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1. Nitrogen purging arrangement shall be made available on the entrance and exit of the head (assembly). 2.

Open both the purging valves to purge the head. This will ensure no oxygen is present inside the assembly. 3. Close the outlet purging valve and perform the tapping operation with inlet purging valve open. 4. After tapping, open the outlet purging valve till you ensure that there is no natural gas now. 5. Remove the tapping equipment and close the branch piping valve. Notes: 1. Ensure that the area in which this operation is being performed shall be free of any fire hazard. 2. Fire fighting squad shall be made available during the operation. 3. Main header shut off valves shall be made accessible. 4. O-rings / seals of hot tapping equipment shall be replaced with new ones. 5. Hydrotest / air leak test of the assembly shall be made. 6. All precautions / requirements mentioned in API 2201 shall be met.