Do Something!

A man distraught by all the pain and suffering he saw all around him broke down and banged his fists into the dirt. His head turns upward and he yells at his God. "Look at this mess. Look at all this pain and suffering. Look at all this killing and hate. God. Oh God! WHY O!"# YO$ O %O&'#H(!G!!" And his God spoke to him and said "( did. ( sent you." Reflections ) Let us stop *omplaining+ do not be negati,e. We should do what we *an to help make the world a better pla*e to li,e in. ) -ain and suffering arise in the world of people be*ause of the defilements of Greed. Hatred. elusion and /ear. ) 0harity. ser,i*e or rea*hing out to others to help relie,e their suffering are essential pra*ti*es in walking the %piritual -ath.

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