COMSTOCK: ROBERT REIFF .RACING TO THE TOP Shortly after winning the heavyweight and overall titles at the 2005 NPC Junior National Championships (his third contest and first national level qualifier). climbing all the way to the top to become Mr Olympia. Phil Heath hit this pose during his first photo shoot for FLEX magazine. The image and accompanying lines from Heath’s first FLEX cover show the then-25-year-old poised for bigger things. earning his pro card a few weeks later at the NPC USA Championships and then winning his first two contests in his rookie pro season in 2006. he continued to make good on the hype. Despite minor speed bumps over the next few years. and he delivered.



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