Improved Active Power Filter Performance for Renewable 2014 Power Generation Systems A Unified Control Strategy for Three-Phase Inverter in 2014 Distributed Generation A Two-Phase Interleaved Power Factor Correction Boost 2014 Converter With a Variation-Tolerant Phase Shifting Technique A Novel Three-Phase Buck–Boost AC–DC Converter 2014



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A Transformerless Active Voltage Quality Regulator With the 2014 Parasitic Boost Circuit A New Interleaved Three-Phase Single-Stage PFC AC–DC 2014 Converter Integrated Inverter/Converter Circuit and Control Technique of 2014 Motor Drives With Dual-Mode Control for EV/HEV Applications A Three-Level Integrated AC–DC Converter 2014



8 9

High Step-Up High-Efficiency Interleaved Converter With 2014 Voltage Multiplier Module for Renewable Energy System High-Conversion-Ratio Bidirectional DC–DC Converter With 2014 Coupled Inductor A Comparative Study of Two Buck-Type Three-Phase Single- 2014 Stage AC–DC Full-Bridge Converters Wide range soft switching PWM three level DC-DC converters 2014 suitable for industrial applications A Z-Source Half-Bridge Converter 2014




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A High Voltage Gain DC–DC Converter Integrating Coupled- 2014 Inductor and Diode–Capacitor Techniques Buck/Boost DC–DC Converter Topology With Soft Switching in 2014



the Whole Operating Region 18 Instantaneous p-q Theory for harmonic compensation via shunt 2013 active power filter 19 Operation of a Three-Phase Power Converter Connected to a 2013 Distribution System 20 Hysteresis Voltage Control Technique in Dynamic Restorer for Power Quality Improvement Voltage 2013 21 Enhancement of power system capacity with existing switchgear 2013 using super conducting fault current limiter 25 High Efficiency Power Converters for Renewable Sources of 2013 Energy 26 Comparison of Different Control Strategies of STATCOM for 2013 Power Quality Improvement of Grid Connected Wind Energy System 27 Design and research on Active power filter in three phase four 2013 wire system 28 Simulation of Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic 2013 Systems 29 A Meticulous Analysis of Induction motor drive fed from a 2013 Nine-level Cascade H-Bridge inverter with level shifted Multi carrier PWM 30 An Improved Soft-Switching Buck Converter With Coupled 2013 Inductor 31 Single-Phase Bidirectional AC-DC Boost Rectifier for DC 2013 Distribution System 32 Modeling and Analysis of Applying Single Phase Matrix 2013 Converter in Dynamic Voltage Restorer 33 Design and Implementation of Power Converters for Generator with Three Phase Power Factor Correction Wind 2013 2 .

2013 Phase Unity Power Factor Active Rectifier for Minimizing the Input Current Harmonic Distortions 36 Novel Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter with Harmonics 2013 Elimination 37 Novel Transformeless Single-Stage 4-switches Inverter Buck-Boost 2013 38 A Novel Soft-Switching Single-Phase Three-Arm AC Voltage 2013 Regulator 40 Over.Voltages of IGBT Based PWM Inverter Fed Induction 2013 Motor Drives 43 Implementation of Discrete PWM Control Scheme on Dynamic 2013 Voltage Restorer for the Mitigation of Voltage Sag /Swell 44 A New Topology of Bridge-Type Non-Superconducting Fault 2013 Current Limiter 45 A Fully Directional Universal Power Electronic Interface for EV. and PHEV Applications 48 A Novel DC Voltage Balancing Method STATCOM for Cascaded 2013 49 A Novel Single-Stage Multilevel Type Full-Bridge Converter 2013 50 A New Multi-level Inverter with FACTS Capabilities for Wind 2013 Applications 51 A Boost Converter With Capacitor Multiplier and Inductor for AC Module Applications Coupled 2013 52 Boost Rectifier Using Single Phase Matrix Converter Reduced Switch Counts 53 Analysis and PWM Control of Switched Boost Inverter with 2013 2013 3 . Simulation and Implementation of the Single.34 Z-Source Five Leg Inverter 2013 35 Modeling. 2013 HEV.

