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iPod Software License

iPod Software License

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Published by Nestor Lopez
iPod Software License
iPod Software License

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Published by: Nestor Lopez on Jan 21, 2014
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APPLE INC. iPOD TOUCH SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT Single Use License PLEASE READ THIS SOFTWARE LICENSE AGREEMENT !LICENSE!" CAREFULLY BEFORE USING YOUR iPOD TOUCH OR DOWNLOADING THE SOFTWARE UPDATE ACCOMPANYING THIS LICENSE. BY USING YOUR iPOD TOUCH OR DOWNLOADING THIS SOFTWARE UPDATE, AS APPLICABLE, YOU ARE AGREEING TO BE BOUND BY THE TERMS OF THIS LICENSE, UNLESS YOU RETURN THE iPOD TOUCH IN ACCORDANCE WITH APPLE#S RETURN POLICY. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THIS LICENSE, DO NOT USE THE iPOD TOUCH OR DOWNLOAD THIS SOFTWARE UPDATE. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF THE LICENSE, YOU MAY RETURN THE iPOD TOUCH WITHIN THE RETURN PERIOD TO THE APPLE STORE OR AUTHORI$ED DISTRIBUTOR WHERE YOU OBTAINED IT FOR A REFUND, SUB%ECT TO APPLE#S RETURN POLICY FOUND AT &''(:))***.+((le.c,-)leg+l)s+les.(,licies). /. Gene0+l. The software (including Boot ROM code and other embedded software), interfaces, content, fonts, documentation and any data that came with your iPod touch (“Original iPod touch Software ), as may be u!dated or re!laced by software u!dates or system restore software !ro"ided by #!!le (“iPod touch Software $!dates ), whether in read only memory, on any other media or in any other form (the Original iPod touch Software and iPod touch Software $!dates are collecti"ely referred to as the %iPod touch Software%) are licensed, not sold, to you by #!!le &nc' (%#!!le%) for use only under the terms of this (icense' #!!le and its licensors retain ownershi! of the iPod touch Software itself and reser"e all rights not e)!ressly granted to you' #!!le, at its discretion, may ma*e a"ailable future u!dates to the o!erating system software for your iPod touch' $!dates, if any, may not necessarily include all e)isting software features or new features that #!!le releases for newer iPod touch models' 1. Pe0-i''e2 License Uses +n2 Res'0ic'i,ns. (a) Sub+ect to the terms and conditions of this (icense, you are granted a limited non,e)clusi"e license to use the iPod touch Software on a single #!!le,branded iPod touch' -)ce!t as !ermitted in Section .(b) below, this (icense does not allow the iPod touch Software to e)ist on more than one #!!le,branded iPod touch at a time, and you may not distribute or ma*e the iPod touch Software a"ailable o"er a networ* where it could be used by multi!le de"ices at the same time' This (icense does not grant you any rights to use #!!le !ro!rietary interfaces and other intellectual !ro!erty in the design, de"elo!ment, manufacture, licensing or distribution of third !arty de"ices and accessories, or third !arty software a!!lications, for use with the iPod touch' Some of those rights are a"ailable under se!arate licenses from #!!le' /or more information on de"elo!ing third !arty de"ices and accessories for the iPod touch, !lease email madefori!od0a!!le'com' /or more information on de"elo!ing software a!!lications for the iPod touch, !lease email de"!rograms0a!!le'com' (b) 1ith res!ect to iPod touch Software $!dates that #!!le may ma*e a"ailable, you ac*nowledge that some iPod touch Software $!dates, or !ortions thereof, may be s!ecific to !articular models or generations

nsen' '.of the iPod touch and may not be a"ailable for all iPod touch models' Sub+ect to the terms and conditions of this (icense. !rocess and use diagnostic. lease. !roduct su!!ort and other ser"ices to you (if any) related to the iPod touch Software. including co!ies stored on a com!uter or other storage de"ice6 and (c) the !arty recei"ing the iPod touch Software reads and agrees to acce!t the terms and conditions of this (icense' 5.n.n89+se2 se0:ices . disassemble. !ro"ided that the bac*u! co!y must include all co!yright or other !ro!rietary notices contained on the original' (c) 2ou may not and you agree not to. and !eri!herals. you are granted a limited non. attem!t to deri"e the source code of.c+'i.time !ermanent transfer of all of your license rights to the iPod touch Software to another !arty in connection with the transfer of ownershi! of your iPod touch.n 6.c+'i. original media.70 iP.:i2e +n2 i-(0. 2ou may not rent.n 2+'+ +n2 . (0. materials in which you own the co!yright. system and a!!lication software.7 +g0ee +n2 c. -+in'en+nce. and to "erify com!liance with the terms of this (icense' #!!le may use this information. !rocess and use your location data. redistribute or sublicense the iPod touch Software' 2ou may.n. co!y (e)ce!t as e)!ressly !ermitted by this (icense). or to enable others to. as long as it is collected anonymously in a form that does not !ersonally identify you. Use .4 6.70 l. including local laws of the country or region in which you reside or in which you download or use the iPod touch Software and Ser"ices' 3.cessing +n2 7se . C. maintain. collect. including all its com!onent !arts.4 D+'+. A((le#s +n2 i's (+0'ne0s# +n2 licensees# '0+ns-issi.e)clusi"e license to download iPod touch Software $!dates that may be made a"ailable by #!!le for your model of the iPod touch to u!date or restore the software on any such iPod touch that you own or control' This (icense does not allow you to u!date or restore iPod touch de"ices that you do not control or own. that is gathered !eriodically to facilitate the !ro"ision of software u!dates. (a) #nonymous 7iagnostic and $sage 7ata' 2ou agree that #!!le and its subsidiaries and agents may collect. #!!le and its !artners and licensees may transmit. or any !art thereof (e)ce!t as and only to the e)tent any foregoing restriction is !rohibited by a!!licable law or to the e)tent as may be !ermitted by licensing terms go"erning use of o!en. !rinted materials and this (icense6 (b) you do not retain any co!ies of the iPod touch Software.n89+se2 (0. it is unlawful to ma*e digital co!ies without !rior !ermission from the rights holder' The iPod touch Software may be used to re!roduce materials so long as such use is limited to re!roduction of non.7c&. technical.readable form for bac*u! !ur!oses only. full or !artial. com!uter.c+'i. including the real. or create deri"ati"e wor*s of the iPod touch Software or any ser"ices !ro"ided by the iPod touch Software. T0+ns4e0. including but not limited to information about your iPod touch. ma*e a one. re"erse engineer. maintain. modify.nsen' '.co!yrighted materials.27c's +n2 se0:ices. where a"ailable. !ro"ided that5 (a) the transfer must include your iPod touch and all of the iPod touch Software.llec'i. 6. howe"er.:e s7c& l. sell. decry!t.based !roducts and ser"ices' B6 7sing +n6 l. 2ou may withdraw this consent at any time by going to the (ocation Ser"ices setting on your iPod touch and either turning off the .time geogra!hic location of your iPod touch and location search 8ueries' The location data and 8ueries collected by #!!le are collected in a form that does not !ersonally identify you and may be used by #!!le and its !artners and licensees to !ro"ide and im!ro"e location. and you may not distribute or ma*e the iPod touch Software $!dates a"ailable o"er a networ* where they could be used by multi!le de"ices or multi!le com!uters at the same time' 2ou may ma*e one co!y of the iPod touch Software $!dates stored on your com!uter in machine. lend. usage and related information.7e0ies '.sourced com!onents included with the iPod touch Software)' #ny attem!t to do so is a "iolation of the rights of #!!le and its licensors of the iPod touch Software' (d) By storing content on your iPod touch you are ma*ing a digital co!y' &n some +urisdictions.2 '. (0. to im!ro"e our !roducts or to !ro"ide ser"ices or technologies to you' (b) (ocation 7ata' #!!le and its !artners and licensees may !ro"ide certain ser"ices through your iPod touch that rely u!on location information' To !ro"ide and im!ro"e these ser"ices. or materials you are authori3ed or legally !ermitted to re!roduce' (e) 2ou agree to use the iPod touch Software and the Ser"ices (as defined in Section 4 below) in com!liance with all a!!licable laws. c. decom!ile.

