A Fitter Bacon Cheeseburger?

Yes! Cut 40% of the calories in your cheeseburger with this ultra-lean recipe.
Bacon cheeseburgers are a guilty pleasure. But this recipe from Devin Alexander, the ingenious chef behind books like The Most Decadent Diet Ever!, will prevent you from being convicted of bad eating. "Just don t cheat when buying your beef," says Alexander. "!his burger is made with "#$ lean meat. %ome people think buying "&$ lean is about the same, but you gain calories and fat." ecipe !a"es# ' burger $ngre%ients ( o) "#$ lean ground beef *inch of salt ' '+, slices center-cut bacon ' reduced-calorie hamburger bun '+, o) light %wiss cheese, cut into slivers , tsp barbecue sauce ' slice red onion &o !a"e '() .ire up your grill or stove top. '*) %hape meat into a patty. %prinkle lightly with salt. - !/*0 1ou can free)e it for a few minutes if necessary to help it hold its shape. '+) 2ut the bacon strips in half crosswise. 2ook in a skillet, flipping every couple of minutes, until crispy and well done. !ransfer to a paper towel-lined plate to drain. '4) *lace the patty on the grill and cook to desired doneness. ',) !oast the bun halves on an upper grill rack for &3 seconds to one minute, watching them carefully. '-) *lace the cheese on top of the burger for the last few seconds of cooking so it 4ust begins to melt. '.) Assemble the burger, topping the patty with barbecue sauce before adding the onion and top half of the bun. /utritional $nfor0ation &33 calories, && g protein, ,& g carbs, '3 g fat, & g fiber !a"e $t 1ealthier# 2ean Fries !o cut more calories, try baking your fries. %hake fro)en potato wedges in a plastic bag filled with spices like garlic powder or pepper. *lace them on a cookie sheet coated with nonstick spray. Bake at &56 degrees until crisp.

9ashed black beans or corn cut calories and give the burger a 9exican flair: dried cherries sweeten it and make it more exotic. . like flatbread. pitas. try a few types of bread that are naturally better for you. A Co0bo 4atty %ave money and add flavor by mixing fruits or veggies into your patty before tossing it on the grill. high-fiber buns. 8r.Alternati3e Buns 7eep carbs under control by opting for low-cal. All offer significant benefits over a regular bun. or whole-grain tortillas.

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