54 Fast and continuous on-load voltage regulator based on 2013 electronic power transformer Mathematical modelling and Speed control of a Brushless DC motor using Intelligent controller Sensored 2013 55 56 Hysteresis Band Current and Fuzzy Logic Control for Active 2013 Power Filter Z Source Inverter based Dynamic Voltage Restorer using 2013 Super Capacitor to Mitigate Voltage SAG and Voltage Swell Validity Analysis on the Positioning of Superconducting Fault 2013 Current Limiter in Neighboring AC and DC Microgrid Battery Charger for Electric Vehicle Traction Battery Switch 2013 Station DC Voltage Controller Topology-Based High-Power STATCOM for Asymmetric-Twin-Converter.2013 57 58 59 61 62 A New Single-Phase Inverter with D-STATCOM Capability for 2013 Grid-connected Small Wind Turbines A Bridgeless Boost Rectifier Harvesting Applications for Low-Voltage Energy 2013 63 64 66 The New Topology In Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter 2013 A Novel Flyback-Based Input PFC Stage for Electronic Ballasts 2013 in Lighting Applications Modeling and Control of Quasi-Z-Source Inverter for Distributed 2013 Generation Applications Harmonics and Torque Ripple Reduction of Brushless DC Motor 2013 (BLDCM) using Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter Compensation with Hybrid Active Power Filter in an Industrial 2013 Plant 4 67 68 69 .

70 Control Methodology of Three Phase Four Wire Current 2013 Controlled Voltage Source Active Power Filter for Power Quality Improvement Z Source Inverter based Dynamic Voltage Restorer using 2013 Super Capacitor to Mitigate Voltage SAG and Voltage Swell High Reliability and Efficiency Single-Phase Transformerless 2013 Inverter for Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems Grid Power Quality Improvement and Battery Energy Storage in 2013 Wind Energy Systems A High Step-Down Transformerless Single-Stage Single-Switch 2013 AC/DC Converter Comparison of Different Topologies of Cascaded Multilevel Inverter A Buck-Type Power-Factor-Correction Circuit Single-phase Buck-Boost Z-source Inverter Fault Tolerant Control of Adjustable Speed Reluctance Motor Drives H-Bridge 2013 71 72 73 74 75 77 78 79 2013 2013 Switched 2013 80 A Novel Technique For Implementation 01 Shunt Active 2013 Power Filter Under Balanced And Unbalanced Load Conditions Performance Analysis of DVR against Power Quality Problems 2013 for Practical Utility System Parallel-Resonance-Type Fault Current Limiter 2013 81 82 83 Control of a Bidirectional Converter to Interface Ultra capacitor 2013 with Renewable Energy Sources A Multifunctional DSTATCOM Operating Under Stiff Source 2013 84 86 High-Frequency Link DC for Power Quality Improvement of 2013 Stand-Alone PV System in Cascaded Multilevel Inverter 5 .

88 A New Single-Phase Single-Stage Three-Level Power-Factor. Design.2013 Correction AC–DC Converter With Phase-Shift Modulation Cascaded Multicell Trans-Z-Source Inverters 2013 89 90 A PWM Technique to Minimize Torque Ripple in BLDC Motor 2013 for Low-Cost Applications Design of a Novel High Grade Converter for Switched 2013 Reluctance Motor Drive using Component Sharing Design of Passive High Pass Filter for Shunt Active Power 2013 Filter Application Voltage Sag/Swell Compensation Using Z-source Inverter DVR 2013 based on FUZZY Controller A Study on the Application of a Superconducting Fault Current 2013 Limiter for Energy Storage Protection in a Power Distribution System A High Step-Up Converter With a Voltage Multiplier Module 2013 for a Photovoltaic System Bridgeless Half-Bridge AC-DC Converter with Connected Two Transformers Series.2013 91 92 93 94 95 97 98 Comparative study of R-bridge multilevel inverters dedicated 2013 to PV 99 Extended Range ZVS Active-Clamped Current-Fed Full-Bridge 2013 Isolated DC/DC Converter for Fuel Cell Applications: Analysis. and Experimental Results Analysis and Design of an interleaved Three phase single stage 100 PFC AC-DC converter 2013 101 Application of Trans Z-source Inverter in Photovoltaic Systems 2013 102 A Simple Fault Tolerant Control System for Hall Effect Sensors 2013 Failure of BLDC Motor 103 Inverter Improving Motor Efficiency of Switched Reluctance 2013 6 .