indecent. 8uality or any other as!ect of such Third Party Materials or web sites' #!!le. you will continue to recei"e the same number of mobile ads. Se0:ices +n2 T&i02 P+0'6 M+'e0i+ls. which is incor!orated by reference into this (icense and can be "iewed at5 www'a!!le'com=legal=!ri"acy=' <. (a) The iPod touch Software enables access to #!!le:s iTunes Store. indecent. accuracy. you ac*nowledge and agree that #!!le is not res!onsible for e)amining or e"aluating the content.ideo <alls' The /aceTime "ideo calling feature of the iPod touch Software (“/aceTime ) re8uires &nternet access and may not be a"ailable in all countries or regions' 2our use of /aceTime is sub+ect to your com!liance with Section . "alidity. or for any other materials. or ob+ectionable. you are sub+ect to and should re"iew such third !arty:s terms and !ri"acy !olicy on use of location data by such third !arty a!!lications or ser"ices' (c) .aware a!!lication on your iPod touch' 9ot using these location features will not im!act the non location. which content may or may not be identified as ha"ing e)!licit language. you agree to use the Ser"ices at your sole ris* and that #!!le shall ha"e no liability to you for content that may be found to be offensi"e. but they may be less rele"ant because they will not be based on your interests' 2ou may still see ads related to the content on a web !age or in an a!!lication or based on other non. %Ser"ices%)' Such ser"ices may not be a"ailable in all languages or in all countries' $se of the Ser"ices re8uires &nternet access and use of certain Ser"ices re8uires you to acce!t additional terms' By using this software in connection with an iTunes Store account or a ?ame <enter account. its officers. a!!lications or materials from third !arties (“Third Party Materials ) or !ro"ide lin*s to certain third !arty web sites' By using the Ser"ices. and that the results of any search or entering of a !articular $R( may automatically and unintentionally generate lin*s or references to ob+ectionable material' 9e"ertheless.out a!!lies only to #!!le ad"ertising ser"ices and does not affect interest. com!leteness. include or ma*e a"ailable content.!ersonal information' This o!t. ?ame <enter. #!! Store.!arty Ser"ices. and other #!!le and third !arty ser"ices and web sites (collecti"ely and indi"idually. information.global (ocation Ser"ices setting or turning off the indi"idual location settings of each location.(e) abo"e' By using the iPod touch Software.based functionality of your iPod touch' 1hen using third !arty a!!lications or ser"ices on the iPod touch that use or !ro"ide location data. you agree that #!!le may use and maintain the email address(es) and #!!le &7 information you !ro"ide as uni8ue account identifiers for the !ur!ose of !ro"iding and im!ro"ing the /aceTime feature' 2ou understand that your email address will be dis!layed to the other !arty on the "ideo call' 2ou may turn off the /aceTime feature by going to the /aceTime Setting on your iPod touch and turning it off or by going to the Restrictions setting and enabling the /aceTime restriction' (d) &nterest. timeliness. decency. you can o!t out by going to this lin* on your iPod touch5 htt!5==oo'a!!le'com' &f you o!t out. which you may access and re"iew at htt!5==www'a!!le'com=legal=itunes=ww=' (b) 2ou understand that by using any of the Ser"ices.Based #d"ertising' #!!le may !ro"ide mobile. legality. you agree to the latest iTunes Store Terms and <onditions and=or ?ame <enter Terms and <onditions. !roducts. or ser"ices of third !arties' Third Party Materials and lin*s to other web sites are !ro"ided solely as a con"enience to you' (d) /inancial information dis!layed by any Ser"ices is for general informational !ur!oses only and should not be relied u!on as in"estment ad"ice' Before e)ecuting any securities transaction based u!on .based ad"ertising from other ad"ertising networ*s' #t all times your information will be treated in accordance with #!!le>s Pri"acy Policy. affiliates and subsidiaries do not warrant or endorse and do not assume and will not ha"e any liability or res!onsibility to you or any other !erson for any third. you may encounter content that may be deemed offensi"e. co!yright com!liance. interest. or ob+ectionable' (c) <ertain Ser"ices may dis!lay. data.based ad"ertising to you' &f you do not want to recei"e rele"ant ads on your iPod touch. Third Party Materials or web sites.

business or !rofession). including but not limited to.#97 S-R.#97 #PP(-:S (&<-9SORS (<O((-<T&. Te0-in+'i. defamatory. $S.(#1.#&(#B(-%.P$RPOS-S O/ S-<T&O9S A #97 B) H-R-B2 7&S<(#&M #(( 1#RR#9T&-S #97 <O97&T&O9S 1&TH R-SP-<T TO TH.&7-7 %#S &S% #97 %#S #. defame or otherwise infringe or "iolate the rights of any other !arty. infringing or illegal messages or transmissions that you may recei"e as a result of using any of the Ser"ices' (f) &n addition. C. P-R/ORM#9<-.#97 S-R. or disable access to any Ser"ices at any time without notice' &n no e"ent will #!!le be liable for the remo"al of or disabling of access to any such Ser"ices' #!!le may also im!ose limits on the use of or access to certain Ser"ices.&<-S P-R/ORM-7 B2 TH.4 W+00+n'ies.#97 #92 S-R. rent. including but not limited to a!!licable local laws' #!!le and its licensors reser"e the right to change. !ersonal in+ury. nor for any harassing. you should consult with a financial or securities !rofessional who is legally 8ualified to gi"e financial or securities ad"ice in your country or region' (ocation data !ro"ided by any Ser"ices is for basic na"igational !ur!oses only and is not intended to be relied u!on in situations where !recise location information is needed or where erroneous.-FT-9T P-RM&TT-7 B2 #PP(&<#B(.(#1. A.O/ TH. reliability.TH#T TO TH. using the Ser"ices to transmit any com!uter "iruses. inaccurate. loan.iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R.delayed or incom!lete location data may lead to death. information and material that is owned by #!!le and=or its licensors. stal*. #<<$R#<2 #97 -//ORT &S 1&TH 2O$' A'E TO TH. in any manner. or by tres!ass or burdening networ* ca!acity' 2ou further agree not to use the Ser"ices in any manner to harass.information obtained through the Ser"ices.-(2 R-/-RR-7 TO #S %#PP(-% /OR TH. you do so at your own initiati"e and are res!onsible for com!liance with any a!!licable laws. TH. offensi"e. location data or any other data dis!layed by any Ser"ices' (e) 2ou agree that the Ser"ices contain !ro!rietary content. dis!layed on or lin*ed to from the iPod touch are not a"ailable in all languages or in all countries or regions' #!!le ma*es no re!resentation that such Ser"ices and Materials are a!!ro!riate or a"ailable for use in any !articular location' To the e)tent you choose to use or access such Ser"ices and Materials. including but not limited to co!yright. 2O$ -FPR-SS(2 #<G9O1(-7?. D. and is !rotected by a!!licable intellectual !ro!erty and other laws. time. 1&TH #(( /#$(TS #97 1&THO$T 1#RR#9T2 O/ #92 G&97. and that #!!le is not in any way res!onsible for any such use by you. Discl+i-e0 . !ro!erty or en"ironmental damage' 9either #!!le nor any of its content !ro"iders guarantees the a"ailability. @.n. com!leteness. threatening. accuracy. and DE of this (icense shall sur"i"e any such termination' >. and you shall not e)!loit the Ser"ices in any unauthori3ed way whatsoe"er. and that you will not use such !ro!rietary content. Ser"ices and Third Party Materials that may be accessed from. tro+an horses or other malware. you shall cease all use of the iPod touch Software' Sections 4.M#F&M$M -FT-9T P-RM&TT-7 B2 #PP(&<#B(. #97 #PP(. you may ha"e legal rights in your country of residence which would !rohibit the following limitations from a!!lying to you.iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R. you should contact a local consumer ad"ice organi3ation' A'. B. sell. threaten.R&SG #S TO S#T&S/#<TOR2 I$#(&T2.#97 #?R-.&<-S. remo"e.#RPRO.iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R. worms. or timeliness of stoc* information.-9T&R.iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R. -&TH-R . abuse. in any case and without notice or liability' =. sus!end. lease. information or materials in any way whatsoe"er e)ce!t for !ermitted use of the Ser"ices or in any manner that is inconsistent with the terms of this (icense or that infringes any intellectual !ro!erty rights of a third !arty or #!!le' 9o !ortion of the Ser"ices may be re!roduced in any form or by any means' 2ou agree not to modify. A'D &f you are a customer who is a consumer (someone who uses the iPod touch Software outside of your trade. This (icense is effecti"e until terminated' 2our rights under this (icense will terminate automatically or otherwise cease to be effecti"e without notice from #!!le if you fail to com!ly with any term(s) of this (icense' $!on the termination of this (icense. distribute.&<-S &S #T 2O$R SO(R&SG #97 TH#T TH. or create deri"ati"e wor*s based on the Ser"ices. and where !rohibited they will not a!!ly to you' To find out more about rights.

