Divorce from the Spirit of Jezebel …..

Natasha Grbich (Vermaak)  Father, in the name of Jesus, I repent, because I have made contracts and covenants with Jezebel. I made vows in my heart that were to protect me, my possession, and my position, and my money, and what I think belongs to me, and the honor due me, and I will not be embarrassed again, and I will never let this person do xyz to me again, I bring this to you now, and I break these covenants, I break these contracts, I despise the shame and embarrassment, I want to be free in the name of Jesus,.

Now we are going into Jezebel’s temple and we are going to formally resign:  Jezebel, in the name of Jesus, I decree to you, according to Psalm 149, you are bound from head to toe, with chains and with fetters of iron, as far as my life is concerned, I don’t want any of your gifts, I give up all witch craft, psychic abilities, influence that I’ve used the wrong way, everywhere that I have lorded it over people, every place where I have brought fear over people, where I made people do things that they didn’t want to do, because I embarrassed them, I put them in a position of fear, I put them in a position where they couldn’t say no, I say I did this, I’m responsible, it’s my sin, and I am asking God to forgive me right now, in Jesus name. I repent for stealing other people’s stuff, I repent for being ready to kill other people because I was jealous,(envy means I want something you have, whereas Jealousy means I want what you have and I want to kill you to have it…. i.e.… so I’ll pray your business dies so I can have what you business). Father God, every place where I have conspired, I got into gossip and slander against my leaders, against my parents, against anybody that has been senior to me, or held the rank above me, or even people who are even to me, I repent for that, in the name of Jesus, I repent for lusting and desiring what other people have, from power, influence, physical presence, to what they have as intellectual property, and spiritual understanding, I repent for it, because you Jesus, are my source, I want to divorce you tonight Jezebel. when I married you, swore my vows, when I said will never and I will never , I break that contract right now, tear up your contract, tear up your marriage contract, in the Name of Jesus, and I’m here to vomit out all the food I’ve been eating at your table, you can have it all back and it comes out of my DNA, even the iniquities of my family, I’m vomiting it back to you, I’m never going to grow or move or ever have my being in your again, in Jesus Name. I’m here to take off all the priestly garments of being your priest or prophet, (if you say something about another person in a negative/ condemning way, you are a jezebel prophet, you’ve just prophesied over somebody’s life, the power of your words, life and death is in the power of the tongue and you have just prophesied for jezebel and not for God) Rebuking the Prophets mantle from Jezebels temple:  In the name of Jesus, I refuse to prophecy for her again. I refuse to use the name of anyone and tie them up and put them into cages.

the best business person. our parents. the best psychic. where I thought I would be the best “Whatever” . aunts. I want you to release them.e. the boy down the road. everyone who had stuff to say over my life. everybody that had something negative to say. I want to remove every Altar that has me in it. in the name of Jesus. cursed. people I worked with. where I freaked out. employers. my mother. any place where I worship myself. I want to forgive everyone who spoke over me as I was growing up.)  We take the key of David and we go to all the cages.…. cousins. In the temple are all the idols you have built to yourself: (Ladies: it might be “I’m the going to be the sexiest thing on the planet and when anyone sees me. because I declare all power and wisdom and knowledge and strength is vested in you and I’m not fighting for that anymore in Jesus Name. Ladies: all that lingerie. I’m asking you to forgive me God for my lack of holding it together. my father everyone at school. the supermom look. whatever was not good. the super model look. aunts. where I wanted revenge. sworn at. and we begin to open up the doors of the people we’ve condemned. (Your garment is about your office and your status) . ) There are numbers of those things we have built to ourselves. You have an image of yourself that you have built these things to and now we are going to pull them down:  Father in the name of Jesus. teachers)  Father. and what was negative that I put on somebody else’s life. every place or power I sought. they are going to just fall over” Men: you might be thinking I’m Rambo.Now we are going off to the cage section: (to release all of our teachers. I want to forgive them right now. the best dancer. I take the key. of my brokenness and my reaction thru my brokenness in the name of Jesus. the best singer. spirit. uncles . every place where I reacted and lost my temper with. the best preacher. the Barbie look. men: kung Fu outfits. the bushman look. the Tarzan look. come against. the best whatever…. your grandparents. the best idolater. let’s get rid of it. our grandparents. Now you need to take off the garments that you wore to be “that”… i. (now you forgive your father and mother. all that stuff. Father God. Any Idol. I repent in my heart right now.  Father God. cousins. I forgive my parents. your superman look. the bully at school and yoke up. the girl down the road. I unlock and open the door now and I call the people out. I’m walking thru doors and everyone is going to notice how big my shoulders are. Rambo look. soul and body. my teachers. had a temper tantrum about. the professional look. uncles. criticized.

