Web Site: A hyperte/t (0(M1' docu)ent or a set of linked docu)ents (so)eti)es called 2Web pages2' usually associated

with a particular person organi3ation or topic. (he pages are stored or 4hosted5 on a co)puter can be accessed on the World Wide Web through 2Web browsers2 such as 6/plorer Netscape and Firefo/.

Are You Web Aware? - Web Sites

Fifty per cent of students say surfing Web sites is their favourite online activity.
(Source: Media Awareness Network !oung "anadians #n A Wired World $%%&'

The Great News (he Web has )any advantages. #t offers: • • • *lenty of resources and up+to+date infor)ation on al)ost any sub,ect you can i)agine A fun and entertaining place to play ga)es listen to )usic watch videos and pursue hobbies (he opportunity to create personal Web sites where you can post your writing drawings or poetry

The Not So Great News -nfortunately there.s also: • • • #nfor)ation that.s )isleading or incorrect and online hoa/es or sca)s *ornography (hreats to privacy fro) Web sites looking for personal infor)ation

• •

0ate sites containing racist bigoted or se/ist content Sites that pro)ote dangerous or illegal activities

!ou can so)eti)es put yourself at risk on Web sites when you: • • *ost personal infor)ation or photos of yourself on your Web pages -se Web sites to spread ru)ours or )ake threats

Some Quick Facts • • • • Forty+five per cent of students use the #nternet for ho)ework (wo out of ten kids and teens have their own personal Web sites 7ver half of "anadian students ages 8 + &9 say they.ve ended up on a porn site accidentally More than half of the students who have Web sites post their e+)ail address $: per cent post their full na)e and $$ per cent post a photograph of the)selves
(Source: Media Awareness Network !oung "anadians #n A Wired World $%%&'

Cool Uses of Web Sites la! "our famil" #acatio! !ou can now plan an entire vacation fro) your co)puter chair; research your destination spot pick your hotel reserve a ca)psite and canoe buy your plane tickets. 7ffer to plan you fa)ily<s ne/t holiday fro) start to finish= $!ter "our Web site i! a! i!ter!atio!al awar%s &ro'ram 6ach year the >ritish organisation "hildnet #nternational gives awards to young people who have developed innovative Web sites. See what other kids are doing by visiting their winners section at: http:??www.childnetacade)y.org?winners? () cool wa"s to attract &eo&le to "ou website* (he following link offers creative ideas on how people can increase traffic to their Web site: http:??www.si)ple,oe.co)?web+site+ traffic+&%+cool+ways+to+attract+people+to+your+web.asp Take a #irtual fiel% tri&* @isit a far away place or see the inside of a volcano or learn )ore about photography by visiting one of the websites dedicated to virtual field trips. Want to take a specific virtual trip but cannot find it anywhereA 0ow about creating your own.

Gui%eli!es for Web Sites 0ere are a few tips to help you get the )ost out of the Web.

+ookmark sites "ou like* 7ver half the students who end up on an adult site by accident get there by )isspelling a Web address. When you book)ark your favorite sites it.s easier and faster to get where you want and it lessens your chances of ending up so)e place you.d rather not be. Bon.t know where to beginA (here lots of portal sites that have been created by teachers and librarians to help you find great Web sites. Use ki%-frie!%l" search tools a!% &ro&er searchi!' tech!i,ues* #f you don<t want a lot of trash in your Web searches you can use kid+friendly search engines or activate the filtering option which )ost popular search tools such as Coogle now offer. De)e)ber to use a minimum of seven words in your search Euery; this will help weed out irrelevant results. -es&ect Web co!te!t* 7n the #nternet there.s little to prevent 2lifting2 so)eone else.s software art or written work. >ut it.s i)portant to re)e)ber that real+world laws against copyright infringe)ent still apply on the #nternet and )any schools practice 23ero tolerance2 when it co)es to online cheating. De)e)ber if you can find so)ething online your teacher can too. Avoid proble)s by asking your teacher how to properly docu)ent online sources. Watch "our Web site* #f you create a personal Web page be careful about the content. So)eti)es what you think is funny )ay cross the line into bad taste + or even break the law. (ake care to protect your personal info on your Web page. Avoid posting your na)e photograph address phone nu)ber and e+)ail address (or those of your friends'. And don.t forget to respect the copyright of pictures and i)ages on your Web page + be sure to ask per)ission before you post. Check out the &ri#ac" &olicies o! Web sites* >efore you sub)it any personal infor)ation to a Web site read the privacy policy to see what.s going to be done with what you sub)it. Make sure that the site doesn.t give your personal infor)ation to third parties or put it where it can be viewed by others. ut out the trash* #f you co)e across inappropriate content don.t panic. Fust turn off the )onitor and report it to a teacher. #f an adult isn.t nearby turn off and then restart the co)puter.

So what.s the bi' %eal about e/&licit a%ult Web sites? (he #nternet like any )ediu) offers all sorts of )aterials for all sorts of people + including 2e/plicit2 or 2pornographic2 Web sites for adults. (he proble) is that you can occasionally end up on these sites + whether or not you want to. (his can be a proble) because: • • • • (he )aterial that.s posted )ay )ake you feel unco)fortable or e)barrassed. Most pornographic Web sites don.t reflect nor)al healthy se/ual relationships. (hey )ay include i)ages that are violent degrading or obscene. !ou can get into trouble with parents + or even be suspended fro) school + when you access e/plicit sites on the Web. (he creators of so)e of these sites use all sorts of tricks to get 2clicks2 on their pages. ((hat way they can attract )ore sponsors to support the).' >ecause of this you can easily end up on adult sites when you.re looking for so)ething else. So)e adult sites will use na)es that sound like other popular Web sites; so)e will take advantage of co))on )isspellings of Web addresses; and others will include links or ads on Web pages that they know teens + especially teenage boys + like to visit.

Thi!k about it*** What do you think should be done about online pornA

Web Site Work Sheet
&. #n your own words what is a Web siteA A website is where you can find the answers that you need. 7r what you want to see.


What do you think is the biggest benefit about the World Wide WebA #t gives you all the info you need.


#n your opinion what.s the biggest proble) relating to the World Wide WebA • • • Adult websites that kids can get into. No truth about any facts you need. (hreats ? bullying


1ist five things you can do to )ini)i3e the negative side of the Web. • • • • • Cet rid of pointless websites Stop online bullying Bon<t give private info *rint out so)ething if it looks bad Bon<t talk to strangers online


1ist three e/a)ples of 2kid+friendly2 search engines or search engines which offer filtering options. • • • (ree house Cgg.co) Webkin3

:. (ake a look at this student.s Web page and list seven ways that she has co)pro)ised her privacy.


0er birthday $. School G. 6+)ail

H. I. :.

#"JK9:I&GI:H Where she works Coing to Wasaga 9. 0er city


Why + or why not + should you respect the copyright of )aterial you find on the #nternetA !ou could get caught for it. And at school you can<t copy so)ething straight off the internet.

#)agine if you put so)ething online and you do copy right but people ,ust steal and they can say its there<s. # (Fuliet 1ogan' respect copy right becauseM its so)e ones work ,ust put their work in your own words.