2013 105 Investigation on Single phase Ac-Ac Dynamic voltage restorer 2013 Towards mitigate voltage sag 106 Voltage Sag Analysis in Loop Power Distribution System With 2013 SFCL 107 Modeling and Control of a Micro-Grid Set Up using 2013 Photovoltaic Arrays 108 Study on the Compound Cascaded STATCOM Compensating for 3-phase Unbalancd Loads and 2013 109 Design and simulation of speed controller using acdc buck boost 2013 converter for dc motor drive with soft starter 110 Five-Level Inverter for Renewable Power Generation System 2013 111 Novel Interleaved Bidirectional Snubberless Soft-Switching 2013 Current-Fed Full-Bridge Voltage Doubler for Fuel-Cell Vehicles 113 Current Control of BLDC Drives for EV Application 2013 114 Five-level Cascaded Inverter Based Shunt Active Power Filter 2013 in Four-wire Distribution System 115 Study & Performance of DVR for Voltage Quality Enhancement 2013 118 A Novel DC Voltage Control Method for STATCOM Based on 2013 Hybrid Multilevel H-Bridge Converter 119 High-Efficiency Isolated Bidirectional AC–DC Converter for a 2013 DC Distribution System 120 A Generalized Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Series 2013 Connection of Submultilevel Inverters 121 Γ-Z-Source Inverters 2013 7 .Motor for Electric Vehicle 104 Hysteresis Current-Control Strategy for Single-Phase Bridge Shunt Active Power Filters Half.

122 A Simple Unipolar Excitation Strategy for Switched 2013 Reluctance Motors by Using PWM Current Control 123 Modeling and Simulation of Single phase five level inverter fed 2013 from renewable energy sources 124 A Novel PWM Strategy of Bidirectional AC/DC Converters for 2013 Micro Grid System 125 New Multilevel Inverter Topologywith reduced number of 2013 Switches using Advanced Modulation Strategies 126 Novel Isolated High-Step-Up DC–DC Converter With Voltage 2013 Lift 127 Power Factor Improvement Using Current Source Rectifier with 2013 Battery Charging Capability in Regenerative Mode of Switched Reluctance Motor Drives 128 Simulation of Single Phase Shunt Active Power Filter Domestic Non-linear Loads 130 Tracking Maximum Power Point from Using Fuzzy Logic Technique for 2013 Photovoltaic System 2013 131 Design. Analysis and Simulation of Linear Controller of a 2013 STATCOM for Reactive Power Compensation on Variation of DC link Voltage 132 Analysis and Comparison of Medium Voltage High Power 2013 DC/DC Converters for Offshore Wind Energy Systems 133 Performance Of Variable Frequency ISPWM Technique For A Cascaded Multilevel Inverter 2013 134 A Study on DC Voltage Control for Chopper-Cell-Based 2013 Modular MultilevelConverters in D-STATCOM Application 135 Input Switched High Performance Three Phase Buck Boost 2013 Controlled Rectifier 8 .

2013 Level Buck Converter 138 Modeling and Control Design of the Interleaved Double Dual 2013 Boost Converter 139 A Modified DSTATCOM Topology with Reduced VSI Rating. 2013 DC Link Voltage. and Filter Size 140 Single-Carrier Modulation for Neutral-Point-Clamped Inverters in Three-Phase Transformerless Photovoltaic Systems 141 Novel High Step-Up DC–DC Converter for Distributed 2013 Generation System 142 Analysis of asymmetrical cascaded multilevel traction systems 143 Grid Connected PV System using Cuk Converter inverter for 2013 2013 2013 144 D-STATCOM with Energy Storage System for Application in 2013 Smart Micro-Grids 145 Dual-Buck Half-Bridge Voltage Balancer 2013 146 Soft-Switched Dual-Input DC–DC Converter Combining a 2013 Boost-Half-Bridge Cell and a Voltage-Fed Full-Bridge Cell 147 New Hybrid Multilevel Inverters for High–Current Applications 2013 148 A Single-Stage LED Driver for Street-Lighting Applications 2013 with High PF 149 Development of a Transformer-based Multilevel Inverter 2013 Topology for Stand-alone Photovoltaic System 150 Two-Stage Power Conversion Architecture for an LED Driver 2013 Circuit 151 High Power Factor Neutral Point Type Converter 2013 153 A Simple Method of Tuning PID Controllers for BLDC 2012 9 .136 Improving the Dynamic Response of a Flying-Capacitor Three.

