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Professional resume for Scott Lovingood including 20 years of experience in a variety of roles.
Professional resume for Scott Lovingood including 20 years of experience in a variety of roles.

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467 County Road 135 Riceville TN 37370 (423) 920-7787

Tennessee Technological University BS Chemical Engineering 1993 Eckerd College Leadership Development Program 40+ Hours ongoing education annually focused on marketing, SEO, process improvement, general management, financial analysis, lean manufacturing, and innovation

Proven experience in management utilizing classical marketing skills, SEO and Web 2.0, product development methodologies, product and project management, financial and market analysis, strategic marketing, and general management. Exceeded expectations in every position as seen by consistent promotions to greater responsibility. Analytical and take charge nature allows for easy transitions through multiple types of projects. Overall business knowledge creates a focus on developing and optimizing sustainable profitable processes

EXPERIENCE – by Skill group
1. Strategic Marketing – 8 Years a. Led multiple strategic planning sessions for business units with sales up to $200 million i. Used classical marketing techniques to conduct market research and analysis in multiple market spaces ii. Utilized financial analysis and project valuation methodologies to determine most profitable projects to pursue iii. Used NDA to evaluate existing technologies to develop new products iv. Used market segmentation to determine most profitable avenue of new product launch b. Developed and executed branding strategy for $80 million business unit c. Used project planning skills to evaluate and execute a $1 million capital project to reduce the value chain stream and capture more margin internally d. Utilized online databases for market research, intellectual property searches, competitive analysis e. Completed financial and strategic analysis of competitors, suppliers and customers to identify potential opportunities for growth f. Conducted SEO for small businesses utilizing Google Analytics for feedback. Achieved several #1 Google placements for specific search terms

2. Product Development – 4 Years a. Applied research on new fibers, chemicals and dyestuffs for up to 20 business units and 5 manufacturing locations b. Utilized Stagegate process to develop and commercialize products working jointly with customers, R&D, and manufacturing i. Developed products to reproduce existing competitive products for sales in excess of $2 million annually ii. Co-invented and commercialized patent pending product with unique characteristics for sales over $10 million at a significantly higher gross margin than standard products in the market iii. Developed incrementally improved products to maintain and grow existing account from $40 million to over $80 million in 5 years c. Reviewed competitive patents to determine new areas for development d. Led project funded by government grant to analyze practical applications of antimicrobial chemistries in real world military applications 3. Product Management – 6 Years a. Utilized activity based costing, lean methodology, data analysis and financial analysis to develop and drive cost reduction projects across multiple manufacturing locations i. 35% reduction in manufacturing SKUs ii. $1.8 million annual savings iii. Significant inventory and cycle time reduction between internal manufacturing and customer locations b. Coordinated cross functional teams that included R&D, internally manufacturing and business teams to develop significant step change improvements in consistency and cost. Created switching costs at customer to capture more value. c. Significant contributor of team that created a business turnaround from a loss of over $20 million dollars to a profit of $7 million in less than 3 years. d. Launched 2 new products with sales greater than $2 million 4. Manufacturing – 6 Years a. 2 Manufacturing plant locations with multiple processes both continuous and batch. 1 Corporate lab manufacturing location b. Utilized standard process improvement methodologies to lower cost, improve quality and reduce variation. i. Doubled processing speeds of 40% of products while maintaining all quality parameters ii. Eliminated rework process through retraining and standardizing processes iii. Developed and implemented SPC on critical operating parameters and correlated to critical quality metrics

c. d. e. f. g. h.

iv. Improved initial lab submit by 50% Write procedures for ISO9001 for both locations Facilitated 25 production associates in plants Managed 26 production associates in lab Mentored younger process engineers Scaled up multiple products and implemented one proprietary process from start up to complete adoption by customers Provided technical support and troubleshooting to customers and plants