#97 S-R.. OR S-.# 1#RR#9T2' SHO$(7 TH. TH. OR #92 TH&R7 P#RT2 SO/T1#R. 7#T# OR &9/ORM#T&O9 PRO.-9T SH#(( #PP(. B$T 9OT (&M&T-7 TO. Digi'+l Ce0'i4ic+'es.TH. TH./OR P-RSO9#( &9J$R2.J$R&S7&<T&O9S 7O 9OT #((O1 TH.iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R. The iPod touch Software contains functionality that allows it to acce!t digital certificates either issued from #!!le or from third !arties' 2O$ #R. #97 9O9. O/ /&T9-SS /OR # P#RT&<$(#R P$RPOS-.#97 S-R.OR #9 #PP(#$THOR&L-7 R-PR-S-9T#T&.J$R&S7&<T&O9S 7O 9OT #((O1 TH.OR 1ORG 1&TH #92 TH&R7 P#RT2 SO/T1#R-. O/ I$&-T -9JO2M-9T. &MP(&-7 OR ST#T$TOR2. HO1-./$9<T&O9S <O9T#&9-7 &9 OR S-R.-FPR-SS.&<-S' A'4 2O$ /$RTH-R #<G9O1(-7?. TH#T 7-/-<TS &9 TH.OR S-R. SP-<&#(.&<.<OMP#T&B(.<O9T-9T.-R.iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R.TH#T TH.4 Li+9ili'6. &9<($7&9? 1&THO$T (&M&T#T&O9 TH. &97&R-<T OR <O9S-I$-9T&#( 7#M#?-S 1H#TSO-.O/ 7&?&T#( <-RT&/&<#T-S &S #T 2O$R SO(.iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R.&<. (&/.&<-S 1&(( B<ORR-<T-7.&RO9M-9T#( 7#M#?-.1H-TH-R &SS$-7 B2 #PP(.OR S-R.7O-S 9OT 1#RR#9T #?#&9ST &9T-R/-R-9<.iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R. #R&S&9? O$T O/ OR R-(#T-7 TO 2O$R $S. B$S&9-SS &9T-RR$PT&O9 OR #92 OTH-R <OMM-R<&#( 7#M#?-S OR (OSS-S.PH2S&<#( OR -9.iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R-.iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R. 7#M#?-S /OR (OSS O/ PRO/&TS./#&($R.<OST O/ #(( 9-<-SS#R2 S-R.(&#B(.S$PPORT OR 1-#PO9S S2ST-MS' A'@ 9O OR#( OR 1R&TT-9 &9/ORM#T&O9 OR #7.(#1. O/ #<<$R#<2.OR # TH&R7 P#RT2' 2O$R $S.&<-S 1&(( B.&<-S P-R/ORM-7 B2 TH.POSS&B&(&T2 O/ S$<H 7#M#?-S' SOM.-R <#$S-7.M#2 #//-<T TH. O/ S#T&S/#<TOR2 I$#(&T2..1&(( <O9T&9$. TH#T TH.SH#(( <R-#T.$9&9T-RR$PT-7 OR -RROR.&9/R&9?-M-9T O/ TH&R7 P#RT2 R&?HTS' A'K #PP(.&<-S.TO BM#7.OR T&M.-F<($S&O9 O/ &MP(&-7 1#RR#9T&-S OR (&M&T#T&O9S O9 #PP(&<#B(.1&(( M--T 2O$R R-I$&R-M-9TS.OP-R#T&O9 O/ TH.-R.n .#92 7#T#.4N'NN)' The foregoing limitations will a!!ly e"en if the abo"e stated remedy fails of its essential !ur!ose' @. TH#T #92 S-R. /#&($RTO TR#9SM&T OR R-<-&.&<-S' &9ST#((#T&O9 O/ TH&S SO/T1#R.-9 B2 #PP(.TH.iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R.iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R./OR 7-<&7&9? 1H-TH-R OR 9OT TO R-(2 O9 # <-RT&/&<#T. 1&THO$T (&M&T#T&O9../R--.. OR -RRORS OR &9#<<$R#<&-S &9.M#G-S 9O 1#RR#9T&-S OR . Li-i'+'i.#&(#B(-.#97 S-R. #PP(&<#T&O9S OR TH&R7 P#RT2 S-R. R-?#R7(-SS O/ TH.(&M&T#T&O9 O/ (&#B&(&T2 /OR P-RSO9#( &9J$R2.7-/-<T&.&<-S.&MP(&-7 1#RR#9T&-S #97=OR <O97&T&O9S O/ M-R<H#9T#B&(&T2.#BO.#.OR #PP(&<#T&O9S &9 <O9J$9<T&O9 1&TH TH. OR O/ &9<&7-9T#( OR <O9S-I$-9T&#( 7#M#?-S. P-RSO9#( &9J$R2. <ORR$PT&O9 OR (OSS O/ 7#T#.iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R. OR TH#T TH.&S-7 O/ TH.9OT &9T-97-7 OR S$&T#B(.-9 &/ #PP(.(#1. #&R<R#/T 9#. #PP(.R&SG' TO THM#F&M$M -FT-9T P-RM&TT-7 B2 #PP(&<#B(.?&.&?#T&O9 OR <OMM$9&<#T&O9 S2ST-MS.7-(#2S O/.OR S-R. SO TH&S (&M&T#T&O9 M#2 9OT #PP(2 TO 2O$' &n no e"ent shall #!!le:s total liability to you for all damages (other than as may be re8uired by a!!licable law in cases in"ol"ing !ersonal in+ury) e)ceed the amount of two hundred and fifty dollars ($'S'M. 2O$ #SS$M.OP-R#T&O9 O/ 9$<(-#R /#<&(&T&-S.&<-S #R. TH#T TH./OR $S. &9<($7&9?.-9T&R.SO(-(2 R-SPO9S&B(.$S#B&(&T2 O/ TH&R7 P#RT2 SO/T1#R-.1&(( B.&9 S&T$#T&O9S OR -9.-FT-9T 9OT PROH&B&T-7 B2 #PP(&<#B(. &9<($7&9?.-.ST#T$TOR2 R&?HTS O/ # <O9S$M-R. SO TH.&RO9M-9TS 1H-RTH.H#S B--9 #7. TORT OR OTH-R1&S-) #97 -.&<-S PRO. &9 9O -. OR #92 &9<&7-9T#(.1&TH 2O$R -9JO2M-9T O/ TH.#97 S-R. TO TH. R-P#&R OR <ORR-<T&O9' SOM.TH-OR2 O/ (&#B&(&T2 (<O9TR#<T. #PP(&<#T&O9S OR TH&R7 P#RT2 S-R.O/ OR &9#B&(&T2 TO $S.-F<($S&O9 #97 (&M&T#T&O9S M#2 9OT #PP(2 TO 2O$' ?.&7-7 B2 TH. #&R TR#//&< <O9TRO(.&<-S <O$(7 (-#7 TO 7-#TH.&<&9?.B.iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R.

. and your use of such material is go"erned by their res!ecti"e terms' $se of the ?oogle Safe Browsing Ser"ice is sub+ect to the ?oogle Terms of Ser"ice (htt!5==www'google'com=termsPofPser"ice'html) and to ?oogle:s Pri"acy Policy (htt!5==www'google'com=!ri"acy!olicy'html)' /<.D through . manufacture or !roduction of missiles.K . without limitation.'. C. to be unenforceable. as that term is defined at KB <'/'R' O. C. This (icense constitutes the entire agreement between you and #!!le relating to the iPod touch Software and su!ersedes all !rior or contem!oraneous understandings regarding such sub+ect matter' 9o amendment to or modification of this (icense will be binding unless in writing and signed by #!!le' #ny translation of this (icense is done for local re8uirements and in the e"ent of a dis!ute between the -nglish and any non. this (icense will be go"erned by the laws of the +urisdiction of your residence' &f for any reason a court of com!etent +urisdiction finds any !ro"ision. the a!!lication of which is e)!ressly e)cluded' &f you are a consumer based in the $nited Gingdom. the iPod touch Software may not be e)!orted or re.N.N.A'A. as such terms are used in KB <'/'R' OD.-(le'e Ag0ee-en'C G.n'0.K "ideo' 9o license is granted or shall be im!lied for any other use' #dditional information including that relating to !romotional.A'A.isual Standard (“MP-?. S-<$R&T2.&9/R&9?-M-9T O/ TH&R7 P#RT2 R&?HTS 1&TH R-SP-<T TO 7&?&T#( <-RT&/&<#T-S' /A.e)!orted (a) into any $'S' embargoed countries or (b) to anyone on the $'S' Treasury 7e!artment:s list of S!ecially 7esignated 9ationals or the $'S' 7e!artment of <ommerce 7enied Person>s (ist or -ntity (ist' By using the iPod touch Software. EB(. licensing terms and disclaimers for such material are contained in the electronic documentation for the iPod touch Software. #S TO M-R<H#9T#B&(&T2 OR /&T9-SS /OR #92 P#RT&<$(#R P$RPOS-. Use .:e0n-en' En2 Use0s.4 MPEG85C H.K "ideo encoding and=or decoding functionality' The iPod touch Software is licensed under the MP-?.:e0ning L+ng7+ge. G.D.commercial acti"ity and=or was obtained from a "ideo !ro"ider licensed by MP-? (# to !ro"ide MP-?. or KB <'/'R' O. chemical or biological wea!ons' //. e)cluding its conflict of law !rinci!les' This (icense shall not be go"erned by the $nited 9ations <on"ention on <ontracts for the &nternational Sale of ?oods. or !ortion thereof. including. (a) The iPod touch Software contains MP-?.n'0.'ice. as a!!licable' <onsistent with KB <'/'R' OD.K .1=5)AEC N. This (icense will be go"erned by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of <alifornia..ideo ) and=or (ii) decoding MP-?. commercial use of a consumer for (i) encoding "ideo in com!liance with the MP-?. T&i02 P+0'6 AcDn. but without limitation..K. the -nglish "ersion of this (icense shall go"ern. the de"elo!ment. OR 9O9. as a!!licable. internal and commercial uses and licensing may be obtained from MP-? (#.*le2ge-en's. design. 2ou may not use or otherwise e)!ort or ree)!ort the iPod touch Software e)ce!t as authori3ed by $nited States law and the laws of the +urisdiction(s) in which the iPod touch Software was obtained' &n !articular. to the e)tent not !rohibited by local law in your +urisdiction' /5. Portions of the iPod touch Software may utili3e or include third !arty software and other co!yrighted material' #c*nowledgements...R-PR-S-9T#T&O9S.0' C. ((<' See htt!5==www'm!egla'com' .K .l. nuclear.'.isual Patent Portfolio (icense for the !ersonal and non.A'A. #<<$R#<2. you re!resent and warrant that you are not located in any such country or on any such list' 2ou also agree that you will not use the iPod touch Software for any !ur!oses !rohibited by $nited States law.N.'DND. or KB <'/'R' O.-nglish "ersions. the remainder of this (icense shall continue in full force and effect' /3.D. consisting of %<ommercial <om!uter Software% and %<ommercial <om!uter Software 7ocumentation%.K "ideo that was encoded by a consumer engaged in a !ersonal and non. -FPR-SS OR &MP(&-7..rights reser"ed under the co!yright laws of the $nited States' /1.lling L+* +n2 Se:e0+9ili'6. The iPod touch Software and related documentation are %<ommercial &tems%. the <ommercial <om!uter Software and <ommercial <om!uter Software 7ocumentation are being licensed to $'S' ?o"ernment end users (a) only as <ommercial &tems and (b) with only those rights as are granted to all other end users !ursuant to the terms and conditions herein' $n!ublished.

