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Amazing Ways to Say I Love You

Amazing Ways to Say I Love You


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Published by: ttc_bir on Sep 23, 2009
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While love is love, there are certainly a number of ways to show it to
someone. When you’re a man that wants to say, “I love you” to a woman,
you might want to remember that women enjoy the romantic side of love;
the timeless nature of love.

In knowing this, you should consider trying to be as romantic as you can in
order to show her and tell her that you love her.

Here are some creatively unique ideas:

• Find out the song that she considers ‘yours’ and play it the next time
you are together.

• Create a whole day in which she gets to plan what you’ll do together –
no matter what she chooses, be happy and supportive of the choices.

• Take her dancing – line dancing, square dancing, etc. Any kind of
dancing that she likes, take her out for a class or a night of that kind
of dancing.

• Create a gift basket of things that she might like – if she’s a traveling
salesperson, for example, show her that you love her by giving her
things she can use on her long flights – i.e. audio books

By taking the time to come up with something that really shows her that you
love her, she’ll be able to think back on that special memory whenever she
needs an extra boost.

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