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L 1-2 Details of Construction

L 1-2 Details of Construction

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Details of Construction Process
Details of Construction Process

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Published by: Chan Siew Chong on Jan 20, 2014
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Definition of Construction


 Is

the process by which material, equipment, machinery are assembled into a permanent facility.

 Process

of planning, directing and controlling resources to achieve the desired goal.

methods and manufacture. Remote site with changing conditions. . Widerange of activities.Construction Industry Characteristics:    It reacts rapidly to external economic pressures. tight money or national recession.

result in a high bankruptcy rate.   Construction contractor often enjoys high incomes but due to the competitive nature. but due to interruption of season reduces the annual income of money. . Compose of large number of independent suppliers and contractor. Personnel are not permanent and skilled workers earn high wages.

coordinated effort.The Construction Contractor:  Is that party who brings together all of the diverse elements and input of the construction process into a single. .

Electrical etc.Classification of Contractors:   a.  Plumbing.Subcontractor”Speciality”where he is responsible for construction a limited aspect of the project etc. . b. Prime”General” where he is responsible for construction of the entire project..Heating.

Residential Commercial Can be expanded to more Industrial Utility 4.Classification of Constuction Industry            1.By Scope (Preferred) . Public. Military 3.By Ownership.By Use. Private.By Size($) Small Medium Large Mega 5M 15M 50-200M 200M 2.

             Building: (Vertical Construction) 1. .Nonresidential Engineering: (Heavy construction or horizontal construction) Highway _ Airfield Railroad Bridges Utility Dams Industrial: Emphasis on production.Residential (Emphasis on Architects) 2.



Approval of the project by regulatory agencies. 4. specifications & cost estimates.Detailed plans. 3. .Recognition of need and initial concept for the facility. 2.Feasibility studies (economic & technical) for the project.The Development Process:      Project development: major steps in the process are: 1.

Facility construction and construction contract administration. if ownermanaged) 7. 8. 6.    5. .Award of prime construction contrac (or various subcontracts.acceptance of completed facility by owner.Advertizing the project for bid or negotiating with potential contractors.



Parties involved in the construction process:       Owner Designer (A/E) Contractor General (Prime) Subcontractor (Specialty) Construction Manager : Agent of owner provides services to owner. .



How Construction is Accomplished? .

1. Owner construction force Owner Construction staff Project director Construction forces .

Owner management of construction. Owner Construction staff Project director Hired labor force Contractor (s) (a)* (b)* .2.

3. Construction by a general contractor Owner Design Firm inspection Prime Contractor Sub contractor (s) Contractor work force .

4. Construction using a design/build contract(turnkey) Owner Design/build firm Design force Construction force Subcontractors) .

5. Construction utilizing a construction management contract Owner Construction Design/build manager firm Design firm Construction firm (s) .

Construction Management: .

Machinery and Money in executing a construction project on time and within the budget with acceptable level of quality. Objective: . Material. in a more general sense. design and construction as integrated task within a construction system in order to serve the owner interests in optimum fashion. However.   Contract approach Is to treat the project planning. it refers to the control of the four basic resources of Men (labor).

$ = Cost T = Time Q=Quality MATERIAL MACHINE MACHINE Direct $=Cost $ T=Time Q=QUALITY Plan MEN control MONEY .

Reasons for construction company failure:     Lack of capital Inadequate cost accounting Poor cost estimating Lack of general management ability .

(Poor management represents 90% of failure)    $ = Cost T = Time Q = Quality .


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