air... Mic0. &celand. Bermuda.#...ene3uela' />.. either on behalf of yourself or on behalf of your em!loyer or other entity' &f you are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and <onditions on behalf of your em!loyer or other entity..< re8uires additional licensing and the following !ro"ision a!!lies5 TH. <anada.. 7ominican Re!ublic.@K=#...synchroni3ation of information.. Thailand. $ruguay....< .. Singa!ore. St' (ucia... (collecti"ely referred to below as %?oogle Ma!s for mobile%) you agree to be bound by these Terms and <onditions. GOOGLE MAPS TERMS AND CONDITIONS Than* you for trying out the ?oogle Ma!s for mobile software a!!licationQ This !age contains the terms and conditions (the %Terms and <onditions%) for ?oogle Ma!s for mobile and the enter!rise "ersion of ?oogle Ma!s for mobile' &n order to use this software........#.. #ustria. The Microsoft -)change mail setting in the iPod touch Software is licensed only for o"er.. /rance..< ST#97#R7 (%#.. Barbados.4' EBc&+nge N... contacts... including any third !arty software made a"ailable to you in con+unction with this software and=or the related ser"ice. Jamaica. 9ew Lealand......... Taiwan. Peru. <hile...O/ # <O9S$M-R TO (i) -9<O7.... Slo"enia.. such as email..&7-O%) #97=OR (ii) 7-<O7... Tur*ey.. Me)ico. #ustralia....<OMM-R<&#( $S.. Portugal....... $G... you consent to recei"e the notices by email' 2ou agree that any such notices that we send you electronically will satisfy any legal communication re8uirements' .... calendar and tas*s...... between your iPod touch and Microsoft -)change Ser"er or other ser"er software licensed by Microsoft to im!lement the Microsoft -)change #cti"eSync !rotocol' -#N@AC Re"'DN=D=DN ... Hungary.. /inland... &taly.....iPO7 TO$<H SO/T1#R..&7-O TH#T 1#S -9<O7-7 B2 # <O9S$M-R -9?#?-7 &9 # P-RSO9#( #97 9O9.&7-O PRO........&7-O &9 <OMP(&#9<. &reland. <y!rus. $S and . commercial use of H'.... (ithuania.. The Bahamas... Malaysia. Trinidad and Tobago. S!ain. Bulgaria....< ...&7-O' &9/ORM#T&O9 R-?#R7&9? OTH-R $S-S #97 (&<-9S-S M#2 BOBT#&9-7 /ROM MP-? (# ('('<' S-. Y+&........ &ndonesia..HTTP5==111'MP-?(#'<OM' /=........the......'ice. -l Sal"ador.. <3ech Re!ublic.&7-R (&<-9S-7 TO PRO.... Se+0c& Se0:ice Res'0ic'i.... (at"ia. Hong Gong.... #ruba. Panama.1&TH TH. -cuador......... 7enmar*... Swit3erland. (u)embourg.&7........ Poland..#. !lease !ress %9o% when as*ed whether you agree to these Terms and <onditions. 9orway. (b) the general ?oogle terms of ser"ice (which can be "iewed at htt!5==www'google'com=termsPofPser"ice'html) and (c) ?oogle>s o"erall !ri"acy .... Bra3il.. ?reece. 9etherlands.. ?renada.... &ndia....< encoding and=or decoding functionality......incent....&S (&<-9S-7 H-R-&9 O9(2 /OR THP-RSO9#( #97 9O9.<OMM-R<&#( #<T&... Belgium..(b) The iPod touch Software contains #. you agree and ac*nowledge that your use of ?oogle Ma!s for mobile is also sub+ect to (a) the s!ecific terms of ser"ice for ?oogle Ma!s (which can be "iewed at htt!5==local'google'com=hel!=termsPlocal'html) including the content notices a!!licable thereto (which can be "iewed at htt!5==local'google'com=hel!=legalnoticesPlocal'html).n+l Te0-s ?oogle Ma!s for mobile is designed to be used in con+unction with ?oogle:s Ma!s ser"ices and other ?oogle ser"ices' #ccordingly. ?ermany. ?uatemala.. <olombia...ns. and do not !roceed with use of this !roduct' A22i'i............&T2 #97=OR #.< . Malta..< /$9<T&O9#(&T2 &9 TH.s... South Gorea. Slo"a*ia. Romania. Phili!!ines. you re!resent and warrant that you ha"e full legal authority to bind your em!loyer or such entity to these Terms and <onditions' &f you don>t ha"e the legal authority to bind..< ...#. St' .. NOTICES FROM APPLE &f #!!le needs to contact you about your !roduct or account. Sweden... Puerto Rico. <ayman &slands.&7-O TH#T 1#S OBT#&9-7 /ROM # . The 2ahoo Search Ser"ice a"ailable through Safari is licensed for use only in the following countries and regions5 #rgentina. 9icaragua.

#97 S$<H TH&R7 P#RT&-S -FPR-SS(2 7&S<(#&M TO TH. you also grant ?oogle and third !arties !ermission to use and incor!orate your ideas or comments into ?oogle Ma!s for mobile (or third !arty software) without further notice or com!ensation' In'ellec'7+l P0. title and interest in and to ?oogle Ma!s for mobile. now or hereafter in force and effect worldwide' 2ou agree to not remo"e. you may not use the ?oogle Ma!s for mobile in an automated manner). the !ro"isions of these Terms and <onditions ta*e !recedence' Ne'*. translate.#97 .(e0'6 #s between you and ?oogle.&7-7 %#S &S.0D C&+0ges ?oogle does not charge for downloading or using ?oogle Ma!s for mobile. TH. but de!ending on your !lan and your carrier or !ro"ider. and any and all other !ro!rietary rights. such as the ?oogle Ma!s for mobile !ri"acy !olicy included with this a!!lication. #97 9O9.su!!ort0google'com. disassemble or otherwise attem!t to deri"e source code from ?oogle Ma!s for mobile' /urthermore. or software associated with or deri"ed from it.commercial use only' This means that you may use it for your !ersonal use only5 you may use it at wor* or at home.&9/R&9?-M-9T O/ PROPR&-T#R2 R&?HTS' ?OO?(.-R' ?OO?(.&S PRO. you agree and ac*nowledge that ?oogle owns all rights. to search for anything you want. renewals. co!y. you agree not to modify. unfair com!etition law.% 1&TH 9O 1#RR#9T&-S 1H#TSO-. /&T9-SS /OR # P#RT&<$(#R P$RPOS-.--e0ci+l Use Onl6 ?oogle Ma!s for mobile is made a"ailable to you for your non. #97 ST#T$TOR2 1#RR#9T&-S. your carrier or other !ro"ider may charge you for downloading ?oogle Ma!s for mobile or for use of your mobile !hone when you access information or other ?oogle ser"ices through ?oogle Ma!s for mobile' N.n8C. sub+ect to the terms set out in these Terms and <onditions' 2ou need to obtain ?oogle:s !ermission first. such !ro"isions being hereby incor!orated into these Terms and <onditions by reference' To the e)tent that there is any inconsistency or conflict between such additional terms and these Terms and <onditions. and any and all a!!lications. o"erburden. if you want to sell ?oogle Ma!s for mobile or any information. including without limitation all associated &ntellectual Pro!erty Rights' %&ntellectual Pro!erty Rights% means any and all rights e)isting from time to time under !atent law. &MP(&-7. trademar*s. !re!are deri"ati"e wor*s from. trade secret law. or if you want to modify. ser"ices. nor may you use ?oogle Ma!s for mobile in any manner that could interfere with any other !arty:s use and en+oyment of ?oogle:s ser"ices' &f you ha"e comments on ?oogle Ma!s for mobile or ideas on how to im!ro"e it. as well as s!ecific !ri"acy !olicies. su!!ort0google'com' Please note that by doing so. ada!t.1#RR#9T&-S O/ M-R<H#9T#B&(&T2./$((-ST -FT-9T P-RM&TT-7 B2 (#1 #(( -FPR-SS. or im!air ?oogle:s ser"ices (e'g'. 1&THO$T (&M&T#T&O9. obscure. &9<($7&9?. e)tensions and restorations thereof. you may not use ?oogle Ma!s for mobile in any manner that could damage. disable. or other !ro!rietary rights notices affi)ed to or contained within or accessed in con+unction with or through the ?oogle Ma!s for mobile' Discl+i-e0 .M#PS /OR MOB&(.!olicy (which can be "iewed at htt!5==www'google'com=!ri"acy!olicy'html). !lease email mobile. or alter ?oogle:s or any third !arty:s co!yright notice.4 W+00+n'ies ?oogle and any third !arty who ma*es its software a"ailable in con+unction with or through ?oogle Ma!s for mobile disclaim any res!onsibility for any harm resulting from your use of ?oogle Ma!s for mobile and=or any third !arty software accessed in con+unction with or through ?oogle Ma!s for mobile' ?OO?(. trademar* law. which you can do by contacting mobile. decom!ile. license. co!yright law. re"erse engineer. or create deri"ati"e wor*s from ?oogle Ma!s for mobile' $nless you ha"e our !rior written consent.