this iniquity stops today. I am calling for the government of Heaven to be over my spirit.  Father. It’s a garment of right standing. I thank you right now that you come and burn it out of me. I repent as this is my sin. Thank you that you are pouring out your oil over me from my head to my feet. on me. I’m coming into alignment with the water of the word. I go and I wash myself in the Laver. In Jesus Name. as he was instituted as a high priest. There is only one true God. snakes and leopards on either side of her throne and generally you will operate in the psychic gifting or in whatever. Baal and Ashtoreth in Jesus Name. we drank blood and did human sacrifice. I am walking thru. spirit. I wash the way I have done things up to now and I wash the way I have walked up to now. Now I am walking out of this temple in the name of Jesus and I’m walking to the temple of the Lord. Now I am coming off the altar. the right to move in it. the knowledge. any time we ate our children. I thank you for the priests girdle ( its 22 yards long and I put it around my waist many times… it has to be heavy because when I go in as a priest I cannot think of things below the belt. Jezebels throne also has wheels. Now I am going up to the place of sacrifice and I’m laying myself down. we strip off the office and the status that these things gave me. (So. when you start to criticize something you will hit stuff that you don’t even know that you are hitting. when he went thru this gate. attached to me that does not come from Jesus and does not glorify the cross and the blood of the Lamb of God. in Jesus Name.  Father. cause you are moving in that and you don’t understand what you are doing). the God of Heaven and Earth. I will no longer bow before these god’s any longer. I strip it off in the name of Jesus and Lord I’m asking your fire to come and consume it in Jesus Name. crocodiles. That is why it is here to say to me. So. I thank you for a pouring out of oil over us now. remember you’re a priest. everything in me. Jezebel that your government over my life is ended right now. I wash my hands and I wash my feet. I must only think of things above the belt. I am choosing tonight to worship Elijah’s God. my soul and my body. I give you permission to send your fire and burn up the sacrifice. As I walk I’m leaving drippings of oil everywhere. right now in the name of Jesus. I am divorcing Jezebel’s gods. I thank you that everything else is covered in this garment. ) I thank you Lord that Aaron was anointed with oil. thru my mother’s blood line. soul and body. down to our wrists.  I thank you for the tunic from our neck to our toes. consulted witches. the right to operate in it. this is your girdle of truth. Father. With the water of the Word. It is a garment of righteousness. Father in the name of Jesus. I give up all inheritance thru my father’s blood line. I’m walking up the steps now and I’m walking into the first court. And we are going now. had sexual orgy’s. right now. all the way to Adam and any covenants they made with Jezebel. I declare. .

I receive the revelation. everything in your life that has been crushed and there are certain ingredients here… one of them is frankincense which makes a white smoke). I’m taking the piece of bread and in unity with my brothers and sisters I’m eating of the Lords face. we come right now. I’m now eating in this place at the Lord’s face. (Now I’m going to the Menorah. we are standing here. the day of atonement. So we are going to eat from this place). and they say the priest was transported thru the veil supernaturally. I thank you. the spirit of understanding.  Father. troubles and all you’ve been thru. this lampstand represents. which is the table of show bread. right here. the spirit of counsel. I pray it comes on me and transforms me right now.I’m walking into the first place in here. (Table of show bread has 12 loaves of bread representing all the tribes and all the nations. some say he went down a narrow passage of the two curtains. Right now. we thank you right. a smell. the gifts and the fruits and everything that this tree represents. (in faith we step behind the veil. the spirit of wisdom. that the fire is burning ever…and as “my stuff” hits the fire. it’s called the narrow way and that is why “Narrow is the way”). that is my portion. as Jesus did in Heaven.  Father.  Father. an aroma of my life and I’m praying that it will be sweet and acceptable in your sight. Of his countenance and his presence. I thank you. (He went into the heavenlies. I receive it now. the spirit of knowledge. on earth as it is in heaven.  Father. there is a white cloud of smoke and there’s incense. he poured his blood out on the Ark and that blood is speaking for us today). the 7 fold candlestick. . the spirit of the fear of the Lord. seven times. Father God. we put the blood of Jesus between the 2 cherubim. which is all your trials. we sprinkle it on the mercy seat. I am no longer eating at Jezebel’s table. the spirit of might and the spirit of power). Father. part of my DNA. the 7 spirits of God and I receive my portion: the spirit of the Lord. we are doing it now on earth. the priest would be standing there and he would have the blood in one hand and incense in the other. we say that we are here. (Now we go to the middle of the second court. You have to come with crushed incense. 7 is the number of the bleedings of Jesus). and we present the blood of Jesus. the Ark of the Covenant. and we put it on this fire. (on Yom Kippur. we thank you. the golden alter of incense. Every priest that eats these is eating before God’s face. I stand before the Menorah. the spirit in me. 7 is the number of completion. we bring the ingredients of our heart. the yearnings of our heart and all our prayers.

we declare. Only when you were 21 years into it were you a judge. prophecy a blessing over your family. and if it’s not the same vibration. In the Name of Jesus. right now I’m praying for a blood bomb of the Blood of Jesus to fall on Jezebel’s temple and that the false prophetic and the false apostolic will now be judged by the blood of the Lamb. because you do not walk out of a king’s presence by turning your back on Him.  Father. the reason they say they put the rope on him was because he could be “raptured”. let us be healed. We declare that You are God. I prophecy a blessing of the person next to you. we are now of the order of Melchizedek. Now you can turn around as we walk out and here are all of the people. I’m asking you to judge Jezebel’s temple. and when you judged. he would have visions and be gone). Jezebel did not succeed in killing Judah. I want to thank you. and we prophecy your blessing right now. you can personalize this for yourself:  Father. with the understanding that you are judging me first. we declare.(This is the place that God gives instructions. Father. Now this is the first time you are going to prophecy without the influence of Jezebel. We declare. we not of the order of Levi. Natasha praying over the people. so you call for every curse from Genesis to Revelation on your life . we’ve been in his Face. for receiving from you in this place as a priest.  Father God. the place where the priest would see God. (now every Rabi knows that you have to study for 7 years to be a Rabi and you have to study for 14 years to begin to judge. Amen . Lord. so Lord. let us come thru Jezebels temple and that her temple will fall to pieces. so we can be here today and worship you today. Lord. I want to give you the Glory and the Honor and the Power and the Praise. because we have been in God’s face. because we are in the order of Melchizedek. you called for judgment on yourself first. we call for judgment. I want to prophesy a blessing over all these people. in the name of Jesus. (Now we walk backwards out behind the veil. I’m calling on the curses from Genesis to Revelation on my life if my judgment here is not true. We back out thru the 2nd court also. In Jesus Name. let your will be done and your kingdom come.

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