2012 inverter 155 Hybrid Boost Three-Level DC–DC Converter With High 2012 Voltage Gain for Photovoltaic Generation Systems 156 Analysis and Effect of Switching Frequency and Voltage 2012 Levels on Total Harmonic Distortion in Multilevel Inverters Fed BLDC Drive 157 Optimal Charging Of Battery Using Solar PV In Standalone Dc 2012 System 158 Analysis and Design of Active NPC (ANPC) Inverters for Fault.Motor 154 Design and implementation of a grid-tied wind power micro.2012 Tolerant Operation of High-Power Electrical Drives 159 A Novel Collaboration Compensation Strategy of Railway 2012 Power Conditioner for a High-Speed Railway Traction Power Supply System 160 A New Approach to Multifunctional Dynamic Voltage Restorer 2011 Implementation for Emergency Control in Distribution Systems 161 Loading Balance of Distribution Feeders With Loop Power 2011 Controllers Considering Photovoltaic Generation 162 Impact of Distribution System Quality on DG Interconnection 2010 Protection 163 Energy Management and Power Control of a Hybrid Active 2010 Wind Generator for Distributed Power Generation and Grid Integration 164 High-Efficiency Converter Single-Input Multiple-Output DC–DC 2013 165 Integrated Full-Bridge-Forward DC–DC Converter for a 2013 Residential Microgrid Application 166 Analysis and Implementation of a Novel Bidirectional DC–DC 2012 Converter 10 .

167 A Switched-Capacitor Inverter Using Series/Parallel Conversion 2012 With Inductive Load 168 Integration of D-Statcom Based Photovoltaic Cell Power in Low 2012 Voltage Power Distribution Grid 169 A New Control Strategy for Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel 2012 Converter to Operate as a D-STATCOM 170 Control and Performance of a Medium-Voltage Cascade H.2012 bridge STATCOM 171 A Novel STATCOM control scheme for grid connected wind 2012 driven Induction Generator for Power Quality Improvement 172 Study on Three-Leg-Based Three-Phase Four-Wire Shunt Active 2012 Power Filter 173 Design and Analysis of Interleaved Boost Converter for 2012 Renewable Energy Source 174 High-Power Bidirectional DC–DC Converter for Aerospace 2012 Applications 175 A Voltage-Controlled PFC Cuk Converter-Based PMBLDCM 2012 Drive for Air-Conditioners 176 The study of H-bridge Cascaded Single-Phase Active Power 2012 Filter Based on Instantaneous Reactive Power Theory 177 A New Multilevel Converter Topology With Reduced Number 2012 of Power Electronic Components 178 Three-Phase to Seven-Phase Power Converting Transformer 2012 179 Multilevel Current Waveform Generation UsingInductor Cells 2012 and H-Bridge Current-Source Inverter 180 Modified Staircase Modulation for Extending Unbalanced Loads 2012 Range of Cascaded H-bridge Rectifier 181 Three-Phase Inverter Fed BLDC Motor Drive 2012 11 .