EXPERIENCE – By Date and position
The Wealth Squad Inc – Market Development CEO January 2009- Present Utilized Social media, Web 2.0 sites, SEO, Google analytics and other techniques in small business marketing program. Achieved #1 Google placement for several key words. Propex Inc - Marketing Marketing Manager – April 2006- April 2008 Drove strategic marketing process to maintain core business and expand growth business segments. Completed in depth market and financial analysis on $1 million capital project to simplify value chain and capture additional margin. Project was successfully completed under budget and ahead of schedule. Created monthly economic forecasts used in demand planning process. Tracked and analyzed import shipments to identify areas of threat. Milliken & Company – Business Development Market Analyst and Planner – August 2004- April 2006 Evaluated market opportunities requiring the use of antimicrobial technologies. Evaluated market opportunities in healthcare, building mold, food services and odor control. Participate in IP and technology reviews on available chemistries to achieve the desired antimicrobial/antifungal properties while meeting EPA requirements. Launched product in dermatological market. Milliken & Company – Uniform Apparel Fabrics Product Management Improvement Leader - July 2002 – August 2004 Developed and implemented business strategies to improve profitability by analyzing manufacturing processes on existing products and driving improvement teams. Projects for cost reduction to save over $1M per year. Developed systems to automate and speed analysis. Commercialized patent pending product for profitable growth that generate $10M in new billings at significant profit. Co-inventor on patent.

Milliken & Company – Career Woven Apparel Market Analyst and Planner – December 2000 – July 2002 Analyzed markets and competitors for 8 separate markets. Coordinated advertising and branding strategies. Ghost wrote articles published in trade magazines. Developed and implemented strategies for successful launch of two new products with billings in excess of $3M. Coordinated cross functional manufacturing/research and business teams for changing the basis of competition through customer partnerships Milliken & Company – Career Woven Apparel Product/Process Improvement Analyst - June 2000 – December 2000 Analyzing products and processes in a $200 million business. Implemented improvement teams based on Activity Based Cost and Management information. Projects have resulted in savings of $780,000 per year. Developed unique visual representation of product offering that improved focus in development and sales. Drove safety and intellectual property process in business. Milliken & Company – Career Woven Apparel Advanced Development Engineer – February 1998 to June 2000 Worked directly with customers and manufacturing to develop products for retail, rental and government markets. Projects involved both incremental improvements and step changes. Sales of new products were over $2 million per year. Drove the safety and intellectual property process including review of competitive patents and developing patentable products. Milliken & Company – Customer Dye Lab Dye Lab Manager – January 1997 to February 1998 Managed 26 direct report associates in dye lab, shade matching, and dye services. Worked directly with business and customers to develop color specifications and cost expectations. Provided support for 20 businesses. Accountable for key metrics of turnaround time, cost, customer satisfaction, and cost control. Milliken & Company – Customer Dye Lab Formulations/Project Manager – September 1995 to January 1997 Coordinate dye evaluations, spectrophotometer and formulation software evaluations, and special projects. Responsible for initial formulation of all new color requests. Initial Formula Submits over 60%. Projects included cost reduction with manufacturing, developing unique dye procedures for specialized fibers, and developing process for using hand held equipment for sorting yarn packages. Team facilitator for 3 production associates. Milliken & Company – Magnolia Finishing Plant Process Improvement Engineer – July 1994 to September 1995

Responsible for sanforization of woven poly cotton fabrics, finishing spun industrial and uniform fabrics, calendaring of drapery goods. Implemented SPC on critical parameters of products. Doubled processing speeds on sanforizer on 40% of styles with no loss in performance. Implemented proprietary process on 85% of products. Eliminated reworks due to sanforizer opportunities. Team Facilitator for 25 production associates. Wrote procedures for ISO9001 implementation. Milliken & Company – Lockhart Finishing Plant Product Improvement Engineer – May 1993 to July 1994 Responsible for quality and process on industrial circular knit glove products. Included customer visits, process improvements, and quality control. Processes included atmospheric dyeing, continuous bleaching, padding, automatic slitting, napping (open width and tubular) and tentering. Three new product scale up to production completed. Implemented SPC on shade and stretch. Wrote and developed ISO9001 procedures.

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