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Choices: Volitional vs. Non-Volitional

Choices: Volitional vs. Non-Volitional

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Published by Curtis Edward Clark
Free will vs. "trapped in the elevator"
Free will vs. "trapped in the elevator"

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Published by: Curtis Edward Clark on Sep 22, 2009
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com/site/journaloftheaofmn/choicesvolitional-vs-non-volitional Includes live links to references. Choices: Volitional vs. Non-Volitional 1. Volitional by Tibor R. Machan (Used by Permission of Author) [C]hoices may not involve deliberation but they do involve intention, which is entirely sufficient for holding people responsible for what they do. (Just think of how criminal negligence rests on the presence of intention!) Theorists of human conduct --they like to refer to it as behavior because that does not presuppose choice on the part of the agent-from both the Left and the Right effectively deny human volition when it comes to the kind of conduct they disapprove of [that is of a] social or public type...such as smoking... Selections from Machan's Inputs http://tiborrmachan.blogspot.com/ The Expanding Public Realm 9-17-09 2. Non-Volitional by Thomas W. Clark http://centerfornaturalism.org/descriptions.htm Seeing that we are fully caused creatures - not self-caused - we can no longer...assign ultimate credit or blame [for people's actions,]...given their genetic and environmental lot in life. . This leads to an ethics of compassion and understanding, both toward ourselves and others. We don’t have free will in the sense of being able to choose or decide... [A] "trapped in the elevator" speech [would] give you a bit more detail... Selections from A Guide to Naturalism

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