182 Analysis of a Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Wide 2012 Voltage Conversion Range 183 A Novel Single-Phase Five-Level Inverter With Coupled 2012 Inductors 184 A Unity Power Factor Control Method of PWM Rectifier 2012 185 Design and Development of DC-DC Buck Converter for 2012 Photovoltaic Application 186 Three-phase Three-level One-Cycle Controlled Bidirectional 2012 AC-to-DC NPC Converter 187 Advanced Multilevel Control Strategy for Induction Motor 2012 Drive: Utilization of PV Battery Standalone System and Total Harmonic Distortion Analysis 188 Switching Pattern Selection scheme Based Cascaded Multilevel 2012 Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive 189 A Modified Three-phase Four Wire UPQC Topology with 2012 Reduced DC-link Voltage Rating 190 High Efficiency Step-up DC-DC Converter for Low-DC 2012 Renewable Energy Sources 191 Modified droop controller for paralleling of dc–dc converters in 2012 standalone dc system 192 New three phase PFC rectifier 2012 193 DC Motor Speed Control for Electric Locomotive Equipped by 2012 Multi-level DC-DC Converter 194 Control Strategy of Transformerless Connected Cascade 2012 STATCOM under Unbalance and Asymmetrical Condition 195 A Single-phase Active Power Filter Employing Bidirectional 2012 Power Switches with Safe Commutation Technique 196 Step-Down Three Phase Converter 2012 12 .

197 Indirect Control for Cascaded H-bridge Rectifiers with Unequal 2012 Loads 198 An Analysis of Shunt Active Power Filter Based on 2012 Instantaneous Reactive Power Theory Modeling and Simulation of 6-Pulse Rectifier Drives with 199 Impacts to Input Current Harmonics 2012 200 Design and Analysis of a CHB Converter Based PV-Battery 2012 Hybrid System for Better Electromagnetic Compatibility 201 Grid Interactive PV System with Harmonic and Reactive Power 2012 Compensation Features using a Novel Fuzzy Logic Based MPPT 202 A New Power Factor Correction Technique Using PFC Boost 2012 Converter 203 Bipolar Trapezoidal Amalagated Rectangular Reference function 2012 for improved performance PWM Multilevel Inverter 204 A Novel Single Z-Source Based Multi Level Inverter for 2012 Renewable Source 205 Single-Stage Boost Inverter With Coupled Inductor 2012 206 Higher Voltage Level and Lower Total Harmonic Distortion in a 2012 New Setting up Multilevel Inverter New High Frequency Switching Method of Cascaded Multilevel 207 Inverters in PV Application 2012 208 Single-Phase Five-Level Inverter with Less Number of Power 2012 Elements for Grid Connection 209 Study and Implementation of a Single-Phase Isolated AC-DC 2012 Converter 210 Design and Simulation of three phase Inverter for grid connected 2012 Photovoltic systems 211 High Performance DC-DC Converter for Wide Voltage Range 2012 Operation 13 .

Magnetic Circuit Analyses & Simulation of Full-pitched 2012 Winding Radial Inner Rotor Segmented Switched Reluctance Motor 218 Analysis of PWM Z-Source DC-DC Converter in CCM for 2012 Steady State 219 Switched-Capacitor-Cell-Based Voltage Multipliers and DC–AC 2012 Inverters 220 Control of a Six-Switch Inverter Based Single-phase Grid.2012 Connected PV Generation System With Inverse Park Transform PLL 221 Novel High Step-Up DC–DC Converter With Coupled-Inductor 2012 and Switched-Capacitor Techniques 222 Simulation and study on cascaded nineteen-level dynamic 2012 voltage restorer 223 Control and Performance of a Cascaded Shunt Active Power 2012 Filter for Aircraft Electric Power System 224 A Five-level Inverter topology for Four Pole Induction Motor 2012 Drive with single DC Link 14 .212 Power Quality Improvement in Grid connected system using 2012 Four leg VSI 213 Minimum DC-Link Voltage Design of Three-Phase Four-Wire 2012 Active Power Filters 214 Single-phase grid-connected photovoltaic system based on boost 2012 inverter 215 A New Converter Topology for Grid Connection of Wind 2012 Turbines for Distributed Generation 216 Comparison of Five Level and Seven Level Cascaded Multilevel 2012 Inverter based DSTACOM for Compensation of Harmonics and Reactive Power using Instantaneous Real-Power Theory 217 Design.