&9 <O9J$9<T&O9 1&TH OR THRO$?H ?OO?(M#PS /OR MOB&(-.POSS&B&(&T2 O/ S$<H 7#M#?-S)' S$<H (&M&T#T&O9 O/ (&#B&(&T2 SH#(( #PP(2 1H-TH-R TH.O9 ?OO?(. &97&R-<T..OR #92 TH&R7 P#RT2 1HO M#G.?OO?(.. S$SP-9S&O9..B. regarding such sub+ect matter' #ny wai"er of any !ro"ision of these Terms and <onditions will be effecti"e only if in writing and signed by ?oogle' Se!tember .. <O9S-I$-9T&#(.#92 S$<H TH&R7 P#RT&-S 7&S<(#&M #92 1#RR#9T&-S R-?#R7&9? TH.70 Acce('+nce ..?OO?(...O/ ?OO?(.. OR T-RM&9#T&O9 O/ ?OO?(M#PS /OR MOB&(. /ROM &9#B&(&T2 TO $S.#&(#B(.S2ST-M OR (OSS O/ 7#T# TH#T R-S$(TS /ROM TH. without gi"ing effect to the conflict of laws !ro"isions of <alifornia or your actual state or country of residence' &f for any reason a court of com!etent +urisdiction finds any !ro"ision or !ortion of these Terms and <onditions to be unenforceable..#.. <O9TR#<T..OR PRO7$<TS OR S-R..&<-S M#7.PRO..7O19(O#7 OR $S.&9 <O9J$9<T&O9 1&TH OR THRO$?H ?OO?(.O/ #97 R-(&#9<.(&M&T#T&O9S #97 -F<($S&O9S M#2 9OT #PP(2 TO 2O$' Miscell+ne.SO(-(2 R-SPO9S&B(.....&7-R H#.O/ ?OO?(.S-<$R&T2...OR PRO7$<TS OR S-R.NNA ...OTH-R R&?HTS TH#T .&9 <O9J$9<T&O9 1&TH OR THRO$?H TH... (-..:isi.n .B--9 #7. SO TH..7#M#?-S #R&S...#T 2O$R O19 7&S<R-T&O9 #97 R&SG #97 TH#T 2O$ 1&(( B. SO TH.ST#T-S OR OTH-R J$R&S7&<T&O9S 7O 9OT #((O1 TH.M#PS /OR MOB&(. R-(&#B&(&T2.#97 J$R&S7&<T&O9 TO J$R&S7&<T&O9' Li-i'+'i./OR #92 7#M#?-S TO 2O$R <OMP$T-R OR MOB&(.-F<($S&O9 O/ &MP(&-7 1#RR#9T&-S./$((-ST -FT-9T P-RM&TT-7 B2 (#1' SOM.... the remainder of these Terms and <onditions will continue in full force and effect' These Terms and <onditions constitute the entire agreement between you and ?oogle with res!ect to the sub+ect matter hereof and su!ersede and re!lace all !rior or contem!oraneous understandings or agreements..-9 &/ ?OO?(.M#PS /OR MOB&(. #97 P$9&T&.TH#T 2O$ 7O19(O#7 #97=OR $S.?OO?(..M#PS /OR MOB&(-...ST#T-S OR OTH-R J$R&S7&<T&O9S 7O 9OT #((O1 TH./ROM $S...M#PS /OR MOB&(..#....TO #92 $S-R O9 #<<O$9T O/ TH#T $S-R:S $S...O/ ?OO?(.ns These Terms and <onditions will be go"erned by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of <alifornia..7#M#?-S 1H-TH-R S$<H <(#&M &S B#S-7 O9 1#RR#9T2.#R2 /ROM ST#T. &9<&7-9T#(.M#PS /OR MOB&(.#&(#B(..#&(#B(...OR M&S$S...&S-7 O/ TH.4 Li+9ili'6 $97-R 9O <&R<$MST#9<-S SH#(( ?OO?(.#BO. #97 P-R/ORM#9<...#..OR M&S$S....M#PS /OR MOB&(.(&9<($7&9? S$<H 7#M#?-S &9<$RR-7 B2 TH&R7 P#RT&-S)' S$<H (&M&T#T&O9 SH#(( #PP(2 9OT1&THST#97&9? # /#&($R.M#PS /OR MOB&(-' SOM.-9T R-<O. Y. T&M-(&9-SS..M#PS /OR MOB&(-' S$<H (&M&T#T&O9 O/ (&#B&(&T2 SH#(( #PP(2 TO PR-.M#PS /OR MOB&(. TORT (&9<($7&9? 9-?(&?-9<-). SP-<&#(.. YOUTUBE TERMS OF SEREICE /.#...#97=OR # TH&R7 P#RT2 SO/T1#R.&9 <O9J$9<T&O9 1&TH OR THRO$?H TH.....-R2 O/ 7&R-<T.#97 S$<H TH&R7 P#RT2 SO/T1#R-' 2O$ $97-RST#97 #97 #?R-. written or oral..7-.-F<($S&O9S M#2 9OT #PP(2 TO 2O$' 2O$ M#2 #(SO H#. OR /ROM TH.. -F-MP(#R2.#&(#B(.7s P0.&<-S M#7.OR O9 PRO7$<TS OR S-R. OR OTH-R1&S-.&9T-RR$PT&O9.#BO.TO ST#T.-F<($S&O9 OR (&M&T#T&O9 O/ (&#B&(&T2 /OR &9<&7-9T#( OR <O9S-I$-9T&#( 7#M#?-S..O/ -SS-9T&#( P$RPOS....&<-S M#7.TH-&R SO/T1#R.&<.(&#B(..O/ #92 (&M&T-7 R-M-72 #97 TO TH.?OO?(.

!ri"acy !olicies. !lease do not use the 2ouTube 1ebsite' B' #lthough we may attem!t to notify you when ma+or changes are made to these Terms of Ser"ice. !ro"ided that5 A.7T79e Acc. and you must *ee! your account !assword secure' 2ou must notify 2ouTube immediately of any breach of security or unauthori3ed use of your account' B' #lthough 2ouTube will not be liable for your losses caused by any unauthori3ed use of your account.date "ersion htt!5==www'youtube'com=t=terms)' 2ouTube may. modify or re"ise these Terms of Ser"ice and !olicies at any time. and you agree to be bound by such modifications or re"isions' 9othing in this #greement shall be deemed to confer any third. in its sole discretion. you signify your agreement to (D) these terms and conditions (the %Terms of Ser"ice%). without 2ouTube:s !rior written authori3ation' B' 2ou agree not to alter or modify any !art of the 1ebsite. Y.7T79e We9si'e #' These Terms of Ser"ice a!!ly to all users of the 2ouTube 1ebsite. software and ser"ices offered "ia the website such as the 2ouTube channels. the 2ouTube %-mbeddable Player. and assumes no res!onsibility for.!arty rights or benefits' 1.) 2ouTube:s !ri"acy notice. you e)!ressly relie"e 2ouTube from any and all liability arising from your use of any third. you should !eriodically re"iew the most u!. you will ha"e to create a 2ouTube account' 2ou may ne"er use another:s account without !ermission' 1hen creating your account. including users who are also contributors of "ideo content. Y. or the <ommunity ?uidelines. you may be liable for the losses of 2ouTube or others due to such unauthori3ed use' 5. you must !ro"ide accurate and com!lete information' 2ou are solely res!onsible for the acti"ity that occurs on your account.ns +n2 Res'0ic'i. including but not limited to all !roducts. found at htt!5==www'youtube'com=t=!ri"acy and incor!orated here by reference.#' By using and=or "isiting this website (collecti"ely. 2ouTube will not and cannot censor or edit the content of any third. the 2ouTube -mbeddable . information. found at htt!5==www'youtube'com=t=communityPguidelines and also incor!orated here by reference' &f you do not agree to any of these terms. the 2ouTube !ri"acy notice. or %1ebsite%). Gene0+l Use . including but not limited to 2ouTube:s -mbeddable Player or any of its related technologies' <' 2ou agree not to access $ser Submissions (defined below) or 2ouTube <ontent through any technology or means other than the "ideo !laybac* !ages of the 1ebsite itself. #' #' 2ou agree not to distribute in any medium any !art of the 1ebsite.% the 2ouTube %$!loader% and other a!!lications' B' The 2ouTube 1ebsite may contain lin*s to third !arty websites that are not owned or controlled by 2ouTube' 2ouTube has no control o"er.!arty site' By using the 1ebsite.to. and (E) 2ouTube:s <ommunity ?uidelines. and other materials or ser"ices on the 1ebsite' The 2ouTube 1ebsite includes all as!ects of 2ouTube. (.4 '&e We9si'eFPe0-issi.!arty website' <' #ccordingly. the %2ouTube 1ebsite%. or !ractices of any third !arty websites' &n addition. we encourage you to be aware when you lea"e the 2ouTube 1ebsite and to read the terms and conditions and !ri"acy !olicy of each other website that you "isit' 3. including but not limited to $ser Submissions (defined below).ns 2ouTube hereby grants you !ermission to access and use the 1ebsite as set forth in these Terms of Ser"ice.7n's #' &n order to access some features of the 1ebsite. the content. including all content and functionality a"ailable through the 2ouTube'com domain name.

