Switchword Magic

By Natasha E. Williams Make your own reality, your own fate, your own luck! Switchword Magic is the first step to manifesting your dreams, goals and desires into reality Have you read books about the Law of Attraction and manifesting and wondered why you aren't having the success you e pect! "ant to know something that is even more ama#ing than, $he Secret! %o longer allow your mind to sabotage your ability to manifest the desires of your heart& 'our word is your wand and thought is creative& (ntentional creative thoughts bring about intentional desired results& Switchword Magic is a revolutioni#ed method to speak and think your desires into e istence using one word affirmations that use the law of attraction and the power of the subconscious mind to manifest every thing you want in life& )orget about long sentenced affirmations& *ne word opens your subconscious mind to allow the +niverse to bring forth your every desire, every need& 'our every wish can come true& All you need to do is declare, affirm, chant, sing, or even ,ust mentally -intend- the switchword, and like turning on an electric lamp with a switch, the desired result reliably appears& Switchwords are a fun way to manifest the things you want in your life& More importantly, they work! +sing Switchwords is simplistic, practical, solves any problem and attracts everything you want in life& 'ou don't have to spend weeks learning the system. you can start now! 'ou can do it anytime, anywhere for how often you like to solve any problem or attract your heart's desire& /0A1H is a common switchword& 2eclaring or repeating /0A1H either out loud or silently helps you to3 • • •

$o locate any misplaced item $o remember forgotten information such as forgotten names and numbers $o solve a problem $o invent

$hink of your brain as a computer& (t holds every thing you've ever seen or e perienced in your life& $hink of the subconscious as your back4up file& $hen, think of Switchwords as the computer commands to retrieve this backed4up information& /0A1H is the command you use to send to your mind's back4up file to search for and retrieve the lost data& 5ot it! 0ven if you are the creative type such as writer, artist, inventor, painter, musician etc, you can use the switchword /0A1H to invent new ideas& +se the switchword *% to create new ideas&

And ,ust as /0A1H is the -retrieve- command for lost information, 1A/0 is the -store- or -save- command to store that information in your brain so that you can /0A1H for it later& 'ou remember things you 1A/0 about& So, there you have three Switchwords at your disposal& Start today and watch the doors of opportunity open up and all the desires of your heart manifest& (n the book3 • 'ou will learn over 677 Switchwords and Switchphrases for a variety of life situations& Such as3 • whenever you want to sell something, say3 5(80 • whenever you want to eliminate negative thoughts or get rid of worry and debt, say3 1A%10L • whenever you want to make money, use3 1*+%$ • for good health and9or for peace, meditate on3 :0 • the most important master4key Switchword to do anything with mastery3 $*50$H0/&

Manifesting tool bo for tips and guidance for every day manifesting so that you can ultimately control your destiny and have every thing you want in life&

Switchwords work! 2on't put off any further, start living your best life yet through the magical power of Switchwords& Switchword Magic is the secret key to profound happiness, the secret of perfect living& :0 4 $*50$H0/ 4 2(8(%0 */20/ 4 5(80 4 1+/80 4 H*L0 $hank you for supporting the book because everyone deserves a happy ending& www&switchwordmagic&com
About the author: Natasha E. Williams has optioned and sold her projects to major Hollywood Producers and has won screenplay contests. She was featured in the book !"rashin# Hollywood! and on the de$elopment team for two "hicken Soup for the Soul% books. She is also the &'(' winner in the Scriptapaloo)a *+ contest in the ,eality Show "ate#ory and a finalist for two other ,eality Show concepts. She is also the author of “Switchword Magic.” -or more information $isit her website at http:..www.Natasha-/.com and www.switchwordma#ic.com.

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