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Oracle DB Recovery Case Study

Oracle DB Recovery Case Study

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Published by Rider Basis
Oracle DB recovery
Oracle DB recovery

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Published by: Rider Basis on Jan 21, 2014
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Case I : Data file missing

Recovery Step  Restore Data file from backup  Prepare archive log file  Startup mount and recover database >startup mount >recover database >alter database open;

 Full database backup Case III : Control file missing  Backup control to trace .Case II : Redo log file missing Recovery Step  Startup mount and recover database >startup mount >recover database until cancel >alter database open resetlogs.

EF=./%#%0%"%" 1 Production vsnsta2" vsns3l2e vsn4tr25 6indo7s +""" ..+) C &he follo7ing commands 7ill create a ne7 control file and use it C to open the database% C Data used b: the recover: manager 7ill be lost% !dditional logs ma: C be re3uired for media recover: of offline data files% 9se this C onl: if the current version of all online logs are available% S&!R&9P @ ( 9@& 'R-!&. racle/i -nterprise -dition Release /%#%0%"%" 1 Production <Server Release /%#%0%"%" 1 Production 6indo7s +""" .ersion )%" Service Pack *8 'P9 t:pe )/. ES !R'F=.-..F=.-%->- ??? S-SS= @ =D:A#"%#B +""*1"51"$ #):*):#"%.DD-( D @ R-S-&.-S 5+ .ersion )%" Service Pack *8 'P9 t:pe )/.D!&!B!S. E (!>. Output file Dump file d:\demo\ R!"#$""%&R' &ue (ar "$ #):*):#" +""* R!'.+) ??? +""*1"51"$ #):*):#"%. E(-(B-RS + (!>D!&!F=..>alter database backup control file to trace.' @&R .R-9S. =nstance name: demo Redo thread mounted b: this instance: # racle process number: ## 6indo7s thread id: #$""8 image: R!'.-S 5+ (!>.

ES !R'F=. EH S=I.-S 5+ (!>. EF=S& RG #.' @&R . EF=S& RG #. C Recover: is re3uired if an: of the datafiles are restored backups8 C or if the last shutdo7n 7as not normal or immediate% R-' . (!>.5" .DD-( D @ R-S-&.&-R D!&!B!S. E (!>. EH S=I. (!>.+(8 ..HD:\D-( \SGS&-(%DBFH8 HD:\D-( \RBS%DBFH8 HD:\D-( \&-(P%DBFH8 HD:\D-( \D!&!#%D!&H 'F!R!'&-R S-& 9S0!S'== . E(-(B-RS + (!>D!&!F=.(!>=@S&!@'-S #.P-@. EF=..5" .F=.R-9S. EF=.-S 5+ (!>=@S&!@'-S #. EH S=I.+(8 ER 9P + HD:\D-( \RD +%.-.. C @o tempfile entries found to add% C Delete un7anted entries and save as %s3l file e4ample control%s3l S&!R&9P @ ( 9@& 'R-!&.-R D!&!B!SC !ll logs need archiving and a log s7itch is needed% !. C Database can no7 be opened normall:% !.. EF=..ER 9P # HD:\D-( \RD #%.&-R SGS&-( !R'F=.D!&!B!S.ER 9P # HD:\D-( \RD #%.+( D!&!F=. E !.

-R D!&!B!S!. R-' .ER 9P + HD:\D-( \RD +%.HD:\D-( \SGS&-(%DBFH8 HD:\D-( \RBS%DBFH8 HD:\D-( \&-(P%DBFH8 HD:\D-( \D!&!#%D!&H 'F!R!'&-R S-& 9S0!S'== .P-@.&-R D!&!B!S. EH S=I. J 'ontrol file missing Recovery Step  Run s3l script to create control file >connect internal >Kd:\demo\control%s3l .+( D!&!F=.

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