national. 2ouTube grants the o!erators of !ublic search engines !ermission to use s!iders to co!y materials from the site for the sole !ur!ose of and solely to the e)tent necessary for creating !ublicly a"ailable searchable indices of the materials. new software modules and com!letely new "ersions' 2ou agree to recei"e such u!dates (and !ermit 2ouTube to deli"er these to you) as !art of your use of the $!loader' H' 2ou agree not to use or launch any automated system. from the 1ebsite. including without limitation. to use 2ouTube:s resources or $ser Submissions with the effect of com!eting with or dis!lacing the mar*et for 2ouTube. including account names. enhanced functions. u!loading an original "ideo to 2ouTube. to !romote your business or artistic enter!rise6 .Player. for the !rimary !ur!ose of gaining ad"ertising or subscri!tion re"enue6 . 2ouTube content. you agree that it may automatically download and install u!dates from time to time from 2ouTube' These u!dates are designed to im!ro"e. or bloc* any !ortion of the -mbeddable Player in any way' ?' &f you use the 2ouTube $!loader. or other e)!licitly authori3ed means 2ouTube may designate' 7' 2ou agree not to use the 1ebsite. but not caches or archi"es of such materials' 2ouTube reser"es the right to re"o*e these e)ce!tions either generally or in s!ecific cases' 2ou agree not to collect or har"est any !ersonally identifiable information. you must include a !rominent lin* bac* to the 2ouTube website on the !ages containing the -mbeddable Player and you may not modify. enhance and further de"elo! the $!loader and may ta*e the form of bug fi)es. build u!on. any users of the 1ebsite with res!ect to their $ser Submissions' &' &n your use of the website.line web browser' 9otwithstanding the foregoing. using the -mbeddable Player to show 2ouTube "ideos on an ad. !ro"ided the !rimary !ur!ose of using the -mbeddable Player is not to gain ad"ertising re"enue or com!ete with 2ouTube6 . sale of access to the 1ebsite or its related ser"ices (such as the -mbeddable Player) on another website6 . and international laws and regulations' J' 2ouTube reser"es the right to discontinue any as!ect of the 2ouTube 1ebsite at any time' . and all a!!licable local. without the !rior written authori3ation of 2ouTube' Prohibited commercial uses include any of the following actions ta*en without 2ouTube:s e)!ress a!!ro"al5 . %robots. in its sole discretion. email) for any commercial solicitation !ur!oses' 2ou agree not to solicit. you will otherwise com!ly with the terms and conditions of these Terms of Ser"ice. 2ouTube <ommunity ?uidelines.!arty website. for commercial !ur!oses. see our /#I') -' Prohibited commercial uses do not include5 . use of the 1ebsite or its related ser"ices (such as the -mbeddable Player). or maintaining an original channel on 2ouTube. see our /#I') /' &f you use the 2ouTube -mbeddable Player on your website.enabled blog or website. the sale of ad"ertising. and any use of the 1ebsite or its related ser"ices (such as the -mbeddable !layer) that 2ouTube finds. or its $ser Submissions' (/or more information about !rohibited commercial uses. on the 2ouTube website or any third. nor to use the communication systems !ro"ided by the 1ebsite (e'g' comments. including the 2ouTube -mbeddable Player for any commercial use.% or %offline readers.% that accesses the 1ebsite in a manner that sends more re8uest messages to the 2ouTube ser"ers in a gi"en !eriod of time than a human can reasonably !roduce in the same !eriod by using a con"entional on. targeted to the content of s!ecific $ser Submissions or 2ouTube content6 .% %s!iders. any use that 2ouTube e)!ressly authori3es in writing' (/or more information about what constitutes a !rohibited commercial use.

or otherwise e)!loited for any other !ur!oses whatsoe"er without the !rior written consent of the res!ecti"e owners' 2ouTube reser"es all rights not e)!ressly granted in and to the 1ebsite and the <ontent' B' 2ou may access $ser Submissions for your information and !ersonal use solely as intended through the !ro"ided functionality of the 2ouTube 1ebsite' 2ou shall not co!y or download any $ser Submission unless you see a “download or similar lin* dis!layed by 2ouTube on the 2ouTube 1ebsite for that $ser Submission' <' $ser <omments are made a"ailable to you for your information and !ersonal use solely as intended through the normal functionality of the 2ouTube 1ebsite' $ser <omments are made a"ailable %as is%. gra!hics. sounds. co!ying. distributed. co!ying. including any use. and agree to indemnify and hold 2ouTube. the te)t. and may not be used. $ser Submissions and other content only as !ermitted under this #greement' 2ouTube reser"es all rights not e)!ressly granted in and to the 2ouTube <ontent and the 2ouTube 1ebsite' -' 2ou agree to not engage in the use.4 C. or distribution of $ser Submissions of third !arties obtained through the 1ebsite for any commercial !ur!oses' /' 2ou agree not to circum"ent. harmless to the fullest e)tent allowed by law regarding all matters related to your use of the site' =. affiliates. and that 2ouTube is not res!onsible for the accuracy.ns +n2 C.<.ideos and $ser <omments are collecti"ely referred to as %$ser Submissions'% 2ou understand that whether or not such $ser Submissions are !ublished. safety. !hotos. re!roduced.70 Use0 S79-issi. and=or licensors. any legal or e8uitable rights or remedies you ha"e or may ha"e against 2ouTube with res!ect thereto. disable or otherwise interfere with security. and hereby do wai"e. sub+ect to co!yright and other intellectual !ro!erty rights under the law' <ontent on the 1ebsite is !ro"ided to you #S &S for your information and !ersonal use only and may not be downloaded.n'en' . interacti"e features and the li*e (%<ontent%) and the trademar*s. ser"ice mar*s and logos contained therein (%Mar*s%). Y. downloaded. co!ied. re!resent. or ob+ectionable. sold. and you agree to wai"e. offensi"e. . re!roduced.70 Use .related features of the 2ouTube 1ebsite or features that !re"ent or restrict use or co!ying of any <ontent or enforce limitations on use of the 2ouTube 1ebsite or the <ontent therein' ?' 2ou understand that when using the 2ouTube 1ebsite. are owned by or licensed to 2ouTube. software. Y. music. or otherwise e)!loited in any manner not intended by the normal functionality of the 2ouTube 1ebsite or otherwise as !rohibited under this #greement' 7' 2ou may access 2ouTube <ontent. broadcast.ideos%) and te)tual content (%$ser <omments%)' $ser . dis!layed. transmitted. licensed. transmitted. 2ouTube does not guarantee any confidentiality with res!ect to any $ser Submissions' B' 2ou shall be solely res!onsible for your own $ser Submissions and the conse8uences of !osting or !ublishing them' &n connection with $ser Submissions. the following restrictions and conditions a!!ly s!ecifically to your use of content on the 2ouTube 1ebsite' #' The content on the 2ouTube 1ebsite. "ideos. including without limitation. you affirm. e)ce!t all $ser Submissions (as defined below).n27c' #' #s a 2ouTube account holder you may submit "ideo content (%$ser . or distribution of any of the <ontent other than e)!ressly !ermitted herein. distributed. or intellectual !ro!erty rights of or relating to such $ser Submissions' 2ou further understand and ac*nowledge that you may be e)!osed to $ser Submissions that are inaccurate. its Owners=O!erators. indecent. licensed. dis!layed. co!ied. usefulness. scri!ts. you will be e)!osed to $ser Submissions from a "ariety of sources.n '&e Si'e &n addition to the general restrictions abo"e. broadcast. sold.

