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Passive Voice

Passive Voice

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Published by: Paulo César Gonçalves on Jan 20, 2014
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1 – Rewrite the following sentences in the passive voice.

a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) m) n) o) p) )) (!e) r) s) t) u) v) w) x) y) /) They followed more than "*+*** people over # years. (More than) ,ad sleeping affects productivity and health. (-roductivity) The risk takers and visionaries of this agency have expanded human omebody has answered the letter. (The letter) -eople are studying foreign languages (foreign languages) The students will prepare the assignment. (the assignment) They will install a new computer centre in the university. (a new computer $ fire is threatening the university library. (the university library) The professors were discussing the problem when we arrived. (the problem) I will take the children to the cinema. The girls have prepared this delicious cake. The students wrote these interesting texts about the school trip. The customers have just read the notice. Many people study English at language schools. The miths bought the green house. !e should give teenagers an opportunity to get a job. Everybody can visit the cathedral from " pm to # pm. $ taxi drove them home. omeone is repairing the damage in our building. %ots of teenagers watch this programme every day. I can&t exchange the shoes without a receipt. !e must vacate the room by "' pm. omeone has stolen my car. he was asked about her name and address. ( omeone) Educators should tell the students about the harmful influence of popular The popular commercial culture often shows us negative pictures of the $rabs.

culture.( The students)

knowledge. (.uman knowledge)


aa) Many people speak English all over the world. (English)

( omeone) !e were helped by the teacher.Passive – Active: a) b) he was helped by her mother.e can develop new friendships. (they) . (a cyber crime) gg) They told me about the disaster. (so that) ___________________________________________________________________________ . (although) _________________________________________________________________________ 2. (new friendships) 1. (I) 2 . She wasn't very rich. (Teachers) They are being supported by their parents. He wanted to arrive on time. She gave money to the beggar. ($ criminal) ff) They reported a cyber crime. (the teacher) he will be punished. (2ell phones) 3enny was told about him. (the foreigners) They must be explained about the problem. (mobile phones) dd) arah is sending an e0mail. (. He left early.er mother) $rab men are seen by the $merican people as violent terrorists. (The $merican people) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) They were told strange news by the foreigners. (-eople) The policemen was informed about the case.bb) They received a letter from relatives who live in -aris. (a letter) cc) In some countries many people use their mobile phones to send e0mail messages. (their parents) ome diseases are probably caused by cell phones. (someone) tudents have been taught the -assive 1oice. ($n e0mail) ee) They are searching for a criminal.

. &here might be no resta rant. . # t if " did$ " wo ldn't b y a car.oe )refers -a. &he weather was bad. Yo m st tell s where yo are going. He had the 'fl . &a'e a sandwich. He went to wor'.3. (&hey have different tastes. Yo can go o t tonight. (even though) __________________________________________________________________________ 0. (even if) __________________________________________________________________________ %. S e li'es +)era. (despite) __________________________________________________________________________ *. He managed to slee)..) (whereas) __________________________________________________________________________ /. (in spite of) . (in case) __________________________________________________________________________ (. " don't earn a big salary. &hey en-oyed the tri). &here was a lot of noise. (provided) __________________________________________________________________________ !.

u habito )ora da cidade.  noz/nós Nós vamos ao teatro esta noite. squeci-me do molho de chaves no trabalho. .quela )!brica polui a aldeia. comprimento/cumprimento certo/conserto .na duvida das intenç-es do cole'a. . (ei o recado 4 tua secret!ria.FICHA DE EXERCÍCIOS Palavras homófonas 1.scolhe a palavra certa5 usando-a no sin'ular ou no plural. u moro no concelho de #$mara de %obos.(escobre as palavras homó'ra)as que )altam em cada par de )rases. Palavras parónimas 1. &uanto pa'aste pelo conserto do teu carro? les adoraram o concerto de piano. ste molho de carne 3 saboroso. Gostas desta tarte de noz?  cozer/ coser le est! a cozer o almoço. . *emplo+ .. N2o te esqueças de passar na secretaria da escola. sta empresa )abrica carros de v!rios modelos.Preenche os espaços em branco com a palavra adequada. Palavras homógrafas 1. Sabes coser a tua roupa?  conselho/concelho "ou dar-te um bom conselho.uda-me a esclarecer esta d/vida0 1 h!bito n2o )az o mon'e.

pre)eito/per)eito 1 per)eito desta escola 3 muito e*i'ente. ste trabalho est! pre)eito.quele cavaleiro 'anhou a corrida. st! :::: como um p9ro. 6epara no comprimento desta sala.(! cumprimento 4 tua prima. . Palavras homónimas 1. descriç2o/discriç2o . :::: estes os discos que me o)ereces? . ste trabalho n2o ser! em :::::::::: "oc9s :::::: )az9-lo com cuidado. 1 aluno )ez uma descriç2o pormenorizada do acidente. &uando saio 4 noite5 ::::::::: sempre a porta. cavalheiro/cavaleiro 7m cavalheiro 3 sempre correcto.#ompleta as )rases com os se'uintes pares de homónimas+ )echo/)echo s2o/s2o v2o/v2o ste e*erc8cio cont3m as mesmas palavras5 apenas t9m si'ni)icado di)erente 1 :::::::: das calças estra'ou-se. discriç2o 3 uma virtude.

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