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The Bonedancer V2

The Bonedancer V2

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Published by: john ross on Jan 20, 2014
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The Bonedancer

The Valkyn followers of Bogdar brought necromancy to Midgard. Bogdar believes that those who prove unworthy in life should be given a chance to prove their worth in death. Bonedancers channel the souls of the unworthy into fallen enemies, animating the corpses to prove their worth through craft or combat. Souls of unworthy midgardians linger in the ethereal realm between life and death, waiting for a second chance. Hopeful souls congregate around bonedancers, hoping to be drawn into existence once more.

Look Listless or lacking eyes. Bald, patchy or braided hair. Opaque, cracked or taught skin. Lithe, feeble or tiny body.

Stats Your maximum HP is 6+constitution. Your base damage is d6.

Starting moves Choose a specialization and gain the following move: Heart of Darkness: You have felt the deep darkness in the heart of Bogdar. You may shoot a bolt of crackling darkness, roll +WIS. ✴On a 10+ deal your damage. ✴On a 7-9, deal your damage but you forget this spell until you have time to commune with Bogdar. Prayer of Suppression: Bogdar has blessed your soul; deep within lies a void that swallows all light. When you Hack and Slash, you may heal half of the damage you deal. Dance of Bones: Your magic strengthens the very bonds that hold a risen warrior together. When you use Risen Retinue, you may instead create bone armor, gain +1 armor.

You start with these moves: Animate Bone Commander When you command a humanoid corpse to rise once more and serve as a vessel for an unworthy soul roll +WIS. ✴On a 10+ gain three hold. ✴On a 7-9, gain two hold. ✴On a miss gain one hold.

WIS+1. choose one purpose and one drawback. you are spooky. WIS+1 d4 damage. DEX +0. CON+0. WIS +0 d4 damage. choose one armament below and describe the commander:    Great-Weapon: STR +2. the strange god you worship or your uneasy appearance that makes strangers whisper when you enter the room. DEX +2. d6 damage. It can perform simple tasks. limping. CON +1. Of Fell Fellows Perhaps it’s the boney companions you keep. Your skeletal companions act alongside yourself or your commander. you animate one skeletal companion. Skeletal companions are often created from bones cobbled together resulting in a plethora of drawbacks: chattering. blood-thirsty. the afterlife. fight and defend. and any ancient weaponry.  Body Guard: May be sacrificed when the commander would lose a hold.The Bone Commander acts when you command it in a booming voice. brittle. messy Shield Bearer: STR +0. take -1 to Parlay with those who do not understand you or your purpose. You may only have one companion at a time. annoying. handless. CON +2. Whatever it is. near When the Bone Commander is struck or damaged substantially it loses one hold. Your Bone Commander rises with ancient weapons of Midgard. Risen Retinue When a Bone Commander serves you. When you have zero hold the Bone Commander. precise. +1 armor when adjacent Two-weapon: STR+0. Choose a purpose and describe the companion:  Warrior: +1 damage. turn to dust. you may use the necromantic gifts of Bogdar to animate a skeletal corpse roll +WIS. DEX +0. covetous Midgardian +1 forward to Defy Danger against freezing environments and cold effects. Flay Flesh With but a touch you cause flesh to fall from the bones of a corpse. second chances or burial practices take +1 forward. Choose an alignment . gain bonuses listed below. ✴On a 7-9. Lore of Bogdar When you Spout Lore about death. INT and CHA based moves cannot be used. choose one purpose and three drawbacks. ✴On a 10+ you animate one skeletal companion.

having it revoked or otherwise losing it by you or an ally. 1 weight). When you create a Bone Commander. the powers of life and death flow. WIS+2. DEX +0. DEX +1. Evil: Slay a helpless weakling to serve as a vassal for your mighty Bone Commander. you may choose the following:  Thrall: May be sacrificed instead of forgetting a spell. this is Bogdar’s greatest blessing. WIS+2. necrotic energy springs from the fingertips of the magus dealing d6 damage to one creature. 1 weight) and a weathered leather robe (1 armor. . two-handed. 1 weight) and skull mask (0 weight) o Bone-clawed Glove (hand. Choose your weapon: o Gnarled Staff (close.  Seer: STR +0. the source of your necromantic powers. d4 damage. 1 weight) and bronze censor (1 weight) Choose one: o Adventuring Gear (1 weight) and healing potion (0 weight) o 2 Healing Potions Bonds Coming soon! Advanced Moves When you gain a level from 2-5. Your hit point total increases by your WIS. When you creature a skeletal companion. CON+0. it may be risen as a robed magus. Risen Seer (May not choose Risen Magus or Risen Warlord) Through you. Gear Your Load is 9+STR.Good: You show mercy and give someone a second chance to prove themselves.  Magus: STR -1. that wields necromantic magic. it may be risen as a blessed seer. When you create a Bone Commander. crackling. You start with dungeon rations (5 uses. Neutral: Talk to a fallen warrior’s spirit. one that utters prayers of Bogdar. CON+1. you may choose one of these moves: Risen Magus (May not choose Risen Seer or Risen Warlord) You are spiritually close to Bogdar’s atrophied heart.

✴On a 10+ you learn a secret of either the corpse or the spirit inhabiting it. ✴On a 7-9.When you creature a skeletal companion. it may be risen as an armor clad Jarl. ✴On a 10+ the creature buckles over in agony. When you gain a level from 6-10. You do not take the -1 Parlay from Of Fell Fellows when parlaying with undead or spirits.  Jarl: STR +2. choose from these moves or the level 2-5 moves. Ossify Skeleton (Requires Flay Flesh) When you grab onto a creature and cause its bones to stiffen and twist roll +WIS. Multiclass Dabbler Get one move from another class. Chattering Secrets Your bone commander chatters constantly. WIS+0. . Risen Warlord (May not choose Risen Seer or Risen Magus) Bogdar has gifted you with an obsession and perfection of animation. it still buckles over but Of Unusual Kith When you parlay with undead or spirits take +1 forward. +1 hold When you creature a skeletal companion. unable to move for a short time. d6 damage. you may choose the following:  Neophyte: Allies and you gain +1 additional hit point when healed. Retainer The maximum number of risen companions you may have at once is two. CON+1. DEX +0. Treat your level as one lower when choosing the move. +1 piercing. you learn a secret as above but the commander loses one hold. When you shake your commander out of frustration roll +STR. commander or ally. Choose one Defend option. When you create a Bone Commander. ✴On a 7-9. you may choose the following:  Huskarl: May be sacrificed to Defend yourself.

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