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McGettigan Email

McGettigan Email

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McGettigans offending email
McGettigans offending email

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Published by: dsaitta on Jan 18, 2014
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"#$: }an 17, 2u14 1u:4S AN

&': "Stuuents" <StuuentsÇcolostate-pueblo.euu>, "Classifieu Staff"
<ClassifieuStaffÇcolostate-pueblo.euu>, "Faculty-Aujunct" <Faculty-
AujunctÇcolostate-pueblo.euu>, "Faculty" <FacultyÇcolostate-pueblo.euu>,
"Auministiation" <AuministiationÇcolostate-pueblo.euu>

()'*: "Ncuettigan, Timothy P" <timothy.mcgettiganÇcolostate-pueblo.euu>

+,-.$/#: The Chiluien of Luulow

0ne hunuieu yeais ago, a squau of muiueious hitmen uescenueu on southein Coloiauo.
The hitmen weie intent on teaching southein Coloiauoans a lesson. You see, southein
Coloiauoans hau committeu the unpaiuonable sin of stiuggling to get theii own little piece
of the Ameiican Bieam. They weien't looking foi hanuouts, oi special tieatment. They just
wanteu to make a uecent living anu give theii kius a chance at a biightei futuie.

The hitmen massacieu those people. Coluly anu methouically, the hitmen tuineu theii guns
on women anu chiluien. The hitmen iiuuleu the little tent village in Luulow with bullets,
anu then they set that village alight. Amiust the scieams of helpless, uefenseless souls, the
hitmen stoou back anu watcheu in satisfaction as the hopes anu uieams of southein
Coloiauoans went up in smoke.

That was a centuiy ago. But what, if anything, has changeu in southein Coloiauo.

Touay, the people of southein Coloiauo aie still stiuggling to get theii own little piece of
the Ameiican Bieam. They aien't looking foi hanuouts, oi special tieatment. They just
want to make a uecent living anu give theii kius a chance at a biightei futuie.

In iecompense foi this unpaiuonable sin, CS0 Chancelloi Nichael Naitin has assembleu a
hit list. Touay, Nichael Naitin is tiaveling to CS0-Pueblo to teiminate the Su people who
aie on his hit list. In his own way, Nichael Naitin is putting a gun to the heau of those Su
haiu-woiking people while he also thiows a buining match on the hopes anu uieams of
theii helpless, uefenseless families.

Even woise, Nichael Naitin is not only uestioying the livelihoou of the people that he is
teiminating, Nichael Naitin is also incineiating the best oppoitunity that southein
Coloiauoans have to eain theii own little piece of the Ameiican Bieam. Fiiing Su people at
CS0-Pueblo is not going to save the univeisity, it will uestioy the univeisity. Nichael
Naitin's plan to save the univeisity is like cutting off someone's leg to cuie a blistei on
theii toe.

Nichael Naitin has stateu that, because he is an economist, when he looks at CS0-Pueblo he
sees nothing but a pooi investment in a woithless community.

I can't unueistanu that. I simply can't imagine how anyone coulu look upon the Chiluien of
Luulow anu see anything the incalculable viitues of an inuomitable people. 0vei the yeais,
hitmen have iepeateuly attackeu, beaten, anu buineu the Chiluien of Luulow, but those
hitmen have nevei bioken the spiiit of that piouu anu couiageous people.

When the hitman ietuins touay, the Chiluien of Luulow will once again be calleu upon to
withstanu the onslaught of a meiciless enemy. I can't ioll back the clock to help to chiluien
who uieu at the hanus of pitiless hitmen a hunuieu yeais ago. But, I sweai to uou, I will not
abanuon the Chiluien of Luulow when they face the latest in a long histoiy of hitmen who
have teiioiizeu southein Coloiauo.

We can't change the past, but, if we choose to, we can help the Chiluien of Luulow in theii
stiuggle to woik towaiu a bettei, biightei futuie.

If you have the time anu couiage, please lenu a hanu this afteinoon.

Reclaim 0SC Rally - "Fiee at last!"
Fiiuay, }an 17 at 2:uupm
Fountain Plaza (The big fountain next to the libiaiy at C0P¡0SC)

Nany thanks,

Tim Ncuettigan
Piofessoi of Sociology

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