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Aluminum Specification

Aluminum Specification

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Published by: Lasantha Dadallage on Jan 19, 2014
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Aluminum Specification Materials, General

1) Aluminum Extrusions: Alloy and temper recommended by aluminum window manufacturer for strength, corrosion resistance, and application of re uired finish, but not less than 1!"#M$a ultimate tensile strength, not less than 11"#M$a minimum yield strength and not less than %&""mm thic'ness at any location for the main frame and sash members& %)
# (lass

1 powders )one# and two#coat), energy: %&! *m: EN ISO 6272 / ASTM D 2794 )impactor diameter: 1!&+ mm)
# ,wo#coat

$-./ powders, energy: 1&! *m: EN ISO 6272 / ASTM D 2794 )impactor .iameter: 1!&+ mm)
# (lass

% and 0 powders, energy: %&! *m: EN ISO 6272 / ASTM D 2794 )impactor .iameter: 1!&+ mm 1) followed by a tape pull adhesion test as specified below&

,he appearance will be e2aluated on the significant surface& ,he significant surface must be defined by the customer and is the part of the total Surface which is essential to the appearance and ser2iceability of the item& Edges, .eep recesses and secondary surfaces are not included in the significant surface& ,he (oating on the significant surface must not ha2e any scratches through to the base Metal& 3hen the coating on the significant surface is 2iewed at an obli ue angle of About 4"5 to the upper surface, none of the defects listed below must be 2isible from a .istance of 0 meters: excessi2e roughness, runs, blisters, inclusions, craters, dull Spots, pinholes, pits, scratches or any other unacceptable flaws& ,he coating must be of e2en colour and gloss with good co2erage& 3hen 2iewed on Site, these criteria must be fulfilled as follows: # /or parts used outside: 2iewed at a distance of ! m # /or parts used inside: 2iewed at a distance of 0 m

Coating thic ness
EN ISO 2!6" ,he thic'ness of the coating on each part to be tested must be measured on the Significant surface at not less than five measuring areas )appr&1 cm%) with 3 to 5 Separate readings ta'en at each area& ,he a2erage of the separate readings ta'en at 6ne measuring area gi2es a measurement value to be recorded in the inspection 7eports& *one of the 2alues measured may be less than 8"9 of the specified minimum -alue otherwise the thic'ness test as a whole will be considered unsatisfactory&

#E$%I#EMENTS& $owders: (lass 11: 4" :m (lass %: 4" :m Class 3: 50 μm Two-coat powder system (classes 1 ET 2): 110 μm .

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