Rooted On a Shunt 2012 Active Filter 15 .225 Semi-Bridgeless Boost PFC Rectifier for Wide Voltage Input 2012 Range Based on Voltage Feed-Forward Control 226 A New Multilevel DC-DC Boost Converter for Fuel Cell Based 2012 Power System 227 A New Approach for Single-phase Shunt Active Power Filter 2012 (SSAPF) Operation 228 A Novel High-Voltage Half-Bridge Converter with Phase.2012 Shifted Active Rectifier 229 A New Switching Algorithm in Back to Back CHB Multilevel 2012 Converters with the Advantage of Eliminating Isolation Stage Design and Simulation of Single Phase Z-Source Buck Boost 230 Matrix Converter 2012 231 A Study on THD Reduction by Active Power Filter Applied 2012 Using Closed-loop Current Controlled AC-AC SPMC Topology 232 A new three-phase inverter built by a low-frequency three-phase 2012 inverter in series with three high frequency single-phase inverters 2012 2012 233 A Simple Sag Generator Using SSRs 234 Modified Hybrid Symmetrical Multilevel Inverter 235 Algorithm For Asymmetric Source Configuration In A Newly 2012 Constructed Multistring Multilevel Inverter Topology 236 Design and Implementation of a New Multilevel Inverter 2012 Topology 237 DC-to-DC Converter with Hybrid Input Sources 2012 238 Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Active Power Filter 2012 Study and Implementation of a Single-Stage Three-Phase AC239 DC Converter 2012 240 Single-Phase Unity Power Factor Rectifier.

High Step-Up DC–DC Converter for AC 2012 Photovoltaic Module Application 243 A Novel Technique for Mitigation of Voltage Sag/Swell by Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) 244 Design And Application Of A Novel Current Mode Controller 2011 On A Multilevel STATCOM 245 Analysis and Design of a Cost Effective Converter for Switched Reluctance Motor Drives Using Component Sharing 246 Voltage Sag Compensation of Point of Common Coupling 2011 (PCC) Using Fault Current Limiter 247 Load Compensation for diesel generator based isolated 2011 generation system employing DSTATCOM 248 A Novel Power Converter of High Voltage Switched Reluctance 2011 Drive 249 Modeling. Analysis and Control of Various Types of 2011 Transformerless Grid Connected PV Inverters 250 Cascaded multilevel inverter based active filter for power line conditioners using Instantaneous Real Power Theory 251 Power Quality based Performance Analysis of a Dual Buck 2011 Converter Fed Four-Quadrant DC Drive 252 Control for Grid-Connected and Intentional Islanding Operations 2011 of Distributed Power Generation 253 Novel High Step-Up DC–DC Converter With Coupled-Inductor 2011 and Voltage-Doubler Circuits 254 Low Cost Inverter Topologies for Extended Torque 2011 2011 2011 2012 16 .241 A dc to dc Multilevel Modular Capacitor Clamped Converter 2012 with Electrical Grounding Isolation and Bidirectional Power Flow for a dc Microgrid Application 242 A Safety Enhanced.

2011 Performance Z-Source Inverter 257 A Cascaded High Step-Up DC–DC Converter With Single 2011 Switch for Micro source Applications 258 A Three-Phase Unity Power Factor Single-Stage AC–DC 2011 Converter Based on an Interleaved Flyback Topology 259 A Novel High Step-Up DC–DC Converter for a Microgrid 2011 System 260 Research and Simulation of Active Power Factor Correction 2011 261 Power Quality Improvement in Multi-output Forward Boost 2011 Converter 262 A New 3-Level Converter for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive 2011 263 New Converter for Switched Reluctance Motor Drive With Wide 2011 Speed Range Operation 264 A Novel Hysteresis Control Technique of VSI Based 2011 STATCOM 265 Modeling and Simulation of BLDC motor in Electric Power 2011 Steering 266 Simulation of PMSM Field-Oriented Control Based on SVPWM 2011 267 Sensorless Predictive DTC for the PM Synchronous Machine 2011 Feasibility Analysis of the Positioning of Superconducting Fault 268 Current Limiters for the Smart Grid Application Using Simulink 2011 and SimPowerSystem 17 .SpeedCharacteristics of Spindle Motor 255 Four Switch Three Phase Inverter Control of BLDC Motor 2011 256 A New Adjustable-Speed Drives (ASD) System Based On High.

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