trade secret. and 2ouTube e)!ressly disclaims any and all liability in connection with $ser Submissions' 2ouTube does not !ermit co!yright infringing acti"ities and infringement of intellectual !ro!erty rights on its 1ebsite. national. and to use. free.and=or warrant that5 you own or ha"e the necessary licenses. dis!lay. but not dis!lay. Acc.7n' Te0-in+'i. unless you are the owner of such rights or ha"e !ermission from their rightful owner to !ost the material and to grant 2ouTube all of the license rights granted herein' -' 2ou further agree that you will not. or contrary to a!!licable local. distribute. submit material that is contrary to the 2ouTube <ommunity ?uidelines. found at htt!5==www'youtube'com=t=communityPguidelines.(c)(E) for further detail)5 . !re!are deri"ati"e wor*s of. Digi'+l Millenni7. by submitting $ser Submissions to 2ouTube. without !rior notice and at its sole discretion' ?.n P. under a!!ro!riate circumstances. recommendation.(60ig&' Ac' #' &f you are a co!yright owner or an agent thereof and belie"e that any $ser Submission or other content infringes u!on your co!yrights. or !erform. howe"er. in connection with $ser Submissions. they are determined to be a re!eat infringer' B' 2ouTube reser"es the right to decide whether <ontent or a $ser Submission is a!!ro!riate and com!lies with these Terms of Ser"ice for "iolations other than co!yright infringement.C. and !ermissions to use and authori3e 2ouTube to use all !atent. you hereby grant 2ouTube a worldwide. distribute. royalty.lic6 #' 2ouTube will terminate a $ser:s access to its 1ebsite if. and international laws and regulations' /' 2ouTube does not endorse any $ser Submission or any o!inion. !ornogra!hy. rights. that 2ouTube may retain. co!yright or other !ro!rietary rights in and to any and all $ser Submissions to enable inclusion and use of the $ser Submissions in the manner contem!lated by the 1ebsite and these Terms of Ser"ice' <' /or clarity.ideos terminate within a commercially reasonable time after you remo"e or delete your $ser . such as. sublicenseable and transferable license to use. but not limited to. non. you retain all of your ownershi! rights in your $ser Submissions' Howe"er. distribute. and !erform the $ser Submissions in connection with the 2ouTube 1ebsite and 2ouTube:s (and its successors: and affiliates:) business. including !ri"acy and !ublicity rights. including without limitation for !romoting and redistributing !art or all of the 2ouTube 1ebsite (and deri"ati"e wor*s thereof) in any media formats and through any media channels' 2ou also hereby grant each user of the 2ouTube 1ebsite a non.e)clusi"e. # !hysical or electronic signature of a !erson authori3ed to act on behalf of the owner of an e)clusi"e . consents. re!roduce. which may be u!dated from time to time. trademar*.ideos from the 2ouTube 1ebsite' 2ou understand and agree.e)clusi"e license to access your $ser Submissions through the 1ebsite. dis!lay and !erform such $ser Submissions as !ermitted through the functionality of the 1ebsite and under these Terms of Ser"ice' The abo"e licenses granted by you in $ser . or e)cessi"e length' 2ouTube may remo"e such $ser Submissions and=or terminate a $ser:s access for u!loading such material in "iolation of these Terms of Ser"ice at any time. and 2ouTube will remo"e all <ontent and $ser Submissions if !ro!erly notified that such <ontent or $ser Submission infringes on another:s intellectual !ro!erty rights' 2ouTube reser"es the right to remo"e <ontent and $ser Submissions without !rior notice' >. re!roduce. you may submit a notification !ursuant to the 7igital Millennium <o!yright #ct (%7M<#%) by !ro"iding our <o!yright #gent with the following information in writing (see DA $'S'< 4D. or ad"ice e)!ressed therein. you further agree that you will not submit material that is co!yrighted. obscene or defamatory material. ser"er co!ies of $ser Submissions that ha"e been remo"ed or deleted' The abo"e licenses granted by you in $ser <omments are !er!etual and irre"ocable' 7' &n connection with $ser Submissions. !rotected by trade secret or otherwise sub+ect to third !arty !ro!rietary rights.

and under !enalty of !er+ury. only 7M<# notices should go to the <o!yright #gent6 any other feedbac*.#<<$R#<2 OR <OMP(-T-9-SS O/ TH&S S&T-:S <O9T-9T OR TH. # statement that you ha"e a good faith belief that the content was remo"ed or disabled as a result of mista*e or a misidentification of the content6 and 2our name. (&&&) #92 $9#$THOR&L-7 #<<-SS TO OR $S. 2ouTube may send a co!y of the counter.-R. if a"ailable. O/ #92 9#T$R. address. the remo"ed content may be re!laced. &dentification of the material that is claimed to be infringing or to be the sub+ect of infringing acti"ity and that is to be remo"ed or access to which is to be disabled and information reasonably sufficient to !ermit the ser"ice !ro"ider to locate the material6 .TH-R-O/' 2O$T$B. W+00+n'6 Discl+i-e0 2O$ #?R-.S-R.B2 #92 TH&R7 P#RT2.1-BS&T. &TS O//&<-RS.TH#T 2O$R $S. OR &9#<<$R#<&-S O/ <O9T-9T.right that is allegedly infringed6 . &nformation reasonably sufficient to !ermit the ser"ice !ro"ider to contact you.. at 2ouTube:s sole discretion' @. or. or !ursuant to the law. an electronic mail6 . or the law6 and . CND <herry #"e'. <# CKN@@.TR#9SM&TT-7 TO OR THRO$?H O$R 1-BS&T. <alifornia. M&ST#G-S.) #92 B$?S. or that you ha"e the authori3ation from the co!yright owner.notice.1H#TSO-. and other communications should be directed to 2ouTube customer ser"ice through htt!5==www'google'com=su!!ort=youtube' 2ou ac*nowledge that if you fail to com!ly with all of the re8uirements of this Section 4(7).&R$S-S. 2our !hysical or electronic signature6 . a re!resentati"e list of such wor*s at that site6 . &9 <O99-<T&O9 1&TH TH. re8uests for technical su!!ort. San Bruno.) #92 -RRORS OR OM&SS&O9S . TROJ#9 HORS-S. to !ost and use the content in your $ser Submission.1-BS&T. and e.B4DE' /or clarity. such as an address. (&.2O$T$B. and a statement that you will acce!t ser"ice of !rocess from the !erson who !ro"ided notification of the alleged infringement' 7' &f a counter.notice is recei"ed by the <o!yright #gent.#97 2O$R $S.O/ O$R S-<$R.SH#(( B. #97=OR (.(&G.1H&<H M#2 B. (&&) P-RSO9#( &9J$R2 OR PROP-RT2 7#M#?-.O/ TH. the co!yright owner:s agent.9otice' &f you belie"e that your $ser Submission that was remo"ed (or to which access was disabled) is not infringing. # statement that you ha"e a good faith belief that use of the material in the manner com!lained of is not authori3ed by the co!yright owner.mail address. 2O$T$B-. and. in DN to DK business days or more after recei!t of the counter. tele!hone number. . &dentification of the co!yrighted wor* claimed to ha"e been infringed.notice to the original com!laining !arty informing that !erson that it may re!lace the remo"ed content or cease disabling it in DN business days' $nless the co!yright owner files an action see*ing a court order against the content !ro"ider.#97 #SS$M-S 9O (&#B&(&T2 OR R-SPO9S&B&(&T2 /OR #92 (&) -RRORS./$((-ST -FT-9T P-RM&TT-7 B2 (#1. if multi!le co!yrighted wor*s at a single online site are co"ered by a single notification. # statement that the information in the notification is accurate. you may send a counter.BA. fa)5 @4N. or access to it restored. &dentification of the content that has been remo"ed or to which access has been disabled and the location at which the content a!!eared before it was remo"ed or disabled6 . (&.-RS #97=OR #92 #97 #(( P-RSO9#( &9/ORM#T&O9 #97=OR /&9#9<&#( &9/ORM#T&O9 STOR-7 TH-R-&9. that you are authori3ed to act on behalf of the owner of an e)clusi"e right that is allegedly infringed' B' 2ouTube:s designated <o!yright #gent to recei"e notifications of claimed infringement is5 Heather ?illette. OR TH.R&SG' TO TH. member or user. a statement that you consent to the +urisdiction of the federal court in San /rancisco. comments. 7&R-<TORS. its agent.O/ O$R 1-BS&T-. -MP(O2--S. -FPR-SS OR &MP(&-7.) #92 &9T-RR$PT&O9 OR <-SS#T&O9 O/ TR#9SM&SS&O9 TO OR /ROM O$R 1-BS&T-. your 7M<# notice may not be "alid' <' <ounter.notice containing the following information to the <o!yright #gent5 . tele!hone number. #97 #?-9TS 7&S<(#&M #(( 1#RR#9T&-S.#T 2O$R SO(.M#G-S 9O 1#RR#9T&-S OR R-PR-S-9T#T&O9S #BO$T TH.<O9T-9T O/ #92 S&T-S (&9G-7 TO TH&S S&T. email5 co!yright0youtube'com. R-S$(T&9? /ROM 2O$R #<<-SS TO #97 $S.

#PP(&<#B(J$R&S7&<T&O9' 2O$ SP-<&/&<#((2 #<G9O1(-7?.-R R-S$(T&9? /ROM #92 (&) -RRORS.M#7#.&# TH.O/ O$R S-<$R.OR /-#T$R-7 &9 #92 B#99-R OR OTH-R #7. or an emanci!ated minor. (&.n . . affirmations.-9T SH#(( 2O$T$B-.TO 2O$ /OR #92 7&R-<T.R&SG O/ H#RM OR 7#M#?. officers. losses. obligations. as the .2O$T$B.(&#B(. (&.1H#TSO-.7O-S 9OT 1#RR#9T. OR OTH-R1&S. costs or debt. liabilities. &9<&7-9T#(. OR #92 OTH-R (-?#( TH-OR2. SP-<&#(. 7&R-<TORS.OR #92 H2P-R(&9G-7 1-BS&T.#&(#B(.. ?$#R#9T--.-R. conditions. #97 1H-TH-R OR 9OT TH. OR TH./OR-?O&9? (&M&T#T&O9 O/ (&#B&(&T2 SH#(( #PP(2 TO TH.<OMP#92 &S #7. -97ORS-.7-/#M#TOR2./$((-ST -FT-9T P-RM&TT-7 B2 (#1 &9 TH.P#RT2 PRO. #97=OR (. TROJ#9 HORS-S. em!loyees and agents. and warranties set forth in these Terms of Ser"ice.-. In2e-ni'6 2ou agree to defend.. OR OTH-R1&S.P$R<H#S.2O$T$B.) #92 &9T-RR$PT&O9 OR <-SS#T&O9 O/ TR#9SM&SS&O9 TO OR /ROM O$R 1-BS&T-. &TS O//&<-RS. 2O$ SHO$(7 $S. TORT. from and against any and all claims./OR-?O&9? R-STS -9T&R-(2 1&TH 2O$' The 1ebsite is controlled and offered by 2ouTube from its facilities in the $nited States of #merica' 2ouTube ma*es no re!resentations that the 2ouTube 1ebsite is a!!ro!riate or a"ailable for use in other locations' Those who access or use the 2ouTube 1ebsite from other +urisdictions do so at their own "olition and are res!onsible for com!liance with local law' //. and to abide by and com!ly with these Terms of Ser"ice' &n any case. TR#9SM&TT-7.2O$T$B.POSS&B&(&T2 O/ S$<H 7#M#?-S' TH. 1H&<H M#2 B.#PPROPR&#T-' /A.&9 #92 <O9T-9T OR /OR #92 (OSS OR 7#M#?. OR #SS$M.-RS #97=OR #92 #97 #(( P-RSO9#( &9/ORM#T&O9 #97=OR /&9#9<&#( &9/ORM#T&O9 STOR-7 TH-R-&9. and e)!enses (including but not limited to attorney:s fees) arising from5 (i) your use of and access to the 2ouTube 1ebsite6 (ii) your "iolation of any term of these Terms of Ser"ice6 (iii) your "iolation of any third !arty right.O/ #92 <O9T-9T POST-7. #97 2O$T$B. O//-9S&. indemnify and hold harmless 2ouTube.TH#T 2O$T$B. -MP(O2--S. Li-i'+'i. !ro!erty. its !arent cor!oration. including without limitation any co!yright.&<. -M#&(-7.&RO9M-9T.-RT&S-7 OR O//-R-7 B2 # TH&R7 P#RT2 THRO$?H TH. (&&) P-RSO9#( &9J$R2 OR PROP-RT2 7#M#?-. OR &((-?#( <O97$<T O/ #92 TH&R7 P#RT2 #97 TH#T TH.-.O/ # PRO7$<T OR S-R.B2 #92 TH&R7 P#RT2.) #92 -RRORS OR OM&SS&O9S &9 #92 <O9T-9T OR /OR #92 (OSS OR 7#M#?.&R$S-S.S-R.O/ #92 G&97 &9<$RR-7 #S # R-S$(T O/ 2O$R $S. or !ri"acy right6 or (i") any claim that one of your $ser Submissions caused damage to a third !arty' This defense and indemnification obligation will sur"i"e these Terms of Ser"ice and your use of the 2ouTube 1ebsite' /1.1-BS&T-.O/ #92 <O9T-9T POST-7.(&G-. re!resentations.O/ O$R 1-BS&T-.#&(#B(.# P#RT2 TO OR &9 #92 1#2 B.2O$R B-ST J$7?M-9T #97 -F-R<&S<#$T&O9 1H-R. directors.1-BS&T.O/ #92 G&97 &9<$RR-7 #S # R-S$(T O/ TH.) #92 B$?S.&<-S' #S 1&TH TH. or !ossess legal !arental or guardian consent. and are fully able and com!etent to enter into the terms. P$9&T&. OR &9#<<$R#<&-S O/ <O9T-9T. 1H-TH-R B#S-7 O9 1#RR#9T2. A9ili'6 '. M&ST#G-S. OR #?-9TS. you affirm that you are o"er the age of DE.&7-RS O/ PRO7$<TS OR S-R.&<./OR $S-R S$BM&SS&O9S OR TH.1-BS&T-' 2O$T$B.$S. R-S$(T&9? /ROM 2O$R #<<-SS TO #97 $S.THRO$?H #92 M-7&$M OR &9 #92 -9.R-SPO9S&B(. &97&R-<T.&S-7 O/ TH. OR <O9S-I$-9T&#( 7#M#?-S 1H#TSO-. obligations.-RT&S&9?. Acce(' Te0-s . O/ #92 9#T$R./ROM TH.SH#(( 9OT B. B(&#B(.#7.4 Li+9ili'6 &9 9O -. damages. <O9TR#<T./OR MO9&TOR&9? #92 TR#9S#<T&O9 B-T1--9 2O$ #97 TH&R7.TR#9SM&TT-7 TO OR THRO$?H O$R 1-BS&T.1&(( 9OT B. (&&&) #92 $9#$THOR&L-7 #<<-SS TO OR $S. TR#9SM&TT-7.R-SPO9S&B&(&T2 /OR #92 PRO7$<T OR S-R.M#7#.4 Se0:ice 2ou affirm that you are either more than DB years of age. -M#&(-7.&# TH.

and it is your res!onsibility to re"iew these Terms of Ser"ice for any changes' 2our use of the 2ouTube 1ebsite following any amendment of these Terms of Ser"ice will signify your assent to and acce!tance of its re"ised terms' 2O$ #97 2O$T$B.1&TH&9 O9.O/ #<T&O9 &S P-RM#9-9T(2 B#RR-7' . but may be assigned by 2ouTube without restriction' /5. S$<H <#$S. in +urisdictions other than <alifornia' These Terms of Ser"ice shall be go"erned by the internal substanti"e laws of the State of <alifornia. may not be transferred or assigned by you.(D) 2-#R #/T-R TH<#$S. and any rights and licenses granted hereunder. then !lease do not use the 2ouTube 1ebsite' There are lots of other great web sites for you' Tal* to your !arents about what sites are a!!ro!riate for you' /3.2O$T$B. <alifornia' These Terms of Ser"ice.TH#T #92 <#$S. which shall remain in full force and effect' 9o wai"er of any term of this these Terms of Ser"ice shall be deemed a further or continuing wai"er of such term or any other term. and 2ouTube:s failure to assert any right or !ro"ision under these Terms of Ser"ice shall not constitute a wai"er of such right or !ro"ision' 2ouTube reser"es the right to amend these Terms of Ser"ice at any time and without notice. the in"alidity of such !ro"ision shall not affect the "alidity of the remaining !ro"isions of these Terms of Ser"ice.1-BS&T. shall constitute the entire agreement between you and 2ouTube concerning the 2ouTube 1ebsite' &f any !ro"ision of these Terms of Ser"ice is deemed in"alid by a court of com!etent +urisdiction. Assign-en' These Terms of Ser"ice. Gene0+l 2ou agree that5 (i) the 2ouTube 1ebsite shall be deemed solely based in <alifornia6 and (ii) the 2ouTube 1ebsite shall be deemed a !assi"e website that does not gi"e rise to !ersonal +urisdiction o"er 2ouTube.M$ST <OMM-9<.O/ #<T&O9 #<<R$-S' OTH-R1&S-. together with the Pri"acy 9otice at htt!5==www'youtube'com=t=!ri"acy and any other legal notices !ublished by 2ouTube on the 1ebsite.O/ #<T&O9 #R&S&9? O$T O/ OR R-(#T-7 TO TH. without res!ect to its conflict of laws !rinci!les' #ny claim or dis!ute between you and 2ouTube that arises in whole or in !art from your use of the 2ouTube 1ebsite shall be decided e)clusi"ely by a court of com!etent +urisdiction located in Santa <lara <ounty. either s!ecific or general.2ouTube 1ebsite is not intended for children under DE' &f you are under DE years of age.#?R-.

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