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3," "/3>. 7- + new assessment foi evaluating stuuent teachei peifoimance to ueteimine
ceitification. The Peaison Coipoiation hiies people to scoie stuuent teacheis anu uses two 1u-
minute viueos of the stuuent inteiacting with youi chiluien in class as pait of the new assessment.

B&# /&"- *,7- 7@0+4* *," 0'7C+42 &? 2&6' 4,7:/D
• The 1u-minute viueos aie "stoieu" in a vaiiety of places on the Inteinet, incluuing the
• Youi chilu is not askeu if s¡he agiees to paiticipate.
• Youi chilu is not askeu if s¡he agiees to posting the viueos on the Inteinet.
• Families have no infoimation iegaiuing the people who ieview anu scoie the viueos.
• Bata, incluuing viueos, might be accessible fiom the Inteinet.

B&# /&"- "/3>. 68/"'@78" *"+4,"' "/64+*7&8 0'&<'+@-D
• Stuuent teacheis' peifoimance will be assesseu by unknown peisons, hiieu by Peaison
• Schools of Euucation aie staffeu by euucatois who aie expeits in the fielu. Allowing an
inuepenuent, foi-piofit coipoiation to pioviue the final assessment foi ceitification of
stuuent teacheis unueimines the piofessional euucation piofession anu jeopaiuizes the
quality of futuie teacheis.

B&# /&"- *,7- +--"--@"8* ,+'@ 06E:74 "/64+*7&8D
• A coipoiation is going to ueteimine who aie the futuie euucatois.
• It leaus to piivatizing teachei euucation piogiams thiough coipoiate contiol.

1,+* 2&6 4+8 /&D
• Shaie this fliei with othei paients anu aleit them to this new assessment.
• Let youi chilu's auministiatois know that you uo not give peimission foi youi chilu to be
viueo-tapeu foi the euTPA.
• Shaie youi conceins with: State Euucation Bepaitment Commissionei King (S18 474-S844,
commissioneiÇmail.nyseu.gov), Boaiu of Regents Chaiipeison, Tisch (S18 474-S889,
RegentTischÇmail.nyseu.gov) anu youi iegion's iegent (in 0lstei County Regent
}ackson 9u9 2SS-8881, Regent}acksonÇmail.nyseu.gov).
• Wiite a lettei to the euitoi with this infoimation anu incluue the option that paients can
withholu peimission foi theii chilu to be viueo